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60 Haiku

to tantalize the senses




In my darkest hour

I reach to my inner self

to speak to my heart







silk slices the air

cherry blossoms drift and slide

onto seas of grass



renegade poplars

greenhorns reaching for the sky

outlaws on the range



waters of swift breath

choking back singed charcoal air

seeking virgin shores




electric fault line

distant flashlights’ power cut

stars born burning out



the sky opens up

rain falls in fluid silence

tears from lost angels



blue dahlias falling

from a purple twilight sky

paintings from heaven





trees dance in the wind

waltzing to a silent song

only they can hear



fresh cracked lemon yoke

glazed eyeball shining brightly

breakfast of the gods



icing winter’s cake

vanilla snow falling soft

on the tongue of life





translucent river

your depth yet undiscovered

mystic waves abound



my death wish is gray

so it may hide in the fog

that creeps through my dreams



love, you’re dead today

yesterday a burning sun

today ice cold flame





glistening and sweating,

they blend magnificently,

the lovers and life.



soft feather light touch

the body’s morning delight

a cool heat creeping



phasing from lovers

to good friends to casual

acquaintance dying





hazing through mirrors

staring at false illusions

the truth is glaring



structure unstructured

love born and slain in error

no death is timely



mining for a heart

of gold in silver forests

is a fool’s sad quest





insensitive eyes

corrupt and slay hearts of gold

with sweet lovely lies



pulling up email

letters from oblivion

strangely familiar



the sound of music

creeps softly into the heart

rhapsody ensues





icing on the heart

of emotions insane cake

proves inedible



your soft voice calling

whispers of eternity

in a slice of time



a telephone rings

the voice speaks in abstraction

abstrusion pervades





young babies aging

becoming men and women

seasoned within time



haiku’s highest point

a fable within truth found

in nature’s spirit



coffee warms the throat

in the rain soaked morning light

the cold night deposed





rain slicked daffodils

feigning shades of liquid sun

swimming in wet eyes



hearts break noiselessly

like mirrors in a vacuum

witnessing love’s death



emotional ties

laced up in worn down sneakers

come undone in knots





horizons appear

like the misty hands of love

looming, then fading



reflecting damp dreams

the rain slicked streets are gleaming

paved with winter’s tears



uncle tom dying

death’s thundering horses riding

heaven is sighing





sharp murderous teeth

defending their right to kill

deadly starvation



sweet William changes

reverts to pugilism

hence black-eyed susan



love’s tender rivet

was faulty weak off-centre

our hearts broke apart





if you had been a

welder we might not have come

apart at the seams



our hearts tore and ripped

if you had been a welder

our seams may have held



a leap of faith is

the certainty God’s grace will

grant a safe landing.





face book friendship is

travelling in cyberspace

with strange companions



savoury moments

seasoned with love’s devotion

a gourmet repast



green mystic moment,

wooden arms reach for the sky,

trees under arrest





Ii am word and mind

when I out pictured myself

I became “I am”



Descartes invents

the skepticism of self

trying to prove it


tidal reflections

at the shallow edge of mind

mirror deeper thoughts





atop angel wings

we see a new perspective

lost to those below



food fit for a king

crowned with tasty chicken wing

cats meow and sing



worn pages of life

chapters writ on shifting sands

scattered destinies





when too tall Jack Straight

became stooped with age he was

renamed Ben Dover.



an alcoholics

anonymous meeting is

filled with dry humour



religious golfing

glory to the holy one

and the hole in one





the royal city

crowned with beauty in sunshine

regal in shadow



black summer ocean

bright moonlit waves shimmering

with salty kisses



gentle feathered touch

yellow wing tipped trees ablaze

in autumn frenzy





Cherry Blossoms fall

pink petals on bright green cakes

seasonal icing



I reach for the stars

as I ride on a moonbeam

eternally young



we came from water

we depend on oxygen

then revert to dust



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