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maseczki A medical mask also called an oral or facial mask is supposed to be worn by medical professionals in health care settings It's designed to reduce inhalation of bacteria and droplets in the atmosphere by capturing airborne bacteria which are shed in the mouth and nostrils of the wearer and catching them in a protective covering There are many unique types of health masks available and are used by many different medical professionals Some of the common applications for medical masks include providing protection to the respiratory system and eyes from infectious disease and minimizing exposure to contaminated equipment Other applications include protecting the respiratory system from chemical pollutants and irritants reducing exposure to dangerous agents preventing damage to the eyes skin and nasal cavities and helping to protect the skin from burns and abrasions The many diverse materials used to create medical masks range from latex to silicon Latex masks have long been a preferred material by many medical professionals for their ability to resist bacteria and other contaminants while maintaining adequate ventilation But while they are resistant to infections and contaminants latex masks can deteriorate and may not provide sufficient ventilation or are too thin While they are more durable than many other kinds of medical mask materials they aren't ideal for long periods of usage Polystyrene also known as Styrofoam or High-Density Silicon is a fairly new type of medical mask material This type of mask is like a plastic container which is generally produced from a high density foam that has an airtight seal when stuffed with medical waste and placed within the hospital Styrofoam is typically thick enough to prevent bacteria from entering the patient's respiratory system and is designed in such a way that air can be pumped through the mask quickly Because