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To the Right Honourable


Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter and one of

the Lords of Her Majesty's most honourable privy council.

My Lord,

You will perhaps wonder that an obscure person, who has not the honour to

be known to your lordship, should presume to address you in this manner.

But that a man who has written something with a design to promote Useful

Knowledge and Religion in the world should make choice of your lordship

for his patron, will not be thought strange by any one that is not

altogether unacquainted with the present state of the church and

learning, and consequently ignorant how great an ornament and support you

are to both. Yet, nothing could have induced me to make you this present

of my poor endeavours, were I not encouraged by that candour and native

goodness which is so bright a part in your lordship's character. I might

add, my lord, that the extraordinary favour and bounty you have been

pleased to show towards our Society gave me hopes you would not be

unwilling to countenance the studies of one of its members. These

considerations determined me to lay this treatise at your lordship's

feet, and the rather because I was ambitious to have it known that I am

with the truest and most profound respect, on account of that learning

and virtue which the world so justly admires in your lordship, MY LORD,

Your lordship's most humble and most devoted servant, GEORGE BERKELEY

* * * * *