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The beginning of a day


While a colour of bright golden shined over a hill


Green with clouds facing them


A pair of two, sitting on the hill


Looking up at the clouds with wonder


A spiralling sky


Clouds that call out to them


Clouds that say their names together


As they hold hand sunder them


And laugh together


In the middle of the field


Just them, alone together in the day


A sunny afternoon


Filled with bright clouds


As they speed up


When the day starts to pass


Their lives fly on


Coming to a lovely standstill


When they see each other across a bridge in the sky


Surrounded by summer’s clouds


An empty air


As their words float to each other


They see each other fly away


When the clouds fall down with them into a past


They remember together


Their feet on the ground


They can think of themselves in the summer clouds again….


The first day she saw him


She was so appreciative


Of his love


Before he flew away into the clouds



Leaving her alone

With her colours



Evening City (City Walk)



Driving by a condominium high into the sky


The city surrounds it with a force of man


The sky is a dim gray


A dark, late evening


Filled with slow moving clouds


As someone walks in and out of the building


Wandering far into the big city


They get lost in the crowds


By themselves, they can wander to some place they have never explored


They can wander to some place they can find themselves


With the city in their minds


In on their feet


As they wander down an empty alleyway


Abandoned for their discovery


They find someone lying against the wall


Sleeping, slumped again the alleyway


A chain-link fence separating the city behind them


They look so tired


The someone who wandered


Push something in front of them


It doesn’t matter what it was


But the slumping figure was grateful



Later in the evening, almost night,


The wanderer goes back to her condominium.



Back in the city’s alleyway-the figure dies.




Two Side of The Same Coin



Flipping over a coin,


Two colours are present.


One a colour of white


One a colour of Gold



Through their white and gold eyes,

They see their own version of life



The Bottom (A Hand’s Rise)


Destruction imminent blown-up outsides of life.

Sounds of life outside can’t be heard anymore

A hand is drowning in the sounds of a dead silence

Taken away from them when they lost grip on the world

A menacing mind, crushing an existing grip of the world

A hand, that flows in a water of shallow air

Head is submerged under hell

Demons dance above in the air without caring

They crush her mind beneath

A force-a manipulation of consciousness

She feels her strong grip on self weaken

Under manipulation and psychological torture

She isn’t sure who she was born to be, anymore

The damage to her was already done so long ago

Feet stomping on her head, the demons dance without a care for life

Her head repeatedly smashed and broken before being repaired to be

Tortured and destroyed again

That nagging voice, somewhere quiet in her mind

It is there, telling her to stop resisting against demons

“Let yourself be crushed. It’s no use resisting. Accept you cannot do anything.”

A voice, annoying with hate.

Letting herself reach up to a demon’s foot, she smashes and screams his head into

A brick of air

Soaking an ill-coloured blood unto her body, she sees her eyes in its life.

A demon, much like her, who had dark and powerful eyes.

A destruction of bright colours that occur inside her

A fluttering eyelash

Floating away in wind

The air wants part of her face to name it a human

Two reaching hands out of air

A demon bites her neck and swallows her shining colours

Choking on the amazingness, he swallows a shade of her

That was an angel

Spinning around without control it falls to a hellish death when she pulls it under the air to kiss him

A kiss makes him slump into the air and fall back down to an empty planet, far past earth

The wind claims his kiss from her, jealous of her soft-pink lips

The air wished to have her, but it can’t stand seeing her kiss a demon

Like that demon was more worthy than it

Her brown hair

Long with a wavy straightness

Pops up from the air

The earth pops up a little beneath her,

Shifting a power of gravity a bit to pull her down

Her hair is rising, a failed gravity to destroy her

She intimidates an air and is spun out of its hands,

Dragging a demon down with her and she tries to kiss off his head

A breaking neck-snap, snap, snap- something ugly to her eyesight that falls on top of her as she starts

To ascend otherworldly heights

Bringing herself

Her crème, so close to gold-colour flesh

Her brown, straight but with a wave hair

Up to a rise in air

With a demon left

She lets him be

As she stared down the air’s pit she came from,

Watching it with a force of power and dark eyes

She walks to the demon, who is trembling at her sight

…. She blows him a kiss, before giving him a soft kiss on his cheek

Her pink lips, so soft and naturally alluring

He faints, too overwhelmed with her essence

Dropping to his knees as he fades his consciousness out,

The demon begs to serve her

She tilts the demon’s eyes to look at her dark eyes

Irises and pupils so huge, he is paralyzed from gazing at his

As he hangs his mouth open, full of amazement at her, eyes filled with an

Experience of something wonderfully special

His breathtaking throat shuts off the oxygen supply of his breath, and her breath she is giving to him

She gives him a warm kiss on a cheek again, before pushing him down to

The bottom of the air she ascended powerfully from

Existing in the clouds, she floats to her throne, covered in the flowers of her colours

Taking a seat

She finds a new planet, never discovered for her

A childhood, reborn again on a throne of flowers, made for her discovery of the planet

Dark and powerful eyes watch the world from the ascent of clouds,

And her ruling position floats and flows huge, alert eyes across the country

Seeing what the girl held dear in her life

No longer crushed by air or manipulation, trying to conform her mind


A bottom of air, she would ascend from


Houses below her air



Reversed Day



The houses reverse themselves in time


A day that goes backwards in it’s light


A darkness spreads to float away from


Suburban homes


Satellite antenna spread light on metal, forming away the darkness


The fields in the distance are removed of night….


The hills in the distance


Are sunk without a dark


A light replaces them


Light spreads on hills, light spreads on fields


As it becomes a morning again


So early in the day. So up and ready to wake up in the morning….


A new day,


As the suburban neighbourhood wakes up….


Glass shines off a neighbourhood


When the day wakes itself up…. Taking out it’s alarm clock


An alarm clock that echoes through the neighbourhood…. Lively and awakened.


The light of morning, the dark of night


It makes this environment on the planet….


Bustle with life, coming to a


Reflective sunny life.


Then, everyone leaves their homes


To go




So far….


When a rain hits the planet





A mirror. A pair of feet. Standing. A look. A touch of glass.

A breaking person. A breaking room. A breaking eyesight.

Strange. No one should look like that. A sight of cruelty.

Everything looks alright. Not perfect. Just alright.

But that was enough. For a time. When everything that was alright….

When it saw a mirror…. No, no. It’s all wrong. The glass should be breaking.

Not I. The mirror should be the one to shatter. I am not made of glass.

But a shatter I feel in me. A shatter I see in you. You, looking anywhere but at me.

Why won’t the glass shatter? I’m not the cause of anything.

Everything that looks at it is so wrong. Glass doesn’t want to shatter when there’s not enough force to apply to it.

Everything seeing the glass has no power. Splitting apart, everything that sees a reflection wants to turn away.

Make everything better, or seize looking at a reminder.

Not sure whether to do one or the other. No way to do the first and put enough pressure on the glass.

No way to do the second and not feel pity for not leaving a lasting mark on the glass mirror.

So, a sleep. A sleep will cure everything. I go into a deep sleep.

A glass mirror shakes its head and sighs at me. There is no power pushing against its reflectiveness.

Everything that retreated into sleeping escapes, needs to wake up and crush that fragile glass.

The glass will break off into them. That is the point. A pressure that’s a strong wish.

Broken-away sleep and aimless rest

Glass breaks at my long-naked feet



Everybody but You (A Flowing World)


Everybody sees her

She’s in her own flowing world

Every pair of eyes looks at her, seeing a wonder

Every wonder is shown in her


She’s in her own bubble, floating through life


Not trying to lift herself up; Everybody who sees her wonder in the flowing world


Does her lifting for her


Spreading wings and catching air,


Every pair of eyes on the ground

Notices her otherworldly face


The ethereal eagle of clouds…. Of air.


Everybody sees you, floating over your life, nobody bothers to see a wonder, you hold


You haven’t seen the clouds yet, no pair of eyes can be bothered, to touch you


Wonder, floating through air, hardly with feet off your life, a planet’s stony ground


…. the stone makes your feet cold when they touch….


…. Floating up into the air, lying beyond the ground….


You see her, floating through her life, letting the air pass her by…. When she flaps her wings gently in a soft breeze….


Looking your eyes up at her, you realize everyone’s eyes are admiring her, as she takes a glide in the air.


A world flowing around you and her.



A Blow of Kiss (Lost to a Cool, Fall Wind)


Blowing him a kiss, she opens her eyes wide at him.

Feeling an effect of love, she feels himself flow out of him, inside her.

He’s hers now

He has formed himself into her life


A desire he wonders if he wished for all along

She doesn’t take her stare off him

She is looking at him, trying to figure him out


Something, she gets from him.

But it’s too late.

He doesn’t need to figure her out, anymore.

He wants to consume her.

He wishes to feed on her.

Bringing his teeth to her neck, he chews on a soft, edible flesh

Pleasant with an aroma of sex

Sinking teeth into her flesh as she breathes under his breath

A chewy, yummy texture

He chews a love into her


Holding her hand, he pressed it against his heart.


Feeling his heart, she realized he was dead.


In sadness, he lets go of her chewy neck.


Not wishing to let go of his hand, she firmly squeezes his heat tightly.


“Do you have to go?”


He never gave an answer. Feeling the taste of her flesh on his lips, he waves a sad goodbye to


Her life.


Leaving somewhere far, she never got a chance to watch him go.


She only thinks where he is now….


Never a sight…. Again.


Blowing in a fall wind.


When it gets cool in a season


Maybe it’s better if she doesn’t think of such things


She walks in a cool, fall wind…. Too



Something around her is missing.




Reversed Clock (Ticking Fantasy)



The clock ticks and ticks,


But it doesn’t bother to move


Ahead in time


Moving slowly backwards


It only stops


When it cannot move behind





It has run out of time


As the clock sputters and breaks



The time sputters….


And skips ahead


To a point

Where time speeds


Too, too fast to


What is going


A confused mind

Lost in time

Lost to time







A mind


To sacrifice

Its time

To give

The planet

Some time

To live



A revered ticking

Of the clock


But still,

A nostalgia for the past years remains

A ticking clock that




Something that cannot ever

Be brought back to life.


The clock ticks a time, backwards to forget about whatever it never remembered.


A wish that was lost to time…. A forgetful fantasy


Of a passing time….



The Hole (Death Pit)


Having shoved ourselves into a hole, we can not get up

Having shoved ourselves into a pit, we wish to lay there and


Having tried for so, so long to get out of the hole, we just fall back in,

Sliding on the sides of the dirt.

As we scream our way back into the black.

Is there no end to this nonsense? Will we ever find our way out? Is there a way to escape and grab hold of our dreams?

Our dreams are buried under the dirt of the pit

Our dreams are buried under the sand that creates the sky of the pit

Even if we climb up, the sand buries us in it

Even if we suffocate while pushing our heads in the sand, we will die a slow and painful death

So, what is the way to create an escape out of the pit’s depth

And let us finally…. Finally…. Finally…. Reach our dreams….

So, so, so far up above the very highest reaches of the sand and

It’s dead suffocation?



I do not know


Maybe I imagine there is no way


To smile and laugh at our dreams…. Our dreams we imagine for ourselves.


Our dreams…. We have yet to imagine for ourselves.


Our precious dreams that mean so much…. The dreams we never imagined for ourselves.


The dreams we never will imagine. For ourselves to fly.


We need to fly above the sand’s breath.


We wish to live and die above a sand’s breath.



Breathing our own.


Fresh. Air.



There needs to be a way out….




There needs to be.




As eyes….




They are a watcher.








Out at sea, the waves splash.





There’s no one there





Woke Up (A Colour of White)



I woke up one day


My bed was white


The sunlight was a shining white


I was in a bedroom


I never recognized



Fading, the bedroom fell to be remembered


The sunlight was no longer white



Fell Asleep (Early Night)


I fell asleep

I hit my head on black

I fell unconscious

I felt my eyesight fall so deeply asleep



I woke up at evening, at dusk

I lifted my head down to sleep

I lay outside

I smashed my head on a rock

Dusk was only so close to finished

I slept like a baby through the rest of it


I was awakened at night

The sun had gone down


My mind was asleep

I dreamed of a death that made no sense



Nostalgia (Visions of a Planet/Colour of Days)



A powerful force


A dream that affects the sight of a planet


A dream that wishes for you to remember a colourful day


A dream that wished for you to be warm



Reminded of some days lost,


Wishing the visions would exist again on the





But they never will.



The Sunset…. What is Truly Left?


It shines

A colour at the end of a day



It shines…. Fading into a horizon…. longed to be seen by life….


It sleeps…. Unsure how to end its life….



It fades….



Content with dying….



Maybe its death wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be.



Night was born out of somewhere.



Cicadas wish for a dark….



To chirp into quiet, distant sounds of life….



…. A wish.





The sunset is the end of the day.




A thoughtful air of a finish cycle.




Where there is no wind.





…. But then she leaves her home, when a night sinks….






What’s truly left after everything has moved on?






The day and the night.








He and she don’t know.



A Night….


Eyes on her and him.

There was a separation.


At night.



Colour pours into a night’s sky




























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