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Breath Grave



The dead grave I breathe


Can’t save us from a drowning fate


Drowning in ourselves, we see a light


Of green that came to grab us from our depths


A hand we hold


To reach out and sing to us


As we rot


On our bed


Death was a hand


We never let go


Drowning in a sorrow


Of life.


Waking up one day,


The horizon is bright green


Streaks of us, floating in the sky


To take us away to


Northern lights


A breathing horizon


That sucks us into it


A breathing horizon that


Lets us breath into it


As we come to rest on our graves


And sing a song


Of confused joy


When we didn’t know


How we were going to die




City of Death

A city full of people, hanging from ropes


Nooses tied to get rid of life


2, 731, 571 people, 2, 731, 571 buildings


A person for each building, handing so high


The feet can’t touch the ground


A choking day


Holding loved ones in their arms:


Babies, pets, air


Their eyes are closed so gently


They can’t see their death


They only saw the life


Of 2, 731, 571 people


Hanging from life.



Emerging from a grave,


Her hand is cast in silver


The sun of silver


Shines brilliant light


For everyone to see her


A love


It spreads over the grave


As she sees herself


In a silver


Cast for her life


She smiles


At the silver people


Standing around her


She pulls them into her


And lets them lie with her


In her silver grave, the silver sun shining over


The dead.



A false way to strike out

Against life

Ended with the life

Striking itself out

Gn to live

A striking formation of rain, sand, snow


Swallows this country of the planet


As a figure


Is reborn amidst the chaos


Of life being born


Awake now to the world it sees,

It refuses to let the woman being held in its arms



The figure will put her down in the sand


So that she may experience life


On nature’s earth


Learning to live


By herself.



City of Life


Hanging from their buildings, they need to come back to life


Reversing their lives, they feels death leave them behind


Their pasts, formed before them


They can see everything they ever wished to dream


When they were alive


A survival


They give to their babies and pets


So that animals and infants


Can carry on their life


When they grow up, in their arms


A city


Where everyone has their place in death


Where everyone had their place in life


Passed down


To the new generation


Passed down


To their companion animals


Passed down


To the animals of nature.


The new generation


Sees themselves


In the eyes


Of their parents.



Ribcage of Love


An open ribcage, open for examination


Love can be seen as the heart turns gray and dies


An empty soul, unable to reach anyone


An empty ribcage, the contents of a human


Emptied out



A feeling of nothing

A nothing feel


Confused, a ribcage has nothing to beat with


A dried-up heart, missing lungs


Too scattered to be found


Taken away,


The gray and dried heart still feels love


But there is nothing left,


So the life has no choice


But to travel in death



Pull on Life



A tugging rope, he tries to pull himself


Out from


A falling weight of suffering


He couldn’t escape from


The dying breeze of solitude


Life-fading from his mind


He feels nothing


But a need to escape


So he takes to the rope


To free himself of troubled grief


But his meaning of detah was all wrong


When his suffering was to climax


He realized and understood


The rope was no way to go out


Pulling on it to loosen himself


From a slow death


The pain has already set in


He will bleed into a hole he could never escape from


But…. The rope…. Was tied too loosely


Poor sap


He couldn’t get rid of his life if he tried!



But try, and try he might!


He gives up




“My life isn’t worth this much hassle.”



And enters into his daydreams


And loving dreams


A place, far away,


Where he feels the sunshine


Shine on him.


His circle of death was complete


And left behind.


He couldn’t find death


And it was lost, looking for whatever it searched for.



A dream of colours.



The boy feels his vision go blind, there’s too much light to see


Isn’t there



Hello, Pet



Hello, animal pet


How are you doing, today?


Are you feeling alive and well?


You know, you’ll die a lot sooner than I will


Assuming everything goes well.


How does that make you feel?


Do you feel scared that you’ll die


In my arms?


I don’t want you to die


In my arms!


You should breath with me!


You’re no better than me,


Just because I’m a human, silly!


Breath, until I have to put you down


A love, I can give to your short life




Thanks for loving me



Black Hurricane


A black hurricane that sweeps life away in it


I must admit, I jumped in


A spinning motion shaking my thoughts out of my head


A spinning motion, shaking my thoughts loose from me!


How silly, I can’t believe I didn’t see


What was so still outside the black!


Falling through the wind, I can see


My thoughts fall out on the ground


Beneath me.


She picks them up for me,


And smiles


As she gives them to me as a gift.



Light Hurricane


Spun around in circles, I pick myself up


And dust the black of me


A gift…. I felt it was Christmas


How nice. I can breathe.


How nice. I can feel.


How nice. I see her.


How nice. The hurricane had changed its colours


A black, spiralling mess of death…. Look, her gift made it


Realize it had so much life left.


The gold of the wind


Is the only thing


That makes me truly smile!



Plant Suffering/Pollen Life


The plants turned brown on the beach


Even the sun couldn’t warm them too life


The plants turned brown in the sand


They had been misplaced; they had nowhere to grow out of.


Screaming; silent, but sharp in their “lungs” and “heads”


There really isn’t any place for them to scream into


The sea doesn’t listen.


Pollen that swoops out in motions of spirals


Cancelling out the current of tropical air


There really was no feeling


To the beach plants dying


But, maybe they can absorb under the sand


And live again


Under the sea’s beach.



Cloudy Massacre/Falling Wind


Clouds seen numerous in the sky, like they would suffer


From overpopulation


Population control from a rainstorm


A crazy amount of rain, to flood the earth


With what it needs to live


A rainy sky, to take out the population


In vast numbers


Medieval times, peasants left to die by the ruling class


Sad, but something had to happen.


There’s more clouds than there are


Animals and humans.


There’s more disarray in their structures


Then there are with a person’s personality.



A wild rain, lets the clouds take part in a medieval massacre


So that peasants can be taken away with water


And so kings and queens can emerge


To rule over a sky of a dissonant personality


Sounds that seem to see



The Valley of a Monkey


In a natural world, a monkey


With green, emerald eyes


A golden body


Deep-black flesh


Lives out it’s life,


A barren tundra, so dry


Avoiding predators and seeking food and mates


Sex and food, as it climbs trees up high


To find what it eats



The Hyena’s Valley


A pack of laughing hyena’s


That will eat the monkey


Wandering by itself, the monkey is terrified


Of a barren tundra, so dry


Of the hyenas that dare to chase it down


Fleeing for its life, it runs right into one of the predators


The hyena laughs with mania


Before it eats


The golden body, green-emerald eyes, dark-black fleshed monkey


With a torn-off face


To end its life


Mania ensuring among the crazed, starved animals


The pack leads the way


To taking turns to devour the pretty monkey’s


Ended life.



Such is the way of this natural world




Nothing sad about the pretty monkey’s death.



A World of Nature


Life born, killed by predator


Life born, not removed


Predator dies from hunger


Uncivilized, but what does it mean?


It means everything, for these violent creatures


Who seem to care so little about taking a other’s life.



The Place (Where Sleep Dwells)


A place, people wonder about


That they can only feel in their sleep


A swirling mass of dreams, that ecsape them when they die


Seeing what troubles them, they realize there is no way to save themselves


But to help themselves, well that’s different


If only they could reach out for their dreams


And see what could be their saviour


But the dreams…. So far


Only in death will they reach their love


So, how to live out your days fearing something that will die without you?




Look to the sun, look to the moon


Watch them turn silver


In your dreams


Watch them turn gold


In your visions of death


That lets you feel your passage


A little more comforting



Where what you see with your visions, is where a flower you never knew existed



Is growing and starting it’s life.



Don’t be sad for it.



It can’t see you



Why would you shed tears



When no one can see….?



The Place (There is No Sleep)


A place, where no one wants to sleep


A living romance, full of red


A colour that lets you and her see


A love that will last years, and memories


That will be remembered


When a life’s fantasy finally and sadly


Fades away.



Lost, but remembered




Flower’s Centre


She sees a flower’s centre, showing herself in a reflection no one but she can see.


It’s like she’s imagining


It’s like she sees herself in a mirror


I think she heard once from somewhere


That a mirror improves the ability to think


Looking into the pollen of a plant,


She believes the flower


Shows her life story in it’s centre.


The Garden


A simple garden, overbearing with weeds and flowers


Green, the mask of the garden.


A gardener, the one who kept the garden alive.


Looking after it day by day


Having to move into a new safe home


Mr./Ms./gardener leaves the garden of green behind.


Left by itself the garden had nothing to do but just cry, without it’s love partner.



It can’t keep green alive.


Dying over the days of the move, it feels itself become a human death.


Letting itself fade, away from a neglecting master


Long since forgotten what she had planted and grown.


At a new home, the gardener dies


Sometime a year later.



Life Remembered


What was once life vanished before my eyes.


In a glow of sun we could see nothing as something was taken away.


What we lost was truly a part of life.


But maybe that wasn’t as bad


As we thought it was.



Maybe in the day


There was a beginning waiting to be touched.


No Day Outside


When time stands still and the wind blows me again on a day, I feel I have a home again.


Just me and the day. Nothing else.


My home is seen through the rain, where life awaits for me.


No need to worry.


No need to hide.


There’s only


A day waiting for us.





I really have nothing to say.


You could fade to black any moment

You could fade to black in front of me

Any moment

The final sleep

There would be nothing left

As I watched you die


Sleeping, suddenly.

A black vision

Where you and I can’t see anything


We never saw it coming.


A flash of black, leading us to death.


…. So sad.



What Is Left (In Black)


After a suffering, it seems the world fades to be anything


After a suffering, it seems the grim reaper is tired of collecting souls


There’s nothing to grab, nothing to hold onto


Only someplace empty, where dead are thrown into



When the flash of black hit us, we couldn’t see anything


But someone was holding you and I


In strong arms


To take us away


To blackness


Or an afterlife


Maybe too dark too see


Maybe too removed from humanity


To be considered human



What would we be, there?


Angels? Demons?




Black? Blackness?



When the flash of black hit, we cried inside


Someone was taking her away


I could feel the transgender’s arms around me, too



Death has no sexual preference.



But the flash of black was her final goodbye.

The flash of black was our final goodbye.


Life is black, now.


A black life has no fear or sadness.


I don’t think she has a worry to feel dying.



Sleep, Death


Close eyes at night, a black flash.


Close eyes when time is up, a black flash.


At night, at death…. You wake up.



The morning is a gift.



So…. The Morning


So, it’s morning.


What has been the feeling


You had lived


Of your colours of life.



You can tell me


There’s no one here to hear….


But I’m not sure if I can see you


In the black outside.



































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