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26/11/2018 – Monday



Poems written and composed

By me, others still alive or gone and reposed

Are meant to inspire and brighten

Life’s path on earth towards heaven.


I joined Jessica Powers in her purpose

Poems to write and compose

For God’s children to Him come close

And His kingdom not to lose.


May they help the young to aspire

The good life God for them desire

Even the adult and aged still to inspire

A truly blessed life in God acquire.


We might never know to what extent

Our poems’ influence went

We could only in faith and darkness believe

Its purpose for people achieved.


We might not see the fruits of our labor

But we press on in God’s favor

Writing poems for people’s good

Though their fruits we might not taste like food.


Poems to share for a golden year

My simple “thank you “ souvenir

To praise and thank God for His love and bounty

Through the years till my 50th birthday.


Also, gratitude and appreciation

To family, relatives and sisters in CM Congregation

Friends, benefactors, sisters and brothers in the ministry

With me, all through my life’s journey.