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7th May 1994

How is a paper written?
Typically, a single paragraph of text that details the problem posed by the author and indicates its importance to the reader. If the headline catches the reader's attention, the introduction should encourage them to read the paper to the end. For example, you are writing a paper on the topic of car washing with the headline "Should I wash my car in winter?"

How to write a short paper?

Don't try to cover several different topics in one paper. Try to present your thoughts in simple language. Do not write long paragraphs - a maximum of 500-600 characters. Watch the rhythm of the text - alternate simple short and long complex sentences.

What is the right way to write a paper about yourself?
To write a paper about yourself, answer a few questions honestly.

Why is clear. How?

Who am I? This is what you do. Identify yourself.
Why did I choose this particular job? This field?
What is my mission? Why do you do this job?

How do you write a research paper?
To correctly write papers for publications, you need to adhere to a strict structure:

Title - original, concise and meaningful.
Abstract - 150-250 words - includes a summary of the research conducted.
Introduction - contains general information about the topic in question.