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Deal Or No Deal: The True Meaning Of Life (by Wade Welch)

...dedicated to those souls who accept the shame forced upon them. The truth shall set you free.

I expect several different reactions from readers. I got four from my family alone..."everyone already knows all that"..."you need to take medication"...(I'm gonna get Wade good this time)...and totally no reaction at all. No doubt there could be a dozen more reactions. There might even be this one...(hmm, l know what you are talking about).

I write to get a reaction. I don't care what reaction it is. I'll take note of every one of them. I would be perfectly satisfied with someone being willing to show me I am wrong. It is simply the reaction that matters. Our actions establish our identity. We can take the path of least resistance, and stroke our egos, giving ourselves a false impression of who we are. Or, we can walk the walk...without excuses.

I seek truth, admittedly one of my "issues"(#1). I seek to achieve goals, not caring so much about a targeted success, but to find out what sort of success it will be. Failure (issue #2) is inevitable, because I choose to stay who I am.

Successes always seem to require a compromise of our identity. We pay a price to conform. A good friend said..."Life is a contradiction". I acknowledge that contradiction (#3). I tend to intimidate (#4) naturally, although I am gangly, have scoliosis, and a weak chin. I seem to get reactions.

No matter what I do in life, there will be a valid opinion that portrays me as a fool. In fact, I can mathematically demonstrate that I am. It took a long time, but once I finally felt comfortable with who I was, being a fool just didn't matter.

That is who I am. I make fool look good (issue #5). A fool has higher priorities than seeking profit.

Who would proclaim that living through ideals, rather than serving ourselves, is a quality trait? We have ten times more incentive than necessary to control...or manufacture perceptions, and who would rather be who they really are? Who would expect to be judged on merit, and not to be given a chance to control the opinion?

Who accepts difficult challenges with no profit, just because it is interesting?

Who is willing to examine their own true individuality, with true being the key word? Who stands up for what they believe in? Obviously it is the insane...the fool...the condemned.

Insanity, as enforced by society, allows me the opportunity to say things a normal person cannot. I have the freedom to challenge a concept...until I am forced to take medication (yeah right). A medicated person is a good person...and they never say..."humanity is nothing more than a planetary infection with potential to be more". They never say "truth is discovered, not created".

I doubt that it is possible for us to have the same outlook on life at age 50 that we had at age 20. We learn as we grow, and hopefully growing is a large part of living. I'm talking about spiritual growth as well as physical growth. Things start out simple but quickly life transforms into something else. Hopefully, before this life is over we get a sense that it is simple once again.

I am going to show how life has meaning. There is a purpose for all of us, and although we are each unique, there is a common thread that connects us all. We will likely not find answers in obvious places although they will be in plain sight most of the time. Before we have answers, we first have to ask questions. Our first obstacle is ourselves.

Anyone can be objective in theory. Anyone can let spirituality dominate their lives. Anyone can search for truth and understanding. But, it is rare in our society for these things to occur. Since we live our lives day by day, we focus on the physical world. Conforming to society and aligning with the majority have a positive effect on our success, while staying true to our beliefs gets increasingly less important. Being accepted is more important than truth. Trading identity for image is the American way.

We have infected our planet with humanity. The infection can only be slowed by Nature, and ultimately, the universe. Even if we transform into a responsible species we will still overpopulate the planet. That alone seals our fate. And since we have proven that we make selfish choices with little effort...and wise choices when we are forced into a corner, we have exhausted our options. We will find a way to avoid the corner.

In the future this planet will look as it did in the past. It will be beautiful, serene, and simple. By definition, humanity will fail. Nature will prevail. If we are simple, we will be part of the planet. If we are complex, then we aren't sure what we will be. That is the math of the universe. The equation will balance itself.

Insanity understands an equation which inspires a person to be objective. Insanity embraces the universe with open arms...ready to learn. Insanity has clear vision before, during, and after a decision is made. Insanity has a conscience and needs no excuses. Insanity accepts a quest. And it is insanity that removes the barriers built by the ego. Insanity is open and honest...vulnerable to the influence of truth.

Sanity must first consider all the options and alternatives...not as to effectively search for truth...but to soothe the ego. Sanity requires the priorities get rearranged at will. And sanity rewards those who keep secrets...embrace group ideals...and wait for opportunity. It is the ability to stroke the social order of egos that leads to a sane life...history proves that.

Sanity is a fortress that protects the ego.

I have read about the universe. I have read about the ego...our intuition...secrets to success in life...and the history of mankind. About UFOs, psychology, government, philosophies, and most aspects of science. About each religion and its leaders. I am left with this one question. Are we flawed as the result of society, or is it a part of the soul and we bring flaws to society?


After having survived 50 years of living in America, I have formed a few personal opinions on matters I consider important. The things that we each find important define who we are, providing us with our individuality. As our lives reach a pinnacle there is a good chance that our priorities have changed or will change. We begin to sense that life has meaning...a tangible concept if we can tell truth from fiction.

If there was no limit to human knowledge...if we knew everything...all about the universe and different dimensions...about our souls, angels, and God...the past and future of mankind...and how dinosaurs managed to exist for millions of years with so many poop mountains stinking up the place. If we knew everything, we would also know the true meaning of life. From my perspective it concerns the search for truth.

In order to understand truth we need a perspective that relates to more than just the physical world. Truth is a reality in the universe. Reality is a state of balance among many opposing forces. If it was unbalanced then the reality would be something else. So, the universe is an equation...containing many diverse components which balance each other to form the result. Our planet is a part of this balanced equation.

From a universal perspective, truth is a constant reality that balances the equation. It is simple and cannot be adjusted to taste. From the human perspective, truth varies from person to person. It is virtually impossible for a group of people to agree on much. In being human, we bring subjectivity into the equation.

So it may be possible that truth is a rare commodity in human society.

So, to find truth we need to have a spiritual power. In the physical world, which offers us distractions and illusions, truth is fleeting. In addition, we may not be inclined to seek truth. Without some physical proof that we have spiritual needs that take priority, then we may choose to live only in the physical world. With faith we can be more spiritual, but it may well be misdirected. We either need more than faith or we all need to be born with a similar type of faith.

Had we a weapon which could force people to only see truth...just by touching that weapon, we would control the world. Truth destroys illusions...if we have no choice but to witness truth. When we are forced to see who we really are, then we would likely be faced with internal suffering. Some ancient religions recognize that life without suffering has little meaning.

If we knew for a fact that our souls are reincarnated, then maybe we can find a way to all be a spiritual match. I think it is more likely that what mankind needs in order to succeed is a tool. Probably a tool we already have available to us. If truth was available to us, then with the answers provided, mankind could solve problems and make progress. The tool we need is to be able to communicate with the spiritual realm...with God.

I think that life does have meaning, although we may be disappointed in how insignificant it could turn out to be. In the long run, truth is the most important thing. It is what we leave behind after we have completed a life. Upon death, it certainly appears that things will change for each of us. Our lives will be something we can look back on from a new perspective. It appears that no matter what happens after death, it will be more spiritual and less physical...don't you think?

As I delve into philosophy and idealism, I will try to balance it with some reality. Consider this my book report on my life and what I have learned. It may not be much, but this is the culmination of my search for truth. I think that as we live each day in the physical world, we have an opportunity to embrace the spiritual world. In fact, I think we have the ability to connect to the spiritual world. I will try to illustrate my concept on why we are here and why we are all much more than we seem to be.

The Universe

For obvious reasons man has always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. Throughout history philosophers have been inspired by the stars to search for truth. Looking to the heavens gives us a sense of being more than who we are.

We can almost feel the immense energy of all the forces that combine to keep the stars on course.

My theory on the universe is based on some facts combined with a stretch of faith.

I like to call it common sense...the most important human trait. If we pay attention to our personality traits, we can isolate a behavioral theme to our individuality. How we perceive and react to information is our perception on life...our common sense. To define it, it is the ability to process information that does not fit perfectly into any certain category. Abstract reasoning if you will.

I believe that our common sense is one of the closest links to our souls. It may well be an indicator of where we are in our spiritual goals. Judging right from wrong is the most obvious use of common sense. If computers and robots are our future, then common sense will be something that will always set humans apart. I think that for a computer to have common sense it would need a soul. If we can put a soul into a computer then we will have created life.

The dominating force in the universe is magnetism/gravity, or a similar unknown force...or several similar forces. I assume that it is a complex balance in the relationship of particles of matter that occupy a dimensional vacuum. The particles may form tiny objects or huge planets or stars, and they pull on each other. With very large objects, these pulling forces are so strong that they create a vacuum.

There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on every beach on Earth. Each one is a huge mass which generates great forces. Forces hold the star together, as well as provide stability against the pull from other stars. The vastness of the universe, combined with the quantity of stars, provide us with a great mystery.

Even with the vastness of space we have stability among the various objects in the vacuum. Galaxies vary in their stability, but overall, there is enough of a balance that we can exist. Stable enough that we can see a relationship between time and space. It is reasonable to assume that forces such as magnetism are all around us, in varying strengths from multiple sources. In fact, without magnetism nothing would exist as it does.

On Earth we can see three basic dimensions in our physical world. I think there is also a different type of dimension. Matter is composed of tiny particles...atoms.

They are invisible to the naked eye, and can be considered a smaller dimension.

Atoms themselves are made from smaller particles which may be another dimension.

So, the atoms might be a smaller solar system and a kitchen table might be a galaxy. In turn, Earth may be a particle and our universe may be a molecule in a table. Theoretically science may see 4 dimensions here.

Even if this theory is inaccurate, there are still powerful forces keeping atoms and subparticles, as well as planets and stars, stable as they relate to each other. It is quite reasonable to accept a theory like this as a workable tool to find answers to the mysteries of the universe. Our quest is truth, and we need to have imaginations to find equations that make sense. Yes, we need our most important human skill...common sense.

To accomplish a goal, we need inspiration. We can go our entire lives and never care about the mysteries of the heavens. I was never inclined to study the stars and I never had a desire to know why they were in the sky. I did wonder about God, but all I knew was based on my life experiences. I was more interested in the physical world. Maybe if we are struggling with daily life then the spirit takes a back seat.

Would truth be inspiring? Answers to your questions? I think truth and answers have always been available to us. To understand why people don't care about truth, maybe we should define life in America. We need to take a look at ourselves. Or, is the truth unbearable? What would you think if you knew that a man communicated with the spiritual side several times a day for 40 years and it was publicly witnessed and documented. And this man lived in America in the 20th century.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (pronounced, Kay-see) is arguably the most important man of the 20th century. He did more than make the world a little better. He gave us documented proof that we have a spiritual world that is just as tangible as the physical world. We've just lost the ability...or see it. We only see what is directly in front of us, and then our perspective is altered by illusions. It is called psychology.

Cayce said we have three levels of consciousness: The conscious mind is where we feel and think. This is where most of us "exist". We are able to ignore the remainder of our consciousness if we choose, but most often we are unconsciously influenced by them.

The subconscious is where unconscious or semiconsciousness exists, such as fear and doubt. This is where the soul exists in us. We don't access this part of the mind easily, if at all. It has a way to access us.

The superconscious is where our souls exist in a collective entity. If we could connect with our superconscious mind, we would have direct access to truth. This is the most expansive portion of our minds, and is also the place we never go. The ability to connect with this consciousness would answer all of our questions. We don't have this skill. Yet, Edgar Cayce went to this place every day for 40 years.

Sigmund Freud had his version of the consciousness...the ego, super ego, and id. He said we lived through our ego, which is our daily variety of choices. That explains very well how potentially flawed we can be. We have the free will to make the choice, or avoid any choice at all, and we do it through our ego...which is our natural tendency to delude ourselves. In making choices, the path of least resistance is our default choice. And if we refuse to consciously consider the choice, the default takes over.

The super ego is where our morality lies. Our conscience along with our sense of right and wrong are underlying "themes" which influence the ego, and can be powerful or weak. With the proper balance among the two egos, we are stronger to defend against the negative control of the id. Our environment, physical and psychological, can affect that balance. While many people consider "common sense"

to be simple and common, I consider it to be a display of our super ego...or our subconscious. Common sense can be quite uncommon.

The id is the counterpart of the super ego. It is where our soul overrides our two egos, and is selfish and egocentric. The id also controls the ego, but is not a conscious decision. It is a trend or tendency that always repeats itself unless there is a commitment of both egos to control it. Addictions and impulses are more apparent when the super ego is weak. Serial killers are periodically controled by their id, as are chain smokers.

Cayce's version of conscousness came from a unique source of knowledge, while Freud's came from research and hypothetical thinking. They both are simlar, but Cayce's version presents an extra variable...the soul. It has the ability to combine science and religion and even form an equation that defines life. Plus, it paints a picture that is clear and precise as opposed to offering a general concept. In studying both Cayce and Freud, we have a better understanding of each.

Cayce gave thousands of psychic readings to different people by tapping into his superconscious mind. His ability was documented and recorded each time he used it, and has been witnessed and verified by prominent Americans throughout his life...even former Presidents and their bosses...the billionaires. He was mostly known as a healer with great results, using technical knowledge that he does not possess himself...healing people on a daily basis using mostly home remedies. His healing was the result of diagnosing and eliminating the cause of the problem, as opposed to modern medicine...treating the symptoms and investigating the cause.

Evidently, while in trance, he was able to connect to the spritual realm (similar to a near-death experience). Other souls could speak through him, and he was able to access the "Book of Life" (akashic record). It shows that we have this ability inside our superconscious minds. Cayce said that we all could do the same thing. We are truly spiritual beings, temporarily living in a physical world.

While Cayce was in trance, he was basically asleep, while his superconscious mind was going down the path of light that we encounter after we are dead. He had access to other souls as well as all the knowledge of man throughout all of man's history.

He never did any of his readings alone. They were always documented by several people, which sometimes included doctors, scientists, skeptics, or celebrities.

There was no limit to the content of the questions, although in the beginning for many years, they were always medical or health related. In the last few decades of his life, Cayce was asked questions about all knowledge. Thomas Edison was one of the subjects, and some of his inventions were in part caused by Cayce. The Rockefeller fortune is said to be, in part, due to Cayce.

I have read much of Cayce's readings and they are full of elaborate technical information that few men could possibly recollect at that time. Cayce was a modest uneducated man, and had no manner by which he could have provided effective healing of the body. By the end of his life, he had healed thousands of people, as well as influenced just about all forms of science and history.

In his readings, Cayce described everything that concerns as well as death. Through his readings, we now know how mankind started and where we go when we die. We know that the Bible is almost all fact, although it has been modified to

"taste" by man many times. We know the truth about the meaning of life, although his readings suggested no urgency in our quest for that meaning.

This is a quote from Cayce while he was giving a lecture in 1933...not in his tranced state. He was asked about the source of his readings:

"The experience has come eight or ten times while giving life readings for individuals. I remember nothing of the reading, but have a very vivid impression of the following."

"I knew my spirit, mind, or soul was separated from my body and that it was seeking information for another. I passed into outer darkness, so dark that it actually hurt-yet there was a stream of light that I knew I must follow, and nothing on either side of the light must detract from my purpose to receive for that other what it was seeking in the way of aid for itself."

"As I passed along the line of light I became conscious of forms of movement crowding toward the light. Coming to the next plane, I realized that the forms of movement or figures were taking shape as humans...rather the exaggeration of human desires. Passing a little farther, these forms were gradually lost; still I had the consciousness that they were seeking the light-or more light. Then the figures gradually took form, continually coming toward the light."

"Finally I passed through a place where individuals appeared much as they do today-men and women-but satisfied with their position [rather than crowding toward the light]. The number of individuals in this state of satisfaction continued to grow, and then there were homes and cities where they were content to continue as they were."

"Still following the light, which grew stronger and stronger, I heard music in the beyond. Then there came a space where all was springtime-all was a-blossom, all was summer. Some were happy, some desired to remain, but many were pressing on and on to the place where there might be greater understanding, more light, more to be gained. Then I reached a place where I was seeking the records of the lives of people that lived in the earth."

"Don't ever think that your life isn't written in the Book of Life! I found it! I have seen it! It is being written; YOU are the writer!"

Cayce said in his readings (under trance) that most of his information came from that book of life (akashic record), which is a record of everything our souls experience in physical form. While some information came from other souls directly, most came from the shared knowledge among the entity which is the entirety of all souls.

His life gives us the most important discovery as it relates to mankind. A bit more important than going to the moon wouldn't you say? Yet, illusions are what we dwell on. What would happen if we all woke up tomorrow and expressed ourselves in a totally honest manner. Society as we know it would fall apart. I suggest that our future as a species, as it relates to Earth as we know it, includes the ability to discover actual truth. There's that word again.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was born on a farm in Kentucky. He only had a seventh grade education, which was not unusual for a child living on a farm. He was a deeply religious man throughout his life, and read the entire Bible when he was a child, as well as read it over and over again. Throughout his adult life, Cayce taught Sunday school.

When he was 21, he lost his voice. Doctors were unable to find the cause. During that time, he saw a stage performance of a hypnotist. He volunteered to be put into a trance, and while under hypnosis, he could speak. When he was brought back, he again lost his voice.

When Cayce was told that he had been speaking, he went to a local hypnotist, Al Layne. He asked to be put into a trance and had the man ask him questions related to his problem. While under hypnosis, Cayce not only spoke, but also gave a diagnosis and remedy for his condition. He later restored his voice after the medication and therapy improved an existing circulatory problem.

Layne was impressed with the results, so he suggested that Cayce try to do it again...but this time with Layne's stomach problems. While under a hypnotic trance, he was able to suggest treatment which solved the ten year old health problem.

Local doctors found out about Cayce's ability and wanted to test it themselves.

They had him try his hypnosis session for their patients, and soon learned that not only could he diagnose and remedy health problems, but he could do it with only the patient's name and address given. They were astonished with the accuracy and results.

One doctor submitted reports to a research facility in Boston. In 1910, the New York Times published a two page article on Cayce, which caused him to become a phenomenon...the "sleeping profit". Cayce started giving "readings" under trance to people all over the country. He gave readings to thousands of people, including President Woodrow Wilson and other famous people.

All of Cayce's readings were performed using a set routine. He would make sure he was comfortable and lying down, and fold his hands on his chest. After some deep breathing, his eyelids would flutter. This indicated that he was ready for questions. If the timing was incorrect, he would continue into a deep sleep. If done correctly, he would begin to respond verbally. His readings started by locating the patient's body in his mind. He would "scan" that body and talk about the condition of it. He would then say that he was ready for questions. When he was done, he would say "we are through for the moment" and the "conductor" of the session (usually his wife Gertrude) would bring him out of the trance.

Cayce had no recollection of any of his readings. That is why every word was written down during each session. A stenographer would record everything, and occasionally Cayce would correct the spelling or grammar while in trance. It was as if he was aware of everything while in the trance. Each individual who had a reading was assigned a number for the records, so the names were kept private. The number associated with Cayce himself was 294. His first reading of his voice condition was 294-1, and each subsequent reading of himself was numbered 294-2, 294-3 and so on.

Eventually, Cayce was asked questions that were not health related. When he died, he left behind 14,306 documented stenographic records for over 6000 people, consisting of 49,135 pages. Cayce never charged for his readings...his meager income came as a professional photographer as well as from donations. He was an avid gardener, fisherman, and carpenter.

Many of the Cayce readings discuss the past and future. There was a time when certain people got rich from his predictions of the stock market, horse races, and political outcomes. It seems that anytime his readings were used for profit, Cayce became ill. After that, he only answered questions from his wife, which were mostly medical in nature. But he did explain the complete past of mankind, and our future.

The Edgar Cayce material provides a number of fascinating glimpses into epochs of human history. For many individuals, perhaps two of the most notable periods discussed by the Cayce readings are those which deal with the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt.

From an online article on Cayce:

[ "Hundreds of readings discuss the lost continent of Atlantis – a civilization which was one of the most advanced that the world would ever know. According to the readings, records of this society exist to this day in Egypt, the Yucatan, and near Bimini. In fact, the readings considered the Bimini Islands the remnant of a mountain range from this once-massive continent.

From Cayce’s perspective, much of modern-day technology is simply the rediscovering of knowledge and information possessed by the Atlantean culture. Yet, although the Atlanteans were advanced technologically, many of the people lost their sense of purpose by becoming too attached to power and the material world. In time, this once spiritual populace became fractured into two distinct groups: the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Those of the Law of One carried on the spiritual tradition of their ancestors, while the Sons of Belial became engrossed with satisfying their physical appetites and desires. This split would eventually lead to the continent’s downfall and eventual destruction.

Essentially, by focusing upon materiality and ignoring their true spiritual nature, the people brought upon themselves a series of three cataclysms. The first, about 50,000 B.C., destroyed their major power source. The second, about 28,500 B.C., caused the continent to break into three smaller islands: Poseidia, Og, and Aryan.

The third and final destruction – which is the one mentioned by Plato – occured about 10,500 B.C. and caused the three islands to sink, forcing those who survived to migrate to other parts of the world.

In fact, prior to the final destruction of Atlantis, many of the Atlanteans migrated to Egypt and were absorbed into a culture that reached its height of glory at about the same time as the third Atlantean cataclysm. Under the direction of a High Priest named Ra Ta, Egypt began to lead the world in social programs aimed at equality, personal transformation, and moral responsibility to others. Eventually, the Egyptian civilization was considered unsurpassed in the scientific history of the world and given credit for introducing the world to writing, medical science, irrigation, architecture, and nationalism.

Cayce stated that records of this once glorious civilization would one day be discovered in Egypt. In addition, the readings suggest that between 1958 and 1998

the world would again be presented with many of the same opportunities and challenges that faced the Atlanteans, eventually requiring humankind to remember its true spiritual nature as we head toward a new millennium of peace and hope." ]

Many of the important archaeological sites on Earth are under water. The destruction of our ancestors resulted in geographical changes. Cayce said that we will discover Atlantis, plus find chambers in 3 locations that contain an immense collection of Atlantean records. One is located under the paw of the Sphinx in Egypt. We have located this chamber using advanced sonar, but the Egyptian government has not yet allowed it to be excavated. Another is under water in the Caribbean, while another is under a Mayan temple in the Yucatan.

According to Cayce's readings, mankind began more than 10 million years ago when souls accessed primitive life forms with limited consciousness. They gradually started entering various animal life forms until they found early primates. Some were tiny "midgets", while others were giants which were 10-12 feet tall. At the time of these readings (1930's), these concepts were very abstract and unbelievable. In the last decade, science has discovered remains that verify the existence of these primitive primates.

Cayce said that 210,000 years ago the primates became more human in form...becoming what we recognize as early man. About 100,000 years ago the modern form of man had evolved (homo sapiens). Science has now verified this date as the beginning of modern man. The first destruction of Atlantis was 50,000 years ago, and that is when modern man relocated to other parts of the world. Science has also verified this recently.

The five races began at that time. The red race was in Atlantis, white in the Caucasus and Carpathian mountains, yellow in Mongolia, brown in the Andes mountains, and black in Africa. Modern science involving DNA has proven the history of the races to coincide with the events Cayce described, and the regional well as how they were all evolved from the same beginning.

In fact, Cayce's readings have been substantiated by science even after they were first disproven by it. Science is only as accurate as our abilities dictate, and we continuously change our scientific minds when new evidence is found. Truth is a constant in the spiritual world, the universe, and in Nature. In the physical world we wander around humanly, not knowing exactly what truth is.

The fact that Cayce was able to connect with the spiritual world gives us insight into who we are and why we are here. His readings constitute the most important glimpse into the spirituality of mankind. They provide the evidence needed for man to make the leap from being potentially spiritual to becoming truly spiritual. In being human, we need more than inspiration from our peers to maintain faith, we need evidence provided from the spiritual realm.

Spiritualism is a religion based on this principle...that we can communicate with the spiritual world. Some people believe that there is enough evidence to support the idea that mankind is a spiritual being living in a physical world. In his readings, Cayce said that we are not physical beings with souls, but spiritual beings who incarnate into the physical world. Finding a way to connect with our superconscious mind is the key to becoming complete.

One thing I discovered while studying Cayce's readings is that much of the Bible is recognized as truth. I found that quite important, because I turned away from the Bible when I was disallowed the right to believe in reincarnation. In his readings, Cayce's history of man (actually, his definition of man) is based on reincarnation.

In Cayce's lifetime, he was very religious and reincarnation was a reality that he did not accept freely. With Cayce's life work, not only is reincarnation a fact, it is the foundation for "the meaning of life".

Another interesting Cayce insight: Duality and the human body When man was created, there were several logistical problems in converting spiritual beings into physical. One is that souls are united as a whole in the spiritual realm. The act of individualization was necessary to be physical beings.

A lonely situation is created, and souls have a difficult time with this. Souls are isolated from the oneness that they had known in the "collective mind".

As it is recorded in Genesis, the Creator helped the yound minds coming into this world to divide their yin and yang qualities into male and female bodies. To become whole in self, these two bodies need to unite in order to provide the companionship necessary. There was a process by which souls evolved into the totally separate forms. This process took over 100,000 years, and even now, there are logistical problems. Is this love?

Through the akashic record, our lives leave karmic remains from each life that usually embodies itself in a newly incarnated body. This can be a positive or a negative aspect, depending on the life we live and karmic "residue". Freud would say that the id is this residue, and is commonly a negative dominant trait. Cayce would say that life is much more precious and creative. In my studies it would seem that the great mystery of life is simply a generation gap between the harsh reality of the physical world and the philosophical potential of the spiritual world.


From the many insights provided by Edgar Cayce and his near death experiences, we have a glimpse into the actual existence of Heaven and Hell. Although he did not have conscious recollections of the content of his trance readings, he did, on a few occasions, recall the experience of entering the spiritual realm.

Once we leave our bodies in the form of a soul, we enter an extreme darkness. So dark that it dominates every sense of understanding that we have. There is a stream of light that creates a path for us to follow. Apparently not all souls follow that path. Some remain in the darkness attempting to retain their physical forms in the physical world. Some are not able to find the stream of light and focus on it.

Others struggle to reach for it and for some reason are unable to follow it.

Once we are able to follow the stream of light, we then encounter more distractions. The flaws of our souls...the selfish desires...somehow make it more difficult to stay on the path. We are tempted to stop our quest for light and take the easy path toward our egos, which apparently are the impurities of the soul.

Some force makes it impossible to proceed towards a harmonious realm, so some souls are stuck here attempting to reach the light.

Farther down the path of light, we leave the realm of desire and again enter darkness. This new darkness is void of souls as they are able to stay focused on the light. As we go farther we start to lose our individualization and form a group of souls...all working together to stay on the path of light. We are leaving Hell and traveling toward Heaven. Eventually we find it, and this is where we find a harmonious that allows us to exist and thrive as a collective entity.

In Heaven we find the ability to live without negativity. Our souls have the capability to find satisfaction and embrace each other. But the path of light still remains. It goes much farther until it reaches the source of the light...God, the Creator. God is the totally pure existence of the energy that makes up our souls.

The light is His will.

If we travel farther down the path we find everything that we need. We find the beauty of perfection. Truth and knowledge is pure and in plain sight. The purer our soul...the farther down the path we can go. Here we have the ultimate accept our responsibility and work for a goal other than ourselves...for God. It is a simple universal equation...the purer the energy of our soul, the more we use magnetism to find God. God is pure energy and our souls are less pure.

Apparently, we reincarnate for multiple reasons. That is our dilemma. We have the ability to purify our souls in the physical world as we are individuals. In the spiritual world, we are individuals in Hell but are collective souls in Heaven.

Here on Earth, we are a majority of takers, having arrived from Hell. Takers are here for themselves, while givers are burdened with the overwhelming reality of life on Earth...contradiction.

It is a quest with low odds of purify our souls. We are born with a clean slate and must find truth in a maze of deceit. It is truth that allows us to see who we really are, and once we have truth, then we can make choices that define who we are. We have a whole life to learn that truth, and although everything is recorded in the akashic record, we always have the opportunity to write a new chapter.

Here is the find the meaning of life. To get to a point where we have found truth and are now able to make choices that make us better than we were before. Selfish human desires are our nemesis. Our egos are the flaw in our souls that we must overcome. Losing the excuses and embracing truth starts the chain of events that slowly purify the soul. Addictions are directly attached to excuses.

The more we identify with the lies, the harder it is to overcome.

We are all authors. Consider what you write.


When Cayce answers questions under trance, it seems that part of God is speaking.

God is defined as the source of life force. He is the same as the light and the soul. We are all part of God. Cayce said that the lowest form of electrical vibration is the basis of life. Low vibration gives creative forces, while it is the high vibration that destroys.

Electricity [vibration] is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Vibration that is creative is of the same energy as life itself. The Bible says that God created man in his own image. That is a bad translation. It was written in the spiritual language. It means that our souls are as God, not our bodies. Our bodies live in a world of higher vibration. Creativity comes from the low vibration of the soul, which is our true self, and resides in a realm that has almost no vibration...and is closer to God [no vibration].

Cayce said we can embrace the low or the high vibration. That is our choice. Well, I don't buy that completely. I think we have no choice but to embrace both vibrations. To me, that is one piece of evidence that God doesn't know anything about the physical world. I guess if I were totally spiritual I could say we are capable of making the choice for low vibration. In the physical world we have to find truth that will enable us to make the choice to discard the high vibration (ego) and embrace the low vibration (soul).

According to Cayce, everything is of the same substance...but in a different vibration. I guess that means that there are subatomic particles (that which makes up the light, life, and God) that combine to form different substances according to different vibrations. As the universe is held together by forces (vibrations), everything we know is made of particles held together. The sun has higher degrees of vibrations than Earth.

Cayce said in trance, "For, without passing through each and every stage of development, there is not the correct vibration to become one with the Creator."

God is the purest slowest (no) vibration, and everything else is of a higher vibration. It seems that we have a very long term goal to achieve a low harmonic vibration of the soul. It seems that in the physical world we have opposing forces that affect everything we do.

Cayce was asked how an article can be charged with positive electricity continuously. He replied that it "cannot without having its counterpart in the negative. For in manifestations, this is the basis of materiality. Only when they become spiritual can they be only positive. For materiality is...or matter is...that demonstration and manifestation of the units of positive and negative energy, or electricity, or God. Each atomic force of a physical body is made up of its units of positive and negative forces, that brings it into a material plane."

When Cayce spoke in trance about technical data he tried to explain it so it would be understood, but it seems he was often frustrated. He spoke from the spiritual realm, and had knowledge that was so simple to him, but not so simple to me. Maybe that is why the spiritual language is so is hard to put it into words so we understand.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. How? The Mind of God moved

[one vibration?], and matter, form, came into being. What is light? That from which, through which, in which may be found all things, out of which all things come. Thus the first of everything which may be visible in earth, in heaven and in space is of that Light, is that Light. God moved, the spirit came into activity. In the moving it brought light, and then chaos. In this light came creation of that which in the earth came to be matter; in the spheres about the earth, space and time; and in patience it has evolved through those activities until there are the heavens and all constellations, the stars, the universe."

"Do learn music. It is part of the beauty of the spirit. For remember, music alone may span that space between the finite and the infinite. In harmony of sound, harmony of color, even in harmony of motion itself, its beauty is akin to that expression of the soul-self, in harmony of the mind, if used properly in relationship to the body."

Cayce was asked many questions about reincarnation. One question was put to him...what part of the New Testament definitely teaches reincarnation? Cayce answered in trance..."John, six to eight; third to fifth. Then the rest as a whole.

Did not John come as the voice of one crying in the wilderness and in the spirit of Elijah? Yet he was Elijah!"

It is my opinion that no man was ever born who could have said the things that Cayce said in trance. The knowledge was without equal. Anyone who reads his 40k pages of transcripts will have no choice but to believe in God, and in the spiritual world...and then also in man himself. For me, there is no religion on Earth that can even compare. Truth is there for all to see.

How can any religion claim absolute knowledge when Cayce did it for all to see? If each religious leader restarted their faiths after reading his gift, there would be a common starting place for all. Maybe that is one of the events of the future...religions become truth oriented. It is not hard to see why religious leaders are political.

Simple Concept

Here is my explanation of what I have learned from Edgar Cayce concerning God and how life was created, how the universe was formed, and what our life purpose actually is in simple terms. God is pure light energy which is the smallest particle in existence. His realm is void of vibration, so God is not vibrating. He created life by setting particles of himself in motion, which began vibrating...thus affecting other particles...creating chaos.

This chaos, over maybe millions of years (or more), settled...and due to gravity and magnetism, created matter in the form of spheres (large particles). This is the universe...various spheres made of particles that vibrate. Science shows that atoms have vibrating particles, and all matter has vibration. Slow vibration is creative energy, while fast vibration is destructive energy. Apparently, light was there to provide positive energy that balanced the negative high vibration.

God had created souls (life) that exist near his realm by means of a path of light.

Souls are life forms that are the same energy as God, but with some vibration. By way of magnetic forces, the slower the souls vibrated the closer they could be to God. Higher vibrating souls were "pushed" farther down the stream of light.

This realm of God that contains the stream of light is described as infinite when compared to the physical world we live in, which is finite. Evolution of matter in the physical world resulted in various life forms. God discovered He could place souls into the finite realm by incarnating them into life forms. This placed lower vibrating energy into a higher vibrating world, thus creating an "equal and opposite reaction" of higher vibration that "mirrored" the soul. This destructive high vibration is the ego.

The spiritual realm as I described has souls with various vibrations which limit their ability to travel down the path of light. In the physical world, we can attach to the ego or we can identify it and control it. If we attach, our souls end up with higher vibration than when they started. If we understand and control the ego, we can use that negative energy to "purify" our souls and result in a slower vibration. The ego is the delusional mechanism that prevents us from being spiritual beings in the physical world.

This is our spiritual life overcome our focus on the physical world, identify our egos, and purify our souls so we can be in Heaven...or even closer to God. When we die, we take our ego (vibration) with us if we are still attached to it. Our world is dominated by reincarnated souls from Hell, which is an unstable vibrating existence in the spiritual realm. Once we achieve soul purity, or lower vibration, we can stay in Heaven and be content to exist as one. This life purpose is not the result of God's Will, but simply the necessary component to balance the magnetism in the universal equation...a simple balance of vibration.

It may be that we consider God's Will after we have found Heaven. Maybe our purpose is in Heaven with God for eternity. Maybe once souls are all a whole with God, we have a new agenda to achieve on Earth. Life on this world is dominated by people who are focused only on the physical world. They are mostly souls reincarnated from Hell which are striving to achieve a lower vibration and reach Heaven. The only way to do this is to find spirituality and truth, as it relates to the soul. The ego distracts us from that purpose, but it is also the mechanism by which we "purify"

our lower our vibration.

Finding spiritual truth in the physical world helps us see who we really are, and identifies the ego. Being at peace with yourself comes as the result of a process.

It starts with truth, then clarity, then understanding. At that point we can use the destructive forces of the world in a positive manner to purify the soul. It may take many lifetimes before we get over ourselves and discover spiritual truth, so that when we die our soul enters the spiritual realm with less vibration than it started with.

Lower vibration is better realized through positive energies sustained by an environment void of destructive forces. We need to lessen our focus on judging others and try to see ourselves for what we truly are. Inner peace is our goal, and it comes from our internal harmony combined with that of others. It can be accomplished through a small group of people, such as a family, but to completely achieve our goals it must be more than that.

Interaction among "enlightened" people helps to produce creative forces, which are low vibrations. Avoiding destructive tendencies helps to separate the ego from the soul and maintain a synergy which progresses toward soul purification. The high vibration of the ego is destructive as it enters our subconscious minds.

But, our main purpose is an individual one. We plan our lives with our soulmates, but it is our individuality that is the decisive factor. We all have a unique spiritual path. We start our life with an idea in our soul that is very difficult to realize in the physical world. It is creative energy that enables us to grasp it, and it requires us to be spiritually motivated to see it. Maybe more often than not, the id turns out to be negative, as Freud experienced in his research. And it may take several lifetimes before we have a reasonable chance to discover who we really are.

In order to understand the ego, we have to detach from it. Typically, when someone is confronted with truth, they respond defensively. Most people are completely attached to their ego. The ego tells us that we are good, without us having to display goodness through actions. It provides us with an endless list of excuses, and seldom do we challenge our self image. The ego allows us to do as we please.

To make a conscious effort to detach from the ego, we have to be spiritual. It takes a commitment toward a perception that is not self-serving...which is the opposite of what we are taught. Sure, we may be taught about spirituality with words, but actions teach us that it is ok to be a hypocrite. So, to detach from the ego, we need to detach from the physical world...through our actions.

Angels are souls that are beyond Heaven and closer to God. Maybe they have conquered the ego. For some reason, they are inclined to seek more than contentment in Heaven. I think maybe they reincarnate occasionally for some purpose, while most Heaven dwelling souls do not reincarnate. Edgar Cayce did not elaborate on many specifics concerning souls in the spiritual realm.


The Unabomber wrote his manifesto about technology and its negative effect on mankind. Technology is most likely our destiny, as it seems to be part of the definition of humanity. What would we be if we had no desire to explore and achieve? But, there is some truth in his manifesto. At about the same time we transformed into a technological society, we changed in our most basic lifestyle.

We began to disregard our elders and convert our philosophy into "one may do anything one wishes-one need only make certain not to get caught".

We once told tales of chivalrous knights and brave leaders. A young boy might be fascinated with those who attacked injustice and restored freedoms. But now we learn our morals from the rich and famous, as they talk publicly against drugs and then get arrested two weeks later...for drug possesion or wife beating. Because of technology, we no longer are required to share our daily routines with our neighbors. We can now be totally selfish and develop our sins.

The downside of technology is simply our current condition...we exploit. As with all positive aspects of humanity, technology is ruined due to our motivations.

Rather than pursue any goal on behalf of our species, we do it for personal gain.

Our achievements are delusional, since they cannot be permanent...or even stable.

Everything we do will be this is our true destiny. Until we overcome our inability to effectively deal with the ego, it is a simple universal mathematical equation displaying our fate. We will continue to self-destruct until we mature as a species.

So, what would be a symptom of the current condition of humanity, as it relates to our ability to achieve our purpose as a species? When all or most of mankind follows a path that their own hearts tell them to follow, rather than what the rest of the world tells them, then we are ready for the future. Ultimately we can have a society that offers us the correct path, but it starts with individuals. I don't think we have ever had a formula for success, and until something changes in the universe, I don't know if it can happen.

The answer is simple...we have to choose the soul over the ego...the spirit over the body. And it seems that it cannot happen, unless we have a tool...or an act of God. That may well be the substance of religion...the secret that we cannot pursue the Word of God...until some point in the future, at best. The big secret of life may be that it will be a very long time, maybe hundreds of lifetimes, before we have a universal equation that provides us with any chance at all.

And what do we do in the meantime? Enjoy a latte?

The Physical World

Our planet is incredibly beautiful and sustains so many life forms. Without man's influence, Earth would stay basically the same for ages. Life would evolve on the planet in slow motion, as always. Throw man into the equation and then we have multiple possible outcomes. As spiritual beings, we have a chance to make correct decisions to shape our destiny. But as the physical beings that we are, our decisions will result in doom.

A simpler life that allows us to be closer to nature would surely be enough to satisfy a lifetime. It might be someone's fantasy to have been able to live in ancient times when life was simpler. It doesn't matter what age of man we live in, there will always be a constant requirement of us. We must have rules to live by that are bigger than us. They must be based on truth, and connect to our common sense.

Today, our physical world is based on selfish needs. It is almost completely materialistic. Not only is truth scarce, our lives are dominated by propoganda. We use excuses and lies to conform to a society that has no limits to its exploitative nature. Justice, integrity, freedom, charity, and sacrifice will soon not exist. We use illusions daily to help us focus on ourselves. It is rare that anyone takes responsibility for their actions. And almost as rare that we hold others accountable for theirs.

If I say that society has no truth, people reply with "everyone has their own truth". Well, that is not truth is it? The truth would be "everyone has their own delusion". Truth stands alone. If I talk about reality, people say "I prefer to look at the cup as half full". Well, that is candy-coating in order to stroke their ego. The truth is "I prefer to live within my delusion and call it truth, and totally ignore all the facts".

Nature has a balance that corrects itself continuously. Mankind is not a part of that natural ecosystem. It seems that we do not belong here. Earth would be a wonderful place if not for us. It would not be hard to speculate that we have a responsibility to the planet that goes beyond what we can taste or touch. In fact, we are constantly reminded of the damage we are doing. It takes a human perspective to justify being human. Reminds me of that word again...truth.

One example of the human perspective is how we populate the planet. Nature keeps everything in balance, so we strive to control it. We are obsessed with our health, and try to live a long life. We think it is necessary to medicate ourselves and practice preventative medicine. As a society, we rarely consider anything beyond individually selfish needs. We routinely find a way to have the world revolve around us individually, and unless we are shocked into reality, we think we are right in everything we think and default. We are literally delusional, and are evolving our delusional state. Society cannot withstand extreme scrutiny...nor can the ego. So, we protect both.

Nature has a consistent system that strengthens the various species. The strong survive. Our minds are where we are evolving, and we are doing it irresponsibly...due to our egotistical nature. Our minds do evolve, but it has little to do with thinking. It's all about using our minds to indulge ourselves, and avoid thinking. We scheme and plot our futures, deviate from rationality, and control that the strong no longer survives. The ego survives.

Common sense would indicate that we do not belong here. We are better suited to live in an environment where we cannot touch it. So why are we here? That question may not be hard to answer. We live in the physical realm so we can learn to deny the see earn the right to be here. The better question is why don't we learn?


Throughout history, necessity was the inspiration for positive change. Combine it with opportunity and we have purpose. Our country was created by great people with a profound vision. Our founding fathers set standards for all other countries to strive for. They took the power away from the few and gave it to the people. But, there is a major flaw in our Constitution. It does not allow for the greed that inevitably will fester when people have too much freedom.

When people are given too much freedom they are able to do as they please. There are seemingly an unlimited number of ways to lie, cheat, and steal and get away with it. We have lost almost all incentive to choose between right and wrong. Those who actually choose to retain some integrity have to eventually compromise or risk losing everything. To survive we have to blend in with the surroundings.

In my life, I have seen America transform from a country of opportunity and potential to one of exploitation and greed. This happened in the period from the 1950s to the 1990s. We went from a blue collar to a white collar society. This was a sort of way to "beat the system", or as I like to describe it..."easy money". I view it as cheating. Once we started cheating, we began the downward trend.

What started out as a great country with wonderful opportunity for all is currently a breeding ground for deceit. Our country started evolving through government corruption and organized crime. Money is the driving force, and we all know what happened next. We became more sophisticated...replacing brutality and intimidation with lawyers and lobbyists.

Our government has practically legalized bribery. Our leaders' first priority is to profit personally and maintain their status. Once they have loads of money, power is what matters most. They first learn how to play the system to their advantage, and then they work to adjust society to further their exploits. If we want to bring integrity into the leadership role we have to challenge the entire system of corruption.

Our lives are dominated by propoganda. America's economic system is based on large corporations dominating huge markets and focusing on huge profits. We sacrifice everything humanly idealistic so that we can conform and ride the train. To achieve a superior income and benefit package, we need to be in sales or management...both positions where you morph from "worker" to "talker". It is a risk/reward environment which breeds the worst of humanity.

God, the "Artist", created the universe. He established Free Will. This was intended to allow us to reach our goals...our future.The corporation is an imaginary entity that removes Free Will...a temporary setback for humanity. It embodies the choice to forget who we are...where we came from...and who we will be.

Faith is our birthright, but until we get beyond our current condition, we have only the ego.

What if truth was available to us. If we could just push a button and we could have ten minutes of only truth. I am betting we would not accept any of it. We would discard it and forget it. And what if I am wrong? What if we did accept it as truth? There would be nothing we could do. There would be nowhere to go with it. It would have no value to us. In being physical creatures, we are just a temporary stage of man that serves a help evolve into a spiritual being. The value of truth is of a spiritual benefit since the world does not value truth.

Some of Cayce's readings compared civilizations of the past with those of today. In some old nations, the people all lived as equals. Everyone worked and were paid the gold coin for each day worked, no matter who you were. There were no taxes because everyone shared the same bank, storehouses, and goods. I guess you could call it communism.

In comparing America, he said that we boast of a spirit of freedom. Freedom of what? The freedom we speak of is an illusion, for we are not free to worship or speak or do as we wish. We are bound by "ways and manners", which is how he described discrimination. We are never truly free unless we are all equals by the same standards as old civilizations. To live free is to hide from the masses, lest we be imprisoned.

Many decades ago Cayce said that we inscribe "In God we trust" on our coins, but it is a lie. The principle is being forgotten, and that is the sin of America. In England, a man must inherit rights...there is no equality. That is the sin of England. In France, they have taken the same philosophy of England to the point of overt gratification of the body. That is the sin of France.

Overall, progress of people within a nation is often a sin. Inflation, and any process by which people are no longer equal is the selfish sin of humanity. The oldest civilizations lasted for thousands of years without this modern sin. Now we have no chance of removing this sin, as we are doomed. Cayce said that the changes will come out of Russia. An evolution of man from individual to the whole...not communism, but that which is the basis of Christ taught. Cayce also said that China will be the "cradle of Christianity".

Cayce said that "no one may ever legislate goodness into the heart or the soul of anyone. What right has man to set state or nation above that principle of brotherly love? Raise not democracy nor any other name above the brotherhood of man, the Fatherhood of God. Those principles of self-government have gone to the best rule through many many ages. Unless there is, then, a more universal oneness of purpose on the part of all, this will one day bring-here-in America-revolution."

"The world, as a world that makes for the disruption-the discontent, has lost its ideal. Man may not have the same idea. Man-all men-may have the same ideal...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, thy neighbor as thyself. This is the whole law, this is the answer to the world, to each and every soul. That is the answer to the world conditions as they exist today."


Our government...federal, state, and local, is an entity that gets a new coat of paint each election. These layers have built up until we have a huge bureaucratic mess. We cannot address the cause of our problems. We can only offer a quick fix for the symptoms. None of these fixes do anything other than put off a solution and create situations where new symptoms emerge.

Throughout history we have a track record of creating bureaucratic quagmires in our government entities. The decisions are made from the top down, but the intelligence is discovered from the bottom up. Most of the time, a decision is made by the person who knows the least. Every decade we displayed the same example of America...a contradiction between our words and our actions.

So, how is it possible to keep our country on this hypocritical path? It is all about money, and we have a mechanism which makes sure that it will always be this way. That mechanism is the corporation, and the product of that machine is cheating. Remember, cheating is one of the most alluring and rewarding quests for your average American. Downright inspirational to get something for nothing.

Covert operations are a necessary routine in the lives of politicians and corporate bureaucrats. It is truly a big secret. Let's face it, when it comes to this type of career there is one top priority. The career itself. You have to play the game and either be a pawn in the system, or stay ahead of the game and be a leader. Either way, you do what it takes to make sure you can benefit. Money and power is the name of the game.

The honest person has a minor or temporary role in the game. They have to compromise and submit. That is their job. If they want to pursue a noble cause, they better have a back up career plan. As with all other corrupt social systems, you have to conform. Lying is the daily survival technique. There surely is a bitter taste in their mouths on the days where they have to witness their role in American corruption.


Have you ever heard the phrase..."people are basically good", or..."people are basically honest"? Sure you have. Maybe you have said that, and maybe you believe that...or want to. Do you care if it is a true statement, and if it is not, would you prefer to just believe whatever you want regardless if whether it is true?

Well, it is true that people are basically good, but not in the way it seems. In our most basic form, a child, it is predominantly true. At the core...the soul. But as adults, it is not. That is the influence of society. So, in fact, the statement is not true. Would you prefer to argue or deny this logic?

The facts show that most people are not honest. Through implementation of the ego and the use of excuses, people do as they please, which is generally to benefit themselves personally. So, you have to go back to childhood to witness honesty as a whole. The truth is, honesty is relative...because of society. It has evolved and almost does not exist. Compromising our ideals is the gift from society, so that we fit in and benefit, which is just one example of dishonesty.

Money is the primary cause for our psychological disorders, which is a fact. That is a giant indicator of how our society is flawed. Our prisons are mostly full of victims of society, not violent criminals. Our combined ego driven society has put them there. And our everyday lives are filled with opportunists.

This brings us to a sort of conclusion. The entire fabric of our society is based on a lie. It is ego-based. The only stance one can assume is that people don't really care about truth. Life is not about truth. Which, coincidentally, is my point.

Fortunately for the masses, truth doesn't matter. And that statement is based solely on focused on the physical world. But the reality is, we are spiritrual beings temporarily living in a physical world. The ego is so apparent that it dominates this world. Maybe truth does matter, in some other way.

A person has to assume an idealistic approach for spirituality to matter. That is due to the society we live in, which is again...ego-based. One has to put less selfish matters above what society dictates each and every day. And the reality is, very few people care about spirituality, truth, honesty, or to be more accurate...anything that is truly important.

The truth is there, waiting for the moment that each individual cares. For many, it will not be in this life. That is unfortunate, because now may be one of the few points in time where the truth is spelled out for us in simple words. All we have to do is care enough to pursue truth, which may only take a few days or hours.


Life is a quest for opposed to seeking the path of least resistance.

Fear is the force behind failure, constantly dominating the choices of the many. In the end, failure is only tangible to those who seek it. A strong person is one who judges his conquests as lessons rather than potential mistakes, and lives for the cause...and dreams of what may come. The outcome is something to be discovered rather than controlled. The only true failure is that which has a victim.

Common is the person whose logic is based on comfort. The majority is man's failure, whose exploits define who he is. The minority are those who own their responsibilities without excuses. Fear is invisible, yet it is in plain sight. It is a gift from the ignorant to the innocent. And in the end, the blind majority become free and aware, well enough that they may see. Well, we can dream right?

Just a little philosophy to start out the day! Psychology has never been one of my pursuits. I would be so bored spending my time learning why people only make choices when we are forced to, and then fear is the default template we choose to begin with once we do. I like to be able to understand how the ego grows and where perception is flawed, but I don't want the ego to be my playfield.

I understand that we are products of society. I can visualize the concept that we are pure spirits in bodies with limitations. And that we do have some degree of obligation to conformance with society. And that we do have obilgations to the whole. But I don't understand why so many people wait to be served all their lives.

Is that their childhood, or is it more than that? Is it their soul?

Taking is quite the art form. It appears to be so ingrained into most people that they cannot begin to grasp any concept out of that frame. It seems like 80% of people are takers. They have a self-image based on results. Their metering is done by measuring their indulgences and profitable gains. Fame, power, and wealth have value above all else. And these are the tolerable ones. Opportunists are boring to me.

The givers are the odd ones. One descriptive word might be foolish. Another might be fearless. They are the ones capable of leading. Instead, the leaders are those who want it the most. Being a true leader doesn't have much reward because there is little chance of success. But we can lead by example. In our society, leaders are the ones willing to commit completely to their egos.

A giver does not fear loss. He feels it though. He cares more about what he thinks of himself than how he feels in the moment. He makes many more mistakes than a taker, and he learns from them. He lives by ideals, and updates them constantly. He pays a price to do it, and there is always an easier choice to make. And he lives on the edge of existence, taking risks that may not always make sense. That person may be considered insane.

It's hard to justify being an outcast or non-conformist. There is so much incentive to indulge yourself in the game of deceit. The ego is always ready to go when you are. It would be much simpler to give in and join the club.

Givers routinely intimidate takers to some degree. People are more comfortable when they feel they won't be held accountable for their actions. Takers form networks to exploit opportunity, which ultimately punish the non-conformists. Stroking egos is the method of choice to achieve personal gain. Compromising is the addiction of choice for takers...compromising their idealism.

A wise man might say that idealism is not reality, and making waves causes hard sailing. This is no doubt true, but before our life is over, idealism will be a reality. It has a definite cost, and it seems wise men don't want to pay that cost.

Reality is all relative to perspective, and in being human we have self-imposed limitations. I think that one pursuit in life is to consider a reality that is less human.

Self-sacrifice is a fundamental truth. It is a major component of the equation that defines life. Modern society does not recognize that life can be portrayed as an equation. But to me, that is the only philosophy that makes any sense. Life is the sum of possibilities where boundaries are definite if we accept life as it appears, but are endless if we strive for more. I believe that in the future if mankind ever has worth it will be easily defined as an equation.


The Buddha is said to have given a "silent sermon" once during which he held up a flower and gazed at it. After a while, one of the monks present began to smile. He is said to have been the only one who had understood the sermon. According to legend, that "smile" was handed down by 28 successive masters and much later became the origin of Zen.

The transformation of human consciousness from material to spiritual has been the central message of the great wisdom teachings of mankind's spiritual messengers.

Here lies the salvation of mankind, and to accomplish this would reinitiate a new age of man...our 5th attempt. We can read books or follow spiritual paths, but to make the necessary change we need more.

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness or awareness that achieves true understanding. To do this, we have to overcome our dysfunctional condition.

Christianity calls this condition "original sin", which is quite confusing. In simple terms we can call it our ego...our natural tendency to delude ourselves. It causes us to be selfish and materialistic. The more we accomplish in society, the more we submit to our ego. As the modern world proves, we are not concerned with truth at all.

In not being enlightened, our perceptions are flawed. We misinterpret every situation throughout life because our focus is on the physical world. Our society is dominated by fear and greed, which is constantly rewarded. Many religions or other spiritual practices tell us to let go of these inherited flaws, but they give us tools that cannot work. We are merely challenged to conform, relent, tolerate, work harder, have more faith, and be more charitable.

Unlike spirituality, which is based on having absolute knowledge, spiritualism acknowledges that we don't currently have the answers. The search for truth has progressed far enough that we have some idea why we are here. We now understand that we need to commit to nature and the balance of the universe before we decide to exploit everything around us. With a higher understanding, we can change our lifestyles. Once we see that we do have a purpose that makes sense, we can start using common sense as it was intended.

As the 50k years of the Atlantis cycle shows, we cannot stay united as a people, even when we start out spiritually unified. Cayce said in some of his readings that Atlantis failed because some of the people lost their spiritual nature and became materialistic. Today it seems we are saturated with materialism and propoganda...maybe equal to or worse than Atlantis.

Our current commitment to spirituality is a variety of religions which are all focused on the material world in varying degrees. The similarity among them is that they unite groups of people to celebrate their enlightenment, and then they use their unique absolute knowledge of spirituality to have members conform. The goal is to have the group function together as a brotherhood. To that purpose, they are successful. In serving God, they are hypocritical and self-serving.

The message that Christianity represents is a very good one. In the right society, it can deliver that message. Tolerance and finding internal peace can be important, but without truth to provide substance, we end up with a very long term that cannot be achieved in thousands of years. The benefit of religion should be realized in the bottom line...the results. When religion does not consider results, it no longer has a benefit to society. It is simply just another method by which people exploit the system.

If we were to discard our egoic nature...well, more like egoic reality...and then study our society, we would have no choice but to condemn. The only alternative would be to make some excuse. Of course, we know this even with our ego. We just file it away as something unimportant. We replace it with our current ego flavor.

In the past, we had a drastic need to improve our quality of life. I can see where spirituality was needed, and religion helped us advance in our level of civilization. We had to unite with shared beliefs and make judgments on enemies. We did a pretty good job, and history establishes our progress. There does come a point where we have to find new information. Without truth, we will abandon spirituality and self-destruct again.

Religion has spiritual connotations, but as executed in society, is mostly a social perspective with a political agenda. Faith is the message, but there is a that came long ago. Social order has always trumped religious beliefs. I would not argue against religion for any reason I can imagine. It is one of the few systems in human society that has worked at all. What else gives our souls a fighting chance against the ego?

If we examine the religions of the world, it appears that each has similar truths mixed in with their different beliefs. These truths are designed to help people get along and keep a large group of people focused on the same belief. One example is that we should not judge each other...being non-judgmental is being closer to God.

This is probably a truth, but is implemented so that people conform and have a better physical life.

One theme that many religions have in common is that we should each compromise our personal values. They ask us to function as a group and have blind faith in our leaders. They speak of God and then ask us to give to our leaders. They use guilt against us and attempt to have us believe that we are being selfish, when in fact we are helping to make our leaders selfish. We think we are focusing on spirituality, but we are actually using God's name to further the pursuits of the group in the physical world.

Some religions try to maintain a positive attitude among its people. Many inspirational stories have been "gathered" to prevent people from having incentive to question their beliefs. These religions have obvious faults but still manage to have large congregations because they exploit psychological tactics. I think we each have the right to ask questions, and get honest answers. My question to you is, do you have honest answers available to you in your religion?

Edgar Cayce was asked many times about the Bible while in trance. He was asked...what present printed version of the Bible gives the nearest to the true meaning of both the New and Old Testaments? He replied..."the nearest true version is that ye apply of whatever ye read, in your life. It isn't that ye learn from anyone. Ye only may have the direction. The learning, the teaching is within self.

For where has He promised to meet thee? Within the temple! Where is the temple?

Where is heaven on earth? Within! There have been many versions of that which was purposed to have been written, and has been changed from all of those versions, but remember that the whole gospel of Jesus Christ is; "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, thy heart, thy body, and thy neighbor as thyself."

"The Bible has passed through many hands. Many that would turn that which was written into the meanings that would suit their own purposes, as ye yourselves oft do. But if ye will get the spirit of that written there ye may find it will lead thee to the gates of Heaven. Read it to be wise. Study it to understand."

It doesn't take very long to understand what religion is. Like all facets of society, it is governed by propoganda. The more popular a religion is in society, the less truth is available. I call it social politics. If we study all religions, the most interesting are the crude ones. While voodoo may be labeled by society as an obvious false belief, it is probably one of the the most valid. They contact spirits involving trances, and call those spirits gods. These gods are actually souls, and they have unique personalities.

This is evidence that our souls are the source of our flaws, although the flaws are not degrading as they are in physical form. Without a connection to the spiritual world, we are probably doomed as physical beings. It appears that we simply use our physical lives to indulge our souls in acts that spirits cannot engage in. And that exposes our dilemma. The physical world offers us the ability to be selfish.

You would think that after a number of lives we would tire of self-destructive tendencies. I have read that Cayce said we are currently having a "war" of souls in the spiritual realm, and that in an upcoming milennium we would only allow enlightened souls to incarnate into the physical world.

There is no denying that we have spiritual needs. Edgar Cayce provided us with concrete evidence of the spiritual world, but we either rejected it or just used it for personal gain. Truth illuminates everything, and maybe some people would like for things to remain in the dark. There isn't much reward for being true to least not in the selfish materialistic physical world.

Kabbalah is a science concerning the creation of life. It explains exactly how life was formed and for what purpose. It has integrity. The religion of Kabbalah is based on the science, and deals directly with truth that can be substantiated. It explains the ego and all aspects of our life and human nature, and offers a system by which we can become enlightened, and live as spiritual beings in the physical world. It provides answers that promote a society that is not ego driven, as opposed to our society.

The problem with religion is the presentation. It is far too complicated. It only takes one page to display all that religion offers. The Buddha gave us the simple truth we needed. In my words:

1) truth is seldom convenient

2) assumption is commonly delusion

3) convenience is seldom a form of giving

4) incarnation of the soul into the material plane comes with ego attached 5) delusion defines ego...truth destroys delusion 6) truth is discovered, not created

7) identifying the ego is the purpose of spirituality 8) spirituality is seldom achieved without suffering 9) awareness is achieved through commitment

10) medication/delusion/assumption is protection from commitment Atisha, a great 11th Century Tibetan Buddhist Master, said: The greatest achievement is selflessness.

The greatest worth is self-mastery.

The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.

The greatest precept is continual awareness.

The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.

The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.

The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.

The greatest generosity is non-attachment.

The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.

The greatest patience is humility.

The greatest effort is not concerned with results.

The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.

The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

Religion is a form of truth, modified to improve marketing capabilities...which increases its effectiveness, as perceived by society. Spirituality is the goal, but is compromised for the sake of convenience. Truth is seldom convenient. This is my explanation of truth as I learned it through my commitment.

In a land near India, long ago, a king ruled. It is common that rulers indulge themselves, as few people achieve enlightenment as a ruler. This king had sex with palace slaves, as was the norm. It would not be hard to visualize a situation where a ruler had access to the most beautiful young women. But it would be rare for a religion to allow this truth to be its foundation.

The king fell in love with one such slave, and she became pregnant. It was not the first time such a thing happened, and the king always inflicted a death penalty upon the newborn. But this time he was truly in love. The slave demanded that the king not kill her child, and told him that if he did, she would kill herself. So the king made a promise.

It would be hard to believe that a king would submit to the wishes of a slave girl.

The best a slave might achieve would be some form of compromise. The king kept his promise, but on his terms.

The newborn was taken away from the mother, and put into a room. For 18 years, the child was kept in a chair...constantly served by a group of servants. He stayed that way the entire time...never doing anything for himself. All he knew were the few servants and the four walls of the room...which had a doorway.

On the 18th birthday of the child, it weighed between 400 and 500 pounds. It could not walk. It was wheeled out the front door of the palace, and left on the a wagon. As it sat in the wagon, it saw...for the first time...the sky...townspeople...movement of the air...trees...houses...and shops. This child would become the spiritual leader of the world.

Not the religious leader, as Buddhism is not religion. The spiritual leader, as spirituality is truth. He was not affected by the ego, as all souls are...simply because he was never allowed to witness society. He immediately saw hypocrisy, deceit, disillusionment, suffering, and truth. His simple deductions were truth based, and he was very intelligent, and had no choice but to be observant.

To follow Buddha is to search for truth. It is not convenient. It is not accepted by society. It is not simple. It is a constant commitment...a search...for meaning.

It is a true commitment, and cannot be adjusted to taste. Truth will not make you fashionable. It will take you to a place that is the future, and the past...but not the present.

Buddha is truth. It is science. It is destiny. We cannot pretend to be something we are not. We only fool ourselves.

Edgar Cayce told us:

Religion is a convenient compromise of spirituality. There is but one law: Love thy God and thy neighbor as thyself.

Three basic truths that define humanity:

1) children need parenting-few people are born into a world of support and love.

Instead, we get abandonment. We all should have a dedicated mother who cares more for us than herself. We need nurturing that allows us to gain access to our spiritual find happiness and have the meaning of life a tangible achieve our potential.

A society based on spirituality would support mothering/parenting with a complete system. Our children are the future of man, and give us the ability to improve the world. If we accepted our life's purpose, everything we do would be focused on children.

2) everyone needs support-without the proper organized support network, we are alone. Being alone guarantees that we will compromise our potential or find a selfish solution. The ultimate purpose of society is to provide a system in which the world improves. It has little to do with personal selfish desires.

3) we need to live with nature rather than against it-our planet is part of the universal equation. Let's not become more important than our planet. Nothing belongs to us. We are simply borrowing it, and the act of borrowing is complete when we return it better than it was when we got it.


Edgar Cayce gave several readings concerning our future. He said that the Earth will change dramatically prior to the millenium when we start the fifth age of man, which may begin a time when only enlightened souls may incarnate. This may be our salvation as a species...we will see. The process has already started. Cayce said it begins in the late 20th century, as the Earth's poles begin to shift.

"The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be the shifting of the poles-so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and the moss and fern will grow."


Edgar Cayce told us that our choice in life was to either embrace the ego or the soul. There is our purpose in find the correct perspective. The ego is our current choice...our perspective. Our single task is to overcome the ego. I think that we should all be taught about the ego as children, in order to understand life and live with less selfishness and ignorance.

In the modern world, even the direct word of God has no place. We are so lost that we only believe what we choose. We would have to all be struck by lightning before we would get past our egos. I challenge you to read and learn as much as I have about the ego, and about all religious beliefs.

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