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Jewels from Heaven

Joy Chiasson

Copyright 2013 by Joy Chiasson

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents


Throne Room Events

You See Me Through the Battles

Heart at Rest

No Guilt, No Shame

God Sang a Love song For You


Sealed Letter of God


Each One Has Heartache

May Our Lives

A Conversation with the Potter

Another Year Has Passed

Jesus Is My Anchor


Psalm of Adoration

I Can See Through My Faith

Cleanse My Heart


You knew I needed a boost,

a word of encouragement.

You knew what I needed.

The unseeing God's touch from

above, with so much love.

YOU reached down

and showed me that you cared.

And that you are always there.

YOU showed me that my little happenings

are just important to you

way up there.

Then, I was reminded,

that I am your child.

And then, I smiled.

I am able to get through another journey

through the valley of despair.

Because YOU are there.

Throne Room Events

There in YOUR Throne Room,

Jesus came that day.

His blood on the altar HE did lay.

He washed all our sins away.

Precious Savior,

Sweet Redeemer,

Return to us we pray.

For on that day

YOU rose again.

YOU washed our sins away.

There on YOUR throne,

YOU are never alone.

Angels and The Spirit attend YOUR way.

I will soon meet YOU,

and tell YOU as I greet YOU,

Thank YOU for washing my sins away.

You See Me through the Battles

I have had battle after battle

with this old flesh of mine.

There have been mountains and valleys.

As the road of life entwines.

I have gone this way and that way.

And nothing satisfied.

Until I met the One that

taught me how to dine.

He taught me about the rich

delicacies that are mine,

up beyond the somewhere

in Heaven divine.

Where I will have a portion

of perfect health with a

measure of no pain inside.

And no tears will cross my cheek,

for there will Glory abide.

Heart at Rest

When you are happy and blessed,

Your heart is at rest.

When you have withstood the test,

Your heart is at rest.

Though tempted and tried,

Jesus died to give your rest.

He is peace inside,

Your heart will be at rest.

When in the fire you are flung,

Your heart will be at rest.

When there is a song to be sung,

You'll know your heart is at rest.

You have given your best.

No Guilt, No Shame

No guilt, no shame

since Jesus came

into my heart.

He made them depart.

Just peace and rest

I'm so happy and blessed.

No guilt, no shame

since Jesus came.

God Sang a Love song for YOU

God sang a love song for you,

Upon Calvary's hill one day.

God sang a love song for you,

Please, do not turn HIM away.

His love for you is true.

And He's coming back someday.

God sang a love song for you.

God sent His love song for you.


As Far as the East is from the West

God has forgiven your sins.

When you let the SON in

HE will pardon you and give you a new heart within.

Why don't you give HIM a chance?

Let HIM fill your heart with love and dance.

Praise HIM with your whole heart

and you will have a peace that will not depart.

Sealed Letter of GOD

I see an envelope sealed with love.

I see a stamp sent from above.

It is the HOLY SPIRIT, the heavenly dove.

Sent from the FATHER with His love,

this envelope is me.

I will live eternally.

Because of the FATHER dear only SON,

my life has just begun.

My redemption has been won.

The teaching and trials are almost done.

I trust in GOD alone.

That He will lead me home.

My envelope will someday open.

I will find my way to Heaven.

Then, my letter will be read.

For His SPIRIT will have led.


YOU are torn by the wind of no knowledge

of who you are.

You are lost in the sea of humanity.

It seems like you are looking from the outside in.

Where do I begin?

You take one look at yourself and see you are clay.

You do not do anything for the night or the day.

You worship the ONE who made you to be.

And you remember GOD, The Deity.

How do I get there from here?

How do I know if HE really cares?

How will I know that HE is always there?

Reach out and ask HIM; that is how.

You take one look inside yourself and see


You look around and say do I really matter.

You look around and say does anyone Care.

And then, a small voice says I am really here.

God is the beginning and the end of this quest.

All HE asked of you is to bring Him your best; the best of your problems and worries and fears.

Bring Him your burdens and your tears.

May Our Lives

May our lives be living bread to those around us.

May we seek His face every day.

May we walk in the footsteps set before us.

May we let the Holy Spirit lead the way.

This is my prayer when I bid you good day.

This is my song along the way.

May Jesus shine through us always.

May people see Him and in Him they stay.

Each One Has Heartache

Each one has a heartache we must bear.

Each one has a burden we must carry.

Each one has a step we must take.

Each one has a past to bury.

Who can help you with your heartache?

Who can help you carry your burden?

Who can guide you along the way?

Who helps to put your past to rest?

He is called Comforter and Friend.

He will be with you through the end.

He will remove your heartache and

carry your burden.

Jesus is the Shepherd that will guide you

along life's path.

He will help you get through the

cobwebs of the past.

Just Trust HIM today.

Conversation with the Potter

Dear Potter,

I know I have been tough to mold.

You might have to just start over.

I have flaws that may not come out in the

kiln of life.

So, if you have to break me to use me do it

quickly and gently.

My past is gone and I know I can't keep being the vessel I was.

My present shape is unknown and not

showing much promise.

So, I put my vessel back in your hands to

mold me into what YOU

need me to be now and in the coming years.

Make me strong where You need me to be


Make me weak where You need me to be


For I know, You are the Master Potter and I

am just the clay. And you have already seen


future and you have seen me as the vessel

You are making me to be.

Change my heart, Oh God

Dedication: To my Physical and Spiritual

MOM, one in the same.

Another Year Has Passed

Another year has passed.

Another opportunity is gone.

To show to everyone,

To Whom they really belong.

This year is just beginning.

What will you do this time?

Will they see Jesus warning

or another year just to pine?

Show Christ through the year.

Don’t let this love go undone.

For, you just never know

when a soul will be won.

Jesus is my Anchor

When the storms of life set you a drift.

When the gloomy waves of trouble is all you


Sail on…

For our Lord knows we will be safe in his


He will not only calm the angry storms but,

He promises to be our hope.

He is our anchor through the wild storm.

Steadfast and sure is He.

And He will always be in the

midst of our hardest travels.

He keeps holding on with all of His love.

Just rest in the One that comes from above.

Sail on…

Your Anchor holds.


We start out fresh every day to see where


will take us.

Will we choose life or will we choose death?

Or lips can utter poison or

healing with one breath.

If we choose death,

our relationships will end.

The expectant situation will make up

our minds sometimes.

But, we must choose to react with love or


If we choose life, healing comes not only

to the ones we love.

But, when the expectant situation arises,

we rise above it by looking above to God

for strength.

Don’t become the victim of circumstance.

Choose life.

Psalm of Adoration

You are sweeter than the honeycomb.

You are blessed assurance on Your own.

You loved us to set us free.

You are coming someday just for me.

Oh, how I love thee,

My precious Jesus.

Oh, how I adore thee,

My Savior Lord.

And when I see You face to face,

I want to feel your warm embrace.

I Can See You through my Faith

Oh, I can see You by my faith.

Oh, I can see Your loving grace.

And in this place I see Your face.

Cause’ I can see, I can see.

Oh, I can hear Your still soft voice.

Oh, I can hear it and it makes me rejoice.

And in this place I hear Your voice.

Cause’ I can hear, I can hear.

Your heart I can see through

the windows of my soul.

Your compassion I can hear in Your voice.

This makes me rejoice as I can see YOU

through my faith.

Cleanse My Heart

Lord as You look down on my heart,

there is some wicked way in me.

Lord, I ask right now that you

have Your way with me.

Take out the bitterness and sadness

That should not be.

So, I can be the servant

You want me to be.

Fill me, Holy Spirit,

with love for only Thee.

My God and my Love,

That was sent from above.

Fill my heart with blessings.

Cleanse my heart Oh God.

Make in me anew,

a heart that is humble and lowly.

And help me feel the pain of the world

just like YOU.


Oh Lord as I sit and ponder

as I marvel at your wonder.

I am always amazed at what my eyes do not


How much You really mean to me.

I have uttered words and written my praises


And always feel there is more to express my


You are so wonderful and mighty.

You are my everything.

I write this tonight to show YOU I have not


You are on my mind everyday.

When I fall, You pick me up.

When I can't find a way out, You prepare a


That is why I need to say.

I adore You, my God and my king.

You are my everything.

One Cross, One Time

There is only One cross for security.

There is only One time before I face eternity.

There is Only One God that sent His Son to

die for me.

There is only One drop of blood that set me


Crossing Over Jordan

I'm crossing over Jordan soon

But, don't be sad for me.

You see, my life has been filled with pain and trials.

And I have lived a Godly life.

God is just on the other side of the bridge I cannot see.

And then, I will have peace eternally.

So, please don't cry for me.

I am headed heavenly.

Where the pain and sorrows are melted


And every day is a perfect day.

No tears or fears.

Just praises to my King.

Waves of Trial

The rolling waves of trials keep roaring.

Pounding , pounding my shores.

My anchor still holds to the only One.

For out on my shore I see my Lighthouse.

He will carry me through every step of the


The reaches His arms opened wide

to be at our side.

And there HE will abide.

So when you feel shipwrecked and don't

know how to get off the sinking sand.

Just remember to look up for that Light is

shining in the darkest night.

And you will feel the love of the everlasting Father saying

Everything will be all right, just rest in me.

Personal Blessings

I hope you have enjoyed this journey

through the struggles and victories of life.

I hope these words will encourage you

and may you find the peace that passes all

understanding through these lovely

love letters from our Father above.

May Jesus Christ be glorified and honored.


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