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But the response rate increases considerably when the letters are sent to people who in the past have made contributions or done business with the sending organization. Many annual reports are glossy, magazine-like publications designed not only to provide required information but also to affirm investors' loyalty to the company, attract new investors and enhance the company's reputation with financial analysts and the financial Though private companies and nonprofit organizations are not required to issue annual reports, many do so. Stereotypes are short cuts in describing groups of people. An academic journal reported that 78 percent of journalists surveyed said they use news releases, at least to spark story ideas, more than half of the time (Curtain, 1999). Many public relations disasters are rooted in the myopic failure to learn from others' mistakes. An out-of-court settlement in 2003 ended the five-year legal battle but did not settle the legal question of where public relations ends and marketing begins.

An ordered hierarchy exists among communication objectives, growing out of a logical progression through three stages of persuasion: awareness, acceptance and action. In the release, emphasize the validity and objectivity of the study while acknowledging the organization's involvement. This kind of demographic information has implications for public relations strategists—for example, in the kind of music-related events they might sponsor or possible topics for articles in a newsletter or Web site for consumer or employee publics. When that happens, the issue becomes a crisis. Create meaningful earned conversations using a freelance medical writer for your communications partner.