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I was put on my knees and waited. This could only mean one thing; I was going to have to start sucking cock. Soon I could feel someone standing in front of me. I automatically opened my mouth like a good little sub, and immediately an erect penis was placed in my mouth. I was supposed to suck on it long enough to guess who in the room I thought that cock belonged to. I love sucking cock and this finally allowed my Weekend Slut persona to emerge freely. I sucked it for several minutes, for my own pleasure. I love having a hard throbbing penis in my mouth. If I sensed the owner was nearly about to cum I would stop and guess a name. The room would either cheer or howl in disapproval at my choices. I lost count of how many dicks were in my mouth. My hands were still tied behind my back, but I was dying to rub my clit and get myself off. I know my husband took delight in my desperation and that’s probably why my hands were tied behind me. A few of them shot their load in my mouth before I was expecting, so I had a nice taste of man juice to enjoy as the next event was announced.