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Beloved: As It Was

By Alan Ayazyam

Dedicated to The Lovers

The Seat of the Intellect

Who is expecting?

“Yes” to become “No”

In this Quiet Love

Two Forces Arguing

Over One Seat

But the only seat I have

Is in the Third Eye

Seat of the Soul


Or Sage

The Right Answer

To begin with

Raind Clouds

Condensing Moisture


The Sky

Naked Cool Wind

Pressing into me







Just Starting

When approaching was

Caught in mid-flight

Burrowed into and under the skin

Of the Left Forearm

My reasoning

Tossed Away

The Heart Chakra

Belief is the glue

This glue is holding on

A state apart from

Distant Closeness

A movement away from trouble

Towards the Light

A fire started

In the Soul


Jesus Christ


Disturbed by Nothing

Slight, Distant Echo

Lotus, uncovered

Sitting on a cushion

Disturbed by nothing

Disturbed by Nothing

How to Please the Devil

And Pushing Up

And destructive thoughts

A poor man describing his idea of Wealth

A matching outfit

Colors going together

Being with a feeling

Carnal knowledge

Disparate attempts to burn the One

To compromise the Core Identity

To Please the Devil

Misuse of the Mind

Before the Problem Started

Before there was a manner of Thinking

A kind of speaking

Two people have

Two perspectives on one thing

Disagreements about

What we are seeing in front of us

Am I perceiving this correctly?

Just above

The silent stillness

Witnessing occurs

A meaningful expression of truth

A playtime lesson learned

A big lie



Once into the Forest

We discovered

A magic dance

We came upon

An enchanted dwarf

We became

Orange and Red

Purple and Yellow

Blue and Green

Petals twirling

Into Divine and Complete


Coming Home

Turning water into wine

Turning this poor choice compendium

Into a moment of joy

The expression of bliss

The passion of witnessing

Above the cherry-hill-character


Beating out all doubts

To become sky

Becoming One


Ever the anointed, Son, Daughter, Child

Coming Home

Wondering in Wandering

The detail

Wondering in wandering

In Quiet Hopes

Deserving Bell Ringing

Times doing Nothing

Nothing Criminals

Out in Ever Honest Entrances

Out in our Open Sadness

Collected Tears

Surfed in Sunshine

Whirling Tornadoes and Hurricanes

South Sounding Evil Trance Dictators

Wondering in



When we stopped in wordless woes

To contemplate everlasting life

Adjacent to the simple truth

A modern fact

Despicable and real

Doused in dramamine

Igloo suffix

Turban copier



A Dystopian Novel

Written in faded blood orange Red


Dotted with a signature

From the Great Beyond

How many forces did it take?

How many sorcerers?

To keep this boat afloat

Ay, but One, he said


There was but One

‘tis sad? No


There was but One.

This Image

Blasphemy Reopened

In the telling of One Small Tale

I hook up the cable

To the wall

Projecting this image

To you All

The Fortune Teller

Cards shuffled

Merge light with darkness

Color with meaning

The Unknown

Especially in the evening

The future is steeped

In the unknown

When in panic

You turned inward

Dealing with yourself

You ascended

The future was not seen

But felt

As Deep Peace


The Patient Urging Venom

Colliding with dignified strength

Won our best qualities

Saved us from the Past

Gave us Providence in


Baseball Season

The First Baseman

Given half a chance

Could round up his own price

To the nearest Dollar

Being the Master

Who is the executive Master of your Life?

It has to be You.

Have compassion for those who wish to

Blow you off course

But don’t Listen

Stay focused

Be the Master

Not the Slave

You Are That

Finally Landed


All things being equal

You are That

Death of a Father


A broken heart

Saying Goodbye

The End

No more tears

Rest Gently

Be at Peace Now

Don’t Get off too The Train too Early

Keep moving forward

Although doubts in the mind may arise

They cannot be stronger than your Will

If they are you will get off the train too early

Too far away from your destination

We Are All Guilty

You can’t actually have anything

Ownership is an illusion

Fear is a bluff

Emote or do not

It doesn’t matter

The body will carry on

Judgment is hypocrisy

We are all guilty

Beloved Youth

Hopeful Rays of Sunshine

Under dark events

Claiming our hearts

Beloved Youth



Forgiving yourself is

Not listening to authority

Not believing what you’re told about yourself

Not caring about what other people think of you

This is inner freedom

This is grace

Delivered by God

The will to be humble

Thank you, Lord

The Mind Tied Up

Our Time Spent Wallowing

Or Weeping

In stoic hours

Pressing our faces into the glass

Of hopeless regret

Wordless exhalation onto cold glass

Forming condensation

A bubble in time

Your mind tied up by forces

You will never understand

Tired of War (21st Century)

At the airport

The dove

In tir

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