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August, 2023

Dear Love….

In the beginning I chose you,
















In the end, I will still choose you.

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Your eyes….


Your eyes,

They are the mirror in which my soul dances.

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I am yours,

Be it in pain,

Be it in merry.

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I can’t promise of weddings, Yet I am sure, I will always be there, At the dining table of your affections.

Even if what you serve is tears.

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You are the flesh of my flesh.

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If tears come,

I shall drink them away.

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I am not perfect

In my imperfections,

I shall still revere you.

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This is a journey,

I can’t promise it will be smooth.

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If I was to fall,

I pray that you remain strong, For those are days for your beauty to flourish.

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I have become so drowned, In the thoughts of you,

I don’t even know myself anymore.

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You have risen in my heart, Like the sun rises at dawn, I pray that you never set.

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Am I really mad for loving you?

I am told, that I’m running insane.

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Every day, I shall wake up, Look unto the sky,

And I shall whisper to the heavens: Thank you, for giving me this virtuous woman.

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In this chaotic world, where lies rule, While truth is buried,

I vow to be peace and truth for you.

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Even a single droplet of tears from your eyes, Makes my heart weak and sad, I pray you only know of happiness and joy.

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If I could have to choose between life and you-I would choose you always.

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When history is written,

It shall read:

This man loved her unconditionally.

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I have become like a child in their mother’s laps, I can’t live anymore without your touch.

Image 19

The joy you have brought in my life, Even oceans can’t be enough to hold it.

Image 20

When I thought all was over for me, You came, gracefully.

Image 21

In the midst of chaos of life, I have found tranquility in you.

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I pray that when darkness comes, I shall be that candle,

That lights your way.

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Should life be chaotic,

And you lose your guidance, I shall be that star,

That will lead you through.

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You are the companion,

Whom my heart,

When all is said and done; Still chooses.

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You have taught me that the beauty of life, Is not the currency or the jewels, But a woman whose heart is full of affection.

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And the award goes to….

No. How can I compare thee?

When all and sundry,

Are beneath your glory.

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In this race, I have chosen to be blind and deaf, My eyes and ears are completely yours.

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I shall not be the wind for you, But a fountain that showers you, Daily, with fresh waters.

Image 29

I shall not be the garden of roses, To give you a timely fragrance, But a field of green pastures, That your hunger may be eternally quenched.

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Before you, I used to see with my eyes, With you, I now see with my heart.

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As one tear of joy dropped, I knew, Oceans of joy will flow,

With you in my heart.

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I thought I had lost meaning and purpose, Then I found YOU.

Image 33

I shall seek the heavens no more, I am devoutly yours.

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When men of God say church is the only sanctuary, I whisper to myself, “they have not yet met my Love.”

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Those who shower Mozart with praises, Have not yet heard the melodies, Of your adorations.

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From childhood, I had believed, Honey was the sweetest,

Then I met you,

I no longer eat honey.

Image 37

I used to pray for daily bread, As Christ had righteously advised, When you came, I quit,

I am already contented with you.

Image 38

It’s amazing how you have tuned my heart, To the melodies of your affections.

Image 39

I used to believe that those in love were insane, But now I am the most insane of all, I want no more sanity.

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May the universe always favor you.


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