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Voices…. Noises…. A Flow


Some voices are created for the one they are directed at.

Some voices are lies for the one they are directed at.

Some voices are truths for the one they are directed at.


Some noises were never meant to be heard. Some noises never knew they could be heard.


Some noises travelled to us when we didn’t want them to.


Some voices travelled to us when we didn’t want them to.


Why did they travel anywhere?


We do not know.


What was created…. Was something we did or did not want….


In our minds.



And so, life continues to flow, around us….








Everything accomplished is grand.


A writing wishing for something else so, so bad.


But imagination falters when it doesn’t lead to anything.


A writing…. Is it a nothing, no matter how living a sense it had a wish to be born for?


Floating out of a mind…. It’s not reality.





Seeing a figure on a hill….


It is a late summer day.


The sun is going down.


A sun set, so reminiscent of past days.



The figure on the hill, finally waiting.



Someone just always believed


They could go home….




A figure on the hill, wishing for a sunset….



Smiled at that hope

Someone was so far away….


Why wasn’t the hill reached?



Heartbeat of The Horizon



On the horizon…. All is still.


The birds chirp outside the open window


A clock ticks, in silence.


Someone lies inside the house…. Listening to the silence pulse its heartbeat around him/her.


A horizon that fades into night….


A heartbeat stops.





Hologram of Love (The Then… The Now….)



In the rising sun


The town of houses comes to life


In the rising sun


The valley of hills come to life


The distance is filled with a sunlight


A growing life


Growing inside each house


A growing girl


Growing inside her house


A vision


Someone far has of her


A vision someone sees of her grow


Wandering in her basement


Into the outside sun


Wandering in her basement


Into the outside world


She goes to school


She plays with her family


The sun sets over her life


A passing of time


She feels herself grow more


She feels herself grow into


Someone who sees a sun rise every day


She feels herself become


She can be so proud of


She feels herself morph


Into someone who seems unknown


To the years before her


A setting sun


As she plays with her friends


A rising sun


As the days begin


A setting sun

As the years pass


She is left with only herself


As she moves away from the basement


As she grows away form her town


She sees the sun rise over her new home


She sees the sun set


When she remembers herself


A fading her


A fading past


As years are spread out


On the balcony she stands


On remembering herself


The longing consumes her


She wants to go back to her young sun rise



Walking to the town she grew up in, she sees it once again.


It’s a sun rise day.



The young woman smiles to herself.



She was never lost….


Something was always there for the girl to visit.


For the young woman to come back to….


She wonders what she is seeing


Her far away past is so faded….



Autumn’s Shore…. A Season’s Passing


On the shore, I, as a figure, stood on sand looking out at the distance….

She…. I…. saw herself floating over the sea.

A faded sight, made real by the fall leaves falling around her.

A fall leaf in the ocean.

A fall leaf, where she can’t see.

A fall leaf, for her.

A fall leaf…. Somewhere off the shore.

She finds the fall leaf as it falls into her…. she glides it to the air away from her.

Standing by the shore, she moves back into a row of fall trees.

The park is lively, this time of year.

The park is a life, flowing with autumn leaves.

As the shore lies in front of her.

The sea at the end of the fall park.

She reaches the leaves….

Only to find them vanishing into the sky,

Flowing into the fall sea.

The trees in the park lose their autumn leaves,

As the season comes to an end.

And she goes….

To drown herself at sea.

Her body and face are covered with fall leaves from the autumn park.

A distant season past her.


A kiss for her…. from the lovely autumn season.

The autumn season, I lived in.

A home that left, when the seasons changed.


Having drowned herself at sea,

It was just a natural season’s passing.


She lost her home…. I lost my home.


To the end of autumn.



Acceptance (Loving Herself)



When she accepted she was useless,


She felt herself breath.


No more fighting to survive.


No more fighting to be alive.


When she understood she was worthless,


She could smile


She could breathe


Her lungs felt at peace in her living death.


But it was peace.


She was a girl, with nothing ever for her.


Such was the way of her life.


Such was the way she grew up to be.



But, she never stopped wishing to love herself.



A Leaf’s Axis



The sky turned to a black


The sea is formed into the clouds colour


The world is spun around the axis of a green leaf


The green leaf floats into the wind


Carrying a cloudy planet with it….


Where it lands


The water dances around it….


Splashing into the sky


The green leaf becomes an autumn yellow, orange, red


The water of the planet spins around its axis


The focal point of the earth as water floods into air….

The air crashes down into the land


Pieces of soil and dirt, forming with sand in the air


The green leaf is the axis where everything tilts and exists


Swirling into each other….


The strong wind swirling and flying over the sea air….


The sky having drowned itself in the seas….


The rock on the beach of one ocean of the world….


A figure stands on the Black rock, overlooking the world’s axis


The green leaf is blown to him…. her


And they are sucked into their past life


Memories float around the axis of earth


As the leaf changes green to autumn to summer to a fallen winter…. The leaf turning brown and crumpling….


It moves from bright green to bright yellow, orange, red


It flows into the air, and spins the visions…. a planet’s spiraling axis

Around it


The figure on the black rock is swept over with air and waves.


The green leaf stops in a summer,


Bright light shining on an axis that makes everything turn and move


Through life


The black rock is empty,


Soaked and swept out to an airy sea,


Where a bright sunset is rising over the shore of black rocks


And green summer leaves, fallen on black rock, reflecting a shine of amazing sunlight



A day in the future


All of this axis’s power is a long-gone vision….


But the black rock on the beach and the life


Of his/ her memories never stopped breathing


Breathing on the leaf’s axis


In the centre of this other planet.



Slow Day (A Lost Life)



Time goes so slow


The ticks never count fast enough


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.


Tick tock tick tock


Nothing passes in an empty space.


Time drowns in a one doing nothing


Time drowns in a sorrow of helplessness


Time drowns in a sorrow of helpless confusion


And empty place


Where no one goes…. The valley of slow…. Lost time.


Where do I go from there?


There is no place to go


I’ll be stuck here with this ticking clock


Of a slow time….




Lost in my own helplessly sorrowful





A lost life



Stopped Time (A Still Life)


When he sat in a room, still….

She walked into a room, moving.


Still as can be, he lay in his room, rotting like a corpse.

He had never wished to be a walking corpse.


Was this an end point?


She moved freely around her room, full of energetic life.


Time never stopped for her.


She was so alive.


She was so alive…. A long time ago.


He sat in his room, waiting to die.



She was a flow outside.






Holds a gun to her head….

Pulls trigger….

Air comes out…. when she breathes it in

A scent of lavender-rich air in her lungs.

A fresh bullet, giving her a rich colour.


A breath gift.



Ill Fate (Never)



An empty, hollow inside


Full of bewilderment and peace


An empty hollow space


Full of shock and awe


An empty, hollow inside


No one but her


Can see


A touch


That gives no life


But helps a gift of life


In the most strange way possible



The touch of an ill fate.



Seeking a truth,



The searcher finds a rainfall of empty drops.



A young woman is gone.



There’s nothing left to search for.



Her fate was never an ill life.





A kiss.


A kiss so soft.


A kiss for you.


A kiss for her.


A kiss for him.


A kiss for life.


A kiss for death.


A kiss for a cheek.



A kiss for her cheek.


A kiss for all of you.



A kiss for pink lips.



The Rose



Blooming rose filled with pollen


Bee, filled with a desire for nectar


Life, filled with a desire for sugary honey


The rose has honey poured on the red


Honey remains for a bee to get stuck in


A Venus fly trap of sorts…. A spider’s web of sorts.


A human with a strange appetite for bees comes along


Sees what they have caught


Delighted they will have a multi-course dinner for tonight


The human with a strange appetite


Takes the dead bee


Long suffocated with honey


Sets it on their clear plate


Scoops the honey off the rose with a honey-coloured spoon


Sets the honey with the bee


Neatly separated onto the clear plate as different food groups


The human takes the red, lushly blossomed rose


They take it with the stem


And set it on their clear plate, separated in a corner from the honey and bee food groups


Resting on the left side of the plate, taking up all of that side: A rose with stem


The dead bee resting above the honey on the right side of the plate;


The honey globed onto the bottom of the plate, sloppily and messily.


Licking their lips at the strange dinner, the human takes the bee


And dips its corpse in honey


Licking her lips once again at the delight of how it will taste on her taste buds


She puts the honey-dipped bee in her mouth and chews.


Has she ever had a meal this special?


After she is filled with honey and the tasteful bee corpse


She takes the red rose by the stem


She eats it as a main course


She feels the pollen dirty her tongue; the rose is so tasty and delicious


Smiling to herself, chewing the soft pedals in delight.


Her huge and powerful eyes open


Her smile stays the same



The woman thanks nature for her special meal; this special day of her life.



The woman feels so uplifted by her natural meal.






A Spring and A Summer



Before the digital landscape took over the planet


The sun turned to a code of numbers


Being control by a hand


That pulled it to a melting earth


Filled with a digital landscape of a computer


Behind the computer screen


Someone watches the sun come undone


The sun -a digital realm that no longer surrounds earth


Is zapped by a lightning bolt that destroys the sky


Cracking digital numbers in half


A hand that hold the sun is electrocuted with a feeling of being fake


A digital way to see your life


The person behind the computer screen


Runs out the capture the sun before it is turned to nothing but a memory of this digital world


The technology that created the sky


The technology that gave birth to the lightning


The sun is a summer shining through a digital past


The modern age


The modern age is folded around the holding hand of the digital sun


As it shines a summer on a digital landscape of memories


And past visions


Of every different, forgotten life



From behind the computer screen, it is a summer and a spring again




The Sun (Her Message)


…. A message in the clouds

…. A stormy day in the sky

…. A final day she saw the sun

…. She fantasized about it being there forever

…. A fantasy to put her message in the clouds

…. A message she had always dreamed about since she was a child

…. She was going to put it up there for the sky to see

…. She wanted to persuade the sun down to her level

…. on the ground.

…. No way to send her message up

…. The girl told the sun to come down

…. Suspended beyond her reach

…. For some reason, she started crying

…. What’s what is said…. She was an emotional wreck?

…. The sunlight seemed to sympathize with her-somehow.

…. Somehow, her tears made the sun-her-realize the girl on the ground

…. Looked just like her

…. She saw herself in the girl who was crying

…. Floating its shining ball of light down to the crying her

…. She stopped to face the girl who reminded herself of the sun

…. The sun was bringing streams of river-like sunlight

…. Across the crying girl

…. letting her float on a riverbed that the sun had made for her

…. The sun told the girl she reminded herself of her

…. The feminine sun wished to preserve her message in water

…. The river is a place were her message would float

…. The river of sunlight, A water’s reflection of the river, like a crystal mirror

…. A heartbeat of her message, stored in the river of sunlight

…. Spread across where the sun shined herself

…. The crying girl let her sadness stop

…. as she stored her dear message in the sun’s river banks

…. She could see herself and a mountain forest reflecting in the river

…. The sun told her to do nothing but float now, so the girl did

…. The sun had promised to keep her message in its river

…. So…. the girl who had given the message to the sun goddess only had nothing

…. But to float on the river


…. Floated to an island…. The girl washed ashore.

…. She lay there, forever in her life

…. Sleeping…. Her face up to the sun


…. Mouth gently relaxed…. Eyelashes huge and black….

…. The sun goddess had truly seen herself in the island girl

…. It seems they had shared the same message

…. Feeling each other as one on this island, now

…. For a while….


One Chance….


One chance to have a life

One chance to make things right

One chance to not feel wrong

One chance to not feel dead

One chance to be a king

One chance to be a queen


One chance to rule a life

One chance to rule a special something


…. Failed….

The chance to have a life

Was gone in the winds of a past.



He/she…. never stopped wishing to get those days back.


































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