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This blog book has posts/articles on spirituality and on

God and Science from blog of Ravi S.

Iyer. The key areas addressed are:

 Who am I? I am I. The Ultimate Answer to THE

Existential Reality Question

 Belief in God that is Compatible with Science

 Contemporary (early 21st century) God and Science


This blog book is authored, formatted and at least partly, if

not wholly, self-published by Ravi S. Iyer of Puttaparthi,

Andhra Pradesh, India

Blog book version/date: 26th April 2018

Note: This book is NOT FOR PROFIT for the author but the

self-publishing support provider who is not the author (e.g.

self-publishing company), printer, distributor and seller

may profit. Further, most of this book (Ravi S. Iyer’s

content) is FREELY REUSABLE (No copyright).

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Service to Society is Service to God


This book is NOT FOR PROFIT for author


Permission to freely reuse MY CONTENT of this book


CC-BY-SA (additional) license for few pages in this book