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Creative Writing Distance Learning

Throughout my college career, I took the bulk of my courses at the university, but I did take a creative writing distance learning course as well. What I found out was, while it is very convenient in that you can work from home or wherever you want, it could also be difficult at times, because the instructor has to make up for the lack of lecture time, which usually comes in the form of reading and extra assignments.

I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology about 10 years ago, and my last few semesters in college I opted for a creative writing distance learning course as well as my usual college courses. I was interning and working and generally a very busy person who had to be a lot of places at a lot of different times and it was a difficult time fitting in all my work.

I had two of my basics that I had not yet taken, including an economics class and a business class, and I opted to do the courses online as well as the creative writing course. I figured that it would make it easier for me to be able to work from home or on my lunch break at my internship.
The creative writing distance learning that I took was more convenient in certain regards as this was for my own please more than a must do distant learning course. I could wake up later in the morning. I could work on my course work whenever I wanted to, which was often late at night, and I only had to make a trip to the university three or four times a semester to take the exams for each class.