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Are embedded within

The lyrical lines of poetry,

Embrace them to unlock

The full power of your inner being.

Then again, art is the most beautiful of lies

Still, always remember

That rules and models,

Destroy genius and art.

Don't allow it!

For it's the only way

To create fiction

That gives us the second chance

Life cruelly denied us.




Born and bred in royalty of its kind

She was raised with an independence

Far beyond your wildest imaginable dream

A life of doing whatever, whenever,

However and with whomever, she never knew

The meaning of No! When it came

To granting her heart's desires

( The true definition of being a free born)

So many a times, she stayed out late

Skipped classes, missed exams,

Answered back to people who's opinions

Contrasted hers, in her opinion, fool hardy views

Yet no one had ever told her she was wrong


Now, thrown in a limbo of rules and regulations

Morals and ethics, that have to be followed

To the letter, so many expectations

To one whom living was the only expectation

So many don'ts, to her -do- world

Are beginning to drown her in their immense darkness

So many punishments, to one whom was never corrected

She feels trapped in a whirling world

A world so different from her own

A world so full of violence and cruelty

In contrast to her own, perfect world

A world where she never had to shed a tear

Either due to hurt, lack or pain

All of which now threaten to break

One whom never had a breaking point


A world of happiness and bliss

Is now threatened by a gathering black cloud

That will indefinitely turn it to a complete nightmare

How does she stop it? Is the one question

That constantly sits just below her subconscious

Her kindred spirit and wild heart

Now feel, like they've been trapped in a cage

And the maze that forms her life

Threatens to darken her soul


She who was so full of life,

So full of love, so full of compassion

Realized this is what it means, to be alive

Being sad, lonely, desperate

She is now one who can't love

One who can't live, one who can't give

A shadow of her former self

A shell of a living human being

With no guide or motivation

No dream or hope, just wishes

For the end to come quickly

Will there be no reprieve for her

From this death sentence, she

Involuntarily applied for?

Only time will tell

As such are the dictates of life


You be the judge, of whether

She is an unruly child,

Or, she lives in an unruly world!



His mother said he was worthless

His father always despised him

Evidenced by constantly belittling him

His brother thought him stupid

His sister, his only silent ally

A confidant and friend in the shadows

His hate, planted in boyhood and

Developed slowly as he got older

A hate so consuming, to anything and everything

Under the yellow sun

For everyone,...but his little sister

He adores her, and dedicated his life

To see to her happiness

Her happiness lay in seeing him succeed

So succeed, he did.


From a life of hand to mouth

To a life of extreme luxuries

Unfortunately for him, the hate had also consumed

His youthful soul. He took in his sister

And denounced the rest of his family

Seeing them languish in poverty

Didn't move a tinge of emotion

Even from deep within his spirit


They cried and begged

Yet he stood his ground, even the servants

Weren't spared his wrath. He whipped

And cursed, and every single day

His heart grew darker, more sinister

Than the vilest evil

Until one day...


She arrived to nurse his little jewel

The jewel that shone for him within his sister

Who'd been taken to bed by the chronic disease

Of the south African forests during a safari

The disease responsible for many a deaths;

Black Water Malaria.

Watching the light in her eyes dwindle


His heart contracted. His hatred turned to anger

And he took it out on his servants, as usual.

She witnessed this, and was furious

She commanded, neither requested nor ask

That he stop his barbaric ways

He looked at her and laughed

No one had ever had the guts to command him

He turned to leave, but the sardonic smile spoke volumes

She stopped him, and gave him conditions:

She'd leave, (a fatal situation for his sister)

If he kept on his evil ways


The smile disappeared as he gave her his word

Later on, alone in his study, he reflected

The incident in his heart, a light shone in his soul

He was filled with admiration,

Then his sister finally healed. The admiration

Turned to love, and made him want

To be a better man, for her,

And every other human being, who had a heart of gold

Just like hers.


His life changed drastically, forgiveness and love

Instead of hate and revenge, now filled his heart

He was happy for the first time in years

And she, felt she had found love.







"You're too preoccupied by beauty

You end up neglecting duty

But don't you realise,

No matter what you visualise,

You'll always be ugly

With those marks ever dryly

On your stupid face?"


"Everything has beauty bit not everyone sees it

You're so busy

Trying to destroy

My youthful soul, because of my imperfection

Yet you forget, the cardinal rule of life

'Everything with perfection

Indefinitely has, an equal amount of imperfection.'

Don't you see, that while you use up energies

To eradicate my iniquities

All you succeed in doing, is expose

Your own imperfections, for the world to view?

The perfect disdain, while the imperfect maintain

Their hearts in glorious rejoice

With those around you too cowardly to point out

Or love you too much to accept

The oceans' full of imperfections

You spit out like poisonous venom

From a ravenous snake, your eyes

Completely blinded from everything

Your heart too proud to be over ruled."


"You speak of imperfection, existing in perfection

Just like quantum capabilities of the brain

Once suggested by an overzealous physicist

Were termed as impossibilities

By a world renowned neurologist

What you speak of, is as blunt a knife

As that my cousin tried to slit

A helpless clock's throat, for Christmas dinner

Only to end up with a slit

Of the main artery in her left hand

My beloved would never lie to me

What you speak of - is the greatest lie."


"'Never say never,' I was once told

Take a look at your long list of enemies

Enemies you've made across your lifetime

And tell me, if the following statement

Is mythical...

'Your worst enemy, was once your best friend'

For that, no technology,

Is needed for verificalogy

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

Since, artificial intelligence was made to complement

Natural genius. Both complement each other perfectly

But lack of one, causes the other

An incorrectible dangerous handicap."


"A man of character in peace

Is a man of courage in war

It defines who you are, or is it...

You define what your character is

I've never gotten around the irony of it

Maybe you'll have better luck.

Quarrels would not last long

If the fault, was one sided only

Then again, the artistic temperament

Is a disease that afflicts amateurs. Is it?...

The angry man always thinks he can do more

Than he actually can, and

Prejudice is the beginning, of the sinister darkness

Planted deep, in each of our souls

Maybe, I'm wrong, then again,

Art is the most beautiful of lies."


"What do drawings or paintings

Have to do with anything, since neither have anything

Save for everything, in common

What you are is a pretender

And like an extender, every pretender

Will always lack a home and friends

To share your trends.

Pretenders, are worse than murderers

Or so they say, but do I say?

You will end up losing an important figure

Through your finger, never to refigure

The happiness that once lit up your life, Me!"


"And what is happiness

My dear mistress?...

My apologies, allow me rephrase my anthologies

What is true happiness?...

... Don't you know?... Can't you see the vastness

The very word in wholeness

Depicts?...a hint? Okay!

True happiness is the promise

Of the beauties, our lives in the promise

Of the galaxy is offered.

The promise of truth is beauty, since,

Beauty is not always true,

But truth is always beautiful

The beauty of it!

It's a shame, you speak of I'll end up

When the truth of the matter, down or up

Is that I've already lost you.

A true artist lacks a homeland

My lack of identity in home ground

Is a viable example, a living proof

It's never a miracle to make a million friends

The miracle, is of your friends, to make a single friend

Who stands by you when a million are against you

That, is and always has been

The beauty of the true definition

Of friendship, as per my definition.

That's what once lit up my life

And even as the light flickers

I keep up hopeful, like spirited checkers

That one day, soon, the one to steady the flicker

Will be found by my soul, from the particles of dust

That make forth the people.



When I look into your eyes, my heart misses a beat

And I can't help but feel, your great love and affection

For me, radiating from the depths of your person

The mere thought, fills my tummy with butterflies

And my body melts, under the warmth of your caress

Your kisses, make my mind do flips

In the air, and I can't help but wonder

If I had the wings, to fly into the sky

Would time stand still,or, would it pass me by

You know that I would run, a million miles knowing

You are my prize at the finish line.


Some say it's a fling, others call it an infatuation

Though both have one thing in common

They diminish with the passing of time

But every time you put your head, on my chest

To listen to the rhymes in my heart, or I on yours

I know for a fact, that ours was meant to be

And will in fact be everlasting

The promise of eternal joy, the bliss of marriage

Is ours to behold, as our hearts are intertwined

Within our chests, in an unbreakable covalent bond.


My eyes sparkle, with every touch of your hand

Every word of your mouth

And every thought of your mind

As such is the benefit of the love, you and I will forever share

Being able to read your partner, like an open book

Without the other, necessarily speaking out the verses

From their mind...and heart.


My love has always,is, and forever will be

Yours for the savouring.

It makes the speed of my heart, increase at times

With the memories...of the times, we both

Spend together. Every second, minute, and hour

Of the day, you dominate my thoughts, and

Like a piece in a chain, are my strongest point

And also, my weakest link.


Don't ever leave my side, I need you inside my world

I can't go a day without you

Most of the time,it feels we got stuck in a maze

Like we are swimming in circles,

Though, unlike the norm

It fills me with everything beautiful

Known to man. Every time I stare into your eyes

I feel nothing but satisfaction

That only you can conjure up within me

Yours forever!



An avid orator with a schooled speech,

A million poets with charming verses

Still don't see what your eyes teach,

But I'm drawn to you as time passes

Pure love has a blind eye

Which is not ignorant of a fault

But soon let's it fly by

Or dwindles it to nought.

On the verge of hopelessness

Your love strengthens my soul,

My heart gathers boldness

And my frame stands tall



The graceful degradation of the vigour of youth,

Valour, colour, agility, brilliance, now stale,

The fountain of the life giving crimson stream

Ticks its own life away, the cradle of life breaks away


The moon now blinds me and the sun's uncouth

The narrow gullies I crossed now swallow me like a vale

The past is perfect, present tense, future from Dreams of a dream wasted, darken my day



The still voice that speaks still

From the days of "do not kill nor steal,"

I heard it like a gentle breeze, caress my soul

When I was at hell's edge and ready to fall,

That the hands should rightly fight

Me, are ready to set me in flight

Towards right, with the trusted ways of grace

And the divine love we off mistake, then misplace.



Those blue and red lights

And a siren, make me uncomfortable,

Not because I prefer wrongs to rights,

Not because am a criminal,

But because those in the blue cabin

Might be as rogue as the crooks they're chasin'.




If your heart's a flower

Then let mine be the niche

In which you cherish to flourish every hour,

That I may glow within your halo's reach

'Coz life without you is the torture

Of restlessness and vague desire



To most, it stands for evil,

To some, it stands for failure,

To me, it's the sorrow of living

Lost to my identity

With no sense or interest in the past

Or a hope for the future

I lack a direction-

And even worse, a guide

That'll lead me in my path

And struggle

To take off this cloak of darkness

I involuntarily wear


The cloak I wear

That reminds me constantly

Of my failures and weaknesses

That doesn't give me the time

Or space to become who I want to be

Or achieve what I want to achieve

The cloak that remains a nagging doubt

To all my hopes and dreams for the future

The cloak

That makes me keep asking

What it is I stand for

Or where it is I want to go

What kind of future I hope to get

It's all covered and consumed

By the darkness in the cloak


The cloak of darkness

That darkness my soul

And consumes my spirit

Leaving it in tatters and shreds

Remains of life

That breeds and inhibits

Only pain and hatred

The significance of this cloak

That once was the star of my life

Hits me like a wave

Every time I think of it

Though now,

All seems lost

Coz that's how I'll be

Lost without the cloak

In this cold, harsh world

Then again, I guess

I've been living, for quite some time

Without this cloak

And though the light

Is dim and shallow

I know I will survive

To live without it

Like so many before me

And still realize, my goals and dreams

To become the best I can be


Maybe someday,

I'll reach the light

And neither the cloak

Not the world

Will be able...

To envelope my soul

In their darkness again

And my spirit will be free

To fly with no boundaries

Not restrictions

Once I take off

My cloak of darkness!



For some many a year

For so long a time

The wound in my heart

Has bled

And even more...shed tears

The pain, getting worse

With each passing moment

Unlike the common say

Time heals all wounds.


Each passing day

I recall with regret

The injustice done

To my poor young soul

The plague of remembrance

Being my constant, and

Fearless shadow

No matter how hard I try

To forgive and forget


Now as I write

The verses of my life

I can't help but think

Of the phrase I've heard

So many use

About the person I've become;

Good girl gone bad

They say,

But for the majority

Who claim to have always

Known the person in me,

They claim it's more;

Bad girl gone worse


Which do you think it is

If I may ask

Is the person in me?

Don't ask me how

I expect you to know

Since none of you

Have met me in person

Since it's common knowledge

A poet, is who he/she writes

What I write is what defines

Who I am or will be

So I ask again

Which do you think it is?


The heart is fragile

Once wounded feasters


By the deadly weapon, love

The most dangerous

To which there's no protection against

Pain, rejection, deceit

By those I love

And claim love me back

Cause more, intense bleeding

To, maybe, by

The wound in my heart.



I hate this feeling

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