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“Charmides” – Plato

number of persons, most of whom I knew, but not all. My CHARMIDES,

visit was unexpected, and no sooner did they see me enter-OR TEMPERANCE

ing than they saluted me from afar on all sides; and Chaerephon, who is a kind of madman, started up and ran by

to me, seizing my hand, and saying, How did you escape, Socrates?—(I should explain that an engagement had taken Plato

place at Potidaea not long before we came away, of which the news had only just reached Athens.) Translated by Benjamin Jowett

You see, I replied, that here I am.

There was a report, he said, that the engagement was PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Socrates, who is the very severe, and that many of our acquaintance had fallen.

narrator, Charmides, Chaerephon, Critias.

That, I replied, was not far from the truth.

I suppose, he said, that you were present.

SCENE: The Palaestra of Taureas, which is near the Porch I was.