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Dr Peter Moir is an independent pharmaceutical consultant at working in Ireland. Peter is also a director of Relequa Analytical Systems Limited, a company set up to specifically provide an analytical tool for looking at moisture interactions in materials. Peter has worked in research and product development within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He has a degree in applied chemistry and received a doctorate degree in molecular biology. Also, last year he was awarded a postgraduate diploma in enterprise development. Peter has presented at international conferences and published articles in the area of moisture interactions in materials in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • A Wet Look At Climate Change
    A Wet Look At Climate Change Science Textbooks by Dr. Peter Moir
    A Wet Look At Climate Change
    A Wet Look At Climate Change


    Apr 2012

    The term “Climate Change” has become popular but is not new to our planet. Our climate changes, sometimes dramatically, sometimes gradually, but it always cha...

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