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The Golden Life



On a leaf covered in fresh water, a golden life was born


The golden life was a jewel to a king and queen


A power of birth


Their baby girl had bestowed upon them


They had grown so alive with the baby girl


Her life was one so truly precious to the water she


Was born on


As she grew, her gold gem became bolder and stronger


She gained power from her gold life


A sparkling star, she once plucked from the sky


When she was a small child


Bringing with her the gift of life


A powerful star that she felt breath starlight into her wonderful body


The feeling of a love


The world had held her hands with


The feeling of a wonder


She had seen in her own life


A past behind her, she still remembered the star


How could she ever forget that starlight, which was the one who showed


Her and her parents their lives?


A powerful starlight, bursting with hope and confidence


That breathed the air she felt on her favourite beach


Right into her lungs


The gold life of a girl would live


She would feel herself split open


And her true happiness would come out


Into her world


All the peoples he would meet


All the people she would see….


They held her gifts with them


They all held her gold


She brought from her life


Into this world


In their hearts


Ans never forgot her


Her visions embraced their lives


With her natural gold


Her visions remained on their minds




Of what was special to their own little worlds



Her visions would never die


The gold of her parents flowed into her


When she was born on her leaf


On her birthday


Oh, how visions of gold would never


Fade from anyone’s life.


Her parents loved her deeply


Her parents gave the gift of gold to her


They would love the young woman she had become


Forever until her mommy and daddy passed on.



She was the loss of a lifetime.



A Loss of Visons



Looking at her for a special sight,


She was lost to him


When she walked away from his eyes


And left his heart to gray out


As he felt him visions of her rain out,


He didn’t want to accept his dreams would be gone


So, he held out his hand


Not to anyone, but to air


Hoping someone would touch him back,


But no one did….


It was a wasted effort, and he felt himself fall apart


Even more than before

A reaching hand, it came out of the air to soothe him


But it was never enough for him to hold,


He collapsed on his knees


And cried his colours out


Shrieking that he couldn’t find love


The hand held onto him regardless, not wanting to let go of


His special visions of her….


Imagined thoughts, too dreamy to be a reality


But he always wished they were


He never wanted his dreams of her


To stop


So he takes out his gray heart


And kissed it goodbye


Before he goes to a green field of grass


Under the clouds he wished to lay with her


He lies the gray heart down beside him….


He only wishes to pretend it was always her.



Turning to his side, he imagines her there.





The Sad Wind



As the wind breezed a silver memory across the neighbourhood, a young girl reached out to chase it.

What she found was it vanishing…. He memories had escaped her grasp….

Chasing after herself to find her memories before the wind carried them away….

She realized they were already gone.

As a woman, she looked back at that day….

And realized the wind was so sad….

It wanted to be happy, by remembering something special

Crying that day because her memories were gone, she realized….

She was as sad as the wind had been….


She lost her special memories.


“I wish to be a young woman now…. I don’t want to stay in my sorrow forever….”


As a young woman,


She had so many new and bright memories.


They shared their sadness in the wind, with her


When she had saw them fly away from her reach.



But when she grew up,


She had so many new dreams and memories of her adulthood


To share with everyone she ever met….


Just by looking her dark eyes


Into theirs


She let him know what visions she treasured


With him loving her.


Their time together….


Everything in life they held dear


Would be visions they would share together….





Their dreams had floated in each other’s true smile of life….


As her dark and life-filled eyes gazed at him


That day.


So huge, they were filled with a huge life


Of her birth.


Oh, that day of hers….


A sad wind carried her memories of a girl…. So far away….



A Sadness of The Falling Rainbow


I want to love someone


I watched as the rainbow fell to a dull sky,


Love being taken from it


It could never love someone


I saw as the rainbow become a dull colour


All of its colours forming into one:


A dark, faded gray, dulling out the sky with no love


A love that fell down and down, deeper and deeper


Until it was lost


Never able to have its wonderful colours


Resurface again, the rainbow in the sky


Began to rain


Its version of sad, sad tears


The fading clouds in the sky


Turning gray into the mass of air


Above the world…. As they become sad


The rainbow holding them in feels their need


To love someone


But it can’t help them


It, too, can’t love anyone


In the dark afternoon sky,


No love can be found in the clouds


Rain dripped from the afternoon before….


A sad reminder of the love that could have been


The remembered days, of wanting to love someone.

Love is fading….




A Sadness of The Broken Rainbow


The dulled, gray rainbow with no love


Broke in half in its misery


Trying to find its place in the sky again,


It kept missing its life


Falling down to the ground,


The gray rainbow saw the raindrops from the day before


On the ground, slowly going away as love left the sky’s heart


Grayed and stormy, it began to rain a loveless rain over the world


The sky covered with gray clouds that stopped love


From being absorbed into the earth.


A figure….


Female, womanly, alluring


Reaches the spot of the gray clouds and


The fallen rainbow, broken with a longing love


Looking at the sad, weeping rainbow on the ground,


The womanly figure-her-allures what little love she could


Bring out of it, in her colour-giving hands


The crying rainbow weeps itself on to her hands, as she holds it still


Bending over to touch it, as she treats it like her newborn baby.


Alluring the gray rainbow to find the love of colours her hands are giving the weather,


The sky and clouds don’t remember her, and she can no longer hold in her tears


The alluring young woman cries with the colourless rainbow, realizing she has been forgotten


In the gray clouds and dull sky…. This evening rain wasted on her….


Although hugging the weeping rainbow, sad with her tears, close to her


For it to forgive her, she feels the love she was once full of


Leave her alluring, healthy body, disappearing into the gray, raining sky and clouds


Of nothing she could love.


But the rainbow…. Sees her sadness for it as her blooming love


The young woman giving her tears to the weather


It feels her sad, loveless body…. in its blooming colours,


A flower inside it finding life in the sorrowful rain.


The rainbow grows while holding the love-giving young woman,


As it feels itself receive love from the colours


The young woman’s sadness of her own lost love


Gave to it


When the rainbow


Felt the love of her caring.


The girl never lost her love…. She had nothing to be sad over.


The weeping of the rainbow disappeared into the crying sky, happy tears


For the rainbow and the life-giving girl.


Holding the lifeless girl in his bright hands,


The happy rainbow hugged her so, so close


She was the rainbow’s love


The weather poured its crying rain, for her


At her alluring, lifeless body of love


Love is faded…. for the caring girl’s sad life….


But the weather felt a spring’s flower blossom from


Her sorrowful care.


When she felt sadness for them, the girl made the rainbow and the raindrops


So happy


In the loving, faded evening sky of gray and her bright, sad caring.


Love filled the weather with her love.



The Waves Stepped On


The waves stepped on


Always remain for a footstep


To be remembered


Even as they are swept back out to sea,


The love in the footstep always remains


A footstep of life, that will stay forever, on the beach and shore.



Where Sound Is Going….


Where sound is going

Colourful noises love to follow you there….


Where it follows you

A colourful sound

For you and me….


A love of sound,

We followed….



The Tide, The Breeze


When the tide flowed in, when the breeze flowed in, a life, born.

When the tide flowed out, when the breeze flowed out, a life, lost.


Walking to the centre of the ocean,

I see her,

Standing there,


Facing me.


No breeze or tide.



Losing Water


Drinking down a bottle, he feels no life from the water.

Walking to the sea, she drinks the shore into her stomach.

The sunlight had given her a life


She grows fish gills, her dark eyes become fish-like and she swims in the sea, her belly full of aqua life.


Fish scales give her something special to discover about herself.



Gaining Water


He walks down to the sea, and drinks the same water she did.

An empty water bottle, he left behind.


He becomes the sand when he drinks.



The Sea…. Moving Both Ways (Love at Sunset)


His sand, swept into the sea, moves off to the distant sunset.

Her discovered fish, moves off to the distant sunset….

To feel sand grains on her body, on the water she breathes.



Love at Sunrise


Two figures, watching a sunrise

When the sun rises on their island,

They kiss and fall dead



Dreams of A Night Awake (Living In Night Homes)


Curtains blowing of a past and present.

In that apartment, in that house.

Somewhere else…. Curtains blowing of a past and present

Of that apartment, of that house

Dark silhouettes of curtains hidden in the night

Deep shadows on the walls inside the night’s dark.


The wind blows outside, as it always has, and will always do.


At both homes.


Outside, it is dark, as it always is.


At both homes.


Inside it is dark with no lights turned, as it always it,


At both homes.


A dream to dream of floating outside, in the breeze.


Sleeping outside, in night.


A dark sky that wraps around both bodies, in both homes, the sleeping ones living in their homes


Floating into the air


In the air, he meets she


And they sleep, touching hands with each other,


In the cool winds of the forever night.



Back at home, he kisses his reminders of her good night.

Back at home, she is already asleep.

She missed his good night.


But he senses where she is


And he says it anyway, looking at the reminders of her


On his hearts:

“Good night, wherever you live…. Wherever you are….”

“In this night that is so many others, you have slept through.”


He opens the window to his bedroom to let the sounds of night and air in,


And he falls asleep, dreaming of where she is awake.




Today, I wake up


A brand-new world, outside


Raindrops from the night on glass


A dim outside, clouds handing high


And although I feel suffocated


With a deep sadness


I remember her


And I remember myself


The feeling


That I am alive


And have hope


For her life.


So.... good morning world....


….and her....


In this sadness I feel, I feel her float with me.




The Light of Sadness


The sadness that spread across us

The sadness we see inside ourselves…. We fear ourselves


As we cry out our tears


But there’s no need to cry over sadness


We do it anyway, to release the despair and sorrow we have


Over ourselves


But what we don’t know


Is that sad tears are so helpful for us


To learn


To grow


To think


To feel


To understand our sadness


Inside us, we feel the sadness grip our hearts


Fighting to be loose of it


But why not cry ourselves out


So that our sadness can find a home


Inside our hearts


So we welcome sadness


And see the light it has given us.


We can dream of visions


Of a wonderful future


As our sadness


Cries itself out


Into our past.


But a wonderful future full of dreams


Awaits us


I just know


Our sadness made us understand


How to be happy.


To a blissful future, one day.


I just know our sadness will


One day


Make us so happy.


So lie with your life outside reality,


And cry your sadness out with powerful tears


I know


One day in your life


You will feel


So, so truly alive.



The feeling of how you should be

Experiencing an uplifted life

Without sadness

When you were born


The only sad that remains will be

The sad that made you see life in a happy dream


Thank a sadness

For letting you feel love.


Sadness was so loved.



The Rising Dawn on The Island


When the sun rose on the island,

The lovers on the island had died


When the sun was high in the morning sky,

The lovers came to life


And, a kiss, from her to him

On his and her island



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