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For the last twenty years, David has been serving as a church consultant, helping churches work through various challenges, including pastor search, financial accountability, men’s programs, marriage and parenting seminars and training church leaders.\r\n\r\nFor the last five years, he has been working on two unique projects. The first project was a historical review of the beginnings of Christianity, with an online class offering called, “Early Christian Communities: The Battle for the Proto-Orthodoxy”. This led to a journey through the canonization process, the start of anti-Semitism, the division of the faith and many other amazing discoveries.\r\n\r\nAfter spending six-years training with a Messianic Rabbi (Jewish believers in Jesus as Messiah), David developed a deep understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus and the depth of the New Testament writings when seen in their 1st century content. His lectures and classes bring out the depth and beauty of the Jewish Roots of our faith. David is currently working with Rabbi Joseph in building the Centre for Hebraic Insights, a school project dedicated to Jewish-Christian relations and education.\r\n

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  • Creating Sacred Space
    Creating Sacred Space Religious by David Fournier
    Creating Sacred Space
    Creating Sacred Space



    Mar 2010

    Creating Sacred Space is a devotional guide to a deeper connection with God. These eighteen articles are designed to open up your thinking to a daily relatio...

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