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Falling Into The Sky


When I fall, I'll fall into the sky

I'll grab it and slam it into the earth

Rebound off the shockwave

Into the continents

I'll turn them into Pangaea

Butterfly stroke through this gravity deifying force of annihilation

Annihilate this lesser force of annihilation

Alienate myself from the earth

Straight Into paradise


The only way to get there is to be chosen

The only way to leave there is to be broken

Find a way to get there

Because when angel hair falls from the sky

Guts will fall right side up

It takes this to realize they are keeping you alive

It takes this to realize why you couldn't find them in the first place

You lost them

You lost them to your own thoughts

Your own thoughts betrayed you

Your own thoughts crapped on you

So when you fall into the sky

I'll be there to greet you

You'll fall soft on a cloud

A cloud with canine teeth

I'll smell the rotting teeth from where I stand

And the rotting flesh on the cloud

It gives it the scent of new perfume

And it likes that

That gets it excited

And I can see why

Since that soft cloud has a new coat to wear




The same process

The Yellow canine teeth

The perfume

The coats

I fell but I fell genuinely

I did not fake it

And I was not digested by the clouds

That is why I thrived

That is why I made my own paradise

That is why I am alive