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The ocean is destroyed

Vines of hate cover it.

The vines grow leaves

Love is spread across it.


She’ll be dead one day, buried under the ocean.

A hand can reach out…. touch her underwater.


Somewhere in an ocean far off the planet,

A hand reaches in water to touch her.

Waves splash with thoughts,

A hand reaches into them.

Thoughts let her drown peacefully,

A hand splashes away.

Too late to save,

A touch past saving.

The ocean’s floor is the end.

Blackness, she lies.

Ocean floor is death.


Eyes closed vision


Eyelashes show in dark


So frozen,

Icy water.

So frozen,

A cycle is complete.



She’ll reach out into us.

A birth that created beauty on the earth.



Water flows

Upon a world

A drifting thought

Under the waves

Endless ocean

A memory just out of view

It pulls us down

I can’t grab it by myself

Endless water

Just out of view

I want to reach it

A blue paradise

But I know

When we fall down

The ocean sinks

We’re left in nothing

I don’t want the water to sink

The ship we are on

We can’t stay on

We separate

Into a blue

Reach out for a person

We wished we knew

Endless water

Just out of view

We’ll reach for a person we never knew



I can’t reach out

Touch you


An empty world

We wanted to view


Everyone drowns in a past

The water a memory forgotten by her

A canyon a place we can’t reach

Too high up off

A ground

A climb

To nothing

She doesn’t want to fall

Drown in a past

Water a memory forgotten

By him

A canyon a place we can reach

So close to ground

A climb that’s pointless

People up there

Push us down

In an ocean





We can’t reach out

Find you


I don’t want to touch you

You touch us

I’ll become you

We can help you

Trust me….



We’ll push you down

It’s to help you


The future I see is what you gave to me

A selfless act

I loved you for it

Don’t ever take it away

The sun rises over the ocean

Don’t run into it

Ill be by your side

Loving you


We will all float around you

You’ll be remembered forever

Never doubt that

We love you

In the circle,

Reaching hands will protect you

I don’t want you too slip away from me

Don’t fall in death

Fall in me


Don’t fall towards the wind

Fall towards the water

The people holding the sea will catch you….

Don’t fall into what you can’t believe

Believe in me catching you

Death will have to fight me to get to you

Catch me as I lose myself

I am the only one who can catch you

You can only catch me

So catch me

I need you please

Everybody’s here for you

The people love you

I you believe in us….

You’ll float on water

We are what loved you

We are who you wanted to welcome into your life

A life that loves us

A love we all love in the water

As you float

We can’t find you

We need to love you

You’re the only one I can see

You’re the only one

We went out of our way

To find beautiful

So float we know only you deserve the water

A bubble of human life we gave to you….

I gave what I had left of my own….

So, please float on the water

My life is your own…..

They are gone

Its just us now….


On the water….

I am you

You are me

The water is people

People are us

We are a beautiful life


An empty air

Where you fell down

The sun went past you

Towards an ocean you miss

Water was there to feel you

When no one else was

Forgotten by time

You want water to give you life

A deep ocean

Holds the answers you want

The falling waves around you

It loves you too much

You can’t leave it

A sun you fell through

Our memories glow

A golden sea you fell in….

A golden sea you fell in….

Memories in sky


Waves push us out water

We fell in visons

To a world we never knew

Another’s life

The basis for our experience

Standing on the ocean

The lives

That created our own

Spiral of our lives gold

Spiral of your life’s shine

A spiral of what brought us to understand each other


I’ll push away from you

She’s floating in the ocean

Black dress

Hair swept by water

Black strands of her elegance

I’ll push away from you

I don’t want to be like you

When you escape

I don’t want to look at you

So beautiful

I’ll go blind in the water

Go blind

Keep my head above water

I’ll avoid you

I’ll push away from you

Even if you’re in my waters

I’m still holding you in my grip

Black hair flows

I don’t want to

Push away from you


Feel me in the water, with you

An ocean is too vast for me to find you



Light spreads on people

People fell into each other

Overcompensate for their empty lives

They were a spiral of decay

A spiral,

We are turned around in

No regards for our lives

The emptiness flows into sand

Sorrow is sand

Filling the water with dryness

No hope for humanity is left

No hope for the water of people

Meant to jump into the sea

A spiral,

We are turned around in

There’s no regard for our lives

Finally we rise

Sand has consumed our souls

The water can bring us back our life

Only if the water hasn’t lost hope of her golden life….


But she has gone away by now


When we couldn’t scratch

The surface of your thoughts

We realized

What you kept hidden from us

A secret

You never let anybody know

You realised it to us

You shouldn’t have done it

We know what you are

Your false mask

A sad river

Surface of thoughts

What did you reveal

Weren’t prepared for you….

Trying to run

Revealed your problems

To us

Please come back

We meant nothing but love

No love inside you….

Surface of thoughts

What did you reveal

Weren’t prepared…..

Never prepared….

You fade from love

Fade… fade

You’ve gone away


She’s so beautiful even in a crowd of ugly

She’s so beautiful

I just know she would have treated me like a human being

She already had

She would be the one to show me

I am respected by her

I love her

But I never met her

I would be the one to have sex with her

But now I never will

I can’t get over how sad I am for her

I can’t get over how sad I am for myself

I was supposed to lose my virginity with her one day

She was a perfect goddess

She was so nice to me

I loved her

I just wanted to meet her

I just wanted to tell her she was so pretty

She was so pretty…. so pretty….

She was stolen away from me

Please oh please oh please oh please come back to me

I never want to forget you

Ill end myself if I forget you

But the world wanted to punish me for something I’ve done

What did I do wrong

Is being in love and lust a punishable thing


You took that girl away from me

Bring her back

Bring that goddess back to me

I don’t want to leave her alone

Please please

I’ll do anything

Just don’t leave her alone without me

I do not want to ever forget her

I won’t be able to ever forget her in my life

I needed her life as my own

So sexy… so beautiful…. so free….. she is so irresistible


I need her back

Pleasepleaseplease let me be inside her

I would have told her she was pretty and made her smile

I needed to make that goddess smile


Don’t leave her alone without me to see my life in hers

I want her to see her life in me

I want to see my life in hers

Please don’t leave me goddess

Please don’t leave a man alone

Please, girl, have mercy on me


My goddess….

Fuck you world

I should have been fucking her

She wouldn’t fuck my life

A goddess helps heal

A goddess would take the pain away….

But a goddess gave me more pain.

I don’t want to be left alone without her….

But she’s never coming back.

Fuck you world

Don’t leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Her parents must be so proud of their daughter

A parent must be so proud of a daughter


Their goddess daughter is somewhere in the world

So close to me

But ill never be able to reach the goddess


I knew I could have made her life feel special

If only life gave me the chance to….



Feel me in the water, with you

An ocean is too vast for me to find you



Light spreads on people

People fell into each other

Overcompensate for their empty lives

They were a spiral of decay

A spiral,

We are turned around in

No regards for our lives

The emptiness flows into sand

Sorrow is sand

Filling the water with dryness

No hope for humanity is left

No hope for the water of people

Meant to jump into the sea

A spiral,

We are turned around in

There’s no regard for our lives

Finally we rise

Sand has consumed our souls

The water can bring us back our life

Only if the water hasn’t lost hope of her golden life….


But she has gone away by now


Drown you

She drowned you


What we gave to you


So, as you run into my future you’ll just forget about me, as I am forgotten from your memory that I wanted to imagine and you’ll forget me in your past

I’ll imagine how you were like when you were younger

Who were you back in those days?

I’ll never have an answer,

I’ll only ever have imagined visions,

That chirp at me.



I can’t reach out

Touch you


An empty world

We wanted to view


Everyone drowns in a past

The water a memory forgotten by her

A canyon a place we can’t reach

Too high up off

A ground

A climb

To nothing

She doesn’t want to fall

Drown in a past

Water a memory forgotten

By him

A canyon a place we can reach

So close to ground

A climb that’s pointless

People up there

Push us down

In an ocean





We can’t reach out

Find you


I don’t want to touch you

You touch us

I’ll become you

We can help you

Trust me….



We’ll push you down

It’s to help you


The future I see is what you gave to me

A selfless act

I loved you for it

Don’t ever take it away

The sun rises over the ocean

Don’t run into it

Ill be by your side

Loving you


We will all float around you

You’ll be remembered forever

Never doubt that

We love you

In the circle,

Reaching hands will protect you

I don’t want you too slip away from me

Don’t fall in death

Fall in me


Don’t fall towards the wind

Fall towards the water

The people holding the sea will catch you….

Don’t fall into what you can’t believe

Believe in me catching you

Death will have to fight me to get to you

Catch me as I lose myself

I am the only one who can catch you

You can only catch me

So catch me

I need you please

Everybody’s here for you

The people love you

I you believe in us….

You’ll float on water

We are what loved you

We are who you wanted to welcome inyo your life

A life that loves us

A love we all love in the water

As you float

We can’t find you

We need to love you

You’re the only one I can see

You’re the only one

We went out of our way

To find beautiful

So float we know only you deserve the water

A bubble of human life we gave to you….

I gave what I had left of my own….

So, please float on the water

My life is your own…..

They are gone

Its just us now….


On the water….

I am you

You are me

The water is people

People are us

We are a beautiful life


A falling sea

Thoughts carried in a breeze

The empty canvas….

I can’t see

A strong wind

Blows us over

A falling sound

What’s below us is nothing

A strong wind to blow us in

There’s nothing to make a wind live

We want to follow to where the breeze ends

A strong wind to blow us in

A strong wind/we flow in

I can’t see

A strong wind

Help me see

What blows us….


A hidden message

Why didn’t she trust us


We’ll drown you in an ocean

A nothing water


Reach out

Touch her


Reach out

Touch her


Don’t run away

Don’t run away

Sand is not a home


I told you

I’ll follow you beneath sand


A lost person floats


Stay out of the water

Fish don’t welcome you in


It’s too late

I never got a chance to know you


But the motion never stops

You keep running away

Into a gold ocean

I see you

Your dress is beautiful

Its so black don’t run into the rising sun

I can still run on the water with you

Don’t run on the setting sun

I can still follow you close to where you want

Don’t run away from me

I can still run with you to your destination

I want to see you run away,

But run back to me before you get too far out in the ocean


The rising sun doesn’t move fast enough for me

I want it to rise so I can see you


The gravel flooded

Water onto sand

Black water

We can’t feel

A feeling lost to time

A spiral never stops to discover itself….

We’re in it


I’ll control them too much

I’ll hurt myself for you

I don’t want to hurt myself for you



But a flowing woman is never complete

She just runs

Forever in a sunset



Sky pledge

A worship to the sky


Feel me in the water, with you

An ocean is too vast for me to find you



The Girl’s Fountain of Life


I’ll search my whole life for it.

Please, just tell me.

She was so beautiful.

You have no idea what you did for me.

Thank you.

The world is not your sunshine and rainbows.

My world is not your sunshine and rainbows.

I wish it was.

But I swear to god,

I’ll see you again,


And then,

I’ll make you my world.

So much pain.


I remember seeing her for the first time

She grew more beautiful everyday

Maybe I’m just delusional,

But I thought I loved her.

Maybe I really am just crazy,

Like he says.

But I think I’m not.

I loved her.

I just wanted to meet her.

To tell her she was pretty.
Ask her what her life was like.

Ask her how she was like when she was younger.

Live her life in her past.

I still always daydream about it constantly.

Music brings back the memories.

I wonder if the torturing but heavenly visions will ever stop?

I don’t know, damn it.

I don’t know anything anymore.

I’m just walking through a field with gray rain clouds,

Hoping I find a way to meet the 0cean

And see her again there

Waiting for me

If it is only in my daydreaming imagination

The music creates the nostalgia of her

I need to see.

The world’s beauty

Is her beauty to me.

I can’t escape it

Everywhere I go

I just admire her beauty

In everything that is beautiful in the world.

In everything that is beautiful

In my forgotten life….

I never want to forget her life.

If I do, I’ll look at the beautiful earth from a high place.

And jump to kill myself.

I don’t want to not see her.

I want to see her

I want to get to know her

I want to see her

I want to get to know her

Want her

I want to have sex with her

I need to have sex with her

Her body was beautiful, and so sexy.

Her mind was beautiful

If only I got the chance to talk to her,

I know she would have a beautiful mind.

Her face was beautiful, and so pretty.

Her personality was beautiful

If only I had gotten the chance to know her,

I know her personality would be so beautiful.

She would want to laugh so much.

A laugh that’s so pretty.

The overflowing water of life,

From her fountain in heaven,

Surrounded by vines and grass

Her life overflowing from the ocean.

And when the sun decides to go down,

She disappears from my mind, a little more,

A little more.

I don’t want the sun to fade, so she goes away.

I don’t want the sun to fade, so I’ll just forget her,

And move on with my life.

She is the city.

She is the only life that lives to me.

That girl’s all that exists in my heaven.

I just want to have sex with her.

I just want her to like me.

I just want to be her

Perfect, devoted boyfriend.

But now she’s just nostalgia,

A distant memory, a vision, of what could have been.

What I could have discovered about her life, past and present,

Back when I was younger than her.

Visions of that time in the girl’s life.

She could tell me about them,

And I wouldn’t have to imagine how her life was back then,

When I was younger than her,

And somehow more ignorant to the world.

But that will never happen now….

She was drowned away from me, in the ocean.











































































































































This poem is trying to overflow with her fountain.

But her ocean life in not enough for my words,

In a reality that exists in my mind….

And not in my reality.

And not in that girl’s reality.

She is an overflowing fountain of life.


Was that girl all just in my head?


I’ll blame myself for what unseen forces did

We can’t take responsibility

It’s our nature to cause damage


Dream Waters


People wet in the rain have sank

A deep fall

A deep future

Lost in rain

People wet in the rain


A floating mass of dreams

Alive under waves

Still ocean

We can’t see any of them

The rain contains our dreams

Wet in the rain

Our dreams sank

We pick them up


I stand on a shore

Those I care about on the other side

Distance of my problem

The ocean separates us

You tried to fix me

I drowned you

It was my fault

I see you needed to help

But I drowned you


Can’t cross an ocean

You walked away from your shore

I don’t know where you went

You abandoned yourself

On that beach

Your memories of me drowned


Her Ocean Part 1: Holding On


A flowing space

The ocean is a tyrant

It holds you in its grasp

A flowing space the ocean holds you

Somewhere you can’t escape

A failing girl

Falling upon the ground

A failing life

She led up until now

The oceans expands

Over her

The ocean expands to destroy her

The girl is caught in the waves that pull her under

The girl is caught in the waves that sink her under the world

She can’t feel anything

I can feel what she thinks

I can feel what she believes

I can feel what she doesn’t want from me

What she doesn’t want from me is what possesses her

What she doesn’t want from is what holds her in

What she doesn’t want from me

Is a wave

Too big to find her

To find her

I see her fall into the ocean

I can’t save her

The water is a tyrant

It is a growing pain

That swallows her

The ocean is a machine

It spits her out and takes her in again

I can’t see where she is landing

I can’t see where she is falling


I can’t see the ground she lands on

Its just water

Belonging to her

Its just water

She can’t see of herself

The water is what possess

Her to stay with me

Before the ocean comes again

And swallows her under the waves

I can’t she her fall

Away from the beach

I can’t see where she is disappearing

I can’t she where I’ll fall with her

I can’t see why she left a beach

The ocean is a woman

The ocean is a failing sea

That cracks the girl open

I suppose

The ending wave is what finally swept her under the sea

I still can’t see her

I wonder where she went

I still can’t believe her

When she told me she would only go away for a little

I still can’t see her when she fell down to the ocean

Without me

I still can’t touch her

When the water is touching her

I want to be the water

But she won’t let me

She won’t let me breath

She won’t let me fall

I fall behind her

She falls out of my reach

I’ll grab her

Catch her

Under the waves

The ocean is her spiral

It was exactly what I wanted to see

Its exactly what I loved in her

She became

What I wanted her to be

I found what she was searching for


The girl sees herself in me

Under the water

I still want to see her

Float somewhere far away….


Her Ocean Part 2: …. Letting Go….


When she woke up,

A falling rain flew into her

When she woke up

A falling rain climbed into her soul

The rain was a blessing

But she didn’t know that

I can’t see where she falls

I can’t see what she believes

A failing health

She only has so long to live

Visons of her past come back to her in full circle

She needs to see her visions of me to give her life

I see what she believes

I see what she thinks I see what she doesn’t

What she sees

I can’t reach

What I see she can’t breathe

She wants what I have

But she isn’t close enough to me

I need to help her realize I’m standing right in front of her

I need to help her realize she can see me alive

I’ll hold her

In her own body

I’ve become her

She spirals out and takes me down

I fall with her

To a blinding light of sunlight

The morning has come

She loves the morning

I love the way she sparkles of the street

Under the sparkling streetlamps of morning

The ocean waves wipe away the scene

The ocean waves take her away from me

The ocean waves tricked me to take her

The ocean waves tricked me

She had already gone away a long, long time ago

The beach is in front of me

She stands in the distance

I still want to see her

But she’s just too far away from her past to realize I’m looking right at her

It doesn’t matter

She spotted me under a rock

I can’t climb out of

I can’t climb out of the black rock she put around me

She didn’t mean to

I can’t get out and touch her life

I can’t get out and reach my hand out to her

She is falling away into the ocean

Swept away into nothing

Her body is lost in the waves

She falls in the sea

Going towards the bottom

As the dark slowly makes her disappear

The night with the island lights shine around her

In water the light reflects

On the island,

There is life

She can swim there

I can’t stop her

She’s still trapped me in her black rocks of neglect

Of isolation

I fell asleep under a black rock of loneliness



Her Ocean Part 3: Goodbye….


Under the black rock

I can’t do anything to stop her

As she arrives on land at midnight

Its almost too dark for me to see her

I barely make out her beauty

As she walks elegantly on land

I can’t do anything to prevent her from leaving me for the shore

I can only stare at what who I imagined she once was

I’m sorry I couldn’t reach her on the shore

Maybe she’ll wait for me on the island

But I know she won’t

I’ll drown myself in the water

The darkness will consume my empty soul


She’ll still be fine without me

She’s walking on the island’s shore….

She’s so fine without me

I never needed to be there

As she walks on the island….

Her ocean I’m in is left behind



Fail Wind


The wind failed when we were swept in it

Winds of a distant world

I can’t see it

We know that world is far out of reach

I can’t see

Where a world begins

Where it ends

We don’t want to fall off

Into a familiar earth to us

Discovery is so lost

Discovery is so abandoned

I would wish to find my life myself,

But you all need to help me

You’ll all lost without me

A direction to chaos

Chaos of an earth world

The world that grows dying plants out of it

Failing life of a plant for every one of us

Winds of a distant world

The winds failed

We were swept in it


Heart Save


A heart reached out to give to you

Taking it

Laughing at it

Beating it bruised

What is left of it?

A heart to give to you

What did you tell it?

Strange lies?

I suppose you did

Don’t tell it what you think

Keep your heart deep down

In the water of reflective thoughts

A heart gave those reflections to you

A heart did give to you

Be grateful

Two hearts are one

Love is a troubling medicine


The Concealed Problems


A problem hidden somewhere far away from us

A problem hidden somewhere I wanted to see her

A girl that welcomes everybody

A girl that is worth her weight in gold

A girl I can’t spell

Without looking to her for her to say her name to me

I’m not worthy to call her anything

She needs to speak for herself

What does she say?

I can’t hear her

She’s a drifting memory

On a beach I can’t find

A drifting memory always comes back to me in the end

I remember it

And then try to forget because Ii will just haunt my soul more

I spare her to not let someone else daydream about the girl

Made out of a gold I want to feel


The Lights of a Past


In a past, only light of life could be seen

In a past, only thinking can be seen

A past isn’t real

Reality forgot it, a long, long time ago

Divorce of this time and that time

The child of the parents wanders lost between time he/she doesn’t want to understand

A forever wander to the bridge of nowhere

Walking over it, the other side,

The distance to a fading, past reality -

There’s nothing there

It’s not real anymore

The child of the divorced times

Will cry and die

Over a bridge that has nothing on an other side

There is no bridge

There was no child

The parents don’t see each other

Much anymore



? (Blue Forest)


She wanders through the blue forest

As he wakes up

As he follows her into the blue-lit forest

Her black dress flows behind her

Her black dress shines blue light off it

Through the foggy, dark blue forest he follows her through

Through the forest, a bear with deep black eyes looks at him

Before he follows her down below, her black dress flowing across the forest

Small ponds of water and stone, littering the grassland at their feet, covered in blue fog, the blue grass sways in the wind, as the girl’s bare feet step onto black rock

She overlooks the cliff, a world with boundless gray skies in front of her

The world is a still gray

He runs to meet her, captured by her beauty

She turns to him

Her eyes are a shining green

In a world of blue forest and gray skies

She falls over the cliff rock

Her hair flowing with her, across her face, blue in the world’s fog

Falling into the clear gray skies to the ocean world below

The man follows her down

Falling off the cliff to catch her

In the middle of the gray skies and ethereally blue world

He and she fall slowly in the middle of the gray sky

Toward the still water with two tiny islands of and below, she falls into the open water, and slowly disappears below the waves, small puddles forming as she does

The man falls to meet her, and falls on the water/ his wet body absorbing the waves/

She closes her eyes/long black eyelashes sticking out/as her mouth is open peacefully/ and she is at peace/ ready to drown/ he sees her fall out of view, going below the water’s waves/ he lands on the water

Small ripples forming on the pond’s water

Small, perfect watery circles around him

As the water spirals out

Snails with black eyes, bodies of blue, on the islands water ponds move around

They look at him pass them

As he runs forward, confused

Trying to find her

But she’s gone

He’s run into the middle of the water

The two small islands around him

Looking out into the gray skies that stretch on forever, he sees the ethereal, boundless world before him

As the wind blows his black hair

The water moves beneath his bare feet

Barely covering his ankles

His feet feel the water, and sand

As his insignificance and smallness as the only person under the gray skies

In this open ocean

Becomes a realization to him

As a moose with streaks of blue light

Black, deep eyes

Antlers stacked on top of each other like an ethereally beautiful creature

With antlers too beautiful for this world

Slowly approaches him

Staring at him with its deep, ethereally black eyes

He sinks into the sand below his bare feet

Into the shallow water below

Flailing as he falls into water

He disappears into the shallow depths

As his left arm flails above him, splashed with water

Before he completely vanishes from the world

The water rippling ethereally perfect, small circles around him, contained in his body, slowly rippling out

Only the soft sound of water moving can be heard in the world

As the boundless gray skies move slowly above

The ethereal moose watches him at a close distance where he fell

The water’s ripples stop

The world is still

No noise

Gray clouds move slowly

The islands stand on either side of the ocean

Palm trees growing out of their sand

Cast in blue fog

The gray clouds that move boundlessly in the sky never stop

Even as the world is silent

The moose with the deep eyes looks at where the man fell into his water’s life

Where the woman drowned peacefully in her water’s life

It stands there


Deep black eyes, a beautiful feature of the blue and gray world around it

Behind it, the ocean’s water stretches forever

Barely a horizon in sight

Only gray clouds forever

Forever high in the sky

Forever stretching above the water in the sky

So vast

The sky, the clouds reach out forever

The ethereal world is so quiet

No sound at all can be heard

The moose just stands there

The beautiful antlers nearly touch the gray clouds

As the dim sky moves its clouds slowly

Above an ethereal world

Two vanishing lives

Lost to each other’s fantasies of a perfect earth

A man and woman’s perfect dream

A dream they’ll still never give up on


I’ll take you away from me

You were a stranded ocean

Out from its sea

I can’t take you in

You need to help yourself fly

The sun overhead

He’ll take you away

Into somewhere I’ll search for you

You were a diamond

I was a golden chain

Time took you away from us

Search for a sun

We don’t know where you went

You and wings over us

You’ll take me away from you



I don’t want anything else

I just want her





I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really pretty.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really beautiful.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really beautiful.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really beautiful.

Don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really beautiful.

Please don’t take this in a weird way or anything, but you’re really, really beautiful.

You’re beautiful. Please accept me.

You’re beautiful, please accept me.

You’re beautiful, please accept me.

You’re beautiful, please accept who I am.

I want to be your boyfriend. You’re so pretty. you’re so pretty. How could I ever not love you?

I want to know you. You’re so beautiful.

Please, let me know you. You’re so interesting. Let me know you. please accept who I am into your life. I can please you forever. Please, Yoko. Please beautiful girl. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. I’ll devote myself to you. I promise you, I won’t let you down. I will please you, Yoko.

Please accept me. I accept you. Love me. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Goddess.


I WANT TO HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I WANT TO ASK YOU YOUR NAME, GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










The Shining Sun of the Summer


His past with her is leaving him

The running light

Towards the house

The running light

Shining on the world he sees

The suburban houses moving through him, light shining brightly everywhere

She’s out of his reach

The light shines on her in the distance

He can’t reach her

And grab her

She’s standing on the road, hair flowing in the wind

Time doesn’t slow down for him

As she runs towards him

Time doesn’t slow down for him

He runs towards her past he can’t reach

An emptiness that follows her home

An emptiness that flows her to him

An emptiness that follows behind him in his past

She still out of reach

She left him for herself

She left him for the light

The light on the houses shines

The suburban neighbourhood is the reflection of their past together

She can’t see where he is going

She doesn’t want him to run away from her

She doesn’t want him to leave her

For his past

But he runs into the suburban houses that shine in the summer’s light

She’s left so lonely without his touch

She’s nothing without him

She is dead

His forsaken life he gave to her


The mist on the island

An empty section of the ocean

Mountains reaching in the heavens

The world is a beating heart

The living heart

Beats on the island

The living heart is a gateway to paradise

Sunlight shines through the clouds

The mountains light up

The world is an island of sunlight

The world is an island of the gaping pit

That sunlight falls into the world is a sphere of light

The island spirals into the ocean

The ocean spirals into the sea

Light sparkling on the waves

The people look down at the pit that shines light into it

The people look down at the pit that shines their lives into it

People look down at what their lives could become

People look down at what their lives could be

If they only take a step of the island

And into the sparkling ocean

They will drown together, smiling

Under the water

The sun shines on their dead bodies

And the island

Mountains stretching up to the clear sky, with the slowly moving heaven clouds.


Why did she drift away

Why did she leave me

Why did she drift away

Why did she leave me

When did she start to drift away

When did she leave me

What was the cause of her leaving me

Why was I the cause

I never wanted her to drift away from me….

Maybe it’s better I forget her

Maybe its better if she just fucks off

No I want to fuck her

But I can’t fuck her

Somebody help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………………………………………..

Somebody save her and bring her to mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want her!!

I don’t want her to fly away!!

But maybe it’s best…. If I just forget her.

So, I’ll wave goodbye from a distant past.

Goodbye, girl.


Where did she go?

But where did she go?

Where did she live?

I have no answers to give her.

I have no answers to give myself.

I love her.


She destroyed me.

Why did she destroy me?

She never wanted to.

But in the end, she did.

She’s evil.

I hate her.

I want her to dieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love to think my dream

Wasn’t only for you       



Meaningful conversation


A conversation only for you a conversation that drips with my sweat of caring

Affection of bodily fluids

An affection for you

An affection I feel for you, even if you never cared about me

I’ll still pretend you did

I’ll pretend that you weren’t just a girl I never knew

I never knew how to have a meaningful conversation with you

I never knew how to have a loving talk with you

Please forgive me, but I do care about you

I want you to be a person I can see myself in

That person who I can give something to

A girl that’s an eagle, on fire from her own attractiveness

A girl that set me on fire

Feeling my flesh melt and burn

A girl whose wings touch me

A girl that lives to burn me

Not knowing what she did

A girl I see in everything

An eagle flies into the forest


She’s someone

She’s someone I can look up to

She’s someone I can feel

She’s someone I can touch and grab

I can feel her flesh

On my hands

She’s someone I can dream of

All my dreams of her can be remembered

She’s someone I can think of

All my distant thoughts of her

I’ll make sure they’re remembered


Healthy Shine


A healthy shine in the night

I turn to look

The person is standing under a green streetlight

I know who it is immediately

I hadn’t seen her in a while

It came as a shock

When she came to me

She’s a lightbulb

She powers all the streetlamps

She’s so nice


Healthy Shine: Part 2


The streetlamps fade

She goes away, closing her eyes

I can see her anywhere

She doesn’t want to see me

I call out what I think her name might be,

But she doesn’t respond

She doesn’t care about me

I’m not a worthy human to her

The streetlamps are so dim

A night is so little without her

I collapse to my knees

She left me

She’s so thoughtful of herself

I am so cruel




I was prepared to make her life better

It would’ve made mine worthy

She was a death

I was not prepared for

Dying with chains wrapped around me,

I bleed into her mouth to give her life

Dying with chains choking the life out of me,

My blood can construct her humanity

Dying with a shotgun pointed at my face,

The shell reminds me of her

Everything reminds me of her

The shell looks just like her

A blown-off face

A young girl killed me

A shotgun falls

She still stares up at me from it

She can’t recognize my face

She destroyed it

A young girl doesn’t know what she did

Not going to worry about it

Not knowing a path in her own life that affected a man

She just walks away from his death

And continues on in her sunlight path

A young lady doesn’t need to worry about blowing his face off

It was a mistake, on the man’s part


With his face blown off, his head falls out

He doesn’t need to worry about filling his head with thoughts of a special human anymore

His brains on the grass

He still feels no connection to nature the way she did, after she took his brains away


I had always told you that you would be fine

I wanted you to see me the way I saw you

I always told you to watch out for someone that wasn’t me

You did listen

And you avoided everyone

But as time went on

What came back to eat you

Was being away from me

I want to come back to you, too

So let me


I want to help your future

I want you to save me

I want to make sure you’re in good hands

I want to make sure you are a living girl

That can benefit the world

You’re a living girl I can look up to

You’re a living girl

I can pour my water into

The icebergs that surround you

Trap you in a distance away from me

I want to melt them somehow

I need to melt them somehow

I want to reach you

You’re standing naked on the iceberg

The sun shining on you from behind

I see you smile at me

But I scream for you to come back and hold my hand

I want to touch you

As you smile, a wave comes, and buries you under the ice

I can’t stop screaming for you

You’re frozen

She can’t hear me



Paradise View


A building world that is what she created

A building light

Positivity that creates people

A building tornado of her thoughts

Giving thoughts to everyone

A building sign

That we would come crashing down

A building sigh

Of disappointment in ourselves

A building knowledge

That a hand can help us all

With her….

I swear I’ll hold on to her

As the sun explodes and we are trapped on a beach

With the rest of humanity

The rest of humanity underneath a tempest

We can’t see were our sorrowful rain ends

We can’t see where our sorrow begins

But our happiness shines through

Thanks to her

She gave us happiness

She was the one who wanted to help us all

With her wee see the tears of joy among the rainfall that covers the beach

Exploding into the ocean, she falls under the waves

She falls somewhere no one can see, but me

I’ll reach my hand down into he water

And take her out.

I’ll save her life

I’ll drown for her

An explosion of stars the rainfall is a sparkling


The rainfall carries our dreams in it

The rainfall is what she created for us

Dancing, she smiles with us

A bright smile

That light up our lives

The rain floods the earth with our visions of her

Her visual is so beautiful


Floating under the water, she barley manages to come to the surface

She sees the sun above her

Floating to her heaven

Floating where a reaching hand tries to grab her

In the midst of vines, he finds her

He finds the vine fountain that gives her life

Shining with the sun, he drunks from her fountain

It is too much life for him

He tries to crawl to the ocean

Choking water out and seeing her as he nears the water

The sun is shining behind her

Her features are glowing

Her features are so pretty

He grabs her dress and tries to lick her golden skin

Water falls off his tongue, into her ocean

She looks at him, smiling, as her water pours out of his mouth

She looks at him, giggling, as he tries to drink her ocean

As he tries to breath her life in

The woman falls under the waves, the sun shining between her body

Between her life,

She sees him fall into the water with him

Her fountain shines with them, green vines pouring into the blue water

As they smile at each other

And drag each other down into the ocean

The setting sun is still sparkling on the water

The waves move silently

Her fountain on the beach

Overflows into the ocean


Somewhere Far


Far away, he is stranded on his island.

Far away, she is stranded without him.

Far away, their voice ant be heard.

How do they meet each other?

The answer is in the waves

The waves talk to them

Ethereal, smooth sounds

They search the island

As the ocean waves guide them

They search the island as the ocean tells them to find each other

They close their eyes and imagine they can see each other

They can see the waves splash on them,

Carrying their voices to each other

They can see the waves splash on them,

Creating visuals of each other in them

The ocean speaks again

And tell s them to wander into it

The voice is difficult to hear

The setting sun seems to be talking

They meet the water

As they feel the island leave them

And their islands grow closer together

Their islands meet each other

They see each other meet

The island tells them to reach out, hold hands

They smile at each other, as they do so

The waves sweep them away, slowly,

They drown together in the bare ocean

The island is so tiny in the middle of blue

The sun shining in the ocean is a blessing

The night approaches

The light disappears

They are left alone with each other’s problems

They can’t face each other under the waves

To see what the other hides under their face

It’s just darkness

Screaming, one tries to get out of the water

Already too deep under the waves

Under the waves

The person grabs the screaming human

And tries to calm them down

She can soothe him

But all he sees is her problems

Building on her touch

The night sweeps into the ocean

And she is possessed by the dark and her fears

They show to him

But he won’t let go

She is what saved him from his island

Night smoke streaks off her body

He holds her close

And hugs her into him

The sun begins to rise

As the world turns again

For them to continue their lives

Arriving on land,

They are soaked

They are filled with each other’s fears

They leave their problems on land


A whispering voice that she tries to give him

A whispering voice that she tries to make him hear

All he hears is her seducing him

A voice

He can’t identify

She reaches into his soul

And masturbates it

With her feet

She doesn’t need to use her hands

She doesn’t need to prepare him first

She is a goddess he prays to every time he sees her

He fells himself lift into the ocean

As her touch takes him to another place

As her touch takes him to his heaven

Her lips are smiling at him

Her eyes are sparkling lust into his

He cries out

And the ocean is filled with semen

She’s too goddess-like to ignore

A semen sea is his prayer for her


Pushing him onto the bed, she feels his chest

Pushing him down on the white bed, she pulls the white sheets over herself to hide her form him

He pulls her down with him




She falls into a river

He is at the river’s bottom

He is at the river’s sand

She falls towards him

As colourful fish swim around her

Her body is naked

The fish swim to coat it

The sun shines through the water, onto her bare body

The gleaming light on her smooth skin

Her golden body pushes through the waves to meet him

His arms are outstretched at the bottom, his mouth open in anticipation

She falls so slowly

The nature above the river gleams with the light on her body

He sees nature cast on her

He catches her as she falls into his arms, bubbles flowing out behind her

He catches her with his hopes for her

As the earth above the river is reflected by the sun

Onto her naked body

He holds….

The lighting above the river

Makes her smile in his arms, closing her eyes

Eyelashes that flows shining sunlight off them

They are back in a white bed, lightning outside

A rainfall begins, water drops stream down the window

They hold each other in strong arms,

And look outside

They are by an ocean, the lighting above the waves in a stormy sky

A dark, dark sky they feel

As they look at their rainy love


Troubled Neglect


She neglected his wishes to stay with her

So when he left, he took the sky with him

She couldn’t breathe

A sudden flash of life

Her body was a lighting rod that struck her with his neglect

She wanted to love him, but she was floating in a dark sky,

While the lighting struck her with his thoughts of her







Uncontrolled lust

The lighting was him

The lighting was angry at her

Her body shook when the lighting struck her, time and time again, forever

She suspends naked in a dark, cloudy sky

Dark clouds around her, she can she his rage thunder through the clouds

A sudden bolt hits her flesh

She feels herself fall back down slowly

She feels herself fall to the earth slowly

The lighting strikes her as she falls down

The lighting strikes her as she falls to her death

But still in his arms

The man won’t let her die

The lightning destroys her body

The lighting destroys her soul

Filling it with the liveness of the man

She feels herself splash into the ocean

Her black hair is the last thing to disappear under the waves

Her eyes are open wide, her mouth is open wide, stunned by the feeling of her death

The lightning never stops, even when she is out of his view


Where is she going?

To her past?

Where is she going?

Visions I can only imagine of her

She wanders through a pool with her friends

Arriving back in her suburban neighbourhood, her parents welcome her home

Sun shining on the house,

Her parents greet her so well

I fall into her memories of her past

I see her arrive at a friends’ house, with a blowing white curtain,

Summer light shining outside

I see her become someone I wanted to see

I’m swept back into her past again

Falling into her memories

I’m falling back into her life

Her friends are laughing with her on a beach,

The summer sun shining on her

I can’t reach her

I walk alone

On a black and white European street

With red roses

They remind me of her

They remind me of how see looks

So pretty, as a young girl

She wanders past me on a beach, as she grows up

I see her become a woman before my eyes

I see her fall with me into her memories

She finally sees me there

I try to save her, lift her from the water drowning her

But my crying tears just push drown her more

The air above her, just chokes her in my arms,

When I finally manage to pull her from her water

The memories of her all around us, I smile at her death,

And bury her softly with her young girl self

Sunlight shines on her body, as I walk away from the beach

The wind blows her hair/The sunlight shines on her/ The sand blows across the beach on her skin/

I turn around to see her/ her memories of her childhood are floating around her/Her teenage hood is in full view/ I can’t see where her beauty ends/ the impossible sunlight gives itself to her/ the clear clouds moving above her slowly in the summer sky

It begins to rain on only her. The water drips into the sand she lies on.

She’s covered with sand grains and water droplets

I sigh at her eternal beauty, showing in her different stages of life.

I smile at her and walk away

The rain is beautifying her

But it’s her beach, and it’s her ocean.

So I can’t stay with her

A beach she’s been lying on, eternal


When she woke up, she found herself in the black sand that formed her beach

The ocean was a different mass, one of black

A different world she never discovered

A wandering person comes to meet her

He knew her from so long ago

In this different world, he can’t reach her

In this different world, she is the fist to find himself sinking in the black sand

His nature consumed him

As she watched, not being able to do anything

Not being able to do anything for a human, just like her

A human she knew once, but had long forgotten

She feels herself run along the beach, her grass supporting her life behind her the grass holds her, as she begins to sink a little in the black sand, after from him

She calls out for him as he is peaking his breathing head up above the black tar, grains moving all around him

She tries to lift herself up,

But the sunlight shining above her stops her

The sky opens up

A ship can be seen

The man and woman look at it

The ship moves so close to hem

Are they trying to get on?

They struggle to pull out

As the ship moves closer to the beach

A wooden ship

Barely supporting

They sink into the san

This time

Screaming as the sand eats at them and they move

Away from each other

The tar is they lives

The ship has no passengers,

As the woman’s hand flails desperately above the black sand,

Before it falls into her and vanishes form sight

The sparse vegetation she is on

Remains as the sand forms back into place

Black ground guarded by sparse green stems and leaves

The ship still moves closer

The sun sparkles on the water,

Heaven shining through the fluffy white clouds,

Light on the beach and shore

There is no person left in this world

The man and woman were so detached


I could have pleased you in so many ways

Where-where do I begin?

I could have made you so happy

I could have made you so overjoyed to be with me

I know you wouldn’t need me, but I would want to be by your side.

I would feel so good about myself

I would feel like I am somebody when I see you

I know I’m not that much, but I really think you are

I don’t want to see you die. I’ll carry your corpse into a grave myself, if your funeral is held

No one would invite me, no one would know me.

But I would show up somehow, because I want to see you move on

Just know, when I’m standing at your grave praying to you, and the sun starts to go down behind me,

The light from a sunset will shine on your grave,

And I’ll start crying

I won’t be able to help myself,

But to try to dig you up

You are a sunset

You never died

Why were you buried under there?

You can’t breathe

No no no no

I need to get you out so you can breathe

Please, please, please believe me

Please, please, please still be alive

I want you to see the sunlight with me!!!!

PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YOU CAN BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won’t stop you from breathing in your grave, girl.

I’ll bury myself with you, girl.


You’ve done so much for me

I don’t want to see you die

I never wanted to see you die,

My girl


When the world moved, she moved with it

When the clouds twitched, she twitched with them

When the sun shined, she could be seen by everyone

Everyone who saw her, only I saw her the most

I didn’t want to take my eyes off her, but I didn’t want to penetrate her

I didn’t want to make it obvious I was admiring her, but I didn’t want to never say anything to her

Shouldn’t I have said something? I know I would’ve.

I would’ve.

Now, I can’t say anything.

The world still moves with her, as everybody watches her life move.

As everybody watches her life move, slowly….

I can’t see her in the sunlight, anymore….


She’s gone away

A tropical paradise, made just, only for her.

So, so far away from everybody else.


I arrive on her island.

I just want to see her.


Tropical Paradise Part 1: Colourful Birds


In a tropical paradise, she lies.

Naked, she’s exposed to the sun.

Waves splash on her feet.

Colourful birds chirp on her body.


Tropical Paradise Part 2: Night


In a tropical paradise, she stands to face a night day.

Naked, she’s exposed to the night wind.

Dark waves splash on her feet.

Black birds chirp on her structure.



Tropical Paradise Part 3: Daytime


In a paradise, she looks at the morning sun.

Shining on her, her nakedness so natural.

Morning waves splash on her feet.

Bright birds chirp on her natural body.


Tropical Paradise Part 4: Day


In a paradise, it’s her day.

Belonging with the day, her nakedness has a place to fit in.

The waves of a new day splash on her feet.

Life chirps on her golden body.


She feels….


I just see her in every light. She could be living in any of these lights, anywhere in the world near me, and I would never know.


I would do anything to find her again

Doesn’t she like feeling appreciated

So hot….

So hot….

She was so hoooooottttttt…..


Didn’t you want me to ask her?

Didn’t you want me to ask?

Didn’t I want to ask her….

To come around….

Come around….

Show herself to me….


A girl in every light I see….

A girl in every cloud….

A girl in every sky….

A girl in every sunlight….

A girl in every raindrop….

A girl in every setting sun….

A girl in every rising sun….

A girl in every day….

A girl in every night….

A girl I see glow

In every house

In every apartment

In every life that isn’t hers….


Ocean Sphere


Contained In a sphere, she floats over the ocean

Separate from what can touch her beautiful skin, she feels fine, cut off from her world

She’s too pretty for this earth. She should be a separate being from the planet

In her sphere, floating on the water, she can be what she wants

A beauty that doesn’t fit in with a world around her


She’s so different….

From the girl in paradise.


Calling Screams


She wakes up on the black rock

He screams for her to get up

She can’t move

A field of black rock

A sky of green and black clouds, across the field

The strange sky surrounds her, in the middle of nowhere

She doesn’t know how to move

She starts to cry without him

“Pick me up!” “Pick me up!”

He can’t reach her

His screams become louder

He runs to her

And picks her up from the rock she sleeps on

The orange sun shines off his back, into her,

In his arms

Her eyes close, her eyelashes curl out for his eyes.

He throws her across the field in front of him, straining with all the effort he can

His sweat flows off his face in exertion

And she flies naked, throw into air

Her naked body is thrown violently

Her body arches forward and flies straight in front of him

Her black hair spreads waves in front of her

A long distance across the field from him, she flies towards the ocean

His pained face from letting her go free from him

Her eyes open with sudden alertness as he throws her away from him

Her eyelashes flutter softly outwards

She falls into a pond by the black rock

She sinks into the water, her eyes open in alertness

She sees the green sky, black clouds moving slowly

She vanishes in the pond, eyes still open and alert

His poor face is still pained

She should be thrown away from him


I know he could never have you

But it’s nice for him to imagine

Through his pained, struggling daydreams for her

May they amount to something in a future



The View He Sees of Her


His view of her became his past together with her

The memories and visions he fell into

He tried to drink from the ground

Her water poured into it

She stood in front of him

Not knowing how to save her life from him

Not knowing how to help him drink herself

She falls into her memories of him

She falls into her passion of him

Sex on a bed

Her body covered in reflections of his memories of her

A sunset on her body

A fountain they both shared together

See through like a shining reflection on her skin

He doesn’t understand why she won’t help him drink his water

Seeping into the ground

She reaches down and strokes his hair

He doesn’t look up

His face is so tensed

So, she walks to the sea

Leaving him on the shore

Too try to drink form his life

A lost soul trying to find its way with her

He has no one else to help him

Getting into the sea,

She smiles and puts herself under the water

The orange sunset shining s on her body

Her smiling face emerges into the water

She is soaked in his life

He tries to walk into the water

Scream her name

But she is already under the water

Drowning herself in his love peacefully

Sunlight shines in on top of her

Moving beams of light

They illuminate her drowning death

Peaceful and smiling

It’s all her own will


A field so far away

A field that comes to see her

He is looking right at her

He is seeing her in himself,


Such a far distance to her

All his running won’t do anything to reach her

She glides into the air like a specter

And disappears

He can’t find her

He knows he should seek her

A million miles away

He starts running

Across the city

That shines in the daylight

Across her life that shines in all the buildings

The sun in the distance

Is his destination to her

The sun in the distance

Is his valley that he wants to give her

Running into a river

The sparkling sun lighting up a bridge in the distance

Running into a pond, by the river

The sparkling sun shining on the bridge

As cars pass by on it

He runs along the bridge

So high up off the world

Her runs past the shining cars reflecting so much sunlight

The bridge is reflecting sunlight all over it

He sees her in front of him,

Appearing as a spectre

He calls out for her

But then she floats away again

She vanishes into the air

As the man runs across the bridge

The sparkling ocean so down below

Her specter moves across the clear air

As he runs into a rainfall

Still seeing her in the cloudy sky

She’s so faint

His outstretched hand can’t grab her

He runs into a canyon

She’s waiting for him at the edge

Floating above the fall

He reaches out his hand to touch her

And she touches his face

Stroking it with his hand

Standing on the edge of a canyon

He reaches her from a million miles away



Something splashing under the waves

She comes out of the ocean

Green eyes in a dark blue world

The sky shines behind her

The door she came though on the top of the water

Is what he walks through

She flows him in

On the other side,

A island awaits

The island of their love

The island is surrounded by dark blue skies

She reaches out her hand to him

And he steps out of the ocean

Onto the shore

Under the waves,

Fish swim around in a panorama, shining sunlight

The sea is perfectly clear

The sun shines off her and him,

On the island

An island separate from all humanity

In the vast ocean

An island a baby is found upon

Stormy blue skies hovering above

He takes the baby and wraps it naked body in green vines

As the wind blows on it

His hair moves in the wind

Throwing water on the baby to give it life

The baby starts to live

The baby to left on the sand

The man walks away from it

She comes to relive him of his duty

Stroking his shoulder

And she picks up the baby

As blue sunlight shines behind it

Shining on her waving hair

The breeze blows the baby in her arms

The breeze blows the baby in her thoughts

The man comes to take the baby

And pushes him into sea

She is standing right next to him

The baby disappears under the waves

Blue sunlight shining on it

The man disappears back into reality,

Through the doorway she made him see

Saying goodbye to him through the open doorway,

He finds himself on the beach

The doorway is made of clear waves

He can see the dark blue, stormy world through the doorway

She smiles at him

A bright smile in a dark world

A prettiness

That he forgets

As she slowly closes the door on him

Her black hair waving in the breeze

A smile that fades from his memory

He finds his life

Lost to her world

Waves come,

And sweep the door away,

As he stands, lonely,

In the middle of the ocean

His feet are on water

There is no stormy island

There is no her

She’s gone away

He’s left with his own fantasies of her       


She Didn’t Know Where to Go (Vines of the Arctic/Polar Bears With Her Dark Eyes)


It seems like she didn’t know where to go

Lost on a planet, somewhere between herself and reality

It seems like a never ending arctic was in front of her

Freezing her with every step

It seems like

She didn’t know how to freeze to death

To busy with life

To accept it

It seems like the polar bears in the distance

Grow deep, black eyes as they look at her

Deep, dark eyes that look like her powerful eyes

Her eyes of power…. the polar bears dark eyes of power

She is so beautiful

They spread out

As she witnesses vines wrap around them

The arctic grows a jungle

The arctic becomes a warm place

As the vines wrap around the white of the bear

Turning him green

The sunlight shines behind him

Onto the ice

She looks down, mouth open confused

The ice is melting

Her dreams are buried beneath the arctic ice

The sunlight exposes them for her to see

The polar bear is collapsing under the vines

She runs to it

And tries to support it from falling

It has such a human expression in its black eyes

The vines wrap around the arctic ice

As the sunlight melts the ice

The polar bear and she begin to drip water

The vines wrap around the world she sees

Somewhere lost in her reality

The vines form off a cliff

Into a bare arctic field far below

She lets the animal go

And walks down

There, in the midst of open space, she finds herself


Let the water come to her

Let the water flow out of the ocean

Onto the sunlight island

She returns to once again

Onto the island

She sees herself in the sand

Onto the island the flowing water splashes on her

As she tries to make sense of it

The water engulfs her and she falls into it

The water engulfs her and she breathes into it

The water has life

As she floats above the waves

Into a waterfall on the edge of the sea

It stretches so far below

The sun hanging above her in the distance

She falls

Such a long fall down

With the flowing waterfall

The water flows so smoothly with her

And she disappears under the waves

She falls forever to the ocean below this one

The sun light shines off her beauty

The water smoothly flows with her

She falls to the ocean and the water splashes up over her closed eyes

Eyelashes that get droplets in them

The water flows upwards to the sun

Before flowing smoothly into the sun

An ocean that flows past the islands to the distant sun

Soaked, she gets up out of the water, and walks on the smooth, flowing waves

She faces the sunset in front of her

And spreads her arms

As rays of light shine all over the oceans

The water is still flowing to the sun

Ever so smoothly….

Her black hair blows waves behind her



A Bubbly World


The bubbles lifting us up

The bubbles carrying her and him in their grasp

The bubbles carrying her and him to the ocean island

A tropical party on the island

Sunlight shining in from every direction

The liveliness is sinking the island

The liveliness is displacing the sun’s rays

The people jumping on the island

The people spiralling out on the island

Jumping into the water

The shore is polluted by their liveliness

As they destroy the sand beneath their feet

To many of them jumping around for the sand the support them

Too many of them for the world is contain

Bubbles floating up from the water

Mixing with the sunlight as they dance on the island

Screaming and yelling in fun

Screaming and yelling louder than the ocean

They arrive on the island

Her and him

And join the party

The sun shines on them

As they step onto the fragile sand

A spiralling bubble above them

The rays of light move between them

The distant yelling of the fun-loving people

Echo in the distance the island is shaking and moving under their partying

The sunlight is blinding the island

As the people displace it onto the sand and ocean

The ocean spread under their feet as the world shakes

They spiral out into the arty of their ocean

He and she move towards the sun’s rays, and join the island party


Arriving on the beach,

Flowers grow out of the sand

Too bright and multicolored to properly see

Too bright and multicolored to not blind the sun

The world shakes

It explodes

The dancing people explode onto the island

The beach is their new paradise

The exploding world destroys the flowers off the sand

The exploding world takes the flowers off the sand

The exploding world destroys the flowers off the sand

They lift up into the air with the smiling people

Before the world explodes again

They all fall down with the flowers

They all fall down with the sky

They all fall down onto the shining beach beneath their feet

The sky falls on top of them

As their bright lights light up the sky crushing them

They shoot fireworks into the clear sky

Lights splashing on their bright smiles

The flowers spread out in the sky and fall on them

The flows glow light as they are covered with them

They fall down below the sand and fall back up to the sky

The rainbow flowers flow with them

The sky pushes them back down

As they smile brightly

Faces shining light

The world pushes the flowers into them

The fireworks spread on their bodies

Covering their shining lives in light

They fall on the sand

And the sunlight spreads on them

Back on the island

The party continues

Until dawn

The setting sun seems to almost pull them into it

The orange rays of sunlight cover the island

And glow the happy people dark….


Her Life’s Past


I kept her still in my mind

A fading wind in a breeze

A purpose to a nothing life

I’m going to make her see herself in me

We keep our memories still in our lives

Keep a memory floating in a world

Worship your mind

It gave you memories of her

I’m going to make her see herself in me

Didn’t I want to tell her how pretty she was

Didn’t I want her to laugh with me

Didn’t I want her to believe in herself

Make her see herself

See herself in me

Herself in me….

Herself in me….

You keep her in your mind

She slowly fades

Reflections of her past

I wonder what her life was like back then?

I am going to see her in my dreams

She was surfacing

I never pulled her down

She stood on her ocean

She was able to give the water life

She’s a rainy flower in the sky

Tell me

Why did we begin to forget her

A beautiful life

She left me for this cloudy earth

Why do we search for her in the sun of a day?

Do we hope to find her?

Well, after a while

She fades from our worlds….

She’ll be the suns past….

Her life will end…. Forever, my friends

A nostalgia of her past I imagine


Her Life’s Past: Part 2


In houses lights

She could live in any of them

Every apartment light shining

She’s living there

In every life we see

She’s a little part of everyone

She’s a little part of everyone….

Her past’s reflection….

Is lost to lost years

An imagined past

In my mind

What her life was like

Back then….

In those days

Those days

She’s a little part of everyone

I can’t see her

But she’s a forever stain on our memories

Vision’s that love her

Visions love her….

She’s a little part of everyone….

Eventually some time in her future

She’ll be a vision

Left on our minds

To remember her by

The only thing left of her

When she has gone away….

What a shame

Her life vanished from this world


Are you real anymore?


Somewhere in the world….

I want to touch you


Please let me touch you.


When he first saw her, he thought she was impossible

The world around him moved

She moved on with her life

She didn’t care about him

He only cared about her

He wanted to see himself in her dreams

She’s so pretty, he wanted to say to her

As he touches himself at night

He reflects on her

As he feels himself pulled into her dreams

He sees her perfect self

A beautiful angel, covered with sunlight

Still touching himself

He wakes up to reality

His nothing life

She moves in front of him

He can’t do anything

But fall into his dreams of her again

Her younger years are a mystery to him

But he wants to know her better

Her younger years haunt him

Her own mind is his

He sees her reflective memories

As he falls into them

He sees the way she was when she was younger

She was so pretty,

A teenage girl he would have admired

But she never knew her back then

She was so beautiful, always

Touching himself

He imagines her walking along a beach, just out of his reach

The European streets he walks down

Open up into him falling with her into the dreams

Pulling her out of the clouds for her to notice him, he can’t stop screaming

In the end, she never noticed him

He falls back into the thoughts with her

Onto her life

A happy life, he is dreaming of

They smile and laugh together

And walk on the beach

Before they finally have loving sex on her heavenly white bed

Her moan is so beautiful

He found himself a goddess

From past to present, like she always was….


Maybe…. Memories….


Maybe I’m just delusional

Maybe you’re not that much

Maybe I’m exaggerating you

Maybe you’re not as beautiful as I make you out to be

But when I was around your life, I didn’t think that

My memories of you do not dare to lie to me

I would never lie to you

About what I think of you


But why you….?


I guess he just wants to know

Why you were so attractive to him

Please tell him



You’re not a human!

What are you?

What did I see, then?

What were you?


She can’t see me when I hide in her dreams

She can’t see me when I am her thoughts

She can’t see me when I tell her to find me

Lonely, but still with her

Pulling her down with

Me, we spiral every colour into her dreams

My thoughts float in the sky with her

She falls down with me into a pit of sunlight

We are both blinded by it

We are both covered in white light

Lifting up, we fly into the sky, falling into another dream that isn’t hers

A dream she can claim as her own, only because I let her see mine

She knows who I am now

She can trust me fully now

She lifts up into my dream, full of flowers for her

A beautiful dream….

The silver skyscrapers on the beach are lit up in shining sunlight, spreading fast all over the ocean and shining silver, a reflection of the world on them

The rising sun captures us in it,

And we fly out to the silver buildings, as the silver light blinds us

The silver light blinds us from each other

We let go and fall apart

But the roaring waves that splash on us….

Keep our dreams with each other


Golden skin, black hair, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, brown hair, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, brown and blonde hair, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, straight brown hair, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, wavy black hair, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, wavy black ponytail, perfect eyebrows, goddess body

Golden skin, so pretty, perfect face, goddess body


Golden body, brown and blonde hair perfectly in a bun, perfect everything, goddess body

Golden body, brown hair perfectly falling over her shoulder, perfect everything, goddess skin

Golden body, glasses look perfect on her, goddess skin, perfect bun

Perfect everything

Perfect voice

Perfect walk

Swearing is beautiful with her voice

Goddess body, golden skin, perfect skin, perfect loving eyes, perfect personality- if only in my imagination

Never said what I wanted to say

Would she want to hear it?

I don’t know.

Goddess body. Goddess face. Goddess human.

She’s perfect for me

I feel her shine around me….

All the time I spend writing about a person….

It’s such a waste of time….

She’ll never read this

She’ll never care

I’m still so inferior….

To who I want to be, for her sake

I want her to love me back

But she’s such a waste of time….

Why do I even bother with her?



Every piece of grass I see her in

She killed me

She’s evil

I’m lost without her

Don’t worry

If you don’t want me anymore, I’ll leave you alone

It will pain a lot, but I’ll have to accept what you want

But thank you for your time


You were so sexy.

What were you?

I love you.


But why?

Why did I have to go away from you?

I just wanted to compliment you.

You’re so pretty. I’ll fuck you. I will fuck you.

You killed me.

Oh god she’s so beautiful

Oh god she’s so beautiful

Oh god she’s so beautiful



When I woke up, she was sleeping beside me

When I woke up, she was awake with me

When she woke up, she smiled at me

When she woke up, I just wanted to see her smile

She’s so pretty when she looks at me

She’s so pretty when the sunlight is casting her in her orange glow

She looks at me, and I smile at her

She pulls my face closer to hers

And kisses me

As the sun glows on us

We lift into he clouds orange sunlight on us

Orange sunlight on us

Shining on our world below

Orange sunlight that shines off her

Orange sunlight that shines on me

Orange sunlight that is so beautiful on her

She shines my love off her

As she hugs me close in the sky

As she hugs me close, I feel her beauty create the sky

The sky falls with us down the shining orange sunlight

The water below is what we fall into

The water below is what we live into

Under the waves, we hold each other

As the setting sun shines its rays under the water

We are both lit up

We can see each other cast in light

We can see each other, so beautiful under the setting sky

So beautiful under the sparkling light

We look like mirrors, together

We look like people, together as one

We look like people who should always be together,

Buried under the sun

Shining mirrors on our bodies

We can’t stop loving each other

I can’t get used to her

I can’t get used to her

As we fall in the water, we are mirrors of each other

We are so beautiful with each other

We are reflecting each other in our souls

We are reflecting the orange sky

We lift out of the water, into the setting sun of the air

The air shines around us, sparkling rays covering us

They flow out from all sides of us

As we come to rest in the middle of the setting sun

The world stands still

We are alone with each other

We are a beautiful sun

Our love flows in the water below

She shines on it, right where I can see her

I don’t want her anywhere else


Scenic Heart


The rainforest opens up to reveal her standing in the rain

The rainforest opens up to reveal how she is supposed to look like to me

A forest of green and blue

She stands in the centre

The flowing black river at her feet

Meets her

Flowing behind her, she takes a step forward

The rain explodes all over us

The rain spread on her

Her naked body is wet

The drops fall down her flesh

I can only stare at the downpour happening around her

I can only stare at the downpour happening in the forest

I can only stare at the downpour

That holds my hand

As she moves closer to look in my eyes

Her eyes are so beautiful

The raindrops flow off her eyelashes

As she turns around

And I follow her into the rainforest

The spiralling rain flows on us

The rain drips down my body

The rain drips on her

The rain flows like a river

Then begins to explode onto her

The rain pushes me outwards

And she flies with me

Into the air

The rain is dripping on us

The rain is covering us

The drops fall so slowly in the sky

We fall to the mud


It splashes all on her

The rain still falls on her

Moving so slowly

The raindrops are a scene of her rainforest


Losing Hope


He kicked her into a river

She was a tool her used to get his way

She was a useless life he thought he could steal from

She wants to go far away from him

She wants to leave far away from him

He begs her to go

She’ll only pull him down

So, she falls into the river….


Days later, he is so lonely without her

Days later, he feels like a nothing without her

He laughs it off

He’s just overreacting to her going

She’ll come back to him, drenched in the river

But she never does

He starts to fear she is dead

He goes down to the river himself

And finds her there

She is floating above the water, her arms still at her sides

Still in her clothes

Her jeans and shirt soaked

He asks her if she wants to come out of the water,

But she says no

Furious she is not listening to him, he pulls her from the water himself….

And drowns under the waves, when she pushes him down

Staring at his drowned body, she doesn’t instantly realize what she has done

A few seconds later, she is crying out in fear

He laughter is a defense mechanism to suppress her sorrow

She rushes over to him and tries to pick his body out of the water

But he’s too far below the waves

She’s lost to him

He’s floating away from her

In her river, he soaked and drowned

She realized he didn’t ever know what he was doing

“W-wait… please, please come back….”

He’s floating down the river, so far out of view

She looks at her watery hands

“Why-why did I drown him? What-what have I done to him?”

She has no answer

Maybe he should have left her alone….


Same Heart


Her mind was on herself

His mind was on her

Her heart was on living

His heart was on hers


A distance away

The hearts beat the same


Different Heart


A confused beat

His heart was strange

A confident beat

Her heart was so alive

A rapid beating

His heart was alive with her

A still beat

She didn’t know he was alive


Coming apart, she can’t see a life

He deserted her

She doesn’t know,

Her life is wrecked


Scenic Reflection/ Scenic Visions





His crying air

Crying for her

Her bubbles of wonder

Her wonderful ocean


She’s a striking waterfall

He’s a scared faller


She’s so sexy

I never know what I would do for her


I would try




Her opening legs

His feelings of her nature





Her thoughts

His will


A spiral of positivity


His thoughts

Her will


A spiral of connection




He stands with her

She stands with him

So close

A landscape created


I can’t be intimidated by her

She’s a human just like me

Even though I don’t believe it

She’s so special

If she accepts him

She’s a goddess

But if she doesn’t accept him

She’s evil

You’re evil

He’s just a stepping stone for her

It hurts so much

But he still would love her

Maybe he’s just a coward

Doomed to parish like all the other

Cowards that came before him

But he still loves her


What way can he fix his pain?....

Is he too slow for her?

Would he even have anything to say to her?

All the efforts I made to please her

They were a failure

We can’t do it right

Strong tide

Which direction are we going

You don’t know

You wish we knew

I do

I do

All the efforts we made to please her

They were a failure

All the time we gave to her

A past lost

What have we done to her

She can’t think for herself….


Leaving the comfort of the forest

He sees her in the ocean

Standing amidst the glowing sun that shine son her

Standing amidst the life he gave to her

Standing on the ocean

All the compassion they shared

All those nights ago

All those times past

They were never enough

Even as he drinks from her ocean,

He can’t see their past together anymore

He can’t see their past as one

The windy curtain of their house

The whiteness is lost to him

He sees them in the clear water, under the sky

He sees them glow beneath her

She lifts his chin up,

And looks at him, praying ta her feet

She looks at him, trying to give her life

Everything she gave him

Was never enough

Not enough for his desires towards her

Not enough to drink the whole ocean

Water flows out of his mouth

He can’t take her all in

He can’t take her into his body

So he feels her body

It’s too womanly for him

He doesn’t know what to do with her

He doesn’t know how to help her

He doesn’t know why he can’t please her

She looks at him with pain

A realization she can’t give him what she wants

A vision of them having sex on a white bed,


Then she fades from him

He’s left alone,

In the ocean

His thoughts of her….

They’re still buried, somewhere under the ocean,

Far away from him and her….


United Wings (Memories Colour)


The flowing colours

Coming out of the European balconies

Flow onto the streets below

The red roses blow

The ocean in the distance shines

The people stop to admire the colours

The colours explode

They are sent flying

The colours colour the sky,

With their memories

The colours cover the sky

With their thoughts of every person they met

They see each other float

The city comes apart

Feeding off their memories of people

They are shot into the air

Clouds glowing thoughts around them

The colours spiral out into the ocean

The sparkling sun shows her

Her green eyes see you

You are pulled into her

Your memories make her moan

You can see her memories of you

Her life grows wings,

And spreads them above the ocean

Dark black wings

Her face is so calm

Black eyelashes flutter

Mouth peacefully open

The colours float in the air

Moving above the people joined

Together in the ocean

The green-eyed girl united all of them

Her beauty grew wings

To give them hope

Colours and memories dance in the sky

Dance on the ocean

It’s her ocean

Her colours, her memories,

Are what birthed her

They birthed her for everyone, filled with colours

Her wings soaked through everyone

Bringing them to her peace


Her green eyes are the world


Come back to me!

Come back to me!


You’re so pretty

Please save me

I need you to save me

You’re so pretty

You’re the sunlight in my life

It sounds dumb, but you really were.

Help me, please.

I have no one else to turn to.

But you’re a goddess

You can help me.

Oh please, oh please do something for me.

You are perfect to me.

Please, believe me.

I won’t let anyone take you away,

But me.


You will see yourself in me.


One day, I hope….


A New Start


She woke up, lying next to me

I opened my eyes to her

I couldn’t believe my reality

She was my girlfriend

She truly was lying beside me

I never needed to dream about her again

I never needed to write

Anything about her again,

Hoping, one day, that she would come back to me

She looks so perfect, in her underwear

She looks so perfect, in the rising sun

We are in our heaven apartment

Her apartment, filled with white and wind

A breeze through the open windows in every room,

The curtains blowing calmly in the breeze

A cool wind on us

Her body is cooled by it, as I put my hand on her

Her golden body

Her golden life

It’s finally in my hands

She’ll never fade from me again

She’s here with me, forever, now.


I’m so happy. I can’t help myself from uncontrollably smiling.

She’s so happy. She can’t stop herself from feeling the affection I feel for her.


We are perfect together.


I really think we would be.


But nobody but her would care about what I write.

I write for her.

Nobody else understands.

I try to get this all off my chest, for her to understand me, for her to at least happily appreciate that I did this for her, her voice rising in a joyful tone,

What I love to hear from her


But what I try to write about that girl is never enough.

She’s never going to read this. She’s never going to know it’s about her.


So, what was the meaning?

I’m not sure. In the future, I’ll know why I saw her.

I couldn’t do more. I’m so sorry, girl.


When she reads this, would she even care?

I really don’t think she was a waste of time.

I promise, as someone who would show you love,

I would try.


I truly, truly hope I’ll see her again.



But only the girl and I care about what I’m writing.

If only she would care.


The writing may be a waste of time.


But that young woman isn’t.


The Morning



When I wake up,

I’ll feel her touch me

With her life


A goddess, given life by my life.


A touch that’s so pretty.


Thank you.


You saved my life.

You’re amazing.

How does a person like you exist?



The girl is just a delusion of my mind.

But the goddess girl is a happy one.

So, maybe I should be thanking my delusion.


But I want to thank the young woman….

…. She’s no where to be found.


Would she even care?


I’m so nervous to thank her.

Why am I so nervous to thank her?


A girl, born out of suffering.


She doesn’t love me.

She would never love me.

Even if she knew me.


But why can’t I help thinking she might?

I would never let her go.


Would you never want to let me go?


A red rose blows.


It can’t stop thinking about her life, everywhere on the planet.

It’s her earth.


I just watch her from below.


A human’s nature is around me.


I’m sure she can see me.


A weird feeling of a human’s eyes on me.

I appreciate it.


How did I ever end up with such a caring boyfriend, she wonders.


Well, she’s the answer.


She begins to cry.


She really, really, really, really does love me.


I admire her so much.

How does she exist?

Why does she exist?

She keeps me alive.







When the ocean met the waves/You fell underwater/Under the sky/Under light in the ocean/The light shone on you/Hair like waves/ The waves disappear/ Into your hair/The waves disappear/ From your hair/One mass/ Flowing over the ocean/Beautiful and full/ I can see you struggle to get/To the surface/ Try not to drown/ Try not to drown under /The waves/ I can see you struggle/ To get/To the surface/ Try not to drown/ Try not to drown under /The waves/ I can see you/ In a black dress/ Under/The waves/ You fall/ I’ll reach my arm out/In front of the sun/ And grab you/ My arm through /The water/ And lift you up/ So you can breathe again/I’ll take you through the sunlight/ To the shore/Lay you on the beach/ Take your dress off/Make sure you’re comfortable/ Lick your neck/Lick your breasts/ Smile at you/ Kiss your vagina/Run my hands along your smooth body/My eyes wide with excitement/ My body meeting yours/Naked/I’m in disbelief with what I’m seeing/I just want to make you happy/ I just want to fuck you/While facing the sunlight/ On the beach/ Your hair stretches out into the water/Both waves from the hair and water form into each other/Your hair flows out into the ocean/ Spreading and stretching out/Your mouth open in pleasure/ Eyelids closed/ Long eyelashes on them/Fluttering with every small movement of your mouth/As I find myself inside of you/ Water droplets cover your body/Water drips down your breasts/ Onto your nipples/ Down to /Your belly/ Coating your femininity for me to see/ A goddess is in front of me/ I can feel her warmth/Seducing me/ What do I do/ I can’t pull out of you/ Just fucking you on the edge of the shore/Your face is covered in water/ Your face is filled with an expression of pleasure/ Hair resting/On the water’s surface/ Waves against waves/ Your body stretched out in front of me/ The curve in your/Back the distance between sand and ocean/ Right leg slightly bent/ To support yourself from what/I’m doing to you/ You won’t stop moaning/ You have a lovely voice/ I want you to sing to me as you/Feel what I am offering you/ As loud as you can/ I’ll close my eyes/ And listen to you/ To tell you how/Beautiful you sound to me/ The sound of you enjoying/ The sound of you accepting/ What I am giving to You/ Before I have my release/ In the ocean/ I’ll put myself back in and start it all over again/The little smile on your face/ A sign that you are relieved that I am not done with you yet/ You’ll be lying on this Beach/ Your hair in the ocean/ For as long as I just want to look at you/ I’m not going to turn my eyes away/ From an angel made out of sunlight.


Her Sweeping Waves


I see her in everything


But I can’t see her in lights

As she walks along the beach

The lights along the beach above her shine

The splashing waves at her feet, splash onto her body

Her black dress flows behind her, so pretty

Her golden skin is glowing in the night

She is walking out of my reach

She is walking so far away

Until I can only see her in the distant lights

Until she no longer realizes I am there

Until I can’t touch her anymore

I can’t reach out

And say something to her

She doesn’t know she misses me

She just continues to walk along the beach

Her bare feet kicking up sand onto her

I walk slowly behind

The glowing golden lights

Mesh into her body and skin

I can’t feel her

She is swept under the waves from me,

Into her past….

The glowing beach lights still glow

A night that’s so empty


I can’t feel her


I only feel water


When she sees me,

She’s surprised it’s me

I will have the chance

To say something to her


His fantasy thoughts


Hopeful, unrealistic dreams

He’s so desperate


She thinks it’s ridiculous


A bad joke.


Nobody cares so much about a person….


They’re no supposed to

It’s impossible, unrealistic

Something only in imagination


Why would somebody care about her so much?




But, I do.


Getting up to the sun,

It shines on her on the hill

So far up off the earth

So far up off the world

I stand on the bottom

Trying to look up at her height

The city with me glows green

She looks down at the city in the night

Up on her hill, the world is sunlight

Summer shines down on her world

On the city, it is night

The green lights of the buildings spiral out

Into shining glows on her hill

The green shines with the sunlight

I feel myself move closer to her when I’m covered

With her sunlight

The summer she brings with herself on top of the hill

Is coming to cover the city in her summer

I need to prepare myself

I need to say something to her

When she comes down

The sky is streaked with orange and gold

The sunlight shines in the sky

We are blinded


Her ethereal summer, so bright.


My head, empty of thoughts

You, full of thoughts

I wished you would share those thoughts with me

Thoughts that are better-looking than you

That’s saying

A lot

But you could put those thoughts in my head

I could think the way you do

What a nice way to think

I would feel so at peace

With your thoughts filling

My mind

A pretty thought

No person thinks thoughts like you


The thoughts of a goddess.


She belongs in my head.


I belong in hers.


We have no where else to live.


He, god with a goddess.

Her, a goddess to a human.






My life overflows into hers

She’ll drink my water….


My overflowing thoughts….

Her fountain was the flow….







She only exists in my reality, the perfect girl


Endless pain and confusion has been brought to me.


A calm mind is a requirement to think about her

Not remember,

Just think about

As if she is still with me

And I could still control her reality with me.


Visions are a blessing….

She’s on fire

The fire spreads on the ocean

And destroys her golden body

As she rises into the sky

Her body explodes light

The world is covered with

Shining gold

The people on the ocean are blinded

They go flying into the clouds

As the light is set on fire

The fire is blinding the world

The people converge into the fire

She holds fire in the palm of her hand

She closes her eyes peacefully

Mouth open

Eyelashes fluttering in the fire

The fire explodes in her hand

Spreads out across her face

Her body is set on fire

The middle of a dark ocean

Her glowing fire

The light spread to the people

As the ocean splashes up with them

They are all left on fire

Fire in a darkening sky

Streaks of flames forming into the ocean

Reflecting flames off the water

She holds the dark skies and flaming people

In the palm of her hand

Eyes closed peacefully

Mouth open

Eyelashes fluttering in the flames


The girl’s hair is on fire.


She Burns…. Sea Flames


As her fire hair stretches flames

To her ocean,

The people sink under the water

Light shining in

Fire makes the light explode

People are shot into the depth

The sea life on flames

Bodies that trail orange fire through the water

Bodies that set coral on fire

Sinking so low

He looks up at the surface

He is blinded by the light

The fire explodes unto him

His body is flames


She reaches into the ocean

And grabs his flaming hand

Trails of flames in water

Her flaming hair meets him

Falling on his face

Her light is shining down on him

She pulls him up

She is engulfed in flames

The flaming sea life dance around

In the sky above them

All in flames

On the surface of the water

The sea life burns

Streaks of flames

Across a dark ocean

Sudden lightning in a dark sky

Thunder disrupts the world


He and she hug close

Their bodies streaming flames,



That girl’s golden body is a water fireplace….



She Burns…. Light


As the dark sky turns bright,

He and she are still on fire

Flames that streak into light


She hugs the water around him.


As I walk into her past,

I see this person,

Who is a ray of light

Her past was so bright,

That I can only imagine it

He life was so bright

That I could only imagine it


As time went on, she fell into my reach

A life, I desperately wanted to keep


A life, I saw could help my own.


It’s strange.

That girl fell away,

And now I’m never going to be anything to her.


I’m so sorry.



I’m going to overflow for her….

I swear, I will.

She can believe what I flow….


Dry (Life)


Someone he once saw is kneeling on the beach

It’s been so long since he saw her….

The person is covering her face in shame and dread

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I feel so dry inside….”

“So dry?”

“I have no way to soak myself.”

A young man wraps his arms around her

“You’re so pretty.”

A girl looks up at him. He remembers her face. He can’t forget it.

The only water she possesses is tears.

“Stop crying. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“Here, take my hand.”

She sniffles and holds his hand

“Open your mouth.”


“Just trust me.”

She does.

He puts his mouth around hers.

“Mmm-mmm!” Her surprised cry. Her eyes open wide in surprise.

“Mm-mmm!” His eyes are closed, kissing her.

A person feels a stranger flow his water into her.

Her body is no longer dry. It glows golden.

“Mm-mmmm!!” Water is leaking out of her mouth. It falls down her chin.

It falls down his chin.

It drips on the sand. Raindrops from breathing.

He is overflowing onto her.

The dried girl doesn’t know how to take it all in….

She begins to choke.

She’s not strong enough, to not dry out….




Lightning ricochets off the metal buildings

Holes in the land

People crawl out of the ground

People crawl out of the thunderstorm

And dance in it/ They are shocked by lightning

And explode thunder as the sky breaks

They are sucked into a loose lightning/

The thunder is too loud/ Can’t hear anything

But their own screams of enjoyment/

The lightning manipulates them/ As they scream into

The thunder/ Crushed by a cloud/ He has trouble making out

Her voice/ she is the lightning that is electrocuting him/

A cloud crushes the people/ The atmosphere is turned in reverse

He sees her face briefly in the lightning/ Before the planet explodes

From being electrocuted by her beauty….


A young man wakes up.

An exploding dream?


She is lying right on top of him, caressing,

Smoothing his chest.

His eyes bulge at her.

She is lightning.

Her electrocuting touch, he feels from her pulsing shocks….

What a strange touch….


Thunderstorm (Her End)


The people are falling out of the sky/

They fall with the stormy clouds/

He feels her rub herself on him/

His erection is electrocuted/

Her hair is sparking his face/

It comes off, and turns him to lightning/

A bed in the middle of a black canyon/

She forms her lightning body into her/

Too electrifying for him to resist her/

The people fall over the canyon/

Into the lightning pit below/

They are reborn with lightning wings/

And they fly out of the pit/

Into the reversing sky/

He feels her lick him/

His consciousness is abandoned to her/

They are both pure lightning now/

Having sex on a bed that glows sparks/

Sparks spread from their bodies to the

Lightning-wings people/ Before everyone is shot into lightning/

The bed disappears in a valley of bright sparks/ A black canyon cliff/

Rough rock/ Just lightning in a rainstorm sky/ No one is left on the canyon

She and him have gone on to a better life.


The clouds begin their rainstorm….

A black canyon is streaking wet raindrops,

Down it.


That girl is the rain.


Night Blur (Her City)


Running somewhere to a horizon

He runs through the night city

His problems drifting away behind him

His problems vanishing in the city’s lights

Store windows illuminated to all his sides

He runs through the glowing streetlamps

He can almost see her in them

He can almost see the distant horizon,

He wants to reach her at

She is running away so fast…

He picks up pace

The lights stream between him

A rainbow of blurred colours

He’s running too fast to see anything

She runs into the city as he exits it

Going into a park,

He runs through the night park

As he sees her in the glowing city,

In his distance

Realizing his mistake-he ran faster than her,

The wind carries his running to the glowing city lights

He is running, floating in the air

She is running in the beautiful city below him

He falls back to ground,

And begins to run after her

The night hiding her from him

Each time she runs past her blurry city lights

He can see her running

Endlessly running, through this maze of night city

The light catching glimpses of her for him

Before she vanishes into the dark

His aimless running to catch her still

Never stops….


In this city, It’s her forever night….

Forever running, after her….

He never stops.



Dry (Death)


He lets her go.

He choking sounds alerted him something was wrong.

“I-I’m sorry if I am hurting you”

He pulls her away from his mouth.

Water flows down out of their mouths.

“I just want to flow myself onto you…”

Her eyes are closed. He eyelashes do not move.


A name he barely remembers.

It seems to fit her.

His water slowly drips out of her mouth.

Her mouth is slack-jawed and lifeless.

“No…no, I killed you.”

Shoving a hand over her jaw, he says:

“Yoko, close your mouth. You don’t look good like that. Please close your mouth. For me.”

He tries to force her mouth closed, but it won’t move.

The muscles around it are dead.

“Did-did I overflow too much of myself into you?”

She can’t respond. She looks so at peace with herself.

Her eyelashes closed gently, her mouth hanging open in sleep.

“I put you to sleep. I’ll lay you down….”

He lays her on the sand.

“You’re not dry anymore. How do you feel?”

He imagines her laughing.

“I did that, for you.”

She can’t stop laughing.

“You’re so happy now. I’m glad I see you that way.”

Water is still flowing out of her dead mouth.

“I really did overflow you.”

The sand is wet.


Dry (Fantasy)


A wet sand.

She entered into her fantasy.

Her dead body twitched.

Yoko. That’s her name.

Her golden skin had sand stuck to it


Her death had barely run away from her.

She felt herself be so tired.

The feeling of an orgasm, before her death.

She fell over. She was so weak. She couldn’t stand.

She was so close to death.


She started her fantasy with him.


On a sunlit beach, very different from the one she had almost died on,

There they were.

They were so happy together.

When he lay her down on the sand, they had sex in her water.

She had felt herself enter death that time, after he was finished with her.

A relaxed feeling, she was so sleepy.


“Uuuuugggghhhhh…. Mmmmmhhhhhh….”


The brutal reality dawned on her.


“W-what did I do to you?!”


He wasn’t breathing. He lay on top of her, on the sand, and didn’t breathe.

“Are-are you dead?”

She was stuck in the water. The waves blended in with her golden skin.

“G-get off-!”

He wouldn’t move.

She looked him in the eyes.

They were closed. His mouth gaped open.

“You’re-you’re dead….”

“Did I-did I kill you?”

She hugged him on her. “I-I’ll still pretend you’re alive. I don’t want to accept you’re dead.”

Her hands wrapped around him. She was still feeling on the edge of death, after what he had done to her.

A soft touch on his still body…she pulled him close to her.

“I’m sorry I killed you. This was my fantasy. We did this in a past, remember? I’m sure you do.”

“I remember you put me on the edge of death before, as well. You made me feel like I was dying.”

Floating on the water in front of her, his memories were just so blank.

“You-you have to remember…”

Looking up at the clear sky, memories floating in the clouds.

They’re nothing. His memories had gone blank-his lifeless body remembered nothing on top of her.

Clouds were blank to her, right now. She couldn’t see their shapes.

Her hug still pulled him close, a lifeless body she had somehow made, heavily lying on top of her.

Her golden body and hair were sinking into the shallow water, his weight crushing her.

She pulled him down with her, until her black hair was so wet in a clear ocean.


“I don’t want to be in a fantasy anymore.”


Dry (Reality)


The feeling of death stayed with Yoko…then, the strange pleasure stopped.

Briefly losing herself, a consciousness came alive to reality.

Dying pleasure was finished.

Another shore. Out of her wrong fantasy.

A wrong reality. She thought about going back to her forgotten fantasy.

But she was too strong to do that.


The man never killed her, even when he knew he did.


“Where is he?”

“I want to know where he lives.”


Her whole body was soaked in the water. Her skin dripped the whole shore.

She stood in her bra, taking off her soaking shirt.

Her shirt drifted away in the sea behind her-turning to look at it, she soon saw it move out of view.




The sun had begun to set.

Time was waiting for her to come back to reality.


She sat down on the beach, completely unsure what to do.


“Where do I go from here?”


Hours later, the sun had almost set.