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The Edge


An edge of a building.

One foot off

One foot on

The atmosphere is a dusk gray

It is raining


Human feet, falling with rain.



A Sadness of an Orange Sun



A bright sadness of a dying sunset


A dying sunset dying in the storm from the day


A dead sunset that needs to breath


A dead sky that turns itself to black


A dead moon that hangs in the sky


Without a care in the world for itself


The orange sunset


Is setting with a dead smile


That shined on the world


A world that shines an orange glow to find love


On a horizon where there is none.


An orange glow that sings to the moon


Even though the moon can’t hear it as a corpse.


A hollow body that can’t hear the glowing sunset


As it makes no noise to hear a life from


The ray-shining, orange sunset disappears under the horizon


To leave the night behind


In the night,


There is sounds of life


Another world from the day.


There is no more uplifting orange glow in the sky.


The night wants to cry.



The Girl and The Life



When the girl met the life,


A tree was formed into a colourful shape


With light green pedals and light purples stems


Perfectly clear and smooth at a feel


A feel that feels like her touch of life


A feel that feels like her lift of a night wind


Taking a grip on


His life.


The girl and the life don’t know where he went off to.


The girl and the life may never have cared


But the boy did.



The Night



The night was cool


The night was long


The night was quiet


The night was chirping


The night was nostalgic


The night was reflective


The night remembered


The day that had lived before it.


Where was the life


The night had longed for


When light searched for a glow in the dark



The Morning



In the morning


Outside shined sounds of a new vision


Born from the day and night before


To stay with the memory of the one lying


Beside you on her bed



Morning Wind



The morning wind coming in from outside,


The bed sheets over you and her are blown in waves


Sheets flapping over your bodies in her quiet bedroom


Reaching out a hand to touch her, sleeping


A coolness of air swept over you


Fingers touching her


A morning that looks and feels just like her


You can feel yourself again



Clouds…. Early Afternoon



The clouds moving slowly over the afternoon sky


Light blue surrounding their fluff


Dark spots and light spots


Light blue, medium blue, darker blue


No dark blue


On the horizon, in the distance, near


Stretching over the distant buildings of a city


In the far distance


Shapes of city buildings lying in view.


Lined up in a cloud’s line


On a faded and soft blue skyline


Some city life disappearing into the clear blue


It is a spring day, an early afternoon


Where the day is living.


And a life sits


Unable to do anything, but nothing.



What a sad spring day


It failed to be living



As a life should be.


What a sad early afternoon


What a sad early afternoon day



The Rainbow


The rainbow was a colourful creation of the sky and clouds


The rainbow was a colour of all the days past


The rainbow, a reflection of all the times remembered


The rainbow, a reflection of all the memories imagined


The rainbow, a reflection of all the visions of life saw


The rainbow, a reflection of dreams


The rainbow, a dream, full of colour



The rainbow, a nostalgic dream of the sky


A rainbow, outside on this day



When the rainbow went away on the day

I was lying in bed


I think I’ll go to sleep

I forgot the rainbow



Dreams In Butterflies



These are all different ways I used to feel


A soaking through of distant emotions


These are all the different ways I used to think


A soaking through of thoughts…. Distant to the horizon


Lost over the sky somewhere


No where to pick them back up


They are falling to the moon


They are falling to the shape of a crescent


Which is the crescent of how I see my life



A shaping crescent in the night sky


But nothing is understood


It can’t be reached


A crescent with a glowing daydream


A daydream that shows and uplifted spirit


A daydream that seems to understand


All the dreams below on the night’s ground


Stretching across fields of grass,


A night so dark that flutters the dreams in butterflies around


The grass fields


And keeps them there until morning


Alive and flying like they had just been born





The Moon and Stars


The moon and stars of an evening world,

Starting to show in the night, to an evening gaze

A hopeful message, as the evening gives itself up

A hope that those gazes will have something pleasant to look at

In the night

A moon that is full and glowing so bright

The craters present themselves in the sky

As holes for stars to fill

So unlike reality, but this is a dream…. Anything can happen to them

So unlike the way the planet rotates…. It would throw off the stars from

The craters

Sunlight from the day that just left is dripping out of the moon craters

Small, thin beams of light in a moon’s white, pumping out more and more

The lava runs below the volcano


In the night moon and stars, so close to the earth….


A pair of her dark, huge, powerful, alert, all-seeing eyes looks up at the glowing moon and white clouds


When she is outside in this passing night



The Desire


A desire that seems flawed

Only in imagination

Desire is seeping though the cracks

But it finds and melts into

The life it never thought it would imagine seeing


A desire of something fresh


Her dark eyes shared with me



Assisted Heart


A hand soothing a fake heart in love


Love, soothed the fake heart with fingers,


Pulling a string with a flow motion


The heart was constructed as real, and was brought to a strong life


Pumping life and blood all over the body’s world


Previous a dead gray with a fear stuck inside


Now a pumping gray with a love to hide inside


The body’s world is made into a throbbing red


Filled with a loving scent of perfume


From the hand who made its strings human love


She smiles at her creation in the boy’s world


Tightening the strings


So his lungs can breath


The boy is gasping for air in his world


As his chest is closed and held together with ruby-red strings


She gazes upon her creation


A deep, smiling gaze….


Remembering she only had so much time until her work left her,


She walks away from the boy’s world


The boy she gave a heart, tightened with her red string


She wanted to steal him for herself


But she remembered she should have left



Detached Heart


When she left, his heart became detached

Floating in sadness,


He tried to pick it up,


But ti just fell apart again



Walking back to him, she saw his sadness, and couldn’t help feel his despair


His lover picked up his torn red-heart strings


And stitched his heart back together with her wavy fingers


Looking into his eyes one final time,


He looked back at her huge eyes in a wonder


She left the boy with his stitched heart strings,


Filled with a pretty red to stop his heart from breaking


And walked away from her boy,


A satisfied love from what she had done for his heart


He felt so good

Without her holding his heart

Of red strings in her palms


This boy smiled at her


His heart was complete


The red strings she had given him dangled over it



But the honest truth was


They had been separated


A connection had been lost


But still,


The deep red strings on the heart


Stayed together


The 21st



Spring comes


Fall leaves disappearing through the season


A somewhat cold air is heated up to a cool feel


The leaves having grown-up


Summer is waiting for his younger sister.


When his young sister graduates on the 21st.



The Fear of Being Taken Away


A fear that the world

Will take you away from yourself

Leave you not knowing who you are

A mind manipulated and controlled by others

You feel yourself slip away

All you dreamed of being is lost

You will now conform

But that is not your heart


A life, that never forgets what it could have been.



A Fear of Losing Colours


A fear of being taken away

Leads to a detachment from others

To keep your colour to yourself


A colour that was born with your life


Finding something or someone that makes your colour swirl


A colour swirls around a world


In their eyes, a colour can never be forgotten


Colours that are held in the rain



Making the paint wet as they splash



The heart is coated in wet paint



While she paints it



Leaves it to dry




In her brush


She looks up at the sky

Nothing has changed


Everything is as it was once dreamed


Nothing needed to be found in this dream



So…. nothing was seen




Visions of a Past


In the mind of the one who is remembering is a small world


Of their own personal space


Where nothing can touch them


Safe from the outside world,


They are free to experience, imagine, re-live


Blissful visions of their past


Alone with their blissful visions,


Images, real and imagined, of life


Play with a deep nostalgia


In their mind and heart


It’s the only thing that survives


That they can call their own world


Seeing what shouldn’t be possible in a reality


It’s hidden away from a heart’s damage


The outside can’t feel


The secrets it holds for the indescribable, blissful feels


Of colourfully imagined visions.

Truly amazing visions with no sounds in reality


To remember them by….




The Colour of Wind


The wind is a purple colour

The wind is a light-blue colour

The wind is a light-green colour

The wind is a colour of blue ocean

The wind is a colour of autumn

The wind is falling through cracks of life

Blowing into the holes in a heart

She mends the heart with a spirit

Of a blue ocean


A tickle, on the wind blowing across her sea.



The Gray Life


Once upon a time, a life was gray

Once upon a time, a life felt a gray heart

Pulling the heart out of her chest, she felt a feeling of sadness

Go away

Replacing it…. The feeling of joy…. Longed for in her love of something special

She had found that special feeling she had felt when her parents gave birth to her

The special feeling was a birth of her red heart, looking like a ruby, feeling like a strong beat

Blood now flowed for her to finally feel breath

She felt just like how she did when she was a young girl, born into her gray world.

So, she walked and walked through the gray world

Until she found herself

Waiting for her

On the edge of a gray sunset


The rays of light were a blinding gray summer for her


The truth was, she had never experienced

A young summer like this


Filled with her red beating heart among gray sunlight


The gray felt refreshing to her….


In the sun of this summer day


The girl had found herself


In her gray summer



The Purple Grass


A hand running through long blades of grass

It stops to feel the wind on it

A hand keeps running through the green

It stops to feel a plant run through it

The woman’s huge eyes open wide

To see the grass floating away, being carried away into

The sky by the wind

In the place where there used to be grass, a purple flower

Lays, waiting for her to touch it.

Lifting up her hand to feel its caress on her soft skin,

Her alert eyes see its yellow centre, retracting and pulling back

On the plant like a foreskin

The pedals reveal the head

Curious, she touches the yellow of the plant.

The middle feels soft and squishy, like she is playing around with clay.

The clay molds in her hand and she studies the purple leaves

With her huge eyes that penetrate the plants heart

Wanting to run away from her, the purple of the flower’s leaves

Drips of the plant like coloured water, and she watches in shock

As the plant is now a simple white

Her fast mind comes to a quick conclusion

That it is almost upsetting


And she walks around the grass field

To pick up the dripping purple water

As it seems to try to run away from her


“Wait! Don’t run! I’m not a scary woman!”


She is the opposite, but the dripping plant couldn’t see that


Moving through the grass as the woman with the huge eyes chases

The purple water with her very alert mind,

Even her speed and quick-thinking can not catch the drips


“No…. Come back…. Why…. I just want to be loved….”


But the purple drips have settled into the grass.


The young woman is standing, in her sadness, in a field of purple grass


“Why does all the colour run away from me….?”


She sobs


And she collapses to her knees on the grass


Looking at the flower, it is now just a bunch of white pedals


The head of a soft yellow bud


Never wanting to mope in her sadness,


She gets off her knees,


And grabs a handful of white pedals


Taking a bit of their life


As she licks the yellow head


Squishy with nutrients


In her happy tongue.


Sitting back down on her knees,


Her spine is straight in confidence,


And she looks out to the grass field


Covered in dripping purple water


With a pair of feminine, powerful


Dark eyes


They seem to be so huge


They can see everything across the purple field


She had painted by discovering her flower.


Dark eyes, so big they can see everything


That is living across


Her field of purple tears


She gives a big smile to herself….


Uplifting joy of seeing her tears go to a wonderful use


The Dreams (The Night Outside)


When I go to bed tonight,


I dream of a special night


My dreams are floating outside,


But no one can see them, but me


They’re kept in my night sky



Dreams filled with wonder, dreams filled with love


Dreams filled with hope, Dream filled with colours


In this dark but colourful night,


My dreams take flight.



As I sleep.

And dream of the night, outside.


With her.

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