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My inspiration to write this book of poetry dates

back from time immemorial. While I was in my

mother’s womb, I was destined for a particular

task on earth. And through my journey here on

this earth, I have come to learn that the

capabilities and the gift possessed by a person is

a validation that one has a purpose in this life.

We are all unique in different own ways, but how

do we discover how this uniqueness defines us?

Like trying to define this impeccable and

enigmatic world we are able to discover more of

ourselves. Discovering myself as a writer, was the

least expected dream, but now I live it not a

dream but rather a reality. And now as a writer, I

will continue to discharge the duties that this gift I possess have delivered to me.

Finally, I like to say that this book is a series of poetries I have written from high school till the

current age. The poetries talk on diverse subject

like love, hope, faith, vision, festive occasions,

friendship and a host of others. So I anticipate

that you enjoy every bit of this poetry.


I dedicate this book to a very great friend of

mine, Ivan Boateng, I wish you all the best in all

fields of endeavor and I wish above all things

that thou mayest prosper and be in good health.


First and foremost I acknowledge our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself a ransom to

us all. I thank the Almighty for this gift of writing and the strength and creativity to be able to

complete this book.

Also I say thanks to my family for their guidance

and support in all my expedition to be a writer.

Finally I say thanks to all who have aided me in

the writing arena, all my friends who have been

pivotal in guiding me up to this stage I say I

really appreciate it, and may the Almighty richly

bless you all.

ISBN: 978-1507646595


Life just like the sunlight,

Which rises up in the morning,

Is akin to the human mind.

On earth grounds we find,

Ourselves, our reason of living.

It’s a greater chance given us,

By the creator to leave a,

Legacy for future and posterity.

What makes us is indispensable,

If we do not venerate it.

It may leave us empty,

Not able to accomplish,

Any of our life missions.

Life just like the moonlight,

Which appears in the evening,

Is akin to the human soul.

Before or after death,

We depart to a world unknown.

You may ask where do we come from,

And where do we go after death.

It’s a real puzzle to ponder over.

But what do we have to do,

It’s very simple I will help you,

You just have to understand why,

Things that happen to you happen.

Because I think this the clue to,

A life full of definition.


I wake up to hear what I hear,

“It’s time to go to school” was very clear.

“You will be late for classes,

Your friends are already there in masses”.

My mom beckons me every day,

Because she never wanted my future to be at bay.

So I study hard in order to get a college degree,

Hoping to one day make her so proud of me.

But now I am learned about it,

No one saw it bit by bit.

I climbed to the top of the ladder,

With bigger aims of soaring higher.

It is said that the Queens language,

Contains a luggage of knowledge.

So I am down to earth for this game,

Ready and poised to acquire all the fame.

The Queen’s language is all,

That I now see at every wall.

Some speak it with great dexterity,

While others show a high level of mediocrity.

It is much to be desired,

If we want to say and get retired.

So finally, I want to say that, the queen’s

language of treasure,

Is a cake that must be enjoyed by all in an even



Destroy the mask of fear,

And you will find the mystery,

That there is nothing behind it.

This my dad taught me.

Every day I meditate on it,

To understand what it means,

He also taught me:

Fear is just an emotion,

That envelopes ones soul,

When about to chalk success.

And every emotion,

Can be made to disappear,

By an immediate action,

For or against the emotion.

My dad taught me this.

People put on the mask of fear,

Opportunities put on the mask of fear,

Situations put on the mask of fear,

Occasions put on the mask of fear,

Competitions put on the mask of fear,

Failure puts on the mask of fear,

Death puts on the mask of fear,

The devil puts on the mask of fear,

Even life sometimes put on the masks of fear.

All these have on objective,

That’s to impair its victim,

And make them pessimistic,

To smile at success.

So I entreat all,

To also destroy the masks of fear,

To all life impossibilities,

Because this have been,

My awe-inspiring secret,

To a life full of victory.


Her eye, her eye produces laser spells that is

heart mutating.

Her hair, her hair when she swings moves like

arrows that are soul piercing.

Her nose, her nose moves so cautiously with her

mouth and easily aligning.

Her lips, her lips is so sexy and hot and very


Her teeth, her teeth look as white as snow that is


She’s so beautiful, and I love her every day.

Her neck, her neck is lovely and needs no


Her smile, her smile make me gay and forget all

my worrying.

Her face, her face look so bright and smooth and

always radiating.

Her voice, her voice is so quick and sharp just

like lightning.

Her speech, her speech makes her love in my

heart not stop burning.

She’s so incredible, in my heart she will always


Her chest, her chest moves stylishly into her

breast without protruding.

Her waist, her waist forms so steadfastly and

needs no adjusting.

Her laps, her laps I cherish so much that I can’t

stop kissing.

Her arm, her arms when am in I always feel like


Her feet, her feet is so amazing and very


She is so impeccable, and I don’t want her to go



Is it out of curiosity?

Or out of ignorance?

They plunge into an act,

Of unkindness and betrayal.

It tears them out.

We hear them cry.

But how can they be saved.

If the act is just a game.

A game that made them mad,

Of what happens every night.

When you are socked in the act,

There is no restriction or draft.

The game is not sweet.

But it players play it tasty.

So I wander why they still,

Complain to ex-engage.

“Oh Heavens I want to stop

I don’t like it anymore

It’s tearing me apart

Like lost in a jungle”.

They lament and sob.

But who have heard their cries.

Who can liberate them?

From this act of bondage.

It’s sad to see,

Your fellow colleague suffer,

Because of ignorance and curiosity.

How they wished they knew.

So this is a deterrent.

To all that have hopes,

Of engaging in this game.

In which there is no turning back.


In a city of light,

Were they go off suddenly.

Then a hissing thunderous sounds,

Of creatures ravage the streets.

Pa pa pa…fear summons,

The heart of the inhabitants.

Like the doomsday,

People seek their god’s favor.

They wail bitterly and aguishly.

Since there is just a moment,

For them to depart,

A world that is lifeless.

They await the ancestors’ crown,

Which has slain them,

From time immemorial.

But this time the anticipated,

Turns into the unprecedented.

Their faces drop and crawl.

Their heart fades and shrill.

The end is certain, who can tell.

Suddenly it’s a clash of titans.

Were a vampire’s mortality,

Is restored with the ancestor’s crown.

Who ever thought?

It could have been possible,

For a vampire to show love.


It’s so amazing it happens so sternly.

Brightness suddenly merges into darkness.

Clouds of sunshine are withdrawn.

For the season of doom to overtake.

A world not entangled with acrimony.

This exudes a peaceful state of mind.

This is when my soul conjugates my whole being.

I then sit and stare at the faces that make me.

A time I dine with moon.

Trying to get through to new.

To every success that welcomes me.

Into the known from the unknown.

This is when the earth backers.

Stay all - night to draft peak measures.

That moves the world in it’s cycles.

It seems strange but that’s the ethic.

The decorum to amazing success.

In a world full of pleasures.

Is by only one criteria.

That is listening to the moons answer.


When I entered planet earth.

There were things that really let.

You to be described as just.

Or someone that always hurt

What keeps us alive and still kicking, defines us;

This I call one’s LIFE.

The inbuilt natural ability to do an act, defines us; This I call one’s GIFT/TALENT.

How you are able to make precise life decisions,

define us;

This I call one’s INTELLIGENCE.

An effect or feeling that emanates from a person,

defines us;

This I call one’s AURA.

The external physical features of a person, defines us;

This I call one’s BEAUTY.

One’s exploit and accomplishment, defines us;

This I call one’s ACHIEVEMENTS.

One’s behavior and character to others and any

situation, defines us;

This I call one’s DEMEANOR.

And finally ones actions and inactions, define us;

This I call one’s DEEDS.

So now you see some excerpts.

That can make you perfect.

And the best.

Among the rest.


A stifling cloud of desire to see her,

Warmed up my legs and hurled me to her home.

My eyes then peeped through the door.

And I entered her arena madly craven.

I rush down to the floor to see a sight.

Her body tinted with her own blood

Blood surrounded her body like a meat being

fried in cooking oil.

Her hair sputtered brown being socked in her


Then I moved my eyes down to her chest,

In her abdomen were four thrashed holes of


The bullets aligned her abdomen laterally.

As if cut by a chain saw.

Again I saw her liver and intestines spilled out.

They looked as if a dagger was perpetually


Into her stomach and squeezed.

I touched her body it felt as cold as snow.

Maria is dead… Maria is dead…Maria is dead in

cold blood.

I then ask myself again who could have ever did


As watched, her pale face was turning frail and


In my moment of despair and pain,

I starred at my life talisman.

Torn apart into pieces and wholly annihilated.

A strong regenerated emotion of ache, anger,

spite, inundated my soul.

I unconsciously forgot how to scream.

Instead I placed my hand into my mouth and

started to bite it hard.

The pain of her death was so strong that.

I could not realize I was nearly biting my fingers


My blood then began to ooze.

As I wept the whole night.


As fresh and intrinsic.

From her mother’s womb.

She came into this world.

A new product is made.

Beauty decorates her features.

Buyers love to look her twice.

Though some may not patronize.

It’s a shame she still stands – why

It’s tantamount to what,

Happened in the Garden of Eden.

Her eyes is now open.

After her desires purged her soul.

How possible could it be?

But not to forget,

Her purpose of make,

Is that reason to break.

She is now broken.

What’s needed got from her.

Now empty and dummy.

Is the bottle bought yesterday.

She is now mandated into a new world.

A world were nothing seems wrong.

Life is tasty outside the cave.

She will like to taste every male.

How will you feel if you were her?

Or if you were to meet her personally?

I will not be able to stand her.

Because she can’t store anything.

The broken bottle.

How fresh it was made.

But it’s now in shamble.

I pray that the Heavens may save.


She came from a humble home of Ventour.

She had a beautiful family of four.

She always got what she wanted without


So people liked her because she hated


She lived a decent life full of charity.

Way through her life time she had many


Some who were lucky enough to be her lover.

She was beautiful and had great confidence.

Very calm, passionate and showed a lot of


But lacked only one thing in her residence.

Most guys she dated never loved her.

A lot liked her because of the money she


So luckily she was fortunate to find one guy.

Who was as cute and rare than none.

She gave him all she had.

But in return he made her life so sad.

He made her to realize.

That he will never love her price.

She could not believe what was happening.

It was so painful and heart breaking.

This surged through her heart so tight.

She needed a guardian angel in her encountering


Finding none she decided to end her own life.

So she went up the stairs so high.

And screams out “I am thirsty”

She then raises her eyes up to the skies.

And say “who can satisfy me emotionally”

She then throws herself and opens her soul to


With her she thought it was all over.

With the notion that her life has ended.

But she realizes and open her eyes.

She could not believe what she was seeing.

Rightly holding her was a Prince Charming.

An incredibly handsome young man.

Who fits to the dream of every young girl.

He then says, “Miss today is a day of bliss.

You have suffered a lot in your life.

But today I want you to be my wife”.

So this is the saga of Jenny, the thirsty girl.

How can fate be so mean to hurl her happiness

into a cell.

To this regard I hope to say whether sad or gay.

That life can be really rewarding.

Only if we can keep on enduring.


Mirror mirror on the wall.

You are the most beautiful of all.

You let my life go tall.

And never leave me dull.

When I kicked your love like a ball.

You prompted me with a call.

That raked through my heart like it will fall.

But I ended up so small like a gull.

Ooh most of the time I dream.

In what really seemed like near a stream.

I wandered whether to scream.

By what I see as a team.

The image was not very clear.

But I don’t care whether it’s blur.

Because I think the image in my dream who


Is no body but you beautiful pink.


Today I write my maiden letter

To my lover who is called Asher

Dear Asher,

L - Love me and always be by my side.

O - Over and over again I will feel right.

V - Vow to my heart that you will make sure it

never dies.

E - Enduring to the end we will see the sunlight.

A - At these times when everything seems dry.

T - To you my love and the radiance in the skies.

T - Tell the world we are about to fly high.

W - Wonderfully to an enigmatic height.

I - I promise you my love let’s try.

L - Let this love we feel be our guide.

I - In this dark world that can’t tie.

G - Groaning’s and the pains of this life.

H - However I can state it with pride.

T - That this love will always shine forever like

the twilight.

Undoubtedly yours ever,

We will always have each other,

And rekindle this love forever,

Edwin Taylor.


Did you ever think you were going to leave me,

At the other side of the wall.

It was coals of mixed feelings,

Of pain and doubt,

On seeing the sad you,

A moment of bliss we looked into each other’s


The sweet emotions that enveloped us.

Always kept us alive and active to live.

The most beautiful thing that,

That ever existed between two people,

Was the pure and unadulterated love,

That we shared together.

Though young and prime what we felt,

Was more than an old person experienced.

It was mesmerizing and fascinating,

How we loved each other.

Relieving a memory on the mind,

As the flesh executed it was not easy.

So I ask;

Will our love ever grow cold?

And it’s fire ever get low?

Is the wood wet or finished?

To see this love banished.

No I think the fire is still blazing,

This is amazing though am weeping.

Our love is still the same like every day,

It will never dry, this I always pray.

When I woke up from bed.

I keep my mind wide closed.

Because I do not want to remember,

That awful sight of your death.

That brings back my agony like that day.

But all the same it is very sad to accept .

The fact that you are gone for a while.

Because life without you is like.

Half of my being lost.

But I never forget one thing.

That you succinctly taught me.

That I should store the love of a loved one,

Always in my soul.

So that I case of a broken heart,

I can still love.

But for you Maria, I stored your love all over my


So my whole body speaks and longs for your


Everywhere I go anything I do.

My body screams and lament desperately.

I need you Black Maria and all lie before me.

Now so despondently my body parts can’t

scream anymore.

Without a pain or an itch my life is in tatters.

Who will mend it for me?

Who will swim deep into my heart pond?

To take the love stone of Maria for me.

I guess no one, so let it be Maria.

Your love will always make me glee.


In your inception,

Was a great commotion,

Between the Greeks deception,

To rule the faction.

Living legends of great history.

Tried many times to resolve this mystery

Most were passionate.

But the ruling hand destroyed their plans that

could have been efficate.

Now into a world of total gloominess.

Was a fine white creature radiating pure


The power of bondage and captivity.

Has been conquered easily and perfectly.

A final decision of an everlasting dynasty.

Has been decreed by the almighty.

Born today in David’s city.

Is the yet to be king that will have great


This is a day of blissfulness.

So let’s partake in every bit of it without any


For the power that has shepherd us all these


Has brought us to an end without any tears.


I see their wailings; I see their mourning’s,

I see their heart gnashing with pain.

I see from dawn through to evening,

I see there is nothing for them to gain.

I see the old relegating themselves as children.

I see how they thirst for emancipation.

I see how they are desperate for their departure

I see their optimism crashed with an incoming


I see a kind of life disguised with anger.

I see fear, rancor, despair and dejection in their


I see terror and inferiority invading their blood.

I see their kind of food they can’t stop eating.

I see pain and anguish as the kind of food they

can’t get satisfied with.

I see the bloodshed and the butchering they have

as dessert.

I see their naked faces and minds always panting.

I see an arena of doom were life refuse to exist.

I see their rage as that of a fierce lion.

I see their weakness to overcome their oppressor.

I see an awesome man coming closer.

I see a perfect man delivering them from their


I see this man again setting them free from their


I see now that all the inhabitants clothed in fine


I see their beautiful smiles that were obscured by

their oppressor.

I see bliss now hovering in the land.

I see a spontaneous evolution of a world of gain.

I see total peace and joy for them forever.


In this world is an arena,

Where life is full of gamble.

You just have to think a deep further,

Before your life gets hurled up in shamble.

In this court there are no persecutors,

To sue or scathe peoples actions.

Not to mention a legal adviser.

Who may even loose a court proceeding.

We are all in this court.

Whether black or grey.

You can’t opt out raw.

So you just have to pray

In this court there is one thing,

That dominates all activities.

Just like the eagle’s wing,

It has all the directives.

To either propel you to the higher,

Or to leave you at the lower.

Money is what rules in this court,

It always presents it case for redress.

In case when time fleets and it rots,

We have to go back and start in stress.

It may be hard lack next time,

When fate dawns on your side.

You will get to understand the bliss of many,

Who have won the case of money.

So I ask you to decide,

Are you ready to side?

With the defendant or the persecutor?

Or you will remain neutral as a proctor.

Sometimes I ponder so deeply why,

People can be so barbaric for a sum.

So they go ahead to murder dry,

Only if they will get a piece of rum.

In this court you do all it takes,

To win your own hard case.

No one is ready to aid you,

Even if they are best at what they do.

The court of money,

Is a court full of setbacks.

You just have to persevere eagerly,

To win your case and not slack.


I wanna be a super star,

And always shine so bright.

With fame like the star,

On every given platform at night.

I was a sacred dream,

Which I desired ardently.

I could even scream,

To my friends crazily.

But when I came to realize,

What it actually entailed.

To be a star up so high,

Hopes were easily curtailed.

This was the crux of the matter,

I had to sell my soul.

If I wanted to shine so brighter,

And turn into my creators’ foe.

I then look back to my home,

With all the bit of good teachings.

I can’t let all that go,

For just a dream I have been envisaging.

So I drew my dream plan again,

I told myself by hook or by crook I will be.

If I have to go through all pain,

I will make real my dream tree.

I will be a super star,

With my God given talent.

And leave a very big scar.

And live a life as a legend.


He was a walking rainbow,

She saw when the sun went low.

He was rear specie around town,

Who was not rear until now.

Their love was strong, more than passion.

It’s hiss and crisps was sought by action.

Their beauty coordinated like fashion.

It was amazing, a new love version.

But suddenly their story stops.

Each of their faces drop.

What is left has to be mopped.

There is now nothing left on top.

They break up so easily.

It is hard to imagine so coyly.

But their case was misty.

Their life is now left with no beauty.


Now so cunning he broke her heart.

She is now torn and feels apart.

So depressed and so detached.

She feels she needs a new heart.

This time not a heart that can be betrayed.

Not a heart that will be slain.

But a heart that can maintain.

Extreme shame, disgrace and pain.

So now she tries to relax.

Just to see this season elapse.

But she finds it very strange to realize.

That she has been living in a fool’s paradise.

So she screams bitterly and bursting.

Her whole body searching.

For what made her person.

Before plunging into this messing.

Now she stands up and airs her message.

Deep down from her rib cage.

Saying aloud “who can create in me a new heart.

That can at least be the seal of my sad past.”


Oaks of Definition” is the first volume of a series of Poetry I have titled THE ELIXIR. Oaks of Definition have been a guiding assert in my life.

As a child and growing, up there was only one

quandary that I could seem not to decipher and that was “what is this life all about?” So the quest to unveil what this life was about incepted for me.

Through my quest I was able to discover this

writing ability, which culminated into my first

handy works of poetry, thus “my first generation of the poetry” as I like to call it.

So, after incessant writing and accumulation of my

first generation poetry, I thought it prudent to

publish these, so that it may aid others who may

also find themselves in similar dilemmas.

So finally I say watch out for the second volume of THE ELIXIR that is titled -

Beauty from Ashes. ” I believe it also going to be educative, humorous, intriguing and exciting like

the current one.



Jacob Osae Amanor is a young Poet, Song writer

and Creative writer. His creative abilities were

discovered in his final stage in high school and

from that time has spent colossal amount of time

and resources just to perfect what he possesses.

He is also an ardent Christian and also has an

unrelenting zeal for the work of God. As a music

lover he also likes to play the Piano and spends

most of his free time reading novels and

watching movies.


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