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The Box
“An extension of ignorance and personal apathy
An invisible but powerful force A system of mental traffic signs Directing and pushing you in Different directions Without your full
Awareness or approval”

Alberto O. Cappas

Before you were born as a

human being, you were first a spiritual being (and still continue to be one), and when the opportunity came for you to travel to this planet, you knew the reasons for coming. You were aware of your mission and purpose on this planet.

For example, you came to fulfill some of the following career and business options: Attorney, CEO, Doctor, Pilot, Sports Announcer, Nurse, Police Officer, Fireman, Politician, School Teacher, College Professor, Real Estate Agent, Poet, Writer, Sanitation Worker, Porter, Artist, Movie Star, Engineer, Owner,
Musician, University Doorman,

Company Mayor,

Business President, Governor, President,

Commissioner, and United States President. Perhaps, you may be here to change the world in a big, big way.

And I say in a big way because everyday we all play a role in changing the world, in little ways, pushing the energy of the planet as we make hundreds of choices and decisions each day, from the moment we wake-up in the morning, to the moment we go to bed at night, a never-ending human event. And regardless of the mission or purpose, your presence on this planet is supposed to be positive, directing you in a positive journey.

However, the minute that you were transformed into an embryo, and developed into a human being within nine (9) months of your spiritual travels, you came into this world with no recollection of the transformation from spirit to the physical. However, you came with the ability to think and explore, and find your way to your mission and purpose. The minute you left the body of your selected mother, you were exposed to the beginning of the game, the beginning of the journey and here is where the challenge begins.

Believe in the trinity of your spiritual composition

By now, you forgot that you are a spiritual being. You see yourself as one-dimensional, a human being, an orientation from a physical point of reference, overlooking the inside of your body, paying too much attention to how good you look or want to look on the outside.
And most important of all, you are no longer making choices or decisions based on your mission and journey. Your choices and decisions are made for you by mass advertisement and commercials, your immediate friends, family influence, rappers, popular music, sport figures, and other influences interfering with your journey.

By now, unfortunately, you are off-track and you need to get back on the right track in order to complete your mission and journey, especially if you are up to the challenge; and remember that you are a spiritual being, so have faith in divine intervention.

However, before you can get back on track, try to understand the following:

Number One: You must remember that you are first and foremost, a spiritual being here on Earth to experience life as a human being.

Number Two: To succeed in the game of life, and to pursue a positive journey, you must be able to channel, manipulate and balance three (3) very important elements as a human being: Emotion: This element gives you the ability to feel, to want, and much more! Too much emotion will make you insecure and jealous, and you won’t be able to appreciate the true value of love and caring. That is the reason that some unfortunate individual will go and harm his love one if he “can’t have her, no one will.” This is a complete imbalance of the emotional section. You need to have a balance of emotion, able to use it as an instrument to help in your journey. Don’t let it become an obstacle.

Mind over Matter / Intellectual Capacity: This element gives you the ability to think, to make choices and decisions. Without balance, you will use your mind without thinking which always leads to the wrong direction, and you get lost in your journey. One cannot make appropriate decisions without having proper information. The more education you have, the better position you place yourself control of the in to maintain external forces

coming at you. This is the reason why Education is one of the most vital Keys in the game of life and in your journey.

Physical: The physical element is the infrastructure and temple of your body in human form. You need to treat your body as the temple of your home. Make sure to eat the proper foods and lots of fruits and vegetables and take the time to exercise the body. Keep your temple in healthy condition.

Too much food and drinking will interfere with the health of our body. Your spirit needs a healthy body to be able to move around successfully on the planet. Don’t handicap your spirit by ignoring the body.

The Key to a successful journey in the game of life is balance and harmony between the emotion, the mental, and the physical. Properly balanced, the three elements work together as a team to ensure that your mission, purpose, and journey stay on target and focused. If you can learn to discipline yourself to maintain this balance, you will meaningful experience definitely have a and productive life on this planet. We

must bring balance between the three in order to make it work.

Never sell yourself short ! You truly are a gift of nature, and you are a member of the spiritual presence in the universe. Don’t lose your balance by falling completely into the physical!

You are here to leave positive footprints. Become the person you are supposed to be, not what someone else wants you to be. Explore and ask yourself questions, such as Who Am I, and where do you want to be or see yourself in the next ten to fifteen years?

However, to make the Dream a reality, you must take two very critical and important steps. These two steps will give you all the power and magic you need to make the Dream come true, but you must take the steps!

Education and a Plan – The perfect combination! Make sure to work on your education and a plan on how you will get to your dreams and aspirations.

How will you climb the stairs to your successful journey?
Hope alone won’t get you there

You must Plan-PlanandPlan; and part of that plan should be EDUCATION.
It is very simple! All you need to make a positive dream come true is an Education and a Plan. You don’t need to hit the Lotto!

Education is not what many people tell you it is. For example, school is not solely to prepare you or train you for a job when you graduate. An Education is a journey! It is a lifetime trip you take as a human being. You meet new friends who look different than you and think differently than you, friends with different ideas and opinions; and some will dress different and speak a different language than you.

If you keep your mind open , and if you understand what you are hearing, and seeing, your education
becomes a magical

An education is a preparation and a stepping stone for enjoying life, to open your mind to all the options available to you.

Education gives you a real vision to what you may like or dislike. Education will prepare you for a job, prepare you to handle your own business; to become a consumer where you work for someone, or to become a provider where you have your own company and have people working for you. You can decide to be a worker, supervisor, manager, president of your own company, and much more.

An Education introduces you to the world of possibilities and options. It gives you a realistic image and mental tools to work with. To have an Education is to have a system of values and standards; and you will be prepared to face and handle hard and difficult challenges; as well as the ability to think and make right choices and decisions.

With an Education, you can develop the discipline to have a plan to navigate your Dream. The plan is a roadmap of proper choices and decisions to get to your Dream, step by step.

Life is that simple, as well as magical and fun.

Life stops being magical and fun when you bypass and ignore the Dream and the Plan. Without a Plan, you make choices and decisions that have nothing to do with your purpose, thus you get lost in the world.

Just take a good look and observe people around you. You can see all the lost souls, people without a mission, purpose, led astray from their true journey in life. While they are losing the game of life, always remember that it is never too late for you to make a u-turn and discover your true purpose and journey.

You must plan, not wish or hope. Once you have a plan in place, you can wish and hope, which means that you are adding spiritual energy to the plan; but without a plan, wishing and hoping, is useless.

Education and a Plan provides you the opportunity to appreciate and understand the spiritual value of your presence on this planet, and you will be able to take better care of your body and live much longer as a healthy human being.

Enjoy the game of life, and remember that life is not a destination. Life is a journey based on getting on and off different stops, working on making appropriate decisions to get to your place of destination for that day or occasion, but the journey continues.

Here are essential keys for your spiritual awareness and understanding, leading to your successful journey on this planet:

1. Understand that when it rains, there is purpose why it rains. Learn to turn your scars into stars;

2. If you have summer, you must also have winter. Learn to appreciate the teamwork and harmony of the seasons;

3. Strangers can become good friends;

4. A Family should serve as a cushion for you to feel safe until you develop your wings and are ready to fly on your own;

5. If you can’t see the Moon, you will see the Sun;

6. Value your true Friends, but value yourself first;
7. Disappointment is a test in the game of life;

8. Money can never buy you happiness, especially if you don’t understand the nature of the instrument;

9. Learn to understand and appreciate
between a
the difference provider and a

10. Know that it was your

experience with sadness that provides you an opportunity to appreciate the value of Joy;

11. Love is great; don’t be afraid to love yourself;


12. To truly laugh, you must be willing to cry;


13. Dying is not the end, but another beginning;

14. If you have to get inside a box, create your own box;
15. Don’t overlook the potential of your hobbies. It may be the answer to your purpose and your financial independence;

16. Learn to listen to your own inner-music;


17. Learn to see obstacles as challenges and opportunities;

18. Use the mirror as a magic tool to explore your insights, not the physical form;

19. Balance is living your true purpose on the planet;


20. Learn the language of your inner voice.

And may the lights of the Pledge of Education be with you! -- Next page…

An Educational Pledge

I pledge to maintain
A healthymind andbody Staying awayfrom the evilof drugs Ipledgealwaysto trymybest to understand
The importanceof knowledgeand education
Painting apositivepictureof where I plan to be tomorrow
Not allowing obstaclesto stop the growth
Of myplans for the future Ipledgeto seek answers to questions
Understanding that the answers to questions
Sometimeslead to other discoveries Ipledgetowork hard
With the awarenessand confidence That hard worktodaywillserve

A stheseedsfor mystrong tree tomorrow
A tree no onewillever beable to tear down
I pledge to learn proper languages Beginning with thelanguageof my mother
Alwaysprepared to appreciate others Ipledgeto gain abetter understanding
Of myself
Byunderstanding my culturalroots To fullyaccept me as ahuman being A rainbowof manyculturesand colors
Ipledgetoovercome any personal misfortunes
Becoming stronger from such misfortunes
Alwaysstriving to become A wiseperson