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Reaching High (Into the Sky!)


The sky is so crazy high!


I can reach myself for miles!


I can fly! I can fly!


Can you get me down? I’m flying too high!


Help meee!


Ahhh! So high!


But I want to fly this high! This is what I wanted to feel,


When I’m so in love


With the one who is holding me up!


Hands so warm, I feel so aliveeee!






Crazy at a Height


The crazy light let itself into a crazy circle


That made no sense


But warmed the light


Giving it a home to rest and sleep,


Away from the stresses of a day.



A crazy darkness


Found a home at night,


The morning thought it was bonkers.


But the night didn’t think it was a little more than nothing.


Always staying away from each other, the sun of the day rejected the moon of the night


Saying how weird and crazy it was


The night stayed away from the day, afraid to be heard by it


Remembering the pain it felt when the day’s sun had not understood


And accepted it.


A hurtful rejection, the moon of the night couldn’t let go off.


But the night thought that maybe if it loved it’s enemy,


They could kiss each other goodnight, and good morning.



A dawn and a dusk, as morning’s sun and night’s moon


Felt a love for each other.



The dawn and dusk couldn’t do a thing


But feel love for each other’s unique nonsense.



Through meeting at sunrise and sunset, they learned to

Love, kiss.


An abstract love.

An abstract kiss.



Two Colours of a Mind


He/she had a spilt personality; straightforward enough.


One side was normal, the other side was something special.


He/she had two colours in his/her mind; never straightforward.


A complex and thinking mind, abstraction pinpointed on the minds.


Something wild, something tame, something calm, something enraged.


Something he/she had….


Something, that was colourful.


And a unique gift to her, him.



Colourful, and fearful of being taken away.


I guess he/she shouldn’t let it be stolen from


A life.


As the days pass



A Voice


A voice inside, almost yelling.


A voice, you could say is a voice of death

Telling you you’re nothing.

Telling you you’re something worth nothing.

A death, it sounds out.

No matter how hard you try not to listen; it’s there, and it’s yelling at you.


You wonder why. You wonder why the voice doesn’t go away.


A voice that tells you to go to death. You don’t listen to it.


Sounds, that escape with you when you try to fill yourself

With sounds that never remember


But you do. Sounds of death, coming back for you


Run, run, run to get away


Escape into the hands of a life


That holds you without its fear



You’ll feel a kiss you never remembered





Off the trampoline, colours of a rainbow fly in the air!


So bouncy and so alluring to the weather…. It just wants to eat colours up!


Weeeee! Wwwweeeeee!


So much fuuunnnnnnnn!


But death lingers below…. Waiting to destroy with an icy grip….


But the colours avoid it! No dying for the colours today!


Ha-ha! Stupid death!


I’m so colourful! Ha-ha-ha! Wwweeeeee! Yyyiipppeeeeee!


The rainbow splashes like a wave up with me


The trampoline is my safehaven from sorrow and suffering


But if I fall a bit….


Sadness may come to feel blue



She plays with her friends, letting her colours flow


In a rainbow of a day


So, so , long ago


Somewhere distant and mysterious


She has no fear of death


As the girl plays and plays


She fears nothing


But when the genuine smile and true laughter


On her young face


Will end, so far ahead….



Her Playtime


Seeing visions of herself exploring friend’s homes, there was so much to discover


Until she left her discovering smiles and laughter behind, or it’s better to say


The poor girl forgot her living ways


She wanted help re-discovering herself, but it seems all she discovered


Was the feeling of sex, as she got older…. So she never asked for more.


That was more, more than enough for her…. But she began to wonder


If there was something else outside for her…. something special she could


Re-live, a discovery she had left in her shadow.


Not sexual, this playtime would have to be a discovery


Worthy of the search she took to get there


But try as she might, there was no discovery.


She felt like she was being used, her life soaking her into water


As she drowned on something she could never hope to find.



One day, the girl met a young man.


Now, it sounds like we know how this story goes.


But hold on; This romance would not last!


Only a year…. The young man and girl had only a year


To revel in each other’s love.


But, to them, that was more than enough time.


To discover a young man’s charms, to discover a girl’s charms.


He gasped when he saw how pretty she was. She giggled at his admiring.


The young man was so proud of the girlfriend he had always imagined in his fantasies. He wanted to parade her around as a gemstone he had seen and dated.


Overtime, her gemstone did crack.


“I’m falling apart.”


“I can see…. We’ve been together so long.”


He held his girlfriend in his hands. Her eyes were a purple crystal and a black human. Swirled and deep, like the young man could fall himself into them.


“Here, I’ll let you down.”


“…. Thank you. It was a special year I had, with you.”


“But my miss, I won’t ever stop feeling home is in your days.”


“It may be special you long for me…. It lets you love.”



At night, a year later, the lovers fell out of love.


“Miss, where were you when I was younger? I could have been your admirer.”


The girl shrugged and smiled. “I don’t know. I wish I knew.”


“Will you remember me forever?” The young man asked.


The girl smiled. “Well, I’m not sure if I’ll always remember you.”


The young man made the sad face of a boy.


“But don’t get sad! I’ll remember you for a long time!” She exclaimed. A smile, comforting him.



Her gemstone of purple had broken apart now




Letting her hand go, letting his hand go


They led themselves into the quiet, windy night.



“It sure was nice time in our lives we had.”



Discovering something that was special for her,


The girl’s gemstone broke in purple shards



When she saw herself, many years forgotten,


Discover something new


On this day.


The young man never saw his gemstone again.


He never saw his home…. The days after that night had passed.



Handful of Flowers (One for Each Life)


A handful of flowers, given from death


To the living


White, red, pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, gold, silver


A glowing orange that seemed to show a flower’s heart


Produced by death, but given as a present to help


The living remember and thrive.


A colour for each aspect of life; Pink for love, blue for water, each colour in


A home



Death itself was green mixed with black


A environment of death with life, animals dying on the ground everyday


Nobody bothered to see


Sad, but death reclaimed them into the green


And gave them a home with flowers


And under the soil



Green flowers, for nature


Red flowers, not for passion, but for blood of animals



The eating cycle of animals was not complete without blood,



But humans were the exception….


Though some red flowers, still for them


Since they ate animals that had been taken out of life.



A flower, for each and every place the wind would blow



Too many colours for what made up life


Flash of Black


A flash of black


To create a beginning we dreamed of living.



Growing Tree


The tree grew so tall, over her house


A building that looked so small compared to it!


She looked so high, high up high!


The young woman couldn’t see where her tree ended


“Oh, no! What am I to do? I can’t see where my tree ends!”


Coming down to meet her, the tree gave her some advice


To never plant it


When the summer was so hot and lively



Then, it took the young woman away in it’s tree arms



Nurturing her to be a baby, once again in her life.



The Green Fields



Fields of green, pretty and wild, spreading across the breeze


As she walked through them, reminded of her childhood spent in


The fields close to her home


There was always so much for her to feel uplifted about….



But nowadays, she could never find what had made her days so special back then


There it was, a shard of grass, she had remembered stepping on when she was young


It was her discovery of the day


The old her smiled, and tore the grass out of the land



To remind her there were days where she felt something special


Inside her


Passing time on these special days with loved ones


Flash of White


After the flash of black, we fell into white


A death, full with white flowers


Too many for us to see; Our flash was a white sky


Of a white garden


At the gates of heaven


When we fell into black



It’s a white outside


That seems like a duvet, covered with fresh air of a fresh smell.



The Perils (Pearls) of the Seashell


The seashell had so many perils to go through!


Everything was so overwhelming to it!


Each little pearl was a battle in and out of itself…. struggling to not fall out of the seashell


And jump into the water to be lost forever!


Oh, no!


Where would her pearls go?!


The seashell can’t lose its pearls


To the perils of this ocean!



Its home is trying to take her pearls away!



Choking on Black


A shadow of a mass of black


In the throat of someone who is dying


Black that chokes


Black that sees visions of a dark afterlife where the choker is going for all their life


A place so dark, eyes can be see looking through the black of the throat


A paradise of black,


Where a pair of dead eyes gaze


Dark and huge, they are so dreamy


They let the choker know, he has nothing to fear.



When Is She Going to The Moon?


When am I going to see her go to the moon?! I’ve been waiting so long….


I think it’s about time I saw!


A colourful swirl, of yellow, green, pink, purple! So vast and raw, like meat waiting to be chewed on!


But the moon is so far away! How can she ever hope to get there, with him?!



Getting To The Moon


Ok…. Up, up, up high! One big jump…. Reach the moon so fast!


No, no…. we just fall back down


He and she feel themselves die on the ground


The colourful outside is black…. They can’t see a thing….


What are they going to do? They can’t see anything but black….


The moon is so white!


Taking themselves out from death, they realized they were in a fantasy of


Trying to call to the moon, and find love on it’s island.



The boy and young woman were so long gone…. They were only dreaming


Of their adventure to the moon, together.


But what a pleasant dream, they both had


As they held loving hands at death.





Dying Planet (The Black of Sky)


A Planet with a black sky, so high up and suffering beyond the clouds


A life that wandered the planet, looking for where they could exchange their life


For something that felt like dying


Alive for much too long, they felt like it was a appropriet time to end their life.


But the planet only held a black sky


No matter how much they wandered, they were unable to find a death they searched for


So they cried, not knowing how to die.


Until they saw her, hold out her hand for them


In the black sky


Dark, massive eyes that commanded the sky to stay put.


She was the death of this planet.



Her Dark, Gives Him Death


On this planet, I looked down at him, begging me to be killed


Saddened by his wishes, I took him off the ground while giving him a smile of compassion


And then I dropped him from my black sky, so that he landed on the ground.


I saw him smile at me, as he landed


Finally, I was warm when I was able to achieve that boy’s death.






Suicidal Forms


The skipping of a rock to find an entrance that leads to nowhere

Entrance that is covered in nothing that lives; a final farewell, a passage way away from what was finally seen


To never be seen again; dead and forgotten, as all others were, and were going to be, and had been


Nothing left to hold unto, everything sees just empty.


Nothing left to hold special to the heart, everything is over and flooded into a black


Which shows the black of the night’s farewell


To the life the black once coloured bright colours of a rainbow


But, the life of the day had ended.



Not a Hole


Not hole to fall into…. What was the point of the hole existing in the first place?


No real place to retreat into…. Maybe there was a way to escape from what wasn’t a place to stay


But staying at the place, nothing was left to be able to flee


A black vision put every life, living during the day, in a special place


…. Where it would see the sun rise



Tied (Death Fragrance)


A smell tied to a nose, smelling fresh air that was polluted with black


Inhale what was so disturbing to imagine


A comfort, soft and to fall over the breather, who was full of fearing


For life without air


Black air was worse to breathe


The breather should have kept her mouth shut, and died


Her dark and huge eyes would close peacefully….


She would ascend to her special realm


And the young lady would become


The goddess of death



More or Less (Lost Words)


More or less, words were lost or not understood


A mouth that said them, didn’t mean to say what it was thinking


A mouth that couldn’t stop…. A talk that continued forever, with no end or sense to it


Now, the words made sense to the one listening…. But to the one speaking them,


Less sense could not have been made


A mistake to open a mouth to speak…. Words that came out so harsh


A mistake to not fall asleep…. Maybe the speaker should go to sleep


In his/her apartment, away from their outside world of life.



Hovering Sight


A sight, looking over everything that seems to move. Nothing can be seen by the subjects.


A black sight: With dark, dark, huge, huge female eyes


A so curvy body, seeming to take up the sky


Of the life it observes with unblinking eyes, a little frightening even;


So intense and visceral, the subjects want to jump back and flinch from their gaze


A cold but warm gaze, brining warmth from inside her outside into the life


The subjects lead and leave behind


As her death stares at them


Her grown so healthy body so strong in the sky of life.


Naked, she lets her strong body reveal death to every life she watched over.



Without A Care


Without a care, something bad would happen

Without a care, fears would always come to pass

The passageway, to a place so fearful, but warm and safe


Like a home.


But the dreams and visions that had been so lost

Will come to life.


Being outside, dreams and visions came to finally see.


But a love floating in the air, loved to hug everything it saw.


Even until it floated into

A sleepy nighttime.

On the days love floated by.


Lost to a night


The night had nothing to fear; it never could see what the day could fear


It was protected by dark; protected from an illumination which would show fears


Humans in the day; the antisocial night did never like that


Maybe the night would have to face its fear of people


A night.


A night lighter than a dark


Where a strong young lady with a prized body


Let herself dance freely as so a young girl


Exploring wonders of her nights



The night was scared of her


But in the morning, when she went away….


The night felt freed


Of human interaction.


But then, it longed to see her again




What had happened t

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