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Finding Love in Lost Places

First published by Steven Bowman © 2023

Copyright © 2023 by Steven Bowman All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. It is illegal to copy this book, post it to a website, or distribute it by any other means without permission.

This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

Steven Bowman asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

First edition

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Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.

– Audre Lorde




Maybe I’m Not So Perfect


Mysterious Love


It’s Faith That Will Set Us Free


Ain’t Worth Those Fights


As the Creepiness Follows


Spare Change Ma’am?


All Things Not Needed


Another Child’s Sad Death


Tommy’s Imaginary Friend


What Our Parents Taught Us


Thy Almighty God


Our Dirty Little Secrets


The Bride of His Dreams






A House Bought in Fear of His Wife


Love Is a Two-Way War


Forever Doesn’t Mean Always


Softly Praying to God


Miss Delphine Wright


I Woke Up Crying Today


Killers in These Streets


Life Doesn’t Have to Be This Way


Trembling at His Feet


Miss Delphine Wright II: The Wedding Day


Mrs. Delphine Jackson III: Twice the Luck


Mrs. Delphine Jackson IV: Our Twin’s Names


The Jackson Twins: We Are Kindergarteners


The Jackson Twins II: Troublesome First Graders


The Jackson Twins III: Sissy Said Knock You Out


The Jackson Twins IV: Dating As Third Graders


The Jackson Twins V: Bad Boys of Fourth Grade


The Jackson Twins VI: The Twins Say Goodbye


Bubba Skeeley: Lookin’ Fer Missus Skeeley


Bubba Skeeley II: A Perfect Skeeley Marriage


Bubba Skeeley III: The Honeymoon


Bubba Skeeley IV: Madisons a Make Her Dance


Bubba Skeeley V: Bubba Skeeley’s Farewell Speech


When Death Shall Reign Upon




Behind Closed Doors


All I’ve Ever Wanted


A Fool’s Racism


O Let It Be Christmas


What a Lovely Day Such As Christmas




Augustus Bowerman: The Englishman Explorer




Sunshine in the Perfect Meadow


Since You’ve Been Gone


If I Could Be a Better Man


This Is Not a Love Song




Who I Really Am




Princess Eleanora


Jackson Twins: Welcome Back Sixth Graders


Jackson Twins II: The Rulers of Seventh Grade


Jackson Twins III: Trouble’s My Middle Name


Every Breath I Take


Little As They Know


My God, What Have I Done?


Okay, I Guess You Can Call Me a Momma’s Boy


Momma I


Jackson Twins IV: Freshman Year


What If


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Myste-

rious, but Shady...


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Girl

That Stole My...


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Mack-

lin Terrier That...


A Little Sweet Thing Called True Love


Jackson Twins V: The Hardest Test Rosie

Ever Took


I Just Can’t Forget About You Girl


In a World So Cruel




Riche$t Alive






She’s a Real Heartbreaker


Dishonor and Disgrace


Growing Up As a Child


Come Along with Me


Hashtag Dolla $ign


An Overdose of Love (All I Need Is U Girl)


Puny and Dweeby


Love’s Not Perfect (And Neither Am I)


If You Had Only One Chance






Tommy’s Imaginary Friend 2


Crazy How You Love Me


Blow Out the Candles (And Make a Wish)




Alliston Faldschmidt


Alliston Faldschmidt 2: Grownups Think

They Have It Easy


Jackson Twins VI: We’re the Rulers of

Eleventh Grade


Jackson Twins VII: Graduation Day


Albertus Nottingham: Mind of a Genius


Puny and Dweeby 2


Ganglandia 2


Tobias Hutchins: From Slavery to Freedom


Miss. Rosabeth Mohegan


Miss. Rosabeth Mohegan II: A Very En-

chanted Wedding Day


What Makes a Father a Father?


As the Creepiness Follows 2


Mrs. Rosabeth Carmichael III: How Many? Septuplets?


What Mama Taught Me


Hark Thou Angel Sang


Octavius Woodenkemper


Ms. Charleen Welkins


Zachary Stinkle: And This Is My Bullied Story


Bittersweet Memories




I Am


Imaginary Friends


Gang Life


Germane and the Hustler


Couldn’t Make It Without


Be Who You Are (And You’ll Be Set Free)


Rise Against


When I Got You Girl


The Legend of Herman Leslie Pritchett


Theresa Flaherty and Her Seven Misfits


Chase Brenton: Justice Will Be Served


Bronté Badenholtz


No Place to Call My Home


Ganglandia 3: Crime Roams the Streets


The Killer Hides in a Watchtower


Bleeding Americans (Those Who Served Our Country)


Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (All the

Children Gather...


A Time for Giving Thanks


A Letter to Santa Claus


Clois Clair


Makayla Eisenchevsky and the Monster

That Attacked Russia


Ganglandia 4: Count Dem Benjis Up


Tis the Season (Fa La La La)


A Life God Gave to Me


Love Affair


Where I Grew Up (Life Ain’t That Easily Done)


What’s That I Hear? (O Praise Ye Christians)


Am I the Poorest Man Alive?


Kristaphique Godfrey




Kendrell McFadden: An Introduction to Gangsville


Hey Young Lady


Only If I Knew You Better




The Heartbreaker (There She Goes Again)


Kendrell McFadden:

The Story of the

Gangsville Massacre


Book Description


Self-Publishing Date




Maybe I’m Not So Perfect Maybe I’m not so perfect,

It seems I’m not smarter.

You’ve made my world it,

It may be sometimes harder.

All I’ve wondered it is you,

You’re my lover until the end.

Just I hope that loving is too,

Because she’s my great friend.

Just don’t wish for the hatred,

Loving you might be a chapter.

Think about us for the positive,

Maybe I think before and after.

Maybe I’m not so perfect at all,

Just can’t stop wondering of her.

She’s everything, I’m at her call, I may not be perfect, not dumber.


Mysterious Love

Tonight it’s just you and me,

I’m just here because of you.

Our love is like cute puppies,

I love how you’re loving too.

Our love is like working hard,

It needs time for us to picture.

You’re loved this so from the heart, Love is like a large architecture.

It can be messy, it can be sloppy, Our love is keeping us from apart.

I know this, our love is all choppy, You just need to know from the heart.

Just need for me to respect wishes, I’m always stopping how it is real.

I respect us and how it’s all feelings, Love is a mystery, to me it’s unreal.


It’s Faith That Will Set Us Free It’s faith that will set us free, It’s a truth that says it’s love.

Just don’t think it so harshly,

Just I say you’re so beautiful.

Never should have overreacted,

Never have I had a reaction.

Loving this world I’m alive at,

Loving how you needed action.

Just don’t ever rethink on bad,

Just don’t ever react all worst.

You need to think and be glad,

You need to think doesn’t hurt.

Once you controlled what needs,

Once I’ve defeated overreacting.

Don’t rethink about your pleads,

Don’t think of its underreacting.


Ain’t Worth Those Fights Life is mysterious as we know,

I just can’t overthink a reason.

Fighting hurts doesn’t it show?

Seeing the fights and bleeding.

Ain’t worth those fights all day, Just don’t think about this fighting.

I see the emergency on the way,

Killed over stupid, you’re dying.

I’m just sorry for all the deaths, Just it’s ain’t worth those fights.

You just killed to see bloodbaths, I just saw you carry the knives.

Is it not this way for you ain’t it?

Just you see this good in nature.

You all know never to do all this, Ain’t worth the fights, so mature.


As the Creepiness Follows In the nightfall, there was a girl, She wanted nothing for safety.

One day she wanted the world,

Then she realized it’s imaginary.

Once she was out in a dark storm, She knew as the dark was all fears.

As the creepiness follows unwarned.

Just she feared that she’ll be scared.

Just as the wind blew, she will jump, Looking for another way out of there.

Creepiness followed all the way home, Jumping as she wanted daddy dearly.

Following her the way home scarcely, She prayed to God, her only true friend.

Couldn’t wait to get home for her safety, She knew if she didn’t, she will be dead.


Spare Change Ma’am?

Once there was a very poor man,

He needed to get off these streets.

So he wished for this for a reason, Spare change ma’am? He pleads.

The lady he asked, had no change, So he begged and pleaded for any.

The lady felt bad and had nothing, I’ll take anything ma’am, I’m so sorry.

He just needs money so desperately, I’m trying to get off these dirty grounds.

I’ll take anything, I needed this so badly, I’m so poor, I’m robbed of these towns.

Just the man wanted to ask another lady, She wanted to help him, she was so nice.

Gave three hundred and thanked her kindly, He got up and saved this, kept this as a prize.


All Things Not Needed When you first started cursing,

You’ve got soap in your mouth.

They’d say there’s no swearing,

They’d ground you for a month.

Parents that need their children, Trying to stop any type of curses.

When you’re young, all-forgiving, Just don’t swear, see it all works.

I think of this as a really bad thing, Swearing is a thing, it’s not a need.

Just don’t rap about all drug killing, Don’t be this and do not be greedy.

I need the world to be so perfectly, It’s already filled with the pollutions.

Our future children, killing so sadly, We really need this for constitutions.


Another Child’s Sad Death As he watched the children,

They would laugh and play.

Looked over a way to them,

The police he knew on way.

The children were laughing,

The children try to run away.

He creeps closer for a killing,

Killed a boy, now he’s bloody.

The man wanted his victims,

He wanted them very bloody.

He killed boys for themselves,

Now the police caught many.

Another child’s sad death upon,

Now the man was thrown in jail.

The police saved many children,

Rotting in prison without any bail.


Tommy’s Imaginary Friend At Tommy’s age of being seven,

He had a friend named Augusto.

This is his own imaginary friend, He was so nice, he loved him so.

They’d play and laughed together, Thinking that he wouldn’t hurt him.

Young as he was, he was so clever, Wanting him to meet his friend Tim.

Augusto wanted for him for a friend, Tommy introduced him, he was nice.

Tim wanted this for Tommy to begin, Just they played together till the night.

Then the night came and he vanished, Tommy was so sad that he was leaving.

He cried all night till he had no tears left, Just as the sun rose, he was back again.


What Our Parents Taught Us Remembering when you were young,

When mommy and daddy taught you.

They’d teach you from rights to wrong, Just how they taught us keeping truth.

Don’t ever lie and steal, they’d teach us, They’d keep us from unbelievable things.

You’re loved by your parents, that’s trust, I hope that they will do the remembering.

What our parents taught us, never do bad, Always do the good in life, you will get far?

Just don’t react on the worse, just be glad, You’ll need them and they’ll need you more.

What our parents have taught, may be good, It may be all bad, neither overthink all worst.

When I knew myself, all needs are a should, I need this to be glad, even if it’ll all just hurts.


Thy Almighty God

When you pray and God answers,

It’s God who should have needed.

Overlooking all trust in only words, Thy almighty God shall be treated.

Don’t be a righteous, all total freak, Thy word is a commandment right?

Just have Jesus and thy worthy feet, Thy truth is the only one that do fight.

Just be praying to a God to begin with, Trust and obey, don’t break commands.

Righteousness is the one that’s only this, Don’t overthink about a truth and be glad.

Thy almighty God I seek only that is good, Just don’t reenact this possible outcomes.

God be thy word, and it’s always a should, Jesus, you’re the one that does overcome.


Our Dirty Little Secrets Once they knew a secret,

They needed it so rudely.

When it came to a regret,

Thinking over it abruptly.

Hey you over on that hill,

Don’t look at her like this.

Look for a guy named Bill,

Knowing all of my secrets.

Can’t stay away from that,

All of our dirty little secrets.

I need to find his friend Pat,

It’s a fact, he’s all my regrets.

Jumping, he’s like Air Jordan,

Sneaky little bastard, stealing.

Just it’s a miscommunication,

He’s not just this very worthy.


The Bride of His Dreams Once there was a wedding,

He wanted the bride happy.

Needing all this supporting,

He just need this way gladly.

Breaking over a groomsmen,

Just he wanted her so badly.

I’ll be this way to all women,

Couldn’t stop and step away.

It’s so hard for him this way,

Wants the bride of his dreams.

Just ignoring whatever to say,

She wanted him, only it seems.

Killed over always whatsoever,

Needed his way to be like this.

He really wants to be together,

Loving her and that’s how it is.



Men thinking of themselves,

Ladies maybe overpowering.

They think they’re invincible,

When sadly, it’s so cowardly.

Unforgiving truth when comes,

Just we’re dying from the inside.

Arriving late, the cry overcomes, I need comfort, nowhere to hide.

When thinking they’re invincible, Just they’re all just being foolish.

Killed by a crime, uncomfortable, She dies judging by a death wish.

Unwelcomed by her own guests,

Her cries were so misunderstood.

Just she needed all their respects, Chose death, fears were no good.



Maybe thugs aren’t shooters,

They all need to decompress.

Calling themselves gangsters,

Never should they be blessed.

Thugs don’t get all their girls,

They pay them just big bucks.

Killing like they own all worlds, Murdering with all their glocks.

Blood gangs, where is the Crips?

Crip gangs, where is the Bloods?

They are fake owning their cribs, Murdering just to own any goods.

Gangsters don’t own their swags,

It’s the Rap Game, it’s the G Code.

They rob and steal, filling all bags, Man these gangsters seem all old!


A House Bought in Fear of His Wife It was the nightfall of summer,

A man wanted to buy a house.

Just he knew it is a real comer,

Puts it in his own name Straus.

Mr. Straus wanted it very quick,

He wrote down the rent pricing.

Hope its low, or he won’t buy it, I want it low, it’s all to my liking.

He needs this to become his own,

What do I need for an experience?

Just I wanted to call this my home, For a house, needing a cleanliness.

He’s happy to buy his first house, Just couldn’t wait to check inside.

He lives far away from his spouse, Living here so if he needs to hide.


Love Is a Two-Way War Love is a two-way war,

Love and every hatred.

Just don’t leave a scar,

Beaten till I am so red.

Love can have wounds,

It can have battle scars.

Preach death very soon,

Love steals all of the hearts.

Stealing everyone’s battles,

Just it’s so two-way war.

My God, all love saddens,

Leaving any type of a scar.

God shall have been a witness,

Just love ain’t all that pretty.

It’s never had its forgiveness,

Love isn’t all about its lovey.


Forever Doesn’t Mean Always When you say you love forever,

Its forever doesn’t mean always.

Always don’t wish to be a lover,

Just kiss her, all school hallways.

Just be a lover, not even a hater, You all loved her always the same.

Just if you ain’t, then see you later, Because I am done playing games.

Just forever doesn’t mean always, Kissed her and now you can tell me, Just feared that she won’t like all this, Because she won’t even get to meet.

Just I need to wave her and say well, She’s my world, she is all everything.

Hating on me, than you can even tell, Just I need this girl, I’ll buy her a ring.


Softly Praying to God Once there was a teenager,

She wanted nobody’s hate.

So she began doing prayer,

She wanted God for relate.

She’s softly praying to God,

Thanking him night and day.

My Lord, can’t she be begot?

Never overlooking all betray.

God, can’t you please help me?

She prayed, his answer returns.

Lord, can’t you hear all pleads?

As he never looked overturned.

Just as she began to say her pray, She never wanted forever begged.

God shall be an answer, she’d say, Heaven’s angels, listen what’s said.


Miss Delphine Wright Ooh just look at her prettiness,

Call her Miss Delphine Wright.

She’s the one who’s so gorgeous,

Just she’s the one for men’s type.

She’s gotten a fine-shaped booty, She’s the sexiest girl that men like.

My Lord, she is the one for many, To all men, she don’t like to fight.

Miss Delphine Wright, she’s pretty, Just look at her, she won all hearts.

All men gotta do is ask her to thee, She’s won the many who please her.

Oh man, she’s the one for all of us, Just look at her fine butt, she’s one.

Sorry for the sex talk, it’s all a must, Men just need her and she has won.


I Woke Up Crying Today I woke up crying today,

And I don’t know why?

Won’t you comfort me?

Don’t know how I cried.

Just this is my emotions,

I can’t even explain them.

They’re all so mysterious,

Hope I’ll be happy again.

Open up my mind a little,

Don’t know why I did cry.

In my mind, it don’t settle,

I just don’t even know why.

This is a true story, it begun,

Just I hope you’ll comfort me.

It’s true, I cried it’s overcome, Please I beg, won’t you please?


Killers in These Streets Once there was killers in these streets killing, When they needed to be like this shooting up.

Just they’ll see and you’ll be the one for death, Looking for a way to get throughout the ghetto.

Killers in these streets, they need to be killing you, Just as they wanted to behave without killing souls.

My word, there’s nothing you can do just surviving, Back from the dead, they need the one who do not.

Looking for a way to feast on the blood, so hungry, Just they wanted to be like this and feast upon you.

Many who survived are the lucky ones and escaped, My Lord, they need to be feasting upon anyone else.

Anybody knows not to stare at all of those monsters, My word, they all know about the one of the zombies.

Rolling down your blocks, shouting at everything else, Lord please do anything to help us from all of the sins.


Life Doesn’t Have to Be This Way What if there was another way?

What if there wasn’t any peeps?

Could’ve heard what she’ll say.

Oh how much I’d like for keeps.

Life doesn’t have to be this way, As you know she’s mostly worst.

I could’ve been looking for a say, Just how breakups, we do it hurts.

Just how she’d be the person liked, Could’ve been another way I hope.

Love hurts, I’d never be misjudged, My dear person, just forget the rope.

Moving on with the suicidal persons, Just how I’ve moved on with myself.

Love at first sight how it’s all visions, I just can’t forgive, I just need herself.


Trembling at His Feet Once there was a black slave,

He wanted nothing to be freer.

A wish to escape a dying fate,

If he would, won’t have a fear.

Bruised by the whips of death,

Beaten till he’s black and blue.

He will be bruised, right to left, Just he will never realize truth.

Trembling at his feet he swore,

Over my dead body ya asshole.

Just let me noticed how ya are,

Beaten until was blacken whole.

Trapped by his own slave owner,

He swore revenging and escape.

Needs escape before his spotter,

He was free before all death rate.


Miss Delphine Wright II: The Wedding Day

Welcome to the continuing story,

Miss Delphine Wright she’s cuter.

Marrying a man who’s a mystery,

The wedding day, needs a mister.

Killing herself over what’s perfect, Needs to do her calmly willpower.

She wants to get married so do it?

Man she’s all that calmly stronger.

She gets married to a man herself, His last name is Jackson, she took.

Hunter Jackson, a cowboy himself, She took it and did not overlooked.

Now she is Mrs. Delphine Jackson, Went to Hawaii for the honeymoon.

They plan on to have their children, Having their first child all very soon.


Mrs. Delphine Jackson III: Twice the Luck

Welcoming back from vacation,

Hunter welcomed herself home.

She told him thanks for reaction, He knew she happily welcomed.

As the night came they stayed up, Then they prayed, pleads for child.

Hopes for a child; this sex is for us, Prays their child will be worthwhile.

The next morning came all happily, She awoken with a piercing scream.

The pain was too much unbearably, As she awoken, thinking it’s a dream.

They went to the hospital so painful, As the doctors tried to make pushes.

Just pain for her was so unbearable, She popped out a boy and girl twins.


Mrs. Delphine Jackson IV: Our Twin’s Names

Welcome back from the hospital,

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson goes home.

The twins will be named twice ya, My Lord, they’re so pretty to come.

She named them Maxie and Rosie,

Short named Maxwell and Rosabell.

What great names right? All happily, Just couldn’t wait for this to be final.

Yes, this is going to final continuation, Sorry for that to be that way but it’s so.

Just couldn’t want to say the end of it, Hopefully y’all like this, it’s all I’ve knew.

Sorry I’m getting back to this storyline, The Jacksons went back home happy.

Maxie and Rosie still wanted to whine, As the twins grew, they became family.


The Jackson Twins: We Are Kindergarteners

This story takes place five years, The Jackson Twins begin school.

Starting them as kindergarteners, Maxie and Rosie try to keep cool.

Delphine and Hunter are in tears, Hoping they shall have a fun day.

Maxie overhears there are bullies, Rosie will protect him in any way.

The Jackson Twins overprotective, Just hoping they will have most fun.

Looking out for bullies unpredicted, If not they’ll be the ones who’s won.

Then they had fun on their first day, Welcoming home from kindergarten.

Rosie protected Maxie in every way, Stopping all bullies from hurting him.


The Jackson Twins II: Troublesome First Graders

Getting back to the kid’s story,

Now they begin the first grade.

They’ve started off with history, Going by a name of Mr. Wade.

As the teacher began teaching,

A kid rudely kicks Maxie’s chair.

Stop it, sissy make ya bleeding,

I mean it kid, she’ll do it I swear.

As Mr. Wade saw this troubling,

He immediately stopped the kid.

Sending him towards cornering,

Make sure ya know whatcha did.

As that was completely over with, He went back to the history lesson.

The kid so angry, he was so over it, He cried and swore his vengeance.


The Jackson Twins III: Sissy Said Knock You Out

As they started second grade,

Maxie tries to stop controlling.

Rosie walked, starting to hate,

Keeping her from wrong doing.

As Maxie walked and got tripped,

Crying from pain, sissy so hating.

Rosie starting hating and flipped, She disliked how it’s was starting.

Wow my sissy said knock you out,

Just she starting to find who it was.

Rosie wanted to scream and shout, I knew that, she does it just because.

The principal came and saw fighting, My sissy better be calmer for her sake.

Just as the principal yelled out stop it, Sissy helped me up then we escaped.


The Jackson Twins IV: Dating As Third Graders

Welcome back to their story,

The twins starts to fall in love.

Man their troubles are history,

Dating just they don’t like hug.

They’re dating as third graders,

Rosie has a guy named Charlie.

Don’t like to be nobody’s haters, Maxie has a girl named Carlene.

They starting kissing each other, Other people started to say awe.

Jealousy just was the one victor, Principal stops all love in school.

As they went to class still kissing, Having such a fun time in school.

Third graders shouldn’t be dating, We all kiss, do not stop loving too.


The Jackson Twins V: Bad Boys of Fourth Grade

The twins are fourth graders,

What an adventure they had.

Loving from those non haters,

Now they’re aware those bad.

It’s all bad boys of fourth grade, Rosie and Maxie knows of them.

Bad boys they have party trains,

Unaware of how it’s isn’t pretend.

All bad boys will try some trouble, Acting so crazy, doing all partying.

The twins are not partying people, Shouldn’t have done wrong doing.

Reckless bad boys all are so wild, Parties in the hallways so wrongly.

Can’t be with them, it isn’t a crowd.

These bad boys shouldn’t be freely.


The Jackson Twins VI: The Twins Say Goodbye

Wow what a wonderful story,

Sadly, the twins say goodbye.

Now the twins are sad history,

This is the ending, I might cry.

Ending this story in fifth grade, They say goodbye to their fans.

As the grew up, this was made,

I can’t barely speak of the twins.

The twins say goodbye the end,

Having these stories to be made.

All these stories are just pretend, Sadly, they ended with fifth grade.

Enjoy all my poems made for them, Make sure you have all the fun I had.

My Lord, it is the sixth it’s all pretend, I might cry, not sure if I’ll ever be glad.


Bubba Skeeley: Lookin’ Fer Missus Skeeley

I’m making a different story,

This is a story just about him.

Y’all call him Bubba Skeeley.

Should be calling him a man.

He’s lookin’ fer Missus Skeeley,

Woman he should be marrying.

Missus Skeeley should have me,

Just he’s so cute, he is sparkling.

I’m making this about himself,

This story shouldn’t be that old.

Skeeley should have all wealth,

Missus should cook on a stove.

Bubba Skeeley he is the victor,

A missus by a named of Mariah.

Man he loves to always kiss her,

Waiting for a marriage to Bubba.


Bubba Skeeley II: A Perfect Skeeley Marriage

Thus the continuation continues,

Both so eagerly waiting marriage.

If not, he shall sing Skeeley Blues, Happily they marry, it’s a privilege.

Just as Mariah walked with daddy, She wanted him to take her picture.

I love him he said I shall do it gladly, Will you take it next to this structure?

Do you Bubba Skeeley take this girl?

He said I do, then he gave her a ring.

Mariah Marris do you love his world?

Of course I do, it’s just our own thang.

Pronouncing them husband and wife, Hallelujah! Amen! To our highest Lord.

They both kissed until the end of night, Both kissed until night wasn’t anymore.


Bubba Skeeley III: The Honeymoon After they got married together,

Mr. and Mrs. Skeeley going out.

They try Fiji, but due to weather, It’s raining, the sun don’t sprout.

Fiji out, they try somewhere else, Going to Florida for the sunshine.

It’s all sunny out, they could melt.

So they went out, got some wine.

There they got so drunk and wild, Just passing out all over the floor.

Saying fuck this night passed out, Their mouth aren’t like this before.

All jokes aside, they had lots of fun, They left the state all happily loved.

Misery overcame and they’re done, The Skeeleys we’re never behaved.


Bubba Skeeley IV: Madisons a Make Her Dance

As they came from vacation,

Going from home then work.

Wishing they have a solution,

Mariah went to do bloodwork.

Bubba ran into a broken truck,

This truck had all kinds of bills.

He wish to help but it’s his luck, There was Madisons overfilled.

He didn’t see anyone for miles,

Stuffing the bills within pockets.

No one there for the police files, Luckily he was richer not stupid.

He came home with the money,

All madisons a maker her dance.

Mariah thinks he’s playing funny, Bubba’s glad he had this chance.


Bubba Skeeley V: Bubba Skeeley’s Farewell Speech

My fellas it looks like an end,

Thus I do so I say all farewell.

Southern riches I say a begin,

Lookin’ out fer ya. Ur so swell.

My good fellers, I will miss ya,

God bless y’all and I’m forever.

Peoples, I will never forget y’all, I want y’all to be free and cheer.

Fer ya, this I’m going to give you, Some of my madisons for richer.

Kisses to ya husbands, wives too, Please don’t forget me I’m so freer.

This is my farewell speech so bye, My Lord, y’all have been very good.

Over and over I still do ask so why?

Don’t ever like to be misunderstood.


When Death Shall Reign Upon When death shall reign upon,

As the ghouls shall seize town

Reigning as the needed – sadly fiends, Perking a smile as they ate all remains Never should they breathed bare,

Scaring people from mid-light scare People praying that they shall go away, My word, they’d be this all night till fade When death shall reign upon!

As a boy dressed in a costume head to toe, The boy needed all the candy – cavities no?

My Lord, he’s already so sugared out, He hoped to get candy from any house Boy, how does he get this candy?

People just keep him always handy The boy perked a smile for any pieces, Many people give him all types of candies When does he need any of it?

Scariness of the ghouls,

Midnight pays the tolls



Jumping little kids from all ghosts, Many of these kids don’t all know Fiends and scared little children, Many ghouls reign all upon them

Didn’t they ever jump in fearfulness?

Many don’t know all ghouls like this Pale-whitish colored skin tones,

Skeletons are nothing but bones

Ghouls are so clear – hard to see them, Many of them had blood to all so bled When death shall reign upon!

Halloween is scary already,

Filled goodie bags with candy

Trick-or-Treating little children, What has candy ever done for them?

Scariness of the ghouls fearing,

Man, candy is all worth sharing



Sorry to have to say it this way, I have to decline what you’ll say Many whom don’t always know?

Truth all hurts, doesn’t it all show?

Don’tcha all need me?

I’d like y’all to be free

Declining what you’ll always need, Truth hurts it will sometimes bleed Whenever you need me I’ll be aware, Man, the decline hurts much, I swear Decline hurts y’all once in your lives!

Respect is the key!

Just as y’all needed my love and caring, My word, I’ll be the deadly one sharing Decline your words and you’ll be so free, Just take these words just always from me Love yourselves and neighbors too, Because they’ll just be smiling at you Always need yourself and have awareness, Free and loving is the key to successfulness Overdosing on drugs ain’t a way to go, 43


I have to decline that way which is a no Just be loving always just to yourselves, Put that fearfulness in a jar on high shelves Always love and be free!

Be loving to yourselves!

Just don’t kill ourselves!

My Lord that is no way,

Caring is what I will say

Young love until it’s all over,

Because she’ll be the one comer

Decline the bad and keep good,

And don’t be all misunderstood

My world is a somewhat bad one,

Evilness is the one whom all won

Just I decline the bad keeping love, Eternal rest, good should be above 44

Behind Closed Doors There she goes again,

Nine times out of a ten

Herself and I,

She asked why

Looking for a way out,

We bang, start to shout

Behind closed doors fearing,

Why God? It’s freaky asking.

Looking for the possible way,

Trembling over what to say

Please help us oh God!

As we began to pray out loud,

Squeaking sounds of a mouse

Begot throughout a landowner,

Chops wood plus a lawnmower

The fearfulness got the best of us, My Lord, please help, it is a must Behind closed doors, all lack of air, My Lord, please help us, if I’ll dare?

Stop playing games with me Lord,

Choking on a sliver of an electric cord 45


I must be dying, I ask why, just why?

Need help, trapped without air I’ll cry Please help us oh Lord!

Lacking the oxygen, I’m slowly dying, With the beautiful girl and she’s crying Please help us and I’ll thank the Heavens!

Behind closed doors and her name is Devin What a lovely name you say?

I’m alive, that’ll make my day

Up there I send a peaceful letter, A wish that Heaven will be better Because I’m afraid that I’ll die today, Look God, I’m done games, save me!

We’re almost dead right now,

Just save us oh God! No chow!

We’re saved! Thank the Heavens!

Never died with the girl, it is even!


All I’ve Ever Wanted All I’ve ever wanted was a girl,

I wanted her to rock my world

Too bad she left me all sad-like, Man where have the days alike?

Say it ain’t so,

I will never go

Wishing you the best day ever,

Because I’m never saying never

My girl she left me feelin’ blue, It’s like our love is overdo

Just as she left me,

Man she felt so free

All I’ve ever wanted was a friend, Treat her kind like she hasn’t been Just my goodhearted kind of person, I’ll love her, I don’t have no reason Looking at her fine body,

Man she so very naughty

Ooh girl, you my best,

Man she’s one, no rest

All I ever wanted was a girlfriend, 47


I’ll never destroy her best kindness Crying over my lonesome,

Man I must be feelin’ dumb

All I ever wanted was a lady,

My word, she’ll not be shady

Looking at her best friends,

They drunk, not all refunds

Didn’t she teach me a thing or two?

Shawty, this big diamond is for you All young at heart,

We never be apart

I’ve loved her so much,

Never all things as such

Just I loved her so,

It’s sad to see her go

Goodbye to the prettiest girl,

The prettiest in all the world!


A Fool’s Racism

When they call blacks Negroes,

Thus the word stupid is told.

A fool’s racism it just figures,

To our children’s world unfold.

Young blacks feared the whites,

Jackie Robinson breaks color barrier.

Uptown and downtown a black fights, I call this racism, dumber than before.

The blacks versus the white folks, Columbus disproves of all Indians.

Saying “it’s a free world” no trust, Pleading just to work in businesses.

Germans versus the Jewish peoples, Adolf Hitler hates every non-perfect.

Racism in the Swastika; never heals, Jewish people killed, for a lookalike.

It’s just all a fool’s racism I say, Germans just killed the innocent.

Bloodbaths splattered every way,

Just can’t believe how it all went.



Many say the world is a free one, I say it’s not, believe me, it’s not.

Just how the racist follows blood, Racism leads every fools to fight.

Murdered little children so sad,

This world we all know is gone.

Just those murderers seem glad,

It’s like World War III is begun.

Sadder the world never is good,

A fool’s racism, we are in battle.

It’s like mayday once withstood,

This world don’t raise flagpoles.

A fool’s racism we are all dying, Why all the deaths in this world?

A fool’s racism, I’m not denying, What haven’t we done ever told?


O Let It Be Christmas Oh the night before Christmas, oh how we all knew, Each little children hoped with all sips of hot cocoa.

O let it be Christmas, the children waited for Santa, Just how the magical nightfall never an undeniable.

O let it be Christmas, the little children hope to see,

“Santa Claus will you come to my home in this city?”

Just as the nightfall was all merry and all so bright, The children said their prayers just for him tonight.

Happiness and the city was so very bright cheerful, This Christmas was going to become all so gleeful.

Might it be Santa Claus? Is he really here in town?

The choirs sang softly as the city gathered around.

O let it be Christmas, as children saw Santa Claus, And there it was his reindeer as those children saw.

‘Twas once they all cheered as Santa gave presents,

“Merry Christmas to all!” Santa told with presence.

Little children jumped with such gleeful in their eyes, Santa Claus gave out presents to children worldwide.



Each child got presents from Santa thus in one night, They all thanked Santa Claus, each reindeer in a sky.

Then this magical Christmas was a good merry to all, Each little child opened their presents in the nightfall.

O let it be Christmas, oh how every child were happy, Loving this magical Christmas night, everyone merry.

All the happy children loved their presents from Santa, Merry to all and a happy new year, ‘twas merry to all.

Hoping for Santa Claus’s arrival next Christmas come, I say the children loved Christmas, oh how it’s become.


What a Lovely Day Such As Christmas What a lovely day such as Christmas, Thus the children get gifts from Claus.

Good days and happy New Year,

As the winter cold draws near.

Hushing the baby,

Their cheeks rosy.

Merry to all! Happy New Year!

What a lovely day such as Christmas, Just they need the presents, it is must.

Gleefully each child glows,

As they play in winter snows.

Must there be sleigh bells I hear?

Just every child comes be aware.

Merry to all! Happy New Year!

Merry and bright,

Snow falls tonight.

Hurrying to get inside for warmth, Hangs a greener Christmas wreath.

Must there be an elf on the shelf?

Tells Santa how good all a child.



Merry to all! Happy New Year!

What a lovely day such as Christmas, Having a hot cocoa to sip slowly a cup.

Jumping little children gleefully, They all needed presents happily.

Must there be Christmas cookies?

Santa does the gifts all so quickly.

Merry to all! Happy New Year!

What a lovely day such as Christmas, As all the white snowfall comes.

Noel carolers sing their songs,

As a Christmas bell dingdongs.

Must it be Santa Claus?

And where Mrs. Claus?

I’m saying Merry Christmas to all!

And all a very wet winter snowfall!

Merry to all! Happy New Year!



When in those times we think

It always comes out unwritten.

At all times we became extinct,

Just not everyone has blessing.

All we know in this dying world,

Is the word “survive to a finish?”

Undeniably they bled a so cold,

Damn they all are the wimpiest.

Just asking how that is?

I’m asking unforgettable.

Looking out of a bullshit,

Man their all so deniable.

Whiplash and bleeds out,

Blood boiling to extremes.

Just how are them about?

Man the fuckers are lame!

Unforgettable they don’t see,

Plainer they can’t all believed.

Losing my religion as it’s hazy,

Looking out for the child rapes.



Misdemeanors and whippings,

Haziness to the extreme degree.

Unforgettably knowing the stings, Masters in slavery make all bleed.

What happiness in unforgettable?

Man they seem to be undeniable.

Hurry all! Hurry fast!

Crown of higher king.

Man there in the past,

Misery of blood stings.


Augustus Bowerman: The Englishman Explorer

Head north to North Wales, I need the gold, I would like to be the richest in all England.

Wither there and scurry along,

I’ll be the richest in all of the land.

Men and women will look up to me begging, Wishing to be the person higher than you all.

People wishing they were me god forbidden, They will not be rich, they’ll fall.

Might I be greedy?

Don’t think so!

So rich and filthy,

I’ll do anything for gold!

I Augustus Bowerman, the Englishmen explorer, Wish to be the wealthiest in all country’s land.

Lost in destiny’s eyes, and lost in dusty weather, Well, I’ll be the only one, the richest Englishman.

Steal their gold from the countries, The men will fear me and they beg.

Lemme just tell you, I am in riches, Fancier women to have all the sex.



My world I live in,

Can’t be wealthier.

Love to a woman,

Man, she so sexier.

Just can’t be me, Augustus Bowerman!

I’ll be the richest, you’ll see!

You have my word, I’ll seize all land!

Just to have the greed so I’m wealthy!

I did the quest for gold in North Wales, Jealousness, and I’m the wealthiest!

Now I’ll need more gold I will set sails, In your face North Wales! I’m the best!

I’m going to another country for gold, And I am the best Englishman sailing.

I’ll have more quests so my story told, My stories will be told, it’s not ending.




Sunshine in the Perfect Meadow A girl frolicking through all those flowers, She never believed in these choices.

Just as the flowers blew in the windy breeze, Every way she would chase.

Looking at the sunshine in the perfect meadow, Through that dusty covered older window.

Over and over again she would run throughout, As these flowers would sprout.

Tiny little rosebuds and sunflower seeds, Lovely day isn’t it? She has every needs.

Proven that the flowers were such pure beautifulness, Frolicking throughout the flower in such good perfectness.

As the sun shined in the meadow,

She would chase her shadow.

Little as she grew to pretend this was a game, Mind you this just wasn’t the same.

What such a sunshine in the perfect meadow, The precious breeze blew close to her now.

Flicking rosebuds off her finger nails, Just her running releases her inner child.

Move from one place from another, 61


It’s a sunshine in the perfect meadow.

Hoping that she wouldn’t leave this perfect day, She just couldn’t leave this in any other way.

Thus this day was perfect to her so all childlike, No flowers wouldn’t die without sunlight.

Looking at the dusty covered window’s perfectness, It didn’t lack the whatsoever beautifulness.

What loveliness the flowers had so wonderful today, Each and every time so perfectly in a way.

Isn’t this day so lovely to her? She’s so beautiful.

May this day have no thunder making it wonderful?

As young as she was she was so frail and small like, Just as she wished this day was so perfect in sunlight.


Since You’ve Been Gone When all the absolutes have faded us, Just can’t take on the championships.

Killed over stupid, we are so all dying, Much like those bastards owned lying.

We’ve kept on repeating our miseries, As this coldhearted world’s a mystery.

Jumping from all the faded masteries, Unconsciously we are born in factories.

Losing religion, since you’ve been gone, How can my house been a warm home?

We lost wars, blood wound’s splattered, And a nerve to ask “what’s the matter?”

I’ve been throughout many wars in life, No I’m not a solider carrying that knife.

Since you’ve been gone we’re so missed, Goddamn these perfectness all pretend?

Since when have I’ve already been gone?

It’s like y’all see me and you so are fond.



Miseries and woes, when have I begged?

Man these people began off so regretted.

My world is a mystery, we are so known, What if our children are us when grown?

Our country tis of thee sweet like liberty?

“What the…” I ask, when I’m in miseries.

Haven’t we all been known for something?

Just can’t bow down and start kiss a king?

Over and over again we are known for all, Our country a sweet land of what we call?

From sea to shining sea, we’re all so there, I once said “So what c’mon what do I care?”

Hug your friends don’t do it to all enemies, I wished I won something at the Grammys.

Killed over stupidity, we’ve all begin dying, C’mon dude, it’s not like I’ve start off lying.

I’m about to be created with pure geniuses, Man this seems like I am using all excuses.


If I Could Be a Better Man I’ve once said “what if I could be a better man?”

I just cannot be a kid forever like Peter Pan.

So magically, so undeniably, and so mysteriously, Killed over my back, just to find myself spiritually.

Moved on with the kiddie stuff of when youngin, Much like a bullied lil kid would kill himself hanging.

Sorry for that gruesome words of what I said, It’s not like I started this whole thing off dead.

What if I could be a better man?

Just can’t find me without my fam.

I am glad for my family and thankfully I’m theirs, Hopefully know it’s dumb enough without my shares.

What if a kid like myself could be a better self-image?

Man I played basketball while y’all are doing scrimmage.

Oh snap! I just dissed y’all like that!

Just I’ll be the one suffering in deathtraps.

Let’s become more of ourselves when we show it, Man I be the one showing off myself young and fit.

Looky what we’ve got here,

Man it’s not like bullies triple dog dare.

Move on without suffrage and neediness, 65


Go and embrace your inner beautifulness.

Man I could call myself cool and fly, Much like bullies would make kids die.

I’ve been there before witcha kids, All bullies do like beating wit sticks.

Martial artists and killer instincts, Man I like to make dem bullies extinct.

What if I could be a better man?

Y’all wish ya could be Peter Pan?

Jump in the line, like dancing congas, Seek true love without Nicki’s anacondas.

Man I’d loved to make girls fond of me, I’ve got a crush on a girl but keep it professionally.

Man she’s my mentor and I say it loud and proud, It’s not easy spotting true beauty in a crowd.

Lollipops are for kids, and I ain’t dissin’ children, Rowdy Rebel said “You can find your daughter missing”

Man it was the song called My Block Hot, It’s like slurping down molly water and I’m not.

Just can’t spaz on yo ass like ya went missing, Man this poem is like me rapping and dissing.

Please don’t do molly water, you’ll get so high, Man these rappers seem like they all wanna die.


This Is Not a Love Song I have a crush but I keep professionally, There’s a girl out there that is pretty.

I just can’t begin with so many words for her, She’s the one for me I solemnly swear.

But this not a love song,

Man where have I been so wrong?

What I’m a college student and she’s my mentor, Perfectly I like her and that I swore.

Over and over again, but this is not a love song, Looking at her and there’s nothing I’ve done.

Killed over my crush on her,

Secretly I love her but I can’t be a wrongdoer.

I act a fool for her and make her laugh at jokes, Over and over, my mind can’t seem to revoke.

Perfectly she’s so cute I’m so in love, I just can’t be worse than myself.

Really she’s the one, but this is not a love song, I really just can’t tell her about my love.

Acting a fool seems to make her laugh, It seems like my babycakes is the past.

How long can I really take for this secret crush?



Every time she speaks, I can’t even seem to hush.

This is not a love song, I really love this girl, If she has no boyfriend, it’ll make my world.

Angel hushing while she’s shining beauty, I just wish she would be my baby.

All the beauty in the world is compared to herself, Everywhere I’ll go she follows my non-rude self.

I’m so in love can’t y’all tell?

Someday she’ll be mine but oh well.

Just can’t stop staring at her beautiful body, This is not a love song and that’s not deny.

My word she’s very pretty,

Ain’t my words too lovely?

Just can’t have her to myself sometimes, It’s like I’m acting in reality and I missed my lines.

Never will I find someone that gorgeously, May I say that I’m not too much lately?

She’s young and she’s my type,

And I should share my love right?

I repeat this is not a love song I swear to y’all, Anything she wants, I’m at her beck and call.

Lovely she is and I can’t just tell her she’s liked, I gotta give her space, she has her own rights.



It’s a shame that we’ve got a winter storm, While families are nice, cozy and warm.

This snowy storm I say it’s so unsatisfactory, Man this winter storm will go down in history.

I’m just curious how it’s so high snow?

My warmth has enough to glow.

Welcome to New Jersey’s winter storm this day, Snow blowing each and every way.

Don’t be discouraged by how cold it is, Just be by fire and snuggly warm blankets.

Let’s think of the positives of staying inside, Man we’ve got secrets to tell not to hide.

All day we’ll be snuggly, cozy and warm, As we’re all in this winter storm.

Come out to play in this snowy day of cold, As children make snow angels as news told.

Look out for the frostbite,

It’ll give your child fright.

Everywhere we go the snow follows, A lot of snowy liquid each child swallows.

Unsatisfactory is one man defeat, 69


As the poor people have nothing to eat.

What a wonderful day of snow,

Snowmen even start to show.

Welcome to the winter storm of the year, As the cold wind starts to appear.

Undeniably we can’t stop our inner child, Running and playing in snow while piled.

Given days and even nightfall,

Every inch of snow is snowfall.

I can’t even rethink my childlike, As I can’t be snowed with frostbite.

People please, don’t be couch potatoes, As your young ones play in winter snows.

Unsatisfactory is the one who won’t win, It’s never like this unsatisfactory war begin.

Just open your mind and don’t forget manners, So what I don’t have a nerve to ask “what’s the matter?”

Just look out for your youngins,

They’ll be frostbitten any seconds.

Look out for your loved ones,

May I be the boy whom won?

Just can be like Peter Pan,

And what if I could be a better man?


Who I Really Am

Some may ask me why I’m so short, But I say I’m not that, I’m fun sized.

May they ask why I am out the door?

And I tell ‘em I’m short don’t ask why.

As they seem to ask why I am who I am, People don’t really seem to see if I do care.

I’ve got two brothers and I’m really glad, They’re my brothers, I love them I swear.

All the brothers and sisters you all have, Aren’t nearly compared to my own family.

I am extremely blessed who I really am, With them in my life, I swear I’m happy.

All the beggars in this coldhearted world, Isn’t how I wanna live my own sweet life?

I’ve got my family and they got me I told, No it’s not like I’m a person that gets high.

Y’all should be glad for who I really am, I swear every day for me is all a mystery.



I’m glad I’ve got my bros Andy and Sam, Swear I’ll take a bullet, if they do for me.

I’m about to be filled with tears writing, It’s a wonderful story poem I’m tell you.

My word I’ve done many poem’s typing, It’s not a story about a woman in a shoe.

I am so loved by my family, I love them, Joking with my Big Homie is all laughs.

I love my ma and she’s so my motivation, Man our laughter is never going in past.

My credits go to my so wonderful family, Am I loved because I have special needs?

I hope to keep writing poems so happily.

So I’ll take a bullet for my fam if I bleed.

I love all my family so much I can’t show, Hope someday I’ll be famous, giving riches.

Just so what if I tell it to then they know, I’ve given so much as a child it’s all instinct.



Imagine there’s no heavenly angels, Imagine there’s no Jesus and God.

Happiness comes from all the angles, Happiness in this story will be told.

Just like heaven will set us to free, Just as this world had beginnings.

All these people were happy to me, All these people has made earnings.

When a doubt here was reimagined, When a story to be told freely made.

Like all my stories I had satisfaction, Like those lullabies told hush babies.

Over and over again I got imagination, Over and over again we all be so there.

Hurry all to a play about one’s nation, Hurry all to beauty all solemnly swear.

Imagine all the people live for this day, Imagine there’s no such things as war.



We’ve given to those who fought today, We’ve never forgotten no person before.

Much like I’ve been there with yourself, Much like I’ve been there with anybody.

I’ve overlooked all my witnesses myself, I’ve pretended this was all so imaginary.

Killed over a stupid argument no reason, Killed over such a beautiful picture of her.

I’ve like to go back and give her my mind, I’ve overthought “so it’s not like her care?”

Imagination will get the best of us in ways, Imagination will be the one who’s overruled.

Understanding how she’s been one so truly, Understanding how my mindset is so overdo.

When in doubting others we are so defeated, When in trusting ourselves is all like pretend.

People don’t understand how we’re mistreated, People don’t get how it’s so all misunderstand.


Princess Eleanora As all the kingdom in all the land of Bohrgany, They were awaiting to be heard by their king.

Just as the girl by the time was only the baby, People gathered around to see their princess.

As all the kingdom in all the land of Bohrgany, They were awaiting to be heard by their king.

Just as the girl by the time was only the baby, People gathered around to see their princess.

He told all “Her name will be Princess Eleanora.”

Then they all cheered and celebrated so happily.

King Leander was a husband of Queen Isadoria, And a new father to all his own rich and royalty.

Queen Isadoria wanted the peace of this village, She didn’t want her baby awaken and disturbed.

“My word is thy ruled,” she said with a ruled fist, As the village left them to be thy peace on Earth.

As the next day was near, the baby was peaceful, King Leander said “Happiness comes from above.”



Rudely the baby was awakened by cries deceitful, Then Queen Isadoria sang her lullabies with love.

The king and queen loved their so sweet princess, Just can’t stop them from loving her so very much.

Then as the king ordered a bath for their sweetness, The slaves stumbled, crashed dining ware crushed.

The queen was furriest and ordered heads chopped,

“Off with their heads!” she ordered to slave masters.

As the queen felt bad as their heads came clean off, Man this story is like me writing so many chapters.

The slaves were dead and blood splattered all about, As the queen ordered more slaves to become warned?

I know gladly that the queen is never angry to shout, The slaves she ordered never had a home so warmed.

Sadly the baby princess is now crying because of this, Just couldn’t believe how this story went down pleased.

Man in this story I’ll become of making many histories, Cannot believe how the queen is very much displeased.


Jackson Twins: Welcome Back Sixth Graders

As the twins start today,

With a teacher Ms. Ross.

Sixth grade all so newly,

Just can’t believe in this.

Looking out for the weird,

Maxie can’t have Carlene.

Teachers has blackboard,

Rosie can’t have Charlie.

Welcome back sixth graders,

Said the teacher so happily.

Jumping frantic from haters,

Maxie and Rosie aren’t ready.

Just they loved their dates,

Kissing but never hugging.

Their teacher begins rights,

Kids all misunderstanding.


Jackson Twins II: The Rulers of Seventh Grade

Now the twins are in seventh grade, Along with a teacher Mr. Willington.

Still looking out for the weirdly kids, Just couldn’t stop their loves willing.

They are the rulers of seventh grade, Mr. Willington began with his spelling.

As eagerly the twins testing were made, Trying desperately never started failing.

Even though it’s hard enough in school, The kids all seemed to be somehow good.

As rulers of seventh grade they were cool, Just can’t see them ever misunderstood.

The spelling test will be in two weeks, Said Mr. Willington as he started class.

My words won’t be so that very easily, If you get them right, you’ll get checks.


Jackson Twins III: Trouble’s My Middle Name

As the twins began grade eight,

Russian teacher Mrs. Popovich.

She spoke Russian and English,

The twins are not ready for this.

Poorly as the teacher wrote words, She couldn’t read it all into English.

As a Russian herself it’s only worse, So tell me how are ya gonna teach?

In the early days of those mornings, Rosie gotten into trouble with people.

She said “Trouble’s my middle name”, Maxie tried to protect her from trouble.

Then as the principal came so furriest, She stopped without Maxie’s own help.

The principal was so angered to the face, As Maxie and Rosie wants all this to stop.


Every Breath I Take Just as I thought that I would see her, It wasn’t all on purpose it could not be.

I miss you my old friend, I’d like to share, All I’ve ever wanted, every breath I take.

Over and over again, I can’t forget Nanny, She is so everything that I’ve ever lived for.

My world is coming to an end, it is needy, People just can’t tell me that I’ve such bare.

Remaining my friend, every breath I take, People tell you and I keep on these smiles.

Pause for a moment and I just can’t think, My love for you Nanny will go on for miles.

It’s every breath I take in this dying world, Killed over my broken sorrow of your death.

Liking how I’ve loved you, you’re my friend, Death was a virtue and it’s never gonna end.


Little As They Know Little as they know,

Blood boils hurt shows.

Guns and knives,

One blows, the other cuts throats.

Just can’t take me out of it,

Over and over I’m sick of this.

Pleaded for any sacrifices,

I just need a little more practice.

I am out of here like they don’t see me, I beg on my knees, don’t they see plead?

Little as they know me at all,

My girl she left me at a downfall.

Can’t have it all it seems to be that way, Oh god please set me free.

Just can’t have my soul anymore,

I’ve seen my past deep within my sores.

It’s telling me that I need to go, The god defies me as they cutthroat.

Pardon me ma’am, is this heavens?

Deadly cutting throats like assassins.



Sniped down a girl at sun fall,

She’s got a bullet lodged in her throat.

Young Virgin Mary, do you hear my needs?

I begged over and over on my own knees.

Oh god set the devil within me free, I am possessed with evil and ready to kill.

Please don’t let me do this sinful shames, It’s all like my gut is saying no and I’m playing games.

Shouldn’t have the devil be possessed, Oh merciful and mighty god set me dead.

Within a week they’ll see how I came out, Pardon my excuses, I don’t need to shout.

I can’t be without a girl anywhere, I don’t want to kill myself I swear.

Murdering of a possessed child,

My god what has this child swallowed?

Belonging with the devil himself, Ill matters have overcame itself.

Just release the devil oh god,

Oh help him by striking your golden rod.


My God, What Have I Done?

Forsaken me oh Lord and set me free, I like my world, my country tis of thee.

Just can’t have it to myself,

Blood stained clothes itself.

My god, what have I done?

Young children murdered one by one.

Scarred throughout my bloody body, Whipped with a black whip I’m bloody.

I can’t believe what I have done to them, Devilish be a witness, blood stains on skin.

Losing my temper I start to shout, Man be the forgotten who it’s about.

Illest human beings alive devilish, Pardon the blood stains and whiplash.

Today I pray out loud for freedom, I can’t have it all, what have I become?

My god, what have I done to everyone?

Pleading on broken knees it has begun.

Justice will be a virtue,

Please I don’t wanna hurt you.



Don’t let me do it today,

I am possessed repeating what the devil say.

Miseries and rich blood splattered, They don’t even care, so what it matter?

Possessing the devil within,

Oh what have I done to sin?

Within my skin blood boils,

I guess my test takes it tolls.

Sinfully I am ashamed,

Hey it’s not like it’s a game.

Please don’t let me do this,

If I am released I am blessed.

My god, what have I done to deserve this?

I am done playing games I’ll do the protest.

Saying I am being possessed with a demon, Help me! Oh help me! I have a good reason.

Just my test has begun to start,

It’s like taking a needle in from a dart.

Sticking me with running blood down, I have to get this protest from town to town.


Okay, I Guess You Can Call Me a Momma’s Boy

If I could date my mom I wouldn’t hate her, I wish I could date her, I can’t be without her.

Okay, I guess you can call me a momma’s boy, I am in love with my mom, I will be her boytoy.

I would buy her anything she wanted to have, My Lord, I just wanna make her so very glad.

So what? I’m a momma’s boy?

Just I wish I could date her today.

She’s the world’s greatest person I known, This is my secret don’t you let it overexpose.

Trust me I wish I could date my mom, Because she’s the one I like to call bomb.

No, no, not an explosion,

I can’t risk any overexposing.

Mom you’re so beautiful,

I just wanna let you know.

She’s the world’s greatest person I known, This is my secret don’t you let it overexpose.

Trust me I wish I could date my mom, 85


Because she’s the one I like to call bomb.

No, no, not an explosion,

I can’t risk any overexposing.

Mom you’re so beautiful,

I just wanna let you know.

Okay, I guess you can call me a momma’s boy, Loving my mom will so become my own reality.

Just I love her so,

It will so come true.

Loving my mom is a thing,

It’s not like I wanna marry.

This poem might be creepy,

But this is just my imaginary.

Over and over again I am in love, Praise God, hallelujah above.

I can believe that I love my mother, My love for her is like no other.

I love my mom so very much,

Don’t need to be so attached.

Please mom say you love me too,

It will be creepy if it really isn’t true.

Pardon my roses and gosh the thorns, I am glad that I am an adopted child, I’m just yours.

Please do me a favor mom and say you so love me, Just do it because it’s driving me so crazy.

I loved you mom from the beginning, I guess I can say our love is a thing.

Overlooking our future truth oh boy!



Okay, I guess you can call me a momma’s boy.


Momma I

It goes down like this in a story, Man I’m about to make history.

Momma I need you right now,

Hip hop song “Bang Bang Pow Pow”

Killed off like snippets oh well, Man I cursed now I’m going to hell.

Forget about that cutie girl you know, She will never be yours its reality now.

As I looked over and over at my lines, I hunt you down like sniffing dem bombs.

Can’t have this without my momma, All I don’t need to hear is that boring drama.

Momma I want you to see how I am, My bro is now my sis and named Sam.

I can’t believe how I am now without you all, Beck and call, but I still do ball.

Haven’t y’all sort of needed me all at once?

Man go and smoke and choke on some blunts.

Ooh nah man, I didn’t mean it that way, Man deez women keep me company.

I wish I had my girl back right like it’s a do over, 88


Man I miss her and nah I’m not drinking, I’m sober.

Cause these rhymes I’m saying fresh in my mind, I can’t fuck off and I say fucking screw off mankind.

Women on the other hand should all be powerful, America needs a female president y’all know?

Fuckin fuck off wit da powerful men, What’s it gotta take to not pretend?

America the brave and the bold,

More like there’s more stories to be told.

Haha we’re a fucking screwed nation, I can’t believe I don’t have a vacation.

Sorry for this cursing in this storyline, All dem children better be home by nine.

Cuz they too young to be out late at night, Man all I’ve done now it’s a fought war bite.

I can’t have this warzone to end right?

Man the Phillies be screwed these last two nights.

All the fans better be prepared for a horrible season, Cuz look at the Phillies fucked up started off standings.

I can’t plead anymore against my beliefs already?

All y’all gotta do is be prepared for me to do anything.

Cause it’s a fucked up world!

Twice I say it’s a fucked up world!

Man they say America’s free and there’s no such thing, They say once upon a time “Let America’s Freedom Ring!”

Go America I guess?

Oops I fucked up that test.

I guess I get an F for failure on that paper, Maybe I should’ve studied instead of being a rapper.



I can’t say this enough to I scream and shout it aloud, I can’t say this enough like The Beatles “Twist and Shout”.

Just I need the very best like there’s no one who ever was, My new triumph is to be the very best I just say it because.

Once I needed to set a goal in life, It could’ve been the best one in belief.

Over and over I could’ve been the one who’s on top, Man this ain’t no Dr. Seuss’s “Hop on Pop”.

Y’all be the best at what you are and don’t let anyone stop you, I say embrace your inner self and you’re so beautiful.

Awe you’re such a beautiful thing, I thank you all for listening.


Jackson Twins IV: Freshman Year Awe man the twins begin freshman year, With their teacher named Miss. Blackton.

She taught everything with a watchful ear, Maxie and Rosie so eager to learn anything.

Just as they began their lessons for today, All the children wanted to learn just like them.

The twins eagerly awaiting for her wordplay, Just like they’re acting in a school play pretend.

Looking out for each other in a way no rushing, Youngsters like to be taught in their special ways.

Rosie remembers her crush from before blushing, She wanted to kiss him with everyone in the hallways.

Maxie really cared for his crush as well as she did, Remembering how it all went down like in fairytales.

At their age of fourteen, almost fifteen it’s not pretend, Cause they can’t live day-to-day just telling their tales.


What If

What if I don’t survive this experience?

To it all, I can’t survive experiments.

Just as I am without somebody to love me, I can’t believe who I really have become.

But I have no one to blame but myself, I am a disgrace to this cold world itself.

What if I don’t choose to live?

This world as we all know a bitch.

Because I needed you more,

It’s like my life is a bore.

What if I don’t die?

I can’t even think why.

All these bodies I torn,

The Bible is thy word.

Am I ashamed? No!

Am I to blame? No!

I can’t live living life to the fullest, All I have to become of myself is shame.

I can’t believe who I am truest inside, These memories are shit and I’m to blame.

And all I think of is you baby!



Why oh why are you doing this to me?

Can’t I live without you?

My world is like fitting a shoe.

Trust me I already died inside,

And they can’t blame me for this.

Youngsters late at night,

They better be inside by dusk.

Maybe I am too blamed,

Dude I can’t live insanity.

Done playing your sick games,

Bitch what have you done to me?

What if I cannot be freedom?

Liberty is not that free.

Thy Lord thy kingdom come.

Bible is the word almighty.

Insanity is a bitch tonight,

Mournful I am the sickness.

I cannot have courage to fight it, Reach inside pull out my intestines.

Rich or poor I’ll survive,

Just you know how bloody can I?

Trust me what if I died,

All the world I knew I fight.

Cannot believe how I know you all, What if I cannot breathe?

I just need you at my own fault,

Just don’t love without me.

All I ever want what if I don’t,

Have you ever needed anybody?



I’m not saying this is your fault, But how does this involve me?

I just wanted you and me alone,

Cannot believe you’re this way.

This world cannot be your home,

You’ll make this your own today.

Look at the positives in ourselves, Until the world we live in dies.

Wishful thinks we’re the lone wolves, Jump off the cliff like a high dive.

It can wait and what if it can’t?

Really you’re the saddest person alive.

All you’ve done is dissing my fate, Just you wait, you shall never survive.

I cannot have it to my own advantage, This bloody world is an eternal hell.

Young as you are there’s a small chance, Till I never will but thy word is still.

To all I know about you is hatred, Loving you still is sickening me.

All I’ve seen in you is your face red, Because you’ve been making me bleed.

Goodly enough I can escape,

What if I don’t leave in time?

Jump well my friend before it’s too late, You surely don’t wanna die.

What if I didn’t hear you thoroughly?

You’ve done to me is left me to bleed.



I cannot have you to my own world right?

I see how it’s going down tonight.

You’ve been lying,

You’ve been denying.

I’ve been trying,

I’ve been dying.

All you’ve done to me is stopping harm, Trust and you’ve been a deceitful charm.

Left me to rot,

You got me shot.

All you’ve done is pity,

Trust me.

Too much is plentiful,

My world isn’t peaceful.

It’s all pretend playing,

Don’t know what I’ve been saying.

Coldhearted world here I come!

I need the knowledge never dumb.

You’re the reason why,

What if I don’t even try?

A world is sick already,

What if you’re deny?

I’ll wait for you as long as it takes, Don’t pretend it’s never mistakes.

What if I don’t make it?

This cold world is already sick.

What if?

What if?

What if?

What if I don’t live to tell my stories?



What if she don’t pretend its imaginaries?

Read this from beginning to ending, And thanks for listening.


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Mysterious, but Shady Stalker

Hello world! Do you all hear me?

I am Zander Minox and I have a story.

Please listen to this and listen carefully, This will be a good one going down in history.

And this is the story of a mysterious, but shady stalker, Sit back and enjoy my storyline like I never told it ever.

As I walked from the local middle school down the block, I came upon a woman in distressfulness.

She wanted me to help her and I wanted to help herself, Over and over she yelled so forcefulness.

So I wanted her to be calm as possible and I could help, Please oh please! Help me I have someone…

Someone what? Someone who?

As she screamed I knew she would shortly be done, What has she become? It’s becoming so true.

I’ll help you I said to her so calmly and soothingly, Go and get some help please, as she told her side.

I wanted to dial 9-1-1 for the police, But she looked at a blurred figure with a bloody knife.



Never will I overcome this horrifically, so terrifying, Who is this person? What do they look like?

My, my, the woman wanted to stay alive from my saving, Like it was my only truest fate.

Come over to me I said so I could help her, She overlooked my way for her own safety.

What’s your name missus? I’m not a bother, She said in a whisper tone my name is Leigh.

Well I’m Zander, Zander Minox I told her softly, I’m here to help you the best I can.

And don’t you even worry,

I needed to be home before ten.

C’mon over to me you’ll be okay,

As she started calming down from startling.

My word you’re are so pretty,

She thought I was so charming.

Then in the distance, I saw a mysterious manly figure, She jump from fright and fainted from the panicking.

I swore to God that he would leave her nothing but a bloody finger,

Looking over and over again, I needed her to be awaken.

Choosing her and my own fate,

The man drew closer and closer.

My own frightfulness it’s too late, It looked like he had a bloody cleaver.

Freaking out I peed my pants,

Hurling out what I ate for lunch.

It looks like I never had a chance, 98


Man I can’t believe how much.

I dialed the police as he came near me, 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?

Just as they answered I said what happened, Man that mysterious man had this coming.

The police came and arrested the man for stalking the lady, Oh how did she thanked me for this?

This very mysterious but shady man turned out to be my daddy.

My daddy won’t be in my life, I cannot forgive.

She awoken and thanked me with a loving soul, I welcomed her and she gave me a kiss for bravery.

My daddy will be serving without any bail or parole, Just as she walked away I jumped with happiness and overjoy.


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Girl That Stole My Heart

Like I said in my first story I was helping a woman, She thinks I was very brave, only for me being twelve.

I am a sixth grader at a middle school named Macklin, This is the story of a girl that stolen my heart oh I’ll tell.

Sit back and listen to this one it’s good, And you all don’t be misunderstood.

Once I walked as a Macklin Terrier from these hallways, As I hope to have the best days.

I can’t have it all oh what did I do to deserve this?

Of course I can’t be the best at this test.

Hurry all! Hurry fast!

I can’t be late to my first period class.

There once was this girl in my class and she’s pretty, I wanna have her and wanna have her date me.

Property of Zander I say to my friends, I can’t tell you how it begins nor ends.

I am the best at what I really do, My love for her is nothing compared to you.

This isn’t about another girl alright?



My finest love for her, she’s mine tonight.

Chase me if you can!

I can’t ruin this trusting.

Please don’t ruin my ego,

Oh she’ll be mine I wanna have you know.

This girl I like is named…

And there’s no one to be blamed.

Her name is Malika,

And I wanna have you meet her.

There’s nothing sweeter than her, Trust me, this is thy word.

Am I the one for her anyway?

I wanna have your opinion and a say.

Trapped in a world of love,

I’ll pray to god for her love.

All this pain in the world of mysterious crushes, The love may leave you in crutches.

I’m saying it’ll crush you into pieces and you’ll cry, Don’t ever ask the world why.

Even though I was her only one,

My love and what has she become?

I will date you Malika Travis!

Man this will make me a savage.

All my friends will agree,

Malika you belong with me!

I may be Zander Minox but that doesn’t stop there, Boy what have I’ve done to even care?

I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me, My love for Malika is driving me crazy.



I love her and she’s the one oh boy!

I just wanna be there for her all day.

Am I the one to overcome?

There’s no such thing to me is dumb.

What have I’ve became?

Now this girl is playing these games.

Overdoing this love for her is crazy, Malika baby, what have you’ve done to me?

Now that Malika and I are dating from me asking, All my friends ask me how it all began to happen.

I tell them that I had the guts to ask her out, Now they think I’m the best, and I say peace now!


Zander Minox: This Is the Story of a Macklin Terrier That Went Missing Attention to this world! Listen to me and listen fast, I have a story that somewhat has a deep mournful past.

This is the story of a Macklin Terrier that went missing, I can’t believe how this all began from beginning to ending.

Sit back, relax and kick off your shoes!

And this is how it goes.

I’ve overheard of a Macklin Terrier that went missing, I can’t tell how went down from the beginning.

A girl of a name of Natalie Friar told me how, I have a skin whiter now.

She told me that it was a cold and stormy morning, I’ll tell you how this mystery went missing.

Jumping from fright and scariness, I got to pick up the pieces.

Begun with a story from beginning to ended, I have this story and it’s recommended.

Of course this person had to be named, There’s nothing to be ashamed.

She was named Meralda Baize,



Was the best in her class?

Suddenly she was walking from her house, Wearing her favorite pink and red polka dotted blouse.

As she walked a block from her apartment, She walked a little bit she saw a mystery man.

This man was wearing a tall knitted top hat, With a scarf that was red at the top of the neck.

She couldn’t run to escape,

Like this was her only fate.

Run! Run! Run! Run! Run!

Or you’ll be surely dead and done.

Which one is this story?

It’s so still a mystery.

I can’t believe my eyes,

Am I telling these lies?

Hungry for my knowledge,

I wanna take this to college.

As I was very frightened,

Surely this girl is the end.

I am not telling lies already,

This man might leave her deadly.

Bloody until she’s nothing but bones, Get inside and lock your own homes.

Scared I wanted more storyline,

If I don’t finish, my class starts at nine.

My word this girl is the storyteller, The story of a missing Macklin Terrier.



Because this is a juicy story to tell, May this mysterious guy go to hell?

I just wanna know!

As this story is a go!

Frightened from this scary story told, I can’t believe how it was untold.

The real story is told like never before, I’m sorry how my stories are such a bore.

This story is about to end on a good note, Like I’m written my past stories like it’s untold.

As this man walked near this girl creepily, This girl sprayed him with pepper spray.

Frantically she shouted for police, The nearest person called and was so nice.

Hoping that this man will be arrested for this, And the police came and now he’s arrested.

Yippy the man went to jail,

Serving without parole and bail.

This man’s name was Marion Blankenship, Once he was a Navy person sailing on ships.

He wanted to get out of the Navy become free, My word how many times does it take to be insane?

Now this guy is serving time for stalking Meralda, He thinks he stalked her because of his paranoia.

She doesn’t think she’ll be walking there any time soon, As she needed to be in school for lunchtime at high noon.


A Little Sweet Thing Called True Love True love will bring us to freedom, True love has us all at love’s corner.

True love will be the one to overcome, True love, oh only if I could get to her.

Just asking how to bring herself home?

Killing me softly as I sing to high sorely.

I just cannot believe what I’ve become.

True love will never seize to ever bore me.

I can’t have you at the altar,

Can’t believe what I had it all.

I’m singing true love to her,

So we’ll become over what sold.

True love is an inspiration to me so frequent, I could’ve had this girl to me, only if I get her back.

Would I need her, yes I would I’m so delivering, I would have her back to me fully not so very bleak.

Over and over in my mind I overthink how it could be, I would never ever let her slip my mind and go.

This is a little sweet thing called love, it’s so lovely, 106


I’m never sneaking her by me just so we’re not through.

Just it’s true love we shall seek, Young love is how it came to be.

I love how she’s been missing me, I sing at the top of my lungs highly.

I’ll never let her go out of my way, Awe how sweet can she be?

Understanding how she’s been lately.

I am hers and that’s all me.

Just to understand how I am to herself, I cannot believe who I have become.

True love is meant for herself and himself, Maybe it’ll be gay, bisexual, or anyone.

If I could do it differently I would, It hurts me to see her sadly and go.

Because she’s my girl I understood, I will never ever let her leave me oh!

Could have had it all oh its true love, I wouldn’t ever leave.

It’s a little sweet thing called true love.

Oh that’s how much she means to me!


Jackson Twins V: The Hardest Test Rosie Ever Took

This is the year everybody! Sophomore Year!

The twins have a teacher named Mr. Hooton.

Just be aware, the twins have their overpower, History with this teacher, he’s the one rooting.

Maxie and Rosie’s mother and father so proud, They cry that their young ones are all so grown.

Never will they ever look back on their troubled, The twins can’t wait to be in their cap and gown.

The teacher wanted them to be smart in History, Giving them a test on what he have ever taught.

Just as they began, of course Rosie wasn’t ready, She panicked as she feared all worse overthought.

Haven’t you’ve been taught this lesson before?

I can’t believe how I haven’t ever studied this.

If she didn’t take it, Rosie gets an F for failure, Maxie tries to soothe her for it’s just only a test.


I Just Can’t Forget About You Girl Ooh there’s a girl on my mind today, Oh she’s my girl I’ll tell ya.

Can’t believe how I can’t even say, It’s like my eyes see right through ya.

My beauty and perfect looks,

Aren’t compared to yours.

Young love and nothing overtook,

My heart belongs with hers.

How to love her I can’t even tell, She’s the best, she’s beautiful.

My loving for her might be a fairytale, But somehow it’s so very magical.

Love for you girl is the one who’s overcome, Ooh girl I just can’t forget about you girl.

Just the other day she told me this is real love, Never making her priority stupid in our world.

Involving her in my daily life,

She’s my number one lady.

I’ll keep her like it’s my strife, Ooh girl you’re so beautiful, haven’t I told ya lately?



Baby you’re my number one it’s so true, Young love is the best.

Baby I’m just telling you the truth.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

You’re the number one priority you’re mine, I have to tell ya girl you’re bestest I know.

My, my, just look at the time,

I’m sorry I have to go.

Ooh this girl I like won’t even know how I’m without her, Just being with you is so much fun.

Cause we’re so meant to be together, Oh my girl! You’re number one!

I’m so hungry for love lately,

You’ve been mine and mine only.

I’m in the mood for love strangely, Without me girl, you might be lonely.

I’m sorry I had to letcha down,

Trust me you’re my girlfriend till the end.

My love for you girl is making me drown, Our love for us is reality, not making it pretend.

Girl I just can’t be without you, I just can’t forget about you girl.

My love for you is certainly true, How to love is making you my only world.


In a World So Cruel Let me tell you a story from the beginning, It’ll give you all a fright and goosebumps.

In a world so cruel we’ll be dying, Mysteriously I can’t tell how it all becomes.

It’s a cruel and a deceitful world worldwide, Can’t tell y’all how I know that.

Run and lock your doors from the inside, Just go and do it before it’s too late.

Cruel will overcome us all truthfully telling, Randomness overcame the beast.

All these lives desperately screaming and yelling, In a world so cruel and it’s the punishment at least.

Jumping from a fright so awkwardly, Trust me you all don’t want to die don’t you?

I am not saying I’m scared or cowardly, The world is doomed from a cruelty so true.

Killing those from the Caribbean Islands, And those of Southeast Asia.

In a world so cruel it has its trials and tribulations, Trust me it’s out there to getcha.

Heaven won’t save us from its deadly forces, 111


First things are first it’s not going to be tonight.

Maybe it’ll be tomorrow or the next four weeks, Trust me, be prepared to run, scream and hide.

It can’t be true right?

In a cruel world of deaths we’re defying.

The wind is blowing harder tonight, All the Armed Forces must be all crying.

We’re doomed for all eternity,

I’m not pretending this, it may be certainly.




Find out what it means to me.


Find out what it means to me.

[Repeat x2]

How do you respect anyways?

It goes a lil something like this: R is for reality when it comes to it, E is for everybody so peacefully.

S is for sympathy when we need comfort, P is for proving that we are so perfectly.

E is for everywhere you see smiles, C is for caring about the people who love you.

T is for trusting the goodness for miles, Respect is a lil something from me to you.

Just people seemed never to respect, In matter of fact, all hatred is disrespect.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t, that spells something, Love others and you’ll be forthcoming.




Find out what it means to me.


Find out what it means to me.

[Repeat x2]

How do you respect anyways?

It goes a lil something like this: R is for reality when it comes to it, E is for everybody so peacefully.

S is for sympathy when we need comfort, P is for proving that we are so perfectly.

E is for everywhere you see smiles, C is for caring about the people who love you.

T is for trusting the goodness for miles, Respect is a lil something from me to you.

Just people seemed never to respect, In matter of fact, all hatred is disrespect.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t, that spells something, Love others and you’ll be forthcoming.


Riche$t Alive

I just wanna be…

I just wanna be…

I wanna be the richest alive.

I wanna be the richest alive.

Don’t be trickin,

You girl got me thinkin.

Forgive and forget,

My word of the day is respect.

Bigga star I’m da man,

Trappa reality is the plan.

Chillin’ wit my ladies,

I hustle dem babies.

Call dis a rap poem thang,

Just doin this is dat sang.

I am da man fo real yo,

Cuz I’ll be the one foe!

Choose me or don’t,

I don’t really care, nah I won’t.

Just can I be the baller?

Maybe I wanna be taller.