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<em>Leif Mejlbro</em> was educated as a mathematician at the <em>University of Copenhagen</em>, where he wrote his thesis on <em>Linear Partial Differential Operators and Distributions</em>. Shortly after he obtained a position at the <em>Technical University of Denmark</em>, where he remained until his retirement in 2003. He has twice been on leave, first time one year at the <em>Swedish Academy, Stockholm</em>, and second time at <em>the Copenhagen Telephone Company</em>, now part of the <em>Danish Telecommunication Company</em>, in both places doing research.

At the <em>Technical University of Denmark</em> he has during more than three decades given lectures in such various mathematical subjects as <em>Elementary Calculus, Complex Functions Theory, Functional Analysis, Laplace Transform, Special Functions, Probability Theory</em> and <em>Distribution Theory</em>, as well as some courses where <em>Calculus</em> and various <em>Engineering Sciences</em> were merged into a bigger course, where the lecturers had to cooperate in spite of their different background. He has written textbooks to many of the above courses.

His research in <em>Measure Theory</em> and <em>Complex Functions Theory</em> is too advanced to be of interest for more than just a few specialist, so it is not mentioned here. It must, however, be admitted that the philosophy of <em>Measure Theory</em> has deeply in
uenced his thinking also in all the other mathematical topics mentioned above.

After he retired he has been working as a consultant for engineering companies { at the latest for the <em>Femern Belt Consortium</em>, setting up some models for chloride penetration into concrete and giving some easy solution procedures for these models which can be applied straightforward without being an expert in <em>Mathematics</em>. Also, he has written a series of books on some of the topics mentioned above for the publisher <em>Ventus/Bookboon</em>.

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