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Have you heard of Becky began to ask Stephanie before pausing to scan the break room for any potential co-workers listening in to their conversation Spotting a man making tea close by she moved closer to Stephanie on the sofa and brought her voice down to a whisper Dogging Stephanie innocently shook her head though from the way Becky is behaving she suspects its going to be something naughty Becky upon seeing Stephanie's ignorance seemed to be beside herself with her joy prompting strange looks from the tea man Well Stephanie asked with an innocent and naive tone What is it Becky doesn't respond just yet Instead she held up her index finger and glanced over to the man nearby Stephanie took that to mean to keep it quiet for now Becky was the older of the two Stephanie guessed mid s but didn't dare ask though with her long raven black hair tied in a ponytail toned body buxom breasts all natural she was quick to assure anyone who gazed upon them and long legs She was bound to turn many heads regardless of gender and sexuality Stephanie felt at many times to be her polar opposite Not only was she younger being only she was also shorter chubbier with frizzy ginger hair and whilst she was no stranger of being chatted up by 'Jack the Lad' types they were never her type It didn't take much longer for the man to leave clutching his cup of tea Once the door shut behind him it left Becky and Stephanie alone in the room together Dogging is where you meet up with people usually at a park for some casual fucking Stephanie couldn't believe what she was hearing Aren't you worried someone might see you you know naked She anxiously