Valid Views of God?


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How many of the millions of published books on “God” roundly satisfy—put on solid footing—both the atheist and the believer in God? Is a "solid footing” even possible?The baseline concepts herein form the solid basis or framework for all future deliberations on “God”. It’s a big step if everyone is left with no wriggle room at all as to if there is “God” or not. With that solved, we get to better understand what the overarching purpose of Life is, and why we find ourselves in this unique part of the universe…The book then moves on to show that it will now be a simpler matter of whether one prefers the “Analyst” or “Synthesist” route of viewing Life and “God”…and we’re debating at a much higher level…

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L.M. Leteane

L M LETEANE was born on March in Lobatse Botswana I was a full-time accounts executive until when I took to research and writing after discovering a linguistic key to the long-lost Babel language finding that it can still link up almost every language in the world from Icelandic to Australian Aborigine from Japanese to Mayan but especially Akkadian ancient Babylonian which I have demonstrated to be little-understood by modern scholarship after properly retranslating the Enuma Elish and other ancient texts In as a newspaper columnist I tested some of my discoveries in over op-ed articles in Botswana s leading newspaper group and these now form the backbone of several books unearthing secrets of our collective past Along with many other original solutions never before seen in print that emphatically resolve perplexing timeline and other historical problems I have seamlessly tied biblical and secular history and chronology right from Adam to Nabunaid including several impossible to reconcile chronologies such as the Assyrian-biblical one clearly showing where the secular and biblical misinterpretations are After that dates are more secure Through my research long-lost biblical characters such as Nimrod Joseph and King David come to life as real figures of history My time in research has led me to the many far-reaching resolutions I now wish to share with the world through my books Most of the books demonstrate to the reader who God is NOT while emphatically correcting conventional paradigms But in VALID VIEWS OF GOD The Analysts and the Synthesists I tackle the delicate subject of who what God IS I have sacrificed much for Truth which I found to be not relative to a person personal truth but is empirical within certain flexibilities I am married to Lebo an entrepreneur with whom I have three children a businessman a