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4th October 1941


The Author comes from a professional Engineering background and worked in senior management positions for companies such as Coca-Cola and General Electric. Following a successful career in these international companies, the Author subsequently established his own management consultancy, where he was engaged in various projects and assignments, not only in South Africa, but also in Zambia and Nigeria.
The Author then retired, but came out of retirement to join another international company and presently conducts specialised training in Operations Management and Finance at MBA level.
The Author always had a lifelong passion for history and having majored in that discipline, the Author developed a passion for the history of World War Two, in particular. Becoming a member of The South African Military History Society of Kwa Zulu Natal based in Durban. The Author rose to the position of Chairman; a position the Author still holds.
The Author presents papers on military history to professional bodies and academia on a regular basis.

Military History - WW2, sports, Soccer, Rugby

Books I've written

  • Commanders of World War Two
    Commanders of World War Two History by Bill Brady
    Commanders of World War Two
    Commanders of World War Two



    Jun 2016

    The author approaches this subject on several levels: grand strategy, the difficulties of coalition warfare, the personalities of the commanders (some of whom...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT

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