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Fun activities for kids from

Activity Village Publications!

These ideas have been extracted from “Keeping Kids Busy over 200 fun activities and entertainments for kids!” which is available for download in e-book format from Activity Village Publications ( at just $4.95.

The book is aimed at kids aged 6 and up (although many activities are suitable for younger children with adult supervision) and has been written so that older children can read it and find inspiration themselves.


Indoor ideas:

Sort through the toy cupboard:

It’s surprising how much fun this can be! Get everyone together and aim to clear one shelf or drawer. You will probably find that old treasures are rediscovered, odd pieces can be thrown away, and some things will be ready to be passed down or sold. If you are not sure whether to get rid of some of the toys, try packing them away in a box and hiding them in a dark corner of the cupboard for a few months. When they come out again they will either cause a sensation or not, which will make it easy to decide!

Have a pillow fight:

Make sure you use old pillows and don’t use feathers if someone in the house is allergic to them, though!

Make a story tape:

Grab that tape recorder and a blank cassette, find a story you enjoy, and make your own story tape! Each child can read for a while, or can take on the part of a particular character. Make the appropriate noises too! You will probably have to practice a few times to get the hang of it, and be prepared for lots and lots of giggles! Tip: a home-made story tape makes a great present for a child who has to go to hospital or is bedridden for a time.

Record the sounds around you:

Get out the tape recorder and make a project out of recording everyday sounds. Try water running in the bath, someone ringing the bell and opening the door, flushing the toilet! It certainly makes you think about things a little differently than usual! Suggest that some friends or neighbours do the same thing and then get together to see if you can identify each other’s sounds!


Have a jigsaw afternoon:

Get out all your jigsaws and invite some friends around with theirs too! Clear plenty of space and have a marathon jigsaw session! Some libraries have jigsaws you can borrow too, and you can often find jigsaws for sale very cheaply at charity shops (thrift stores) and car boot sales (garage sales). Tip: if you buy your jigsaws second-hand and the box has seen better days, cut out the picture and store it in a ziploc bag with all the pieces.

Have a mammoth junk modelling session with friends:

Invite a few families around and ask them to bring their craft-cupboard junk with them boxes, containers, and other bits and pieces. You provide glue, sticky-tape, scissors, and encouragement. You could make houses, or creatures, or boats, or modern art or you could all combine together to make one giant model!

Play card games:

Get out some old playing cards and have a game! Try snap or racing demon or beggar my neighbour all traditional games which are just lots of fun! If you need more inspiration we have a new e-book coming out soon Card Games for Kids check back at or subscribe to our free weekly newsletter ( to be informed when it is released.

Make a fishing game:

Cut fish shapes out of cardboard or craft foam and attach a paper clip to each “nose”. Make fishing rods out of garden canes and string, and tie a small magnet to each end. See