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Hello Children, Since from Class 10th, I was thinking to write, compile or edit some Moral Stories for my Beloved Students. Despite of writing many articles on Social and Educational context, Quotations and one Book cum Magazine; I forgot to write, what I once thought for Children. So here it’s, the real time Moral Stories for Children of ages 4-12. The collection of stories has been written, edited and complied very carefully, keeping in view the taste of enjoyment and coziness. Every possible step has been taken to use precise language. All the Morals have been beautifully written by me. You’ll find all new stories which you have never heard before. You can take these stories as your bed time favorites, to improve your reading practice/vocabulary, to enjoy different activities present in this book or it would help you to learn and explore the realities of your life. It will teach you Moral Lessons, while enjoying it. The first published book ever written, compiled edited by MUNIR for you all children. Few stories and poems, specially written by me for you all are also inclusive in this fun filled book. Isn’t it amazing! This is the first series of Moral Stories and I wish that you all would appreciate it. So children, grab your copy and keep your fingers cross. Are you ready…. Get set go--------------------
From, Munir-M-Sewani