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The Diary of The Emperor

Chapter One - My Experience with Pedophelia

I have been studying a lot lately of Eagles and Lions. They are majestic creatures.

They hunt and eat different kinds of animals. They are sore in the sky and they look so majestic to the point you just can’t help but look at them. They feed their young ones blood and they grow up to hunt. They grow to become symbols of nations. Funny thing however, the little ones have small development times. Lion cubs do not hunt by themselves until they reach maturity around 1 year old. Eagles until they fledge, it takes about 6 months. The moral of the story here is, if you break off a wing while the eagle is still nesting, they won’t be able to fly. If they do not fly, they do not hunt, if they do not hunt, they do not eat, if they do not eat, they die. The young lions, who are not allowed to hunt, if they experience a bad kill, or encounter a gore from a beast, they won't be able to hunt, then they die. Since they are small, they do not have the strength to sustain a large kill. They do however have the ability to follow and learn from their parents. When you look at many cases, in the human world, the mind gets damaged, for the young boys, their ability to reason gets damaged. The young girls, their faith. Much like the eagle and the lion. It takes about 300,000 dollars to raise children until they turn 18. The average person engages in sexual contact for about 6 minutes. A prostitute costs about 200 dollars. For 6 minutes of pleasure, I do not understand why people would sacrifice and throw away 18 years of their life subjected to raising children. On a law scale, it makes no sense because it's a terrible judgment. In the long run, the white pleasure itself is the hell, not the anguish after because heaven is dangerous.

Anything that is devine is dangerous because heaven is a government. You thought it was heavenly but it is actually the flames of hell, that little lust, the wondering which cripples the body and eats it from the inside. The body consumes itself, slowly and slowly, locomotion goes out the window. Death is better in the pure form of it than the blinding flashes of immorality.

The last few years - Chapter 2

I have been in deep thought over the past few months about the matters of state. This year I have managed to publish two books. I really enjoy the ability to put my date into a unit where I will be able to tell everyone that I think is normal to my taste.I prefer to be able to make my word come to reality. I think after my second book, the third one should be grand. I have prepared the outlines and made a lot of adjustments. I think this book, which I have labored for the past few years, should be a delight.

I have become shrewd. Most of my time is spent having fun with my friends. I like to make sure my property is right. I maintain a system of government that is of my own interest. I like to have fun. There is nothing that makes fun that a good night under the moon with ones that you love. The nights shimmer with grace, the dancing lights in the rain make the christians drowsy with the interest of the deer and the wolves. I like to think I am a passionate person. The moment I try to make my dreams a reality, I am bound by the laws of the heaves.

The emperor is of great importance to me. I have made my delight in his presence darker than the light that shines his wings. I have been to the great extremes yet no one can prepare me for the darkness that lies ahead to recover the properties of the emperor. I have never known the emperor, but I would like to.

Chapter 3 - Destruction by fire

I sat down this morning on my bed and had a deep thought of what an Emperor is. I have only come across a few animals that have the ability to adapt to the environment and one I have come across so far is a penguin. Penguins have emperors. Not all of them but just a few found somewhere in the arctic poles. They have order and they have class. They tend to be show offs.

They hunt well and they mate for life. Even though they live in the coldest place in all the known world, I tend to think to myself, “how do they find warmth?” I figured out they never dodge each other. Emperor penguins always address each other face to face. They understand one another’s behavior. Such little fire creates great destruction. It burns though the environment and all of them are happy cozying up under the fat they consumed while on the hunt.

I find myself wondering if truly, I will be able to understand their way of life. I have studied chimps, I have studied all kinds of apes, yet they tend to stick with Kings and Queens.

The key to the Emperor is fire. The Emperor gives you a small fire. That small fire, if put under wood, has the capacity to burn down a whole first. The key to destruction and life is fire and that is what the emperor provides. Such great light can bring great destruction if not used well. You can use fire to cook food, or your neighbors house. You can use fire to melt iron and make good

steel. That steel can either be used to kill a person, to take someones’ life, or you can use it to make delightful steaks of all kinds. You can use it to gain heat when you are cold. The Emperor’s name and power derives from the fire he provides. Not only the fire itself that he is giving out, judgment will come upon you based on your ability to use it.

Most people who use firearms do not understand the gun was made in a fire. It was melted and molded. The bullet requires friction to fire where the ignition point creates heat through the friction which results in a bullet being fired. I am not ignorant of the conditions you can use fire, however, I am quite reluctant. Sometimes, you have to burn yourself on the fire to learn the lessons from it. The scar will make you remember what causes what and how your next actions are foolish. I love fire but I cannot say I love the emperor. He whose name is the existent itself, can use it to hurt you at his will or make you food to save your life. All we are is the result of our direct actions and how we use the resources we have.

Chapter 4

The Official Code of Conduct of the Military Division of the Roar Order

- No men shall lie together with one another for any other purpose than sleeping. If found that you have penetrated your mates, you will be excommunicated from the church. You shall not violate any of your enemies this way considering we are forming a new nation. There is no chinese, german or american army etc. There is only one Army and you shall all abide by this law.

- No man shall sleep with anybody else with sexual intentions other than his wife.

- No man shall drive intoxicated. This law is universal and shall be enforced strictly. You shall be charged by the laws of the nation you came from, and handed back to the nation you came from, or get deported.

- You shall not host illegal immigrants of any kind.

You shall not consume illegal substances of any kind. You may not break the laws of any nation that are in allegiance with us.

- No man shall father children with enemies of this nation. You are to treat them as prisoners.

You are not to love them in any way.

- No man shall have sexual relations with animals or any of the holy nuns that are there to provide us care. You will be stripped of your video games. All of them. Permanently. I will take them.

- No man shall murder except given the instruction to kill, shoot, maim or injure. You shall not murder your mates considering the definition of murder is killing your own mates.

- No man shall eat any other meat except fish of any kind in the water with scales, chicken, beef, and turkey. You shall not eat rabbits or pork. You shall not eat any kind of deer meat or venison.

If caught eating any other kind of meat, that include carcasses, you shall be removed from your wife and children for the day. Second offense includes a two day extension. Any other after will result in your dismissal from the nation you are building.

- No man shall sleep more than 8 at night.

- You may not eat more than 3 full meals per day.

- No man shall exercise or do any physical activity of any kind that involves sports. Sports are outlawed. If caught participating in any kind of physical activity that involves you showing other people our military strength for the sake of showing off, you shall be prevented from sleeping that night because you have exposed our strength therefore to recover our deception, we will use whatever means necessary to decrease your strength for the day. The next time you participate in sports, you shall be charged a total of 2 days without sleep.

- You shall not drink liquor of any kind. You shall not smoke cigarettes. You shall not drink wine. You shall not smoke cigars. You are only allowed cigarillos, once a day that equal to 3

cigarettes a day. If you surpass this privilege you shall be removed from class meetings and board discussions for 1 day.

- You may not injure or attack any of our allied nations. If caught you will be charged with first degree assault and will face prison sentence in the military division for the harm you inflicted

upon your fellow comrade. You will also be fined no less than 25,000 points which equals to $2500

where the money will only go towards your punishment and your money acquiring methods will be flooded with useless work which is not different than being sentenced to death.

- No member of the army will receive a death sentence. Death is for enemy soldiers. You will be stripped of your rank and be charged with the title of CIVILIAN. You will no longer be permitted to abide by the laws of the army but the nation you came from, whatever the country is which will allow you to practice homosexuality, drinking liquor or sleeping with anyone you want.

- Whatever nation you come from, you may no longer abide by the laws of your nation but the new one we are building. If you betray our nation, you will be charged with treason. If worried, you shall know that any of the laws we are making are not in conflict with the country you came from. We just made the laws tighter to achieve royal status.

- No man shall masturbate or do sexual activity in the bathroom or the kitchen. Sex is a holy creation by God, you shall not defile it by moving the ancient boundary from the bed. The only appropriate place to engage in any sexual activity is the bed. Violation will result in a $50 fine.

First Bill Passed Unanimously - Avert at all cost - WED - OCT 11th - 2023 [Commons] No man shall use the platform TIKTOK to communicate or post information of any kind. You may not even download the app. You have no rights to use a childrens platform because I will know

every bit of your intentions, which will result in your property being hanged and quartered. I will personally prevent you from going on our adventures and watch your food supply get stung to death. I will remove you from my armies since you will be a cancer to my future children. You may not sign up to any kind of membership that involves the company. Your eyes shall remain clear of the security system of the platform and I want your minds to be liberated like a virgin from knowing any kind of sin they use to pollute the governing system by posting lethal messages to expand their trash government, all of them that use tik tok. Not one person will be left. Do not go under time. I want your services for our agenda, If you go on tiktok, you will get captured. I do not want any of you to be under time or to serve time. People who are governed by time are called prisoners. Do not use the media for any purposes. We are grown men who are free. Being under time is for children who have to wake up and go to school in the morning, ballet or Karate practice. I do not want any of you "counting" the time. There is no reason or faith there, going on tik tok will expose your security and put you in the red against your will.

- Second Bill Passes Unanimously WED OCT 25th 9:50PM [LORDS] - Those who will be rewarded are the Order of The Seraphim, to take charge of the elderly. The Order of the Sword to take protection of the children, as of the Swedish chivalry, as the Montgomery County Government commands, we shall abide by the laws of the Fleur De Lis considering the coat of arms of the French is the same one.

Chapter 5

The End of Man

I was once asleep a few months or a year ago and I was woken up in a dreadful nightmare. I was in a dark hilton like environment, there was a pool in front of me that I got inside of. The pool became dark as all living hell. The Sky was Dark Blue with a shade of darkness everywhere.

There was very light light. There was no direct light. The pool was bottomless and the square inches of the pool were tight and dreadful, the likeness of death, so sharp and scary. The water turned black, I couldn't see anything under me anymore though I was swimming, underneath there were creatures moving, the likes of killer whales, the more I tried to get across or look under, my vision went away. The water was so black and the sky was black. The numbers increased slowly and I couldn't get back in the water. There was trashing, there was violence, yet the water stayed unmoved while the disaster happened in the water.

The extinction of mankind and the argument against homo sexuality

Ever since humans evolved from the lowest form of life, the amoeba, we have become somewhat different from what was the original design of the perfect being. As we move forward, we must face the realities of superior species that come along into our lives. Dinosaurs have been around for a while, though they have no life. Their extinct information seems to linger wherever we go. I do not understand however when it comes to humans that have not reproduced and passed on their genetic data. I want to think we can do the same but the reality of the matter is much different.

The United States legalized same sex marriage the past dacade and things havn't quite been the same. The people who identify as such are disappearing at a rate that is unimaginable. They have dissolved their genetic makeup and make it absolute that they will not reproduce or bring offsprings into this world through procreation. I don't think much of it but what about their parents or their siblings? Whoever identifies as a homo sexual, that hasn't reproduced and died will have very limited genetic data left on the planet. If his or her name was Mr. Pumpkin, or Ms.

Pumpkin, today, their genetic material doesn't exist on this planet anymore, unless you look inside the grave but good luck brining that to life with mediocre information. People are voting their friends to death allowing them to live a life full of pleasure that doesn't leave growth for a family structure.

Their parents grow old and are not able to create life anymore. Their parents' DNA goes to the hell's of nowhere, and the kids would have destroyed millions of years of genetic data by the choices they make. The best solution I believe is to just get out of the way. We are not saviors.

We are not christ nor are we radical scientists limited by law from experimenting on reviving human life and extinct genetic material from the hells of nowhere in the middle of a graveyard.

Chapter 6 - The Sons of Liberty

I have only known some people in all my life who scare me more than others. They are called the sons of liberty. They exist in the hells of darkness and they inhabit great distances.

They do not need other humans to survive. They are the most amazing people on the planet, yet their end is not nice.. The people have known war in their lives and and thought they are small,

they have never been the people who lacked. They hide in the deepest forests of eternity. They occupy large amounts of land. They do not need women. They survived by killing the land, eating the animals and by destroying the habits. They are revolutionaries who do not care for your values and they will make sure to make your life a living hell.

Chapter 7 - The Date and The Long Awaited Romance

She was a small little thing, barely able to move over a few pounds, he was a monstrously strong human being, and she liked to melt in his hands. He held her hand in his while they walked down the streets of DC, unaware, unshaken by the constant desire to see the air and space museum. He was making dreams a reality, driving his sports car all around the place. She was a handsomely inspired liberal, seeking grace in every step she takes. He often loved to take her, sometimes by the waist, while she didn't expect it. He kisses her deeply while she doesn't see it coming. The sakura trees blossom and the tears of the fall pass away, but the love he has for her doesn't. He doesn't see it nor does he understand, she is his inspiration, and he is her knight. They didn't just fall in love, they made romance. It was a day like no other. They kept thinking of the first time they met, she forwarded her hand to shake his on a dark misty night, "my name is Blair '', she said. "Pleasure to meet you blair, the name is chuck", he said. (Change names later). The twinkle in her eyes he can't help but relive the past days with wonder.

They were stunned at what they had accomplished. They enjoyed each other's company. They had fun rolling in the tides of the eastern shore. As the wind blew

and the birds chirped, the cold sweet winter wind whistled while they took their seats in a restaurant.

A waiter appears and passes them a menu while they refresh with a beverage of their choice, he orders a white russian, she asks for red wine. She loved the city, the beautiful Washington metropolis, with its flutters. They took their time getting to know each other. They were touching each other's arms, she was showing him her nails, they were playing footsie.

While he moves his right leg up her right leg, a shiver goes down his spine, the long awaited taste of romance. He was imagining them kissing deeply, while he had his arms around her. She wanted to look deep in his eyes and know him for what he was. He was not looking forward to going to work the next day. He wanted to get laid, he wanted to stay in bed with her all morning.

They had already planned to cuddle up all morning, like they did the day before. It was a steaming morning filled with delight. When he arose from his sleep, she was safely tucked between his arms. They were in deep sleep, thinking about the night before, the sweet filled sheets soaked by the terror of the night. The times often passed quite slowly. She loved to titter.

Often teasing him with wicked jabs of soft kisses and light puffy smiles with chocolate tasting lips. She fed him raisins and grapes while he was dreaming deeply.

Their favorite time is when they spend it in the rain, holding hands, walking in the mist and the dew. She loved to collect all sorts of rain boots. Along with the eastern rain, the season brought with them joy and wonder of all kind. They loved the sweet taste of tea in the morning.

She loved to tell him about her family members. He loved to listen to her talk about her love for her uncles. He was mesmerized by her beauty. The way she looks had never appealed to him more than the day, while they were sitting down in DC.

He returns to the moment, grabs his drink by the neck and sighs. He wanted to propose to her but he realized she had to make tough life decisions in the future which didn't involve him.

With all her heart strings pulled, and all his money under her control, they dreamt about starting a family. She was maliciously winking, with deep intents of causing harm to anything that might harm him. The waiter returns with their drink before they give him back the menu they were giving. "The strawberry short cake please", she orders. " And you sir?" returns the waiter. " I will have a medium rare cooked steak with light butter" he orders. "Very good sir". the waiter responds and he refreshes his drink. The moment was filled with delight and everyone in the restaurant was having a good time. The music from the restaurant was quite soft and the way she was holding the fork and spoon preparing to eat the shortcake she orders and turns him on. He knows she is quite educated in civilian manners. They often cooked at home so he understood the deep pleasure and the sweet taste of discipline.

As the moment dims down, he goes to his pocket and pulls out a pamphlet, it was a letter from the church. He had it in his pocket from the past week. He loved to attend mass. Although a practicing catholic, he realized a long time ago he cannot consummate their love without asking for her hand in marriage so he devises a plan to marry her, there and then. All he looked forward to was meeting her father. At that moment, he knew she was the one for him, his most beloved he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

Chapter 8 - My Delightful mornings, and my terrible Nights

When I wake up early in the morning, the first thought that comes to mind is to reach for the breakfast menu in my home. I like to cook a lot of food in the morning when I wake up before I wake my friends up by calling them on the phone. I like to talk with my friends on the phone all the time. The moments that we spend together mean a lot to me and I make sure to keep them close to me just in case I want to have a good time with them. They are laborers and they toil all day to grow and raise a family. I like to think they do not want to drink with me all the time because they have a tendency to react with emotion. They are often scared of getting fired and they do whatever is needed to stay in place and secure a good life. I look at my feet often, they are starting to get really ugly. In any other language, it wouldn’t make sense, but in English, they look like the feet of the laborer. It's kind of funny to be honest. I found a way to wash my feet without the assistance of my hands. All you have to do is go outside, pour water on the ground and stand on it with your bare feet. I found a republican way of washing my feet without the need of someone washing my feet. I like washing my feet often. I also found a simple solution in the bathroom. When I make an error and pee on the side of the toilet, instead of using tissue or paper, I use the shower head and pour molting hot water on top of the toilet seat. It disinfects the seat, keeps it warm and doesn’t get me in trouble with my roommate who also is a hygienic person. I use a mop to take care of the mess at the bottom. My mornings often do not end in conflict. They are quite nice.

The nights have been getting rowdy. I have been a little upset the past few days. In all my toil on this planet, I have accepted the terms and conditions of reality, nothing is forever. Even with all my strength I will die one day. There is a beginning to everything, there is also an end.

Without having joined the military, I would have gotten stuck in the gutters of nowhere. I

wouldn’t be able to feed myself. I like going outside once a day. It feels like hunting when I reach for the beef in the pantry. I live by myself now. My mother pays the rent. She used to pay for my food. She no longer pays for my food. So far, I have saved her 1800 dollars on groceries.

Soon, in a few days, I will be able to pay the rent in full by myself, therefore being fully independent. I am almost there, I can even taste it, the liberty of being completely divided from my mother. The only thing she can say from now on is “I do not want to pay the rent”. I am just waiting for her to say it so the blood will be on her hands for the final time. I like to think quite often about a lot of subjects. The only thing I do not want is the Blood on My Hands. I have prepared 4 hotels and a Harvard's suit. The next place we will head will likely be to the market to get more money and put all the money into getting a house. I have I think a 4 hour range to collect rent on average the past few days. All we have to do is double it. I think today is a record day. We got it done in less than one hour. Our best season yet and the market is doing well as well. In a few moments, we will head to where we have been wanting to go all along. I have dreamed about going to Ireland for quite a while now and I can almost taste the victory. It's just under my hands but I keep failing to capture it by myself. WIth all my strength, the night linger and tinder with fire, in conclusion, I prefer my nights over the mornings. They are delightful and filled with glory and music.

Chapter 9 - What Women Are

Everything you get from women is pleasure. Whatever you do, in every form of action, women are made of fat. Every inch of a woman is made from soft tissue. There is no such thing as a masculine woman. You harm them, you get pleasure, you speak with them, you get pleasure. I have come across many circumstances where people of all kinds have been exposed

to different kinds of stimuli. The human body reacts to it based on its intent. I tend to take things as they are, with reason. Emotions tend to confuse the tiny details needed to make any kind of sense. I have encountered conditions so fragile, they need the care of angels to deal with. Yet with all the songs and with all the words spoken about the end or the purpose of everything, I vastly fail to explain the purpose of women. There is none. The woman is made primarily of faith, purly created or born to be a helper to the man. It is quite often funny to see how men handle their own women.

There are some men who are abusive, there are some men who are not. At the end of the day, all you get from men is strength and reason. All you get from women is faith and pleasure. I dodge the living hell out of men. They do not seem to provide any kind of valuable access towards the body. They have no in. All women have an in. My favorite one is their ears. I love getting into women's minds using sound. I love to use words. I think my brother likes to violate women using smell. He sets up a trap cooking good smelling food. There are some men who trap women by what they see. There are some men who violate women using their sense of touch. My favorite one is sound. I can get to any woman from everywhere. The problem is the number of women and what you want. With simple reason you find that the end result of whatever you want to do with women will end up in faith and pleasure. Without using force, the best access I found to breach security to do whatever I pleasure without harming the body is sound. It's so nice to get in the minds of women. Sometimes, there is nothing there. Not even a thought. Not even an idea, or language. There are some women who are so uneducated that they primarily operate on feelings and emotions. In some, faith has gone to the shitters of hell.

At all times I make sure to avoid every kind of woman. To this day, I sell everyone who wants an illusion of women. I use cell phones. I use images. I avoid all kinds of democratic conversations or associations with all sorts of humans. They want to sit down and tell you their story. They want to come into your house and breed with you like an animal. I treat them all as they want to be treated, yet I do not bring them into my room. They are a biological threat. All of them. Today, I will say a few words, make a few noises and cute sounds to appeal to their emotion online, then systematically proceed to drink and eat whatever I want while their fish like brain with it's 5 second attention mark loses me, and the reality of the matter that I have no wife or children of any kind biologically, sinks in deep into their understanding. They will take their faith, and fully accept they will be scammed and are scammed because they won't get a penny's worth of family life, or any kind of real romance with me. I will drink and party my life to death.

I will dodge them all the days of their lives. Good luck raising biological children and any kind of actual physical romance. Live in the illusions I have created in the digital world forever.

Chapter 10 - The man who digs his own grave

I have rented this place for well over 6 month now, and as I write this I have came across a person, the upstairs renter who is slowly eating himself to death. The man is probably wealthy, he has a house with payments, a car with payments, a family and a history in the United States. As I look towards his future, everything is clear. He will adjust his house, wake up in the morning, eat his food, tend to his family and property, drink his liquor at night

and go to sleep with his wife. His life will never change from this all the way till death. He leads the most boring lifestyle you can ever imagine. He takes his kids to six flags, he takes his kids to chuck e cheese, he saves up tokens and a lot of tickets from game stops. He buys his kids video games, they ask him for money and he renders and administers as he will. He has no ambition.

He has no plans to run for office. He is a man who has accepted his fate permanently. His grave has already been prepared. He is headed straight to it in his well structured same kind of life everyday. Will all his glory working in the darkness against his fellow men teaching men white one and black one offense and defense, he fails to realize his life will eventually end. He thinks all this won't end.

He has no plans to hold any position of power in government. He has no plans to have any more children. He just plans to retire and die a safe death in his old age. Little does he know it has already happened. I think the best he is looking at is choosing his own casket and grave stone. As long as it looks nice, he doesn't mind. In his mind, he is a king, from the outside, he is just another voter, a father leading an ordinary life, soon to inherit his property to his children and pass away.

My military men tell me all the time. His wife raises black children. She is a hero in the black world, a fighter for the rights of people who operate in white one. She is relentless and refuses to accept another way of life. She can barely speak english but uses her white one offense to hurt other people. My men tell me she shops at stores like Walmart, Macy's, Target and Whole foods. She tries to keep a clean driving record. She has a lot of jewelry that she adores and uses

to seduce her husband whenever she wants. He likes to shop at liquor stores. The security cameras record him all the time. Big pop tells me he will prevent them from buying anything of alcohol for life if they touch me. He is just waiting for his moment to cut them off from buying any kind of wine, beer, or food for life because of their mismanagement. They are about to lose everything, we just want to act with their own hands so the blood can be on it. We have made a plan already to have fun without them. We are just waiting for them to make a mistake so we can have fun without them. They keep digging their own grave and my men and the politicians tell me to let them destroy themselves with their own hands.

Chapter 11

They have nothing holy in them. They are beastly, and they have no good function other than the one you want to raise them to be. They are pagans. They hide everywhere. They hide in between words, in the free spaces, they look above the word "save", they stay looking at the hollow opening in the middle of the words, they do not absorb any kind of information. They look towards the sky, right about your head on your forehead when they address you. They are not good for anything. They look at the paper, and instead of reading the letters, they look at the dark paper, or the white paper instead of the letters. Sometimes they look on top of the letters and think in their minds they are avoiding you. They oppress people by trying to find words like

"dodging" in order to be elusive to the people nearby them. They live all their lives uneducated, evil as all hell and do nothing for society but damage it. What a nightmare dealing with these passive people who do nothing for society other than try and preserve their life. It baffles me how an individual person can be so useless they lose aspects of reality some should never lose.

They hide between the sentences, they look at everything but the word because they think they can do whatever they want. Not only is that not true, I have reached a final conclusion, no matter how much you dodge, you can never take life, because you will go to prison. They are so stupid they think they can get away with anything they want. I have had it with them. They stink so bad at everything they do. I prefer Europeans over them. They have a consciousness at least. They do not think, some do not even speak english. They are a threat to everything they touch. Only a few I have found to be reasonable. They have abandoned everything that is true and hold on to illusions. Dodge or not, the media I just read this morning says that more people are dying everyday for whatever reason. Some have completely left reason and just walk around like animals. I sometimes prefer animals. Their behavior is that of a door knob.

The philosophy comes from the eagle. Everyone knows how to dodge. Every nation in the world has their own dodge. They never really tell you because they are respectful. It's the Americans that are the problem. They are too Bald. They want to show off. They want to puff their chests like a prostitute about to get violated. All birds live in the air. The Apex happens to be the Eagle. In all their life, they want to live and act like animals, so you treat them as such.

They think they can do anything they want and get away with it. Find them outside, wherever they are and touch them. They will wake up and realize you can touch them and find them anywhere. There is a start to things, there is also an End. The moment Americans think their sovereignty is superior, expose them for what they are Animals acting like Animals. Treat them as such.

Chapter 12

Consequences of Watching Pornography

The first thing you lose is consent. In order to get on porn websites you have to agree to their terms and conditions. You must agree to all their demands which means they take away your freedom to choose the kind of experiences you want. All porngraphy is a religion called Hinduism. It stems from the kamasutra. The people who practice this religion do it so well, they have made a house for it. It's so hard to be free from porn because you are rejecting your own religion and accepting somebody else's. You have to accept the classification system based on your race. They give you exactly what you want the way you want it and therein lies the problem. They are good people. They do it so well you enjoy their services. The problem is, it is their way of life. Once you discover that, you have to find your own way of life. All of a sudden you start to tell yourself I like white women or black men or any kind of skin color. It's a hell hole you can't get out of unless you know what the religion is. It is done so well, two people will be in the same room, and one will be a pornography viewer.They practice it so well they have the fourth best military in the world. It is so normal yet, you give up a lot of security and defense trying to preserve the pleasure. People who manage your internet affairs have to lose their security too and they go down to the Russian military.

When you vigorously masterbate to pornography, you hurt your organs and it damages your body. The friction and the desire alter the shape of your discipline. When you walk, it's itchy and disastrous. Depending on the kind of video, your friends for the day will be chosen for you. The only way to win is to stop streaming forever. I know who I am now. I knew who I was before. I think today is the 3 month Mark. I have a little bobcat life that I like so

much. Over time, it wastes your body slowly, over time, you build a home for it so well that you forget to give your attention to the people you love and care about. Over time the work that needs to get done doesn't get done. While your house needs your attention, your religion will destroy your life, and all you care about with it. Ever since I discovered this secret, I have been spending a lot of time with my family members. We have fun all the time. It is legal. It is highly recommended. It is profitable. The price however, is the erosion of your soul, slowly, bit by bit.

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