Visions in Aye's Heart


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Book Description

Visions in Aye's Heart is a book of poetry that reflects spiritual beliefs & political views. Anytime we discuss politics and spirituality, it can easily become controversial. I don't care much for religion or politics. If you ask me, I will quickly tell you that I think it's all mostly lies & bullshit. That is not to say that I don't have a relationship with God. I just don't allow men to define my relationship with the Divine. I have always been aware of a Divine presence in my life. Endowed with the knowledge of my earliest memory that I did not walk alone, and that as hard as life may have appeared to be, I would never be asked to bear a burden that was too large for me.

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Aye Pettway

Aye is a prolific writer and busy mother of three. The daughter of an adventurous mother who enlisted in the U.S. Army, when Aye was 8years old. Born in Detroit, Michigan November 26, 1969,and was raised in New Jersey, California, Florida and Berlin Germany. In 1986 Aye moved to Los Angeles California and lived with her aunt. After graduating from Washington Preparatory High School, Aye joined the armed forces and was stationed in Germany. After leaving the army where she met her husband, Craig Erskine, she settled into married life and motherhood. Aye has always enjoyed writing her thoughts down and while living in Columbus, Georgia Aye began develop her own style of poetry. In the midst of raising children, managing a home and coping with life’s challenges, she managed to create an impressive body of work. In 1996 Aye’s mother passed away in Germany, having never seen her grandchildren. Her mother’s death served as a catalyst for Aye. She began in earnest to achieve her goal in writing. She designed, produced and marketed posters and art that showcased her poems.

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