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Most Popular Christmas Gift Toys

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Table of Content

What Is All That Fuzz About The Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game?

Beyblade Metal Fusion: A Great Wave of Merchandise Items And Video Games Lego Batman Game For Kids

LEGO City Games: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Lego Indiana Jones Sets Make Great Christmas Toys

Is Lego Ninjago A Good Gift For Your Kids?

Is Lego Star Wars 3 The Best Gift For Your Kids?

The Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart For Kids Of All Ages Why Girls Want Lalaloopsy Dolls

Providing Children With Many Hours Of Fun: The Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle And Tower

The Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker Makes A Great Baby Gift Vtech Tote and Go Laptop for Preschool Techies

LEGO Spongebob Provides Creativity And Satisfaction To Children The Fun And Challenging Perplexus Maze Game

The Award Winning Qwirkle Board Game



What Is All That Fuzz About The Angry Birds Knock On

Wood Game?

By Joshua J Anderson

When it comes to finding the right Christmas gift it is sometimes hard to latch on to the right trend, the new angry birds knock on wood game is certainly one of the hottest gift trends this year.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game, Perfect

for All Ages

This game is one of the best games for all age groups for several reasons, the first and possibly

most important is that these games are easy and have a straight forward premise that is easy to follow. Rather than having a complicated series rules for children to try to follow, this game is easy to follow and fun for just about everyone. Because the game is easy to follow, you can play with your whole family. Since the game is simply structured you can play with the directions that are provided or create your own obstacles and play freely.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game Rules and Missions The game is based on the popular phone

and video game that is getting even more

popular every single day. The game offers

a slingshot launching system much like the

original game and offers a series of

missions that go along with each level or

round. The board game is simple, you place

a series of obstacles or courses with the

provided blocks and pigs. When you have

your course set up you can launch your

birds and try to knock down the structure.

Each level has new missions that you need


to complete in order to score the most points and win the game. When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gift it isn't always about finding the present that is most in line with popular trends. Finding the right game is all about finding a game or toy that fits your child. Finding a great site that can help you reason through all the trends and popular toys of the season is a great way to make sure that you are getting the toy that is right for you. Angry Birds: Knock on Wood game is a great option for families that want a game that anyone can play and that is fun for the whole family. Again, if you ask me what is all that fuzz about the Angry birds game, I can summarize it saying that this is an easy to play, it is fun and it is educative game, which means this game has the main component to make it the perfect gift to your kids.

Beyblade Metal Fusion: A Great Wave of Merchandise Items

And Video Games

By Joshua J Anderson

A Japanese manga production that began

running as a TV anime in April 2011, Beyblade

Metal Fusion is the third installment of the famous series written by Takafumi Adachi. It

has a total of 32 episodes with 29 of these released so far. The original manga pertaining to

this installment is contained within the nine-volume series originally running in 2007. This manga is published by Shogakukan through the

CoroCoro magazine. It is a unique mix action adventure, fantasy, sports, and comedy.

Beyblade Metal Fusion plot

This installment follows the adventures of a Beyblader named Gingka Hagane. The main protagonist is on a quest for rediscovering his hidden past. Along his journey, he has fought many exciting Beyblade battles and met Kenta Yumiya who would become his best friend. Former villains named Tategami and Benkei from the Face Hunters group who appeared in the previous installment turned to the good side and accompanied Gingka to his journey towards dismantling the Dark Nebula


Organization. The main antagonist who is affiliated with this evil organization is identified as Tsubasa Otori, a highly skilled Beyblader.

Video games and merchandise items based on Beyblade Metal Fusion The manga series inspired a number of video games and merchandise items aimed towards young children who are truly fascinated with the TV show adaptation.

A total of six video game adaptations are based on the series released for Japanese-owned consoles. Hudson Soft exclusively published these titles beginning in 2009.

Metal Fight Beyblade was released in March 2009 for the Nintendo DS which features two-player mode connected via Wi-Fi. In the same year, the electronic entertainment company released the Beyblade: Metal Fusion game title that featured 17 characters with over 20 beys to choose from. Voice commands are also enabled in this release through the integrated DS microphone. Other releases include Beyblade: Metal Masters Black

Susanow and Nightmare Rex.

Beyond the basic system, the latest toys in

the series comprise six unique parts that

throw in more excitement into the battle.

Improved bottom performance tip makes

the toy spin longer increasing its stamina,

attack, as well as defense. These toys have

brought amazing reviews from consumers,

who mentioned that playing with Beyblade

Metal Fusion is fun to battle it out, trying different strategies to keep your Beyblade

up longer. Beyblade Metal Fusion has truly

found a niche in children entertainment

with the successful series as well as

merchandise toys and video games.


Lego Batman Game For Kids

By Joshua J Anderson

Lego batman is another one of the delightful transformations of a well known story and its characters into the Lego universe. Lego has managed to take popular favorite Batman and turn it into a fun and exiting experience for all the family.

The game was developed by Travellers Tales, and it is available on many different consoles such as, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Mac OS X.

What is Lego Batman?

Lego batman is a third-person, adventure video game based on the comic book character Batman. The game allows you to play solo or in cooperative mode, and it includes many characters, both heroes and villains, such as Batman, Robin, Bane, Harley Quinn, Riddler, The Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman and many more

memorable faces.

What‘s it About?

The game takes the player through an exciting storyline which sees all the criminals, including batman's enemies, in Gotham's Arkham asylum

escape and break off into groups to cause trouble and commit crimes all throughout the city. There are three groups of villains which Batman and Robin must defeat, and each group is led by one of Batman's notorious enemies. One is led by Penguin, one is led by the Joker and one is led by the Riddler and each has their own evil agenda. Each group leader is followed by a group of thugs who must also be defeated. As Batman and Robin the player, or players, have to defeat each group and send them back to the asylum.



What's Lego Batman Like?

The player gets to play in third-person perspective and the main tasks include fighting enemies, collecting studs (Lego money), and solving puzzles. The game offers other cool features including, the ability to change Batman and Robins outfits, and the

opportunity to play the game through as the

villains. Once the player has completed the story mode, they will unlock a mode called 'free play'.

Free play lets the player go back to any chapter of the story they have completed as any character.

Lego Batman is an easy game, yet its puzzle-solving nature does present players with a little bit of a challenge, making it the perfect present for children. With so many different characters, the option to play the story as a villain, and so many activities to do on Lego Batman, it can be played over and over.

LEGO City Games: The Perfect Christmas Gift

By Joshua J Anderson

LEGO City games can be a perfect Christmas gift for children of all ages, from nursery toddlers to kids in their preschool ages. Christmas is incomplete without gifts, especially for children. But choosing a gift for a child can sometimes become a very confusing job indeed. With the wide range of choices that LEGO City games offer, you can easily find something suitable for every child. Let us know more about LEGO City.

What is LEGO City?

This LEGO game comprises of a set colorful

plastic bricks and miniature figures that can be interlocked using the gears and other parts,

which usually come along with the set of

blocks. These construction toys can be used to build up different play objects, from chairs and

tables to buildings, robots and vehicles. Most of


these play models are working models. The perfection with which each of these blocks fits into another one is commendable. The plastic that is used to manufacture these building blocks is strong but at the same time safe for usage by younger kids.

Why do people like it?

This is one of the top construction games for kids today. The reason why you should buy it is because of its dual benefit. On one hand, it is loved by children and they enjoy playing with it. Thus it keeps them busy and entertained for long durations. Secondly, it promotes creativity and develops the thinking and imaginative part of your child's brain. Your child will be making something, creating something new using his own skills and brain. As the psychology behind these toys says, this can be a very good impetus for the development of your child's brains.

These LEGO games come in a wide variety of themes and sets. LEGO relies more on its original characters and the older, classic themes but there are many popular and latest themes like Star Wars, Avatar, Ben 10, Sponge Bob, Harry Potter, Cars, and Spiderman etc. too. These themes attract children and keep them engrossed in the game. In addition to this, there are the new LEGO City video games, board games and books too for the greater fans of LEGO City.

LEGO City toys are priced differently and the price increases with the increase of the size of the game. Gift this LEGO to kids or buy it for your own child this and initiate their entry to a new world of imagination and creativity.

Lego Indiana Jones Sets Make Great Christmas Toys

By Joshua J Anderson

Parents looking for fun toys to give their boys for Christmas will find the Lego Indiana Jones sets packed with adventure. Lego building sets have been around for many decades and have been

loved by boys of all ages. The ability to build castles, stores, vehicles and have small characters to interact within the buildings makes these sets very appealing to kids.

Lego Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo

The ambush in Cairo set contains seventy-nine pieces with some of them being small objects. The objects include a frying pan, sword, club and even a green apple. The set allows the child to create an Egyptian market place setting.

The market is enhanced with items such as a small stand and a wagon with wheels that actually move. In addition to the basic building blocks and object accessories, this Lego Indiana Jones set includes four Lego figures.

Of course it comes with the hero Indiana Jones, but there is also Marion Ravenwood, a Cairo swordsman and a warrior. The various figures allow kids to create all kinds of adventures using the different buildings and objects from this set.

Lego Indiana Jones and the Chauchilla Cemetery

Another set parents can choose to give their children for Christmas is the Battle in Chauchilla cemetery. This set contains one hundred and eighty-seven pieces, which allow the kids to build all sorts of different items from this battle. There are gravestones, temple ruins, cobwebs and treasure chests. There is even a motorcycle designed to hold one of the Lego characters.

The characters included in this Lego Indiana Jones set are Indiana, Mutt Williams, one skeleton and two warriors. This set also contains several additional objects as accessory pieces to help kids create various adventures. Some of these pieces include the famous crystal skull, weapons, goblets and a scorpion. This is where the crystal skull is hidden, so children can have fun trying to uncover its whereabouts while battling the enemies in the area

Parents interested in getting some of the Lego adventure sets for their children can find a wide assortment of products at online stores. These sets are designed to keep kids entertained for many hours and can be taken apart and rebuilt time and time again. Because they contain small parts they are not recommended for children under the age of seven. The assorted buildings, objects and characters found in the Lego Indiana Jones sets are sure to please any child looking for adventure.


Is Lego Ninjago A Good Gift For Your Kids?

By Joshua J Anderson

The holidays are coming closer and all of the little boys have their eyes on Lego Ninjago. Boys spend a lot of their time using their imaginations to create dream worlds of fun and possible future. Lego has remained on the cutting edge of providing the tools a boy needs to exercise his creativity. A large portion of a boys play involves things that they wish to do when they get older. Some what to be police, some firefighters but a less practical yet very common planned career path is that of a ninja. The Ninjago series

provides a way to let these feelings out.

Lego Ninjago Product Reviews

There is a lot of positive feedback on

this product and very few negative

comments about it. Reviews rave about

how it combines the building power of

Lego with the battling aspect that kids

have come to love. Although a few

reviews claim that it is overpriced it is

generally agreed that if so, not by much.

They say that it has a lot of playing

potential. One review calls it the best set

by Lego since Bionicle. Overall a great toy with a lot of thought put behind it.

Lego Ninjago Features

As is the case with most Lego themes, the Ninjago series has a number of different kits and features that are available. There are multiple kits, a video game and, of course, a number of other related products. The real magic is in the kits. Not only does it contain the building ingenuity that has come to be expected from Lego, there is an involved battle aspect. The kits includes spinner parts so that various


characters can practice the art of spinjitsu. Spinning the characters at each other like tops, the goal is to knock down the opposing character.

For many reasons this is an amazing toy. The building aspect is always fun. Of course there is the imagination that is put into creating the world that these characters live out their adventures. In a way the child playing with these toys become part of the adventures. The battling bring in a factor that is incorporated into a great many of the toys today. This allows for a relatively non-violent way for young boys to release their aggressions and need for rivalry. Overall this is a great product. The Lego Ninjago set is a great addition to any boy's holidays.

Is Lego Star Wars 3 The Best Gift For Your Kids?

By Joshua J Anderson

Lego Star Wars 3 is the perfect gift to give especially since Christmas is fast approaching and it's the perfect season for gift giving! Kids are kids and they will always want to receive gifts and toys from those close to their heart. If you are having problems with what to and not to buy, consider your problem solved! I happen to come across this site that advertises the most popular gifts for kids this season, and mind you, the number of toys is more than you can ever imagine. In the said site, you can browse through

pages that will unravel the mysteries of

gift choosing 101. There are different

categories like top gifts for boys, top gifts

for girls, toddlers and preschoolers and

most popular Christmas gifts all available

in the market and that is how I came to

know about the Lego Star Wars 3. Prices

varies significantly so you can choose the

toys that are budget friendly and of

maximum quality but I really recommend

Lego Star Wars 3 since it encompasses

durability, affordability, and quality. If

you are still having problems what to

choose and quite unsure whether or not it's the perfect gift for you to give, let me give you some guidelines which will aid you in choosing the best Christmas gift for your special little one.

Lego Star Wars 3: Durability and Practicality

If you prefer to give toys which are extravagant and a little luxurious, think again.

Kids play with toys - and here, play means throw, toss and even break. So if you can't afford to see your lavish present being torn down, pricey toys won't be your choice. On the other hand, you might as well consider picking something which will be more budget friendly with the same level of excitement the toy will bring to your recipient. Take the LEGO Star Wars 3 for example. It is simple yet very fascinating and will be enjoyed ultimately by you and your receiver. If you're afraid of your gift being thrown and toss into the air, it's quite alright since Lego Star Wars 3 was really made to disassemble itself and reform with the aid of your addressee's little hands.

Quality and Child-friendly

Stop thinking that Lego Star Wars 3 is only for the boys. As a matter of fact, girls enjoy playing with Lego as much as the boys do and the Star Wars 3 will make it more attractive to their little eyes. Another thing that you should consider is the quality of the toy you wish to give. You sure do not want to give a toy she or he will enjoy spending time playing the entire December and crying because it smashed a got broken the entire January. Be practical and most especially economical.

If we have the same way of thinking, LEGO Star Wars 3 is the best gift for you to give. Don't hesitate to browse and who knows? Maybe your special gift is just some clicks away.


The Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart For Kids Of All


By Joshua J Anderson

Whether your child is leaving the

toddler stage or is in the pre-teen years

the Melissa & Doug deluxe magnetic

responsibility chart is a great gift idea.

It also makes a unique present for

aunts, uncles, and grandparents to give.

There are many benefits of using a

chart to track chores and daily routines.

Kids will not have an excuse when their

requirements are spelled out and

organized by the day. They will always

know what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Parents can use the chart to determine if rewards should be given or if kids have earned special privileges. When kids hear reminders over and over they tend to tune parents out. Having a special place to remind them of what they should be doing eliminates the need for constant reminders.

The product features a wood base and a magnetic surface for placing the responsibility and reward tags in the right place. It also includes a dry erase board.

The board can be used for chores that are not listed or for motivational messages. It is adaptable to many different family situations.

Though the product is aimed toward younger children it can be used to communicate with older kids. The dry erase board will allow for specialized reminders. Many of the message magnets are applicable to both younger and older children. It is helpful for teaching younger kids to stick to a routine or schedule and


may make doing some of the required activities more fun, when children compete with each other or try to earn points.

The product is designed as a case that opens and closes. It can be stored on a shelf and opened at the end of the day to record completed tasks. It can be opened and hung on a wall for families with multiple children. This is a good idea for families to keep track of the completed tasks without losing any of the parts of the kit.

Having a dry erase board means changing messages will be simpler and there is no water required for a clean surface. The product comes with a handle so it can be taken on trips or vacations. It can even go to grandma's house if kids are spending a few days away from home. The product is reasonably priced at under $20 and can be purchased online. It makes an excellent gift or a handy tool for moms and dads.

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