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A Single Heartbeat


A heartbeat….

When a young woman’s hand reached out

To touch a boy’s heart

With her finger

The boy felt his heartbeat

Love for her.


The Sand Flower (Her Pink Kiss, For Autumn and Winter)


A seed, planted in the sand

Grows from the pit of sand

On a fall’s day

A flower of love

Bloomed from the warmth of

The sand, so protected

And kept safe

From the fall days


When winter comes,

The loving flower is so

Filled with love

It’s pedals and pollen

Glow a soft pink

In the winter season

In its pit of sand,

The loving flower

Always dreams

In its home


A love

In the cold season


A flower that blossomed

Into a glowing pink


Pedals and pollen

Look like a heart

As she comes along

In her winter season

And fills the heart

With her love


Walking away, to forget her flower,

She leaves the pink heart

To grow


The next year, at fall and winter

The heart flower

Of pink

Is still alive


Beating love for

The fall and winter



On it’s sand pit,

The pink flower

Reflects on its life


The pink flower

Never stopped reflecting

On her life


The kiss that gave it love


A kiss,

She gave, to a boy

Hiding in her pink flower


Of autumn and winter




Stair to Stair


In the run

From stair to stair


He feels a voice, telling him

To run with its powerful call


Loving the voice,

He follows her voice


As she is a reflection

Of the boy


Her voice, saying things

That are smiling


As the boy


Runs with her voice

And mirror vision


Up his/her stairs


To a boy’s home.


She opens the door, with him


She steps in his home….


To live with her boy


Her voice telling him


The longed-for young woman

Is with her boy.


In his and her home


He feels his heart beat fast


With the young lady’s touch


Her boy feels her hands touch

His heart….

As he goes to slow his heart beat down,


His young girl slows her boy lover’s heart


For her friend.



Lost Night (Endless Love)


In a boy’s night,


Swirls of love


Spiral in the night air….


Visions, of an imagined love


So truly endless, in the lost night….


…. Of the following early morning sky


In a young woman’s early morning,


She wakes her colourful eyes up


And forgets


The lost night


Of endless love in the sky



Never to forget, a boy wishes her to see.



Night…. Can’t Find


Her hands all in the dark sky, her hands can’t find

Who they look for, in his any nightlight

For her to see


Still, he holds on to her in his imagination

And memories

Painting visions, for a young woman

To find, when her hands do see

A nightlight

In a window of the…. her night




A twig, stepped on

A twig, found and repaired

Grown into a tree

By boy, by woman




A Tree, loved by roots

Grown into a red heart

Boy, roots

Woman, red heart


Red Heart


His roots, wrap around; his hand, lift up

Her red heart, beat inside; her hand

Hold his


Someday, his roots

Wrap no longer


Her red heart, beat outside


Her hand holds

A little root


Her Night


In her home,

The young woman

Goes to sleep

Calming herself

So sleepily


Outside her home,


A new day awaits for her….


In the young woman’s tomorrow.



He was Always Her Friend


In the morning, she saw him fly away

…. her hope


Of his future


Her bright colours


So alive and free


From him


The fading flight


Of her with him


Creates her lovely colours in the air


Walking to her


She saw him do something so special for her


Her discovery, of a child, so alive and free


Forgetting her, she cries for him


But he was right there,


For her to see.


He always was


A friend to her.



Her Friend (Young Love)


Her friend, the young woman let

Her life touch


A young love

Shared between young woman and boy

A young life

They loved with one heart


Leaving him alone,

He is lost in his visions

Of his young woman’s life


Leaving him,

She takes her hand away

From her boy


And his loved young woman

Kills a life that dreamed to love

In her boy

With her life,

Finally fading away, from her and his seasons.


The years passing, he remembers his forgotten friend.


A young woman, who would have longed


To be a boy’s friend.


In his and her seasons of their years of life.


Her friend’s love was forgotten to her


In her seasons


When she moved on with her life,


Remembering her past year,


As the young woman moved on to a new one.


The boy never forgot to dream of her,

So he could smile.


A young love

Her friend never lost


A life


Somewhere far


As the seasons started again


Why were the seasons so lost?



A boy’s friend

In her seasons of the year



Healing Kiss


When the boy felt his fear,

The young woman gave her kiss

To him.




Passing Colours…. The Wrong Love


Was there never any relief of living in a dream?

Maybe to love her,

The boy should let his visions

Of the young woman…. Die.


And let her years of life


Wave a sad goodbye to his life.



As her visions float, back to her home.


Wherever she lived….


Wherever she played….


Wherever she grew up….


The boy’s love was so wrong


For this young woman’s life.


Where she lived, in her home


She never forgot that special boy.


Those days of hers,


Yoko had her passing colours in his life






Love and Sadness



I’ve tried to remember love

But all I do is remember to cry


I’ve remembered visions of you….

Oh, no they’ll never leave me….


When I left my home,

And went to the beach

I found you naked,

Waiting for me to touch your body


Every flowing water

It only flows to you


Somewhere far….

Where you grow


You hold my love,

So dreamily in your heart


I can’t reach you,

No, my life wasn’t for love


My love can be the sky,

But you’ll pass my sky


All you your visions saw of me


You could never give me enough


All the forgotten years you had me dream,


All the you, you splashed in my visions


When it was night,


You left my sea.


I want the young woman I see

To make her loving mark,


But I can only cry

By your night sea


The sky above, you never saw

In the dark

Fading, so lonely


I still hang there to kiss you


I had a vision of seeing your death,

But I’ll never get to find it.


I can’t…. I can’t find it in myself

To write about it.


Why, oh, why


Can’t I write your death?


It’s like trying to find you at night

Is scaring me


Everything I remember about you


Thank you so much, but I couldn’t love you.



Everything you wanted me to see,


My visions saw it all.


Your life…. the music from your youth and younger years…. Your goddess body…. your goddess eyes…. Your friends, from your past…. Your family, loving you….


You, playing on a beach…. You, swimming in the ocean…. You, my visions of you…. you in a car, at night in the rain, raindrops of glass…. You, walking to school from your home….

You, leaving school, going home…. Oh, you inside your home, on sunlight days…. Oh, you inside your home, on rainy days, the raindrops of your days on glass….


Oh, you, playing with friends of summer days, you, listening to the same music I loved…. Back when it first came out, and was a discovery to your life…. One of the most uplifting dreams of your life….


Oh, I’m dreaming to remember, but there’s so much to love.


You drank my water…. when you saw what was beneath my eyes.


A saw what was beneath yours, a powerful goddess of life


I would hug you, cry into you, give myself to your death,


You can drink my tears, if you can help me feel breath.


I’m so afraid, I want to cry on you by the beach



You can hold me, you can bring my tears to drip in the sea


No longer, can, I float


In my clouds for you


You don’t know how to help me


I want to love crying my sadness on you


I don’t know


If you loved me


When you looked into my eyes


Maybe you saw sadness


And wanted to help me cry


But I can’t flow,

I keep crying.


I want to kiss your belly, I wanted to see a true vison

Of your wonderful body

So naked, in a friend’s touch


Full of curves, just like my clouds


That watch over you


As they looked to find where you lived


Should I write, your death?


Will anyone remember?


I dreamed of recording your life


So others could see it


Read it, when your sad


I’ll help you feel so better


I’ll cry on you


You can give me your tears


I’ll take your sadness for you


You have a life to be uplifted about


I dream of leaving your sadness with me

In your place


So you can see


The beach and shore


The same way you did


As a child


Visions of seashells


I want to bring to life for you


You forgot so long ago


I’ll hold them for you


Until you find me


I’ll just hold them


And kiss them on your shore


A kiss, I was too scared to fill you with


If only I wasn’t so afraid,


I would have given your life love


I wish to see visions of you cry


Just to heal you with my health


Please believe me


I dreamed of being your friend


Before I lost you


I’m not going to say I’ll be there to for


I’m going to say I’ll cry my love for you


I’m not going to say I’m a friend for you to lean on


I’m going to make you believe you’re my friend


A friend to cry with, a friend so you don’t have to cry


What life I saw in you,


I’m afraid is so faded


I dream of your death,


I but I don’t know if I have it in me


To imagine and record it.


I disappointed myself,


I disappointed you, my miss.


I disappointed my family, I disappointed my life


I disappointed


And forgot my memories of the beach


The ocean and sea become so faded and distant to me


I’m not to blame, my life was coloured with yours


Soaking my rain on you, so much life to have dreamed


Forgetting that beach, forgetting my seashells


I can’t hear you, in them, your deep voice so strong no more


Even when I cry my sadness in them, you can’t speak to me


In your so, so, so lovely


And strong womanly voice


I’ll grow your voice for you


And I’ll never forget your death


Even if I’m the only life who remembers,


You were worth so much to me.


Please, believe me, friend


I want to bury you in my sky of summer clouds


I want to sunlight to show your fun life,


So much love, I’ll cry so you can remember your fun


My never knowing, goddess friend, my miss Yoko.


Believe me, if I never find it in my life, to write about your death….


How you deserve it….


Please, please believe


I will never not love you


In the world of your clouds


My sad, sad, forgotten friend,

Miss Yoko


I’ll hear your dreamy voice again


Please, please in my sad life


Please, why didn’t you give me a power


To see the world


With a goddess’s view


When I’ve cried my sad love out,


I don’t know how much more I can cry



Miss Yoko, please believe me


I was so scared to kiss your colours


Please, didn’t you dream of going to heaven


With a boy who was your friend?


He was too scared


Too pathetic


Too horrible


Too sad


Too confused


To not show his kiss to you


Please, when you die,


If the young man doesn’t write your death


To make a memory of it


Please, please, please


Believe that boy would


Wish for you


To forgive his life


Please, kiss his love


When you will die


You’ll give vision to his power


To preserve his goddess young woman friend’s


Goddess life.


All the attention, you ever wished to get

From this young man, a boy who had been named

A sexual and loving goddess’s boy, a sound of “Robert”


Parents raising you…. parents loving you…. parents spending time with you…. family loving you…. family spending time with you….


…. A gold skin girl who was a goddess…. Hips swaying, so thick, healthy, voluptuous, such a soft belly and waist, such a soft and healthy layer of fat to love her…. such powerful, dark eyes, such enormous eyes, seeing a boy’s colours….


Such sadness…. Such crying he would give to her…. such power he would hive to her…. The goddess girl doesn’t need to be afraid of sadness…. Her sadness was wonderful…. Her crying was for a special life…. he promises her….


Throughout all, all of Yoko’s years of life


When he has forgotten the goddess young woman he fell in love with,


When all her seasons of life are finally finished


And Yoko can sleep with, her goddess tears of a girl’s uplifting life


The boy she fell in love with, the boy who once longed to kiss her


Believe the days, that he will find, somehow,


His way back to this dreamy girl


At her death of a dreamed, sexy goddess, who was once born


On a day he never was.


A day, creating visions for whoever saw her


From her birthday,


To her life days


A natural, gold goddess


Natural visions, of her life


Life, a boy, dreaming of her,

Preserved from his dreamy imagination


For him to smile sadly


At a love, that could have been so many colours.


For the boy to smile sadly


At the wonders she could have taught him,


Of sex



Oh! Thank you!


Thank you!


Thank you so much!


Thank you….


A deep love


Her face, smile, eyes saying:


“I love you”


All you breathed, I can’t breathe





















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