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I wait

For my eyes to be the birds

My arms to be the trees

My ears to be the sound of rain


I wait

For talking to stop

From within and without

For ideas to dissolve

To leave just what is


I wait

For hate and love to leave

For concepts to fade

For things to be as they are






























There�s a supermarket trolley in the duck pond

A modern installation


Ripples of parody grabs our attention

A rupture of common sense notions


An artist hurled this structure deep into our murky consciousness


The fleeing ducks, our deep rooted repressions


Coloured with coke cans

We can sense the limping, bleeding animals


Stumbling into forest fires

Rotting like Mattresses in the autumn leaves


With Perceptions undressed

A new insight for the eye


Junk becomes truth

Truth becomes lie


Like the washing machine

Asleep in a lay-by












Looking at the sky filling two holes

Filling my eyes

Like air fills a room


Open the door and there�s no outside

And no inside to hide in

The sky fills my mouth like water

I was an observer

Now I�m just the sky


Throw a bottle in the river

It fills with the river

Then the glass breaks

And there�s only the river

Nothing can contain it

Like the sky, hovering above

There is no separation

No distance between us

No difference between us


I am the sky�

























Human female skin shimmers white against the rising cliffs


She rolls over �


A long backbone, like a dinosaur�s remains,


Pushes up from the surface of the earth,


Gulls scream and soar across the sun


She reaches behind her,


undoing the strap


Merging with geology


like the birds� eggs


Partially hidden,


poised from treacherous drops


On the horizon, the sky touches the sea


Vulnerable, breakable beneath the stones


She sleeps-


A slumber pulls her through ancient layers


She�ll awake from a dream, as the tide rushes in


New genes awakening within her





Eyes are molluscs

Two snails sliding

Tentacles twisting

Urges rising


Hands are spiders

Fingers groping

Spinning webs on

Prey for choking

Mouth�s a Jellyfish

Looking to sting

Injecting poisons

Deep within


Blind mole�s digging

Kicking back dirt

On subterranean

Full alert


Cobra spits

Its venom to stun

The animal�s human

And he�s going to run....














Between Christopher Columbus


and Salmon Rushdie


My brother�s daughter


is stroking a long dead cat


We�re eating Christmas dinner


and I can see something


In my own eyes


A look of dread?


These photographs


Are angled like gravestones


Mum is smiling,


standing next to the Christmas tree


Looking out from this folded up, shelved, cobwebbed past.













No tradition to defend,

No ethnicity

My skin colour says nothing about me


No country,

No identity created

From arbitrary geography


No political agenda

Disguised in poetry

No fight against the repression of



No history

To define me or fill me

With fake nationality


No gold medals,

Or victory

To bring on paroxysms

Of ecstasy


No convictions,

No orthodoxy

To pledge my allegiance

To some damned hypocrisy


No grasp of monarchy

No fight against the

Hegemony of Patriarchy

No higher entity judging me

No life of eternity

Nothing to convince me

But the acid of accidie

Yeah, the acid of accidie





We drank wine and listened to music


Others closed the eyes of their dead


You protested about something from upstairs


While blood ran from brave men�s chests


You fell asleep while I was giving my opinion


People died, protecting their lives


I turned off the news and twisted the corkscrew


Into another bottle, like a bayonet


Envious of something



















Sometimes I stop thinking about


Sex, money, winning the lottery,


- being famous...


Instead I just want 'the truth'


And so I go looking for it


And not finding it


on any supermarket shelf


I buy a beer instead


and forget about it


But I see it flicker briefly


in the face of the girl at the















A moment of truth hits me


as she gives me my change


And I cannot share this


unexpected wisdom


Without her eyes changing


and me seeing myself


As she would see me





























My fingers form that word

I�m crawling across the desert


My eyes are like walnuts

I am so, so�



The glass in my hand

The burdens of the world

Too heavy to hold

So I just put it down

I�m so wonderfully NUMB


Collapsed like a star

A light shines through the cracks

I�m walking boldly in the gaps

I smile that I�m here

I can�t help but grin

I grin and grin with the numb









Suddenly you�re not watching


and the telly means nothing


New cars, mobile phones,


breakfast cereals


Busy themselves in the room


with the fading light


Night falls and still


the endless chatter


No-one turns on the light


No-one is listening


The adverts come to nothing


Cutlery rattles in the kitchen


A car speeds by outside


Someone knocks on the door


But there�s no answer







Two cups of cocoa


in a friend�s hands



One of them going cold


Photos of grandsons smile


in the dark