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Act Of Giving

(by Wade Welch)

If we study history, we will understand that humanity has a maintain an existence that mirrors what our souls are in Heaven. When we die, our souls are individuals. We then try to stay on the path of light and go far enough that we again combine with other enlightened souls and form a singular entity...ready to reincarnate for our purpose...God's Will. In Heaven, we are united as one, and our goal here is to also be united.

Reincarnation currently involves the transportation of a soul from Hell into the material plane. Hell is the darkness surrounding the path of light souls travel toward Heaven, and beyond. Our current goal for the future may involve the gathering of enlightened souls, who made it to Heaven, so that we can incarnate into the material plane with a majority of these enlightened souls, and leave those egoic souls in Hell.

This would require the separation of a soul from the singular entity, and it would enter the world without the consciousness of the entity. As a child, the newly incarnated enlightened soul would again achieve enlightenment through the sharing of knowledge from parents or elders. This would be an Act of Giving.

Today, all we can do is try to share knowledge in order to make a difference, because we are dominated by egoic souls from Hell.

What does a person do if they want to make a difference? The answer to that question is a relative all depends on the circumstances. If a lifetime leads up to the moment when circumstances present themselves, and there seems to be a chance to do something, does a person know it? It seems difficult to understand such a moment, because I don't think it can be imagined. I think that moment has to present itself, with an impact.

In the past, such an event might present itself almost any day. Life had a slower pace, and people had relationships based on actions...sharing, teamwork, and planning. It was necessary to build the future. There was legitimate opportunity since there was a need for the basics of life.

Today, it would seem that things are different...and of course they are. We no longer work toward our live for the whole. We see ourselves as Page 1

Act Of Giving

individuals. We think and live through our ego, so that we only care about a very selfish manner. We actually think the meaning of life is to focus on our inner But one thing stays the same.

Giving involves one person at a time. True giving involves tangible actions.

Donations would seem like giving, but when the giver is not involved in the bottom line, it is a compromise. So, what is giving? Does it have any value?


Our country began with the Constitution. We left Europe to start a country with freedom and respect for the pursuit of happiness. We had leaders who understood that government was the enemy. It was obvious that responsible leadership was the best method to establish these concepts, because our past did not include equality and freedom.

Those of us who did not own slaves, or suffer from psychopathic or sociopathic behavior, were humble servants who did what was necessary to survive. If we were inspired by people who we admired, we had a reason to improve society. We started a family heritage so we could provide for our children. Ideally, it was a life based on the concept of giving.

Over a few generations, the leadership became the focus for people who were driven by ambition and the lust for power. These people wanted to change society, and provide leadership that gave them control. Even if we were able to keep the foundation of America alive, it is inevitable that corruption will win in the long run.

We had no method to see into the minds of each person...which allowed us to again evolve into an egoic society.

Today, if we were to discard our egoic nature...well, more like egoic reality...and then study our society, we would have no choice but to condemn. The only alternative would be to make some excuse. Of course, we know this even with our ego. We just file it away as something unimportant. We replace it with our current ego flavor.

Page 2

Act Of Giving

The brain operates on electrical impulses. They connect or they do not. The connection of cells is based on two patterns...the repeat of the old, which is addiction...or the new connection, which is thinking. Addiction is the default mechanism. The lure of power and wealth is an overwhelming temptation for addictive personalities. The ego makes it possible to make a commitment that reasonable people would normally not consider. There are endless ways to convince ourselves that truth is not important.

Accept a new thought process...maybe just as an experiment...nothing to lose.

This new process needs to include personal organization and goal orientation, focusing on the discovery of truth. And to begin something new like this, you must first have incentive and courage, that quickly leads to a stimulus, so that your brain enjoys opposed to addiction. Involve a family member and you double the chance of success.

How is it possible for thinking to be better than addiction? You have needs, fears, and wants. You need to follow evidence worthy of your attention. Strong enough for you to overcome your fears and for you to believe. You have everyday life that established compromise as your template...long ago. And maybe you feel alone.

You may need acceptance, understanding, and support from others. You may need the inspiration to believe in yourself and face who you really are...which will take help. The help you need must come from the voice of experience...not a book. This is where we have failed in the past, because overcoming the ego is the first step, and we view a leader who has accomplished that as a threat...not immediate help.

Truth is discovered through suffering, and if you have the support of true strength, the despair is overcome. That is what you find when you look inward, face your addictions, and find is despair. You either run back to your addictions, or you find incentive to begin thinking. With help, despair is overcome quickly, but we don't get help.

The definition of humanity is based on giving...we either have help or we go it alone...and that means either failure or extended suffering. Being a part of the solution is not easy, as history proves. I discovered that I could endure the suffering, but in the end, I had help. Even then, the suffering remains.

Page 3

Act Of Giving


In the past, we had a drastic need to improve our quality of life. I can see where spirituality was needed, and religion helped us advance in our level of civilization.

We had to unite with shared beliefs and make judgments on enemies. We did a pretty good job, and history establishes our progress. There does come a point where we have to find new information. Without truth, we will abandon sprituality and self-destruct again.

Religion has spiritual connotations, but as executed in society, is mostly a social perspective with a political agenda. Faith is the message, but there is a that came long ago. Social order has always trumped religious beliefs. I would not argue against religion for any reason I can imagine. It is one of the few systems in human society that has worked at all. What else gives our souls a fighting chance against the ego?

In the past, we had help. We can argue about where it came from, but that is not important. That information will be discovered in the next 20 years or so. Our government already knows the truth about this. They know much about our future as well. We may become obsessed with the pursuit of this knowledge, but that is not the issue. We already have our life's meaning laid out. It is an individual commitment to truth and the acceptance of that truth. It helps to be intelligent, and have a scientific mind, but not necessary...if we have the act of giving in society.

The whole of society will defend anyone who decides to live a common meaningless existence. Even the definition of humanity will back you up. We take the easy way out and focus on ourselves. Society views enlightenment as the knowledge that we are even more important individually than we think we are. We are beings from another dimension and become better than the "fools" around us that focus on spirituality as a sacrifice.

The conscience is there, for everyone, and cannot be denied in the end. It will almost be put off to the point of worthlessness, but even people who live their entire lives in a delusional state of excuse-based self-important egomania will be forced to face the truth. It will be a pathetic situation, owning your true identity, facing your maker, and finally being forced to discard childhood and take responsibility for your actions. "So sorry, I didn't know. I am just a fool."

Page 4

Act Of Giving

Have you read my words...maybe words I overuse...maybe words that make people stop reading? These words may have you label me a fool, or insane, or condemned. If you read, and not just skim, you already understand very well why I discuss the "fool". The fool is a term describing the person who makes the commitment and has survived suffering. The fool is the person who lives through actions that establish truth...which threatens the existence of the masses.

The FBI (and most government agencies) has a consistent problem with

"leaks"...that is one of their primary requirements...that agents keep secrets. The leaks are always a constant threat, and one of the most likely contributors to a failed task. It can be difficult to lie over and over, but it is inevitably required just to accomplish the task. So, through the use of excuses, agents don't have to be responsible. The fool is the person who values our society...and who sacrifices their career for spirituality.

Some secrets are impossible to keep all the way to death. It is common for people to finally tell someone the secrets on a deathbed. For some, that may be the closest they will come to experiencing spirituality. The ego has lost its hold, and truth has a chance. I propose that those who give up the lifelong effort to keep the secrets regret that they did not do so sooner.

My Suffering

In my life there have been several moments when I was affected by immoral, irresponsible, and even illegal activities of other people, corporations, organized crime, and the federal government. It all involved various ways to lie, cheat, and steal. These acts always had victims. The several times I was the victim was just business as usual for me, and I got over it. What inspired me to search for understanding was the fact that other people were so willing to inflict suffering upon another.

This is where I had trouble. I have never been able to understand why people do these things. I want to know the very specific reasons behind dysfunctional behavior. Moreover, I want to know the truth as it relates to all of history and the meaning of life. I wanted to accomplish more than what my life is turning out to be.

Page 5

Act Of Giving

I was at a turning point in my life. I had done everything I set out to do, or had failed, and lost all I cared about. So I wanted to know why, and in a meaningful way. I wanted the truth laid out in a scientific and factual manner that allowed problems to be understood. I just seem compelled to search for the truth because I knew the answer is out there.

This is how I discovered Edgar Cayce. He did everything so the entire world could see, but the only people who cared exploited that truth for their own purpose. The rest seemed to be lost. It actually seemed to me that mankind did not deserve to know the truth. How can the entire meaning and history...even the future...of mankind be laid out for all to see, and no one cares?

It only took me a few days to understand. All of the information was easily found online back around 2002-2006. The search engines weren't bombarded with people obsessed with the potential to make millions. I easily located extremely informative and insightful data. It would not be long before information was not only used for profit, but guarded...which made any moral reality obsolete.

I decided to write the truth and the answers all in one article and give it away to those who I care about, as well as anyone who cares enough about truth to read it. My goal was to take a long and drawn out process involving millions of words, and put it all in 20 pages. How can the efforts of Cayce go unnoticed...except for those smart enough to exploit it? We should all know truth.

Edgar Cayce did his job so outstandingly well that it is indisputable. Not only did he explain and prove everything life stands for, he did much more. He healed people everyday, displaying the fact that our healing techniques are barbaric compared to his abilities. He made people rich with his predictions, and changed the world forever. He literally answered every question given to him...for 40 years.

Eventually, he had to stop aiding those who were opposing his efforts by exploiting his abilities. He then began answering questions about the meaning of life. That is when I began to understand why I am here. I spent years researching and writing, only to find out no one cares about truth. That is when I became spiritual...not in theory...but in reality. This is where my search started getting truly amazing.

Page 6

Act Of Giving

My work speaks for itself, but who is it speaking to? It took me on a quest involving extreme sacrifice, suffering, and loss. I actually lost everything...all my possessions, family, friends, ambition, and my brain. I didn't know this is where I was heading, but I actually started walking the walk...not my intention at any point.

I wanted to write to solve problems. Before I finished, I realized I could not...but I kept on. I understood that I will not understand. Not until I was homeless with no worldy possessions, no outstanding abilities, and no hope...did I have hope. I discovered it by waking up in a world in which I did not belong, and yet I was at home. Never in my wildest dreams did I understand...that this would be my future.

Only when I had nothing, imagine...absolutely nothing...not even an identity, did I find myself. In 2010, when I was in the psyche ward (read my auto-biography to find out how I got there), I was with real people...pawns...with the true example of humanity...not the manufactured abomination we have become. The egoic well-groomed, selfish and shallow, perfect example of a lost soul...the exploitative profit-seeking, self-destructive, excuse ridden, delusional organism that abuses everything in our world, has become what America stands for.

I was in this place, with no hope, and surrounded by total despair. Yet, I was prepared. The night before, when I was taken to the emergency room, I was visited by a woman who talked to spirits. She came right over to me when I sat down, and looked at me with a smile. She didn't say a word, but in one second I was at peace. At that exact moment, Terry entered. She began scribbling in circles with a pen on a pad. I noticed him immediately and spent the next hour focusing on him...while my guardian angel scribbled hour after hour.

This woman, who spoke to "angels", stayed by me...quietly. I would occasionally speak to her, and she would reply after several seconds, when she had a pause in her activity. She never said much, but she never left my side. She was very comforting. I was in that emergency room the remainder of that day and night, but it seemed to go by quickly. I never saw her again after that night. I was to become best friends with Terry for the next two weeks. He and I were together the entire time during daylight hours. I think that she was protecting me from him.

I was taken to the psyche ward the next morning. It was dominated by despair and suffering, and I was up against what might be the most extreme conditions and Page 7

Act Of Giving

capable adversaries, but I felt at home. I was actually brave. I could literally feel that I was. Seizures took away my brain function a few days before...and I had no sleep for days. I had no idea where I was going. I was denied all the rights that other patients had, except that I stood up for myself if I felt threatened. I was an easy victim to the doctors, the lawyer, and social workers.

The next two weeks would be the most spiritual experience in my life. I was transformed from a person who was alone to part of something I still do not understand. I was given the ability to see clearly. I discovered that I could attract the attention of good people, and appear insignificant to the bad.

Through my years of study, the Buddha taught me spirituality and the value of suffering, as well as living through actions rather than words. Atlantis taught me that people can be good as a whole, on a long term basis...which identifies the value in what I have discovered. Cayce taught me that we have a connection to the other plane...the spiritual dimension...and that truth is the fabric of spirituality.

Truth is not a concept or a theory. It is slapping us in the face constantly. Egoic reality defines what we are...yet it has a purpose. We have to display in the akashic record what we can be in a worse case scenario. If we don't do that, our future will continue to be delusional. We have to make it as obvious as it can be or we are doomed. Our selfish existence is necessary for us to change back to what we were more than 20,000 years ago.

That explains very well why we cannot see who we are...why no one cares about the truth. We are not yet done showing how bad we can be. Don't be surprised if we kill our toddlers so we can have a few more selfish nights. Don't be surprised if we kill others because they are slightly different. Don't be surprised if we kill them because they tell the truth. Don't be surprised if we kill them for sport. Don't be surprised if we eat them.

Read my words. They are truth. They have no value to us, but there is a reason why I write. It is called the future. The akashic record will display for the entire universe what we can expect if we deny our true selves. Right now, we don't even believe in the future. We believe in what exists the least...our present. Even though the past has proven who and what we are, we deny it. We have no choice but to plan our future, and that is because of who we are...the remains of our past.

Page 8

Act Of Giving

Now factor in the reason why we have failed in the past. The universe changes.

Our planet changes. We have to adapt. We are children in the universe. We are not ready to grow up. We were once perfect, for 40,000 years, but the universe affected us. We have a long way to go before we have options that allow us to change with the universe, but because of the "Artist"...God...and his plan of Free Will...we have a future. It is called science.

That is why I search for truth. It is science, and is our future...despite who we now are. I have Faith, a gift from our true identity. I have discovered the ability to forgive myself. I have discovered my love never ends. I am very lucky. I have suffered, and searched for truth, all at the same time. I am a science experiment...gone very well. But my writings have always been for me...not to teach others.

I love humanity. I love imperfection. I have learned a lot. I have achieved my life's purpose. I have learned the hard way, yet it was easy. It was beautiful. I am truly a piece of God. Death is more precious than life, at this point. Read for truth and understanding, and you will be a part of the future. Being a part of the present is not so bad, especially if that is the best you can be, because you do serve a purpose. The rest of us will take up the slack.

My Writing

Writing does not come naturally for me. I do it because it serves a few purposes.

Since the topic is a difficult and controversial one for this society, my chances of effectively reaching a reader are low. My first purpose is to find satisfaction in my efforts. Writing can be a relationship between the writer and the words.

"To write spiritually is to engage in a search for authentic language. You’ll find your truth by writing your way to it."

-- Patrice Vecchione

"The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way, and that's heaven. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind."

-- Natalie Goldberg

Page 9

Act Of Giving

My second purpose is to find one person who feels the inspiration to take my words and make them more effective. It is inevitable that it will happen if the message is spiritual truth, no matter how low the odds of success. As a writer committed to finding the truth about life, and then assembling it so that a message is delivered, I know that I am just a tool. The messages, and most likely the words as well, have been written long ago.

The words have the potential to change person at a time, but that goal is a longshot. For a writer to take on such a quest, there has to be a true commitment. In my life, that commitment is the result of suffering, and is a basic fundamental truth of spirituality. I want to know the truth, so I have a commitment to study. Research is my best asset.

Around the turn of the century, searching for truth was easy. The search engines did it for me. Today, it is much more difficult. Truth is hidden and guarded. The potential for profit has allowed the ego to take over. Those words have been manipulated in order to allow for the opportunity to be successful in a world dominated by the ego. Truth is no longer valued.

Modern spirituality is a compromise of truth. Actual truth...ancient not accepted because we serve ourselves, and profit is what we value. With suffering, the soul has a chance. A person can discard the ego and not seek profit, which allows us to again value wisdom. It is easy to see why my writings keep ancient wisdom alive so that I may find one person at a time. Yes, I offer actual truth...ancient truth...spiritual truth. It is the equation that allows the soul to have a chance.

When I write, I am using words from the past, attempting to deliver a message from that past. Seldom do I write anything new. I am borrowing the words that have origins in an existence where truth was a fundamental part of life. I look at the sources of my information, and quote those sources, as they are the link that allowed me to again be a link...for it is not about me, or is about giving.

True giving involves taking suffering from one person and owning it...allowing another to move forward.

Page 10

Act Of Giving

Writing words from the past is sharing, commitment, resolve, investment, destiny.

None of it is about is never about us. That is the lesson. Teach others to see the value of giving, of suffering...because it is not giving if it has no cost, and what greater cost than suffering? In a society that is ruled by the ego, suffering is maybe the only tool that can effectively destroy that barrier.

To avoid suffering is to join the masses. Yes, it is difficult to embrace. What may be one of the most valuable insights is that it can be a choice...a daily routine. We can "tune in" to the situation of another person and embrace their suffering, which not only has potential to help that person, but can also help the giver. As a matter of fact, it has much more potential to help the giver than the taker. Ideally, if it is practiced correctly, it shares the value equally.

My perspective is the only variable in the equation. It is important to have the soul triumph over the have suffered and embraced that suffering. I had to live among the masses who serve nothing but themselves, and I became a target.

Being an easy target is being exactly what the ego seeks. How many people today can walk the walk, and still serve a purpose? My ability to maintain my perspective is the equation, and the sum is apparent suffering, but the reality is spirituality, which cannot be seen by the masses.

My obligation is to do my best to give the reader the chance to understand the message. I serve these functions:

1) to offer ancient truths in a fashion readily accepted by current society 2) to display passion in my belief of those messages 3) to show evidence that the messages have merit 4) to compare the pros and cons of living through ideals It is quite a challenge to accept such responsibility. The number 1 function is my most difficult, because it is impossible at the moment. I have to change that goal to offer truths in a fashion accepted by an enlightened soul. That makes it seem all a failure, because the purpose seems offer truth to a person who already knows truth, when that person may be one in a million today.

The masses cannot accept truth.

Page 11

Act Of Giving

So it is easy to see why the ego rules. There is no commitment to truth...and here lies the most important inspiration for me to write. I am writing to the soul who will be serving humanity, while almost all of society will never have a chance. That is why I seem to write in a language that has no value. I display the soul prominently, but I am writing to the egos.

So, to that one person at a time...I write to you, and I will embrace you after this life is over. The definition of humanity lies with us, and how fitting that is. Why not invest the future of humanity into the souls who have survived and embraced suffering? It is not about quantity, it is about having a chance. That small chance is the definition of humanity, and how important that is.

Yes, my writings discuss the fool...the insane..the condemned. As the egoic reality makes a toast in our honor, help me share that moment...for it is in that brief moment that God watches. The Word is alive and well. All it takes is one fool.

How wonderful life is.


Dictionary definitions:

(knowledge) direct perception of truth, independent of any reasoning process (philosophy) the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas

So, if I were to be intuitive, I would have a source for information not utilizing the five senses. Maybe from another person, or a spirit, or another dimension, or an unknown source. Or assumptions. Or a psychological need based on a deficiency.

Or deductive reasoning based on incomplete information from another source, or sources.

I would think that intuition may be the result of many years of feeling that there is more out there than we perceive...from the accumulated influence of other people...or the understanding that spirituality has a purpose in our lives. I am sure if I had time to study intuition I would feel inspired to understand it.

Page 12

Act Of Giving

My question is...when does a person go from seeking truth to knowing truth? I can certainly understand an impulse that there is more to life...or more than an impulse...maybe where insight was presented to a person from an unknown source...that achieved true understanding, which is enlightenment.

I had two experiences in my life where it was more than intuition, it was tangible...that there is a truth out there we do not perceive. As a person who is scientific, and accepts theory, and then researches...seeking truth...and is demanding, I want to avoid jumping from a theoretical understanding to exacting my "absolutes" on others.

Do we, as a species, first understand our role in the universe, and then seek more understanding. Or do we assume that understanding? Do we do all the legwork, that may go beyond one lifetime, or do we take the quick path...and assume?

Does the ego play a role? Do we redefine the ego as something that suits us, as we are part of a society governed by the ego?

The Dalai Lama invented a new Buddha so it would be more effective politically in an egoic society, because there is little realized value in this society for truth. I could write pages displaying examples of this event happening everyday all over the world. A scientific perception begins at the beginning. Does an intuitive perception bypass all that is true because of emotion, or ego, or convenience? Or is it more than that?

So, why would I write about the mechanisms that control society and support the ego? Is it possible that there is a profound value in intuition established thousands of years ago, and we are not discovering anything new? Are we promoting value in ourselves because we are obsessed with ourselves? Are these thoughts difficult to own individually?

My efforts are not to be feared, as I can change my mind in an instant. The thing I value is your opinion. I challenge people everyday, and most...almost not like it at all. They blame me. I only have one incentive, as I will not be around long unless another influencing agent makes it happen. My goal is to share truth and understanding, and it is not for my benefit.

Page 13

Act Of Giving

I work through, and as the result of...suffering. I have no problem being the fool, choosing the difficult path, and losing all t

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