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©2012 Patrick Walston


This is a collection of my Dark Poetry

I wish I could tell you life is all cheerful but then I would be lying to you. This is the reality in which I see the world. You can love it or you can hate it but the fact of the matter is that it’s out of my hands





















The darkness overshadows me, all my light has fade
A fear holds on so tight to me, I cannot get away
I feel nothing can save me now, I’m drowning in pitch black
I thought things were looking up but now the dark attacks
Never ending pressure, ever bounding chains
Never ending troubles with so much hurt and pain
I stumble through the darkness, surrounded by this haze
I feel I’m trapped and alone inside this growing maze
Everywhere I turn, the shadows seem to grow
Every step I take dead ends, there’s no where left to go










Day after day

So this is my life, it's always the same
With nothing to live for day after day
I'm caught in this spiral that won’t let me go
What keeps me here, I really don’t know
Is there more to life than this
If I were gone is there something I'd miss
What keeps me breathing day after day
All that I want is for something to change
If there's nothing left here for me
Then cut this rope and let me fall free
Into the darkness I feel I belong
Into the coldness that's made me so numb
I don't want to stay here day after day
If there's nothing to live for I just want to fade









The Person Unknown

Can you see past the smile, can you read through the lies
To know that I'm broken, I'm damaged inside
No one can know what I truly feel
So I hide with this mask and hope it looks real
I won’t let you see my hurt, hate, and rage
That I'm locked in this prison or trapped in this cage
I'll keep on acting like everything’s fine
Until I break down and lose my damn mind
I won’t let you close cause I can't let you see
The person you know just isn't me












I feel so lonely, so miss placed, I feel adrift in outer space
I keep no friends by my side, my life is such a lonely ride
I wish that I could turn back time, to the days when you were mine
Those days now are far too lost, too bad I couldn't pay the cost
The cost you know was far too high so I pay with tears I cry
Why did you have to go away and take my love into the grave
I sit here at this stone wishing I could bring you home
In my arms once again you are my love and my best friend







The monster

The monster grows inside of me, it hides beneath my skin
I feel it move within me as I commit such sin
I feel its razor sharp claws tearing through my flesh
I know this thing will stay with me until my final breath
I don't know how I got this way with so much hate and rage
I can feel it trying to break away from this human cage
It takes away a part of me and makes me something less
Now I want to get away all I want is rest
It's with me while I'm dreaming it stays while I'm awake
It hates my every movement and every step I take








I'm sick of this life, so sick of this fight
I'm going to end it this very night
I grab the blade from off the shelf
I  stab it deep within myself
The blood flows down my naked chest
This is the way I thought would be best
I fall to the ground with no more care
A strange feeling enters the air
Is this a dream I can no longer tell
Or have I just entered the gates of hell
My eyes are heavy I'm losing my sight
My mind is dizzy, I'm not alright
I'm growing so cold and feeling so numb
No way to take back what's already done
The voices are growing so very loud
I thought death would be silent without a sound
I want to wake from this frightening dream
With things not just what they seem






Broken Reflection

Dreaming of a past time, I see so very clear
Reflecting on the memories of the broken mirror
Peaces of myself, I can never be the same
I am the only one who can take the blame
Useless, ugly, always wrong I can't do anything right
I think of all your hateful words that made me so uptight
What am I, who am I, what will I become
I need to figure out right now why I feel so numb
You took away a part of me, you kept it for yourself
You ripped the love right out of me and sat it on a shelf
You never thought to tell me that you love me back
Now I see the heart of me is darker than pitch black










Death is just a part of life, there is nothing we can do
There is no running away when it reaches out for you
You feel his eyes upon you as he looks into your soul
You feel him breathing down your neck and his touch so cold
You feel his arms around you in a sick embrace
You feel him overshadow you but never see his face
Death is just a part of life, that's just the way it is
You had no way of knowing death would come to you like this
Your eyes are getting heavy, you're breathing is so slow
Holding on for dear life when you should just let go
Death is just a part of life, there is nothing that we can do
There is no running away when he reaches out for you





The zombies are coming!

You better lock your windows and barricade your doors

You better run to safety from the Zombie hordes
Can't you hear them moaning and calling out in pain
They only got one thing in mind and that's to eat your brains
Can't you see them limping and crawling in the streets
You better keep on running it's you they want to eat


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