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All I can really remember about mom and dad when I was young was screaming and fighting We lived in a tiny home that didn't have much privacy so you could always hear the yelling Luckily they got a divorce when I was young We moved out my younger sister my mom and myself It was difficult at first not having dad around but I quickly got used to it I was always more attached to my mom anyways It was my little sister that seemed to be having a harder time asking for dad much more often than I thought about him Soon she got used to him not being around too and it was like it was just the three of us We moved into a small bedroom apartment Just a tiny kitchen a living room a hallway with a bathroom on the left side and rooms on the right My moms being the one on the end just slightly bigger than the other room Which my sister and I had to share At first I hated the idea of having to share a room with my sister At our previous house I had my own room As time went on I became used to it never imagining just how much I would come to enjoy it in the future The three of us became very close after the divorce My sister and I had to rely on each other a lot more now that we would be home alone a lot My mom had to go back to work full time to pay the bills meaning we kind of governed ourselves Despite how much she worked my sister and I both felt very loved from her Often times the three of us would even sleep in the