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I feel

A need

To be

























Hello there

We’ve found each other

It is my understanding

That you are my sister or my brother


I have journeyed far

To be here with you

From beyond time and space

I’ve come to see you


Let’s sit together

And share some time

While I try to tell you about This life of mine


The thoughts in me

That flow to thee

Have the energy

To set us free


Even heavy things

Will be all right

Just let them rest

And share some light



















Reading me

Can be like day or night

Depending on

If you’re feeling wrong or right


The time to drink

This water I give

Is when you thirst

And yearn to live




If my words

Seem out of synch

Just let it be

And forgo the drink
























There is nothing new

In this book


Has been said before Everything

Has been done before


That can be known

Is already known



























Take a chance

Open the door

And take a glance

Step on the floor

And have a dance


To hear you must listen

To see you must look

The things I can show you

Don’t come from no book


























There once was a man Who had a faith,

A faith based on a vision


In this vision

There was light


Will we see?


From this vision

Came a song


Will we hear?


























What good is light To a blind person?


What good is music To a deaf person?


What good is food To a dead person?

























There is a place

Very close to me

A place that I can go

A place that I can be


There is a place

Not very far away

With a secret path

So I may not stray


No sound is there

No walls around

Not a breath of wind

There peace abounds


I can come and go

Just as I please

And when I’m there

I feel at ease
















I have never been born

And I will never die

And the Lord is my constant companion

Through Him

I am born into the flesh

And through Him

I die from the flesh

But I am forever

Just as the Lord is forever

For I was made in His image

This I know because By His grace

He has shown it to me


He came in a burst of light

And an explosion of salvation

And a shower of loving rain As a Lion came He

And saved me from death

And He showed me His love

And he showed me His wisdom

And many things

Wonders beyond wonders

But above all

He said to me

Know that I Am





I was sitting in a basket

On the back of a giant bird

Its wings were brilliant white

And their sound could well be heard


How I came to be there

I’ll never ever know

But the view that I was getting

Was a most remarkable show


We were flying over a giant canyon

Even bigger than The Grand

The whole place was on fire There was no place to land


I could see boiling pools of lava

To this there seemed no end

I heard the sound of crumbling rocks This place wasn’t heaven sent


The canyon sides were red with heat

There was a loud crack and hiss

It was a scary place indeed

For me a good place to miss


I got a little frightened

I could not bear this place

Until I saw the bird my friend

And the smile upon his face


I knew that very moment

This place was not for me

The bird was flying over

This abyss and its boiling sea


The things I will remember

About this strange place

Is the sound of wings flapping

And the smile on that bird’s face










I made some friends

In years I left behind

There was one thing different about them

I met them in my mind


They were very special people

Who came from up the track

They spent a little time with me

And made sure I wouldn’t turn back


They had a way of speaking

Quite clever I would find

They used to tell me stories With pictures in my mind


I also have to mention

A thing you rarely see

It was the power of their love And they were loving me


They seemed to have a great concern That I would be all right

Their smiles shone like the midday sun

They would help me through the night


For a time I was speechless

Not knowing what to say

Then I just loved them back

And went happily on my way













I have a guardian angel

She has just a little face

She has these tiny little wings

And a dress of golden lace


She wears a white breastplate

With the cross of Christ thereon

That’s just so no one doubts

Where she is coming from


She sometimes wields a lance

And helps to give me freedom

And the way she goes about it Is to run it through a demon


Well she’s very good at that

Keeping me a free man

Because whenever I lose my way She sticks it to that demon


She is a gift to me

A gift from way above

A blessing full of grace

A little angel full of love
















Once I had a teacher

It was some time back

He showed me something special

And put me on the narrow track


Silent and still

He came to me

And gave me his eyes

With which to see


My life had changed

In a flash of light

My eyes could tell

Between wrong and right


I truly am a lucky man

For fate to be so kind

His teaching was like a cool drink For a parched and thirsty mind


I’m older now

And still I do remember

When my teacher came

In stillness one September







I walk alone

Night after lonely night

Under the starry sky

Pondering my plight


And then one time It came to me

The realization that

The in‐between time it be


It is the time

When all is still

A strange phenomenon

Between heaven and hell


A time before

The time to come

A time just after

Old things are done


A kind of time

When things stand still

The sort of time to have

When you’ve got time to kill


It’s kind of like a time

And kind of like a place

It’s just the in‐between time Time out in inner space


The in‐between time

A place which has me grinning

Because now I know

It’s the time before the new beginning













Dearest Papa


I am sorry today

I am sorry for my anger

I am sorry for my discontentment

I am sorry for my lust

I am sorry for my selfishness

I am really sorry

These conditions are a heavy burden

On my shoulders and my mind Lord

Rest and peace are a stranger to me

I cannot even imagine

What life would be like

If I had the strength

To throw off these heavy burdens


I am sorry for them today Lord

And I was wondering

If You could help me unload them













It’s midday in the temple

Already half the day is done

I think I must have lost my way

Cause I’m back where I started from


It’s a place I’ve been before

It’s somewhere that I know

There is no place quite like it

A good place from which to go


I have a lot of options

Could do this or could do that

But I better forget about them And give destiny a bat


The road I’ll walk is narrow

No more than just a track

There are not many on it

And no one’s looking back


There is a man upon it

Who once hung upon a cross

He said it was the way to go

With no concern for gain or loss


He said not many people take it

This track of which I write

It takes courage strength conviction

And the grace of a guiding light


The road is long and winding A struggle all the way

But He said that it was worth it

And that He’d help me if He may

















Getting back

On the track

Is nothing more

Than a snack


I am sorry

But you don’t have to forgive me


I forgive you

But you don’t have to be sorry


I love you

But you don’t have to love me





























You gotta have

A strong commitment

To the Lord


























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