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Similar to a hotel just a simple bed in a small room where guys enter and fuck Bloke chuckles deviously as he can hear moans and howls of pleasure from the other rooms -- no doors to these cubbies just curtains to give some illusion of privacy All that illuminates the surroundings is dark purple and blue lamp posts hanging from the ceiling With half of the bars or clubs on Goldenrod Avenue they will have an area where their customers and guests get weird and sexy in them -- some like Rockin Cox have a sort of orgy-room where guys just fuck and suck in the open while others like the one Bloke is currently in now will have somewhat secluded places where patrons can go nuts for The two of them go into one and the large-bellied bear closes it By the time they're ready Bloke's shirt is already flying and his jeans pool at his ankles showing that he's wearing some neon green undies that leave little to the imagination So ya gotta name or am I just supposed to call ya 'Black Beauty' Bloke smirks before those thick hands shove him down Oof Man shut the hell up The chubby guy says as he removes his shirt really showing off muscular arms thick pecs covered with a thin layer of black wool with thick nipples and a very rotund belly that wobbles with every step Ohhhhh yeah come to fuckin pap- Bloke is interrupted as the huge fat stud straddles him Those hungry lips start gnawing and growling at Bloke's neck Hohhhhhhuhuhuhhh Bloke's legs tuck around the heavy guy's thick hips and just about starts humping his hard lump into that deep belly button You ain't gonna be so cocky now huh The deep bear growled