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We are a small group of bibliophiles that fights every day against big monopolies. For novice writers today, publishers often reject their manuscripts, no matter how good they are, as they do not want to take risks. They publish less and only with renowned writers who can guarantee sales. If you are a talented, but new and creative writer, the possibilities of publishing are minimal. Fortunately, our website allows independent authors to gain exposure and build their fanbase. At the same time, if you are a reader who enjoys good literature, you’ve been able to enjoy up to 5 books each-and-every month at NO CHARGE whatsoever from us since the year 2000 when we got our start.

However, due to the mounting costs of technology upgrades, and a downtrend in online advertising which helped to pay our growing bills, we may soon be forced to limit the free benefits we can offer to our readers worldwide.

We do NOT want to do this. It goes against our desire to offer free literature to people around the globe. We know that many low-income students depend on us for their textbooks while many other readers simply cannot afford books or have access to libraries. 

Therefore, you are personally invited to become a Free-eBooks Partner today. Your financial partnership makes it possible for us to share the “Right to Read” worldwide. Without YOU, this would not be possible.

If Free-eBooks means something to you and has brought value to you, please take a moment to “Partner with Us” so we can continue to serve you and books lovers around the world with the best new Independent books!

Simply choose any of the following 3 partnership options:

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