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Thank you for your time. I welcome your observations.


Dripping Springs


I read to enrich my imagination, knowledge, vocabulary, and appreciation for the magnificent diversity of people, places, events, and ideas. I write to celebrate the grand adventure of living to extract essences from the sometimes explosively revealing, sometimes tenderly stunning, and sometimes utterly confounding vignettes I have encountered on my long journey. I have backpacked more than ten thousand miles in search of a unifying theory for my soul, and have drawn certain conclusions. Beauty is real, for instance. And people matter. It has been a great voyage so far. My books are an invitation to join me on my quest.

I enjoy painting, gardening, travel, reading, writing, music, and painting. When I am not off on some adventure, I am a homebody who loves his family. I used to write songs and play the guitar, and have recently found myself drawn to the violin. I'm quite fond of Tolkien and Thoreau. I appreciate every one of my readers.

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