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Ch.1: Perception and beliefs

Perception is everything

Belief systems: the heritage of humankind

One sees what one believes to be true – a parable

Values guide us in our thoughts and beliefs

Which are your values? A short questionnaire

Psychocybernetics: the goal directed brain-mind

Ch.2: An analysis of the thinking process

What are thoughts? A new perspective

The character of thoughts

The process of thinking

Conscious thinking:observing the stream of thoughts

A simple technique to neutralize negative thoughts

The seven aspects of thinking

Changing the pattern of thinking:

the thought, action, habit, character connection

Stoicism, panpsychism: Marcus Aurelius, the emperor-philosopher Observing the stream of consciousness

Pythagorean exercise

Controlling the flow of thoughts

Is there a Matrix or storehouse of impressions?

Ch.3: The Self: your true parent

The luminous Self

Testimonies of encounters with the Self

Some universal principles of concern to humans

The golden rule: virtues are all important

What you sow is what you reap

Learn to become who you really are

Unity of all life

Ch.4: Self, society, ecosystem

The money system

Ecological considerations

Peak prosperity course


Artificial intelligence


Climate change

Social systems

Philosophy: panpsychism

Psychological counseling and online groups

Ch. 5: Death and the afterlife