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This short guide aims to help anyone who wishes to work from home but does not know where to start. I have attempted to make things as clear as possible so this guide will not make you a professional overnight but will give you the basic knowledge you need to start making money from the comfort of your own home.


Before you continue with this guide, it is important for you to understand that a “Home Business” is not a day job such as working in a store or driving a bus. Any home business program will not pay you a weekly salary for performing assigned duties. A home business program requires you to create sales volume. Therefore you only get paid when you generate sales from your customers.


There is a myth that anyone can make their fortune on the Internet in a short period of time. Unless you are a professional marketer with a HUGE mailing list of 30,000 people then this is impossible. The problem with many people is that they want to become rich overnight by doing very little or nothing at all. These people are easy targets for the many scammers who aim to make a small fortune by promising people they can become rich very quickly if they invest $500 or some ridiculous price like that into their program. Many people lose a fortune because they are not willing to take the time to build a business.


Building any business takes time and commitment. It also takes a financial commitment which puts many people off. Some people are Freedom Seekers which means they are willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful home business and gain financial freedom, but some people tend to sign up for a home business program and then do nothing. More than likely they are expecting money to flow into their bank account from the efforts of the company. They often turn their noses up at any requirements to pay a joining fee because they want everything for nothing. The Freebie Seeker will never succeed in building a business so, if you are a Freebie Seeker then this guide is not for you.


As the name suggests, a “Home Business” is a business that you can run from the comfort of your own home. The advantage of this is that it is much cheaper than running a factory or renting an office. No need to pay any extra bills other than the ones you normally pay for your home. It also means that you can choose your own working hours – imagine being able to take the children to school and pick them up every day, being able to take a break when you want and so on. And of course you are working for yourself so no boss breathing down your neck and telling you what you can or cannot do. You have total freedom to enjoy life and earn good money.

CHOOSING A BUSINESS When choosing a business to run you have two options: To sell a product or offer a service. For example you could sell health products or offer your services as a Plumber or Builder. Of course you would need to find customers who want health products or have a leaky tap that needs fixing.

People often turn their hobbies into a business. For example, if you were a good cook you could sell food to local people and build up a list of customers who loved that Chocolate Cream cake you made and want to stuff their faces with more

If you play a musical instrument you could give people lessons or if gardening is your hobby you could grow and sell plants. There are many ideas you can consider, although I have never found a way of making money from sitting down watching TV


There are certain factors to consider when setting up your business. For example, how much to charge for your service or product? How much money can you afford to put into your business? Remember you need to be a Freedom Seeker and not a Freebie Seeker. You cannot expect to make a fortune overnight in your new business – it takes time to build.

This guide concentrates on building a network marketing home business, which is where you actually work with an established company. The company offers the product and/or service while you simply refer customers to them. Once the customer makes a purchase the company ships their product to them and gives you a percentage of the sale – a commission. This is by far the easiest home business to run as the company does most of the work regarding products.

A “Home Business Program” is a business that is already established and allows everyday people like you and me to work with them to earn money. The program supplies everything you need from advertising materials to training, along with a wide range of products. As these are “Internet Based” home business programs they also supply you with affiliate websites to show to your prospects.

Now hang on, there are two words here you may not recognise – “Affiliate” and “Prospect”. Ok, an affiliate is someone who has signed up with a home business program and is now promoting their new business. Before that person signed up they were a prospect – meaning they were someone who was interested in the program but had not joined yet.


For this guide I am going to introduce you to a home business program that I make money from myself. They are called SFI and they have been in business for at least nine years. They sell a number of excellent products such as their IABHE course which offers everything you need to work from home.

As an affiliate (business member) of SFI you will receive your own marketing sites for their products which you can show to people. The URL for one of the products looks like this.

There are three parts to this URL, here is what they mean. “” – the URL of the main company. “9330144” – Affiliate Member ID. “EE” – The Product Page.

So when people click on this URL they will go straight to one of SFI’s product pages - in this case the EyeEarn Program. The affiliate member ID is my own personal membership number which SFI gave to me. That number tells SFI that a prospect visited my EyeEarn affiliate site. So if that prospect joins and makes a purchase, I earn a commission. Nice hey

Not only do I earn a commission on personal sales, I can also earn commission by building a team of people under me (known as a downline) and earn extra bonuses from their efforts.


The great thing about a “Network Marketing Home Business” is that you can build a downline team. You and your team can work together to build larger incomes. Here is an example of how this works.

Joe joins SFI and tells his friend Tim about it. Tim joins SFI by going to Joe’s affiliate website and is now a member of Joe’s team. Joe sells a product for $30 and receives $10 commission. Tim also sells a product for $30 and gets $10 commission. When this happens Joe earns a $5 bonus on top of his $10 because Tim is part of his team. Tim tells his friend Bill and he also becomes an affiliate. Bill makes a sale of $30 and gets his $10, and Tim gets his $5 bonus.
A downline can be anything up to six levels deep. That means that as each affiliate builds a team, they start on a new level and start to build that level with their new members. So for example...

Joe recruits 10 people and they are all on level one of his downline team. Tim also starts his team and they appear on level two. Bill is one of Tim’s team on level 2 and he recruits people. They go into the third level downline. So this goes on until all six levels are full and the top affiliate of those six levels earns commission on all those six levels. Likewise, any affiliates under Joe earn him bonuses up to six levels deep.


An easy home business to start with is SFI’s EyeEarn business program. For only $20 you will receive a starter pack which will allow you to start earning a guaranteed monthly income. Here is the website to sign up.

I just wish to say that this program is probably the easiest way for anyone to get started in a home business, by actually joining a home business program and seeing how it all works. You don’t have to join this program but I recommend you do rather than try out all the other businesses out there, possibly getting scammed and losing your money. This way you are only risking a one-time payment of $20 and you are actually getting some marketing materials for it. I will also help you step by step in learning this business so you will find it easier to make money in it.

Here is an excellent program that will give you all the information you need for getting people to join your business. It has programs in it that people can join plus it allows you to add your own traffic exchanges and business opportunities. Once it is set up you will get a page to display on the Traffic Exchanges. I use this method myself and it works very well for getting people to join my business. Click on the URL below and enter your details for free information.

Advertising can be used in many ways. A business card, an affiliate website, an email to friends etc. There are many companies on the internet which will advertise your products for a fee. Here is an advertisement for the EyeEarn Program.

---------------------------WOW!! Get seen -- get paid!

You can now get paid to drive your car, wear T-shirts, and more! Just join the EyeEarn Advertising Network and start earning money effortlessly while you go about your day! It's fun, easy, and no experience is necessary!

We have seen that becoming a member of a business program gives you the title of “Affiliate” but what is a sponsor? Well a sponsor in Network Marketing terms is someone who is there to help you build your business other than the home business program people themselves. When you join a program, the person whose affiliate site you joined through is your sponsor. The sponsor is also known as an “upline” member.

So for example...if you joined the EyeEarn program by clicking here then you would appear in my “level 01” downline and I would become your sponsor. As your sponsor I will send you an e-mail welcoming you to SFI and offering my support to you, willing to answer any questions you have about the business. Your sponsor is someone who can help you get started in your business and advise you on what to do.

Sometimes you may join a business program and your sponsor does not bother to contact you, neither do they reply to your e-mails. In this case you can always send an e-mail to the support team of the program if you need help.


Many home business programs will do most of the work for you, leaving you with the job of recruiting...meaning that you have to get people to join your business. This is done with a number of methods: word of mouth, website submission, e-mail marketing etc. Your home business may supply you with pre-written advertisements you can use.

Some home business programs offer you a method of advertising known as “Co-Op Marketing” – this is where the program itself recruits new members and shares them amongst any affiliate who purchases a share in the Co Op. The SFI EyeEarn program will give you one share every month you agree to display their banner on your car, wear their T-shirt and even hand out cards to people who enquire about the business. You can also earn an extra share by upgrading your membership to EA (Executive Affiliate), therefore you don’t need to advertise or even know how to advertise making this the easiest way to get people to join your program. With Co-Op marketing you don’t have to personally recruit anyone because you get a share of the new affiliate members that the program recruits.

Another way of making money on the Internet is by reading e-mails. There are many companies that will pay you for reading e-mail advertisements from their customers. The pay is quite small but it can build up quite quickly, especially if you have a large downline team under you.

Here are two companies that pay to read e-mail adverts.

If your chosen home business program does not have a Co-Op Marketing option or you prefer to recruit your own members – then you have a number of methods to help you do it.

WORD OF MOUTH: Speaking to friends and family about your business is a good free way to advertise. Offering them a card and asking them to check out your affiliate website is a good idea because the website itself does the “sales pitch”. You must remember that some people you talk to will not be interested so it is best not to try and force it on them. You may also meet lazy people (Freebie Seekers) who want to make lots of money without working or people who tell you it’s all a scam or people who tell you that you’ll never make it. Don’t let this put you off, there are people out there who are willing to give the business a chance and are willing to work.

LEAFLET CAMPAIGN: You could design a small A5 advertisement using a desktop publishing program and get a printing company to print off a few hundred of them for you. Then all you have to do is distribute them to people. You could post them through peoples doors, ask your local shop to display them on their counter offering a small fee in return, leave some in doctor’s and dentist’s fact, anywhere people will see them. Why not paste one on your car window for other drivers to see?

E-MAIL MARKETING: Many companies on the Internet offer to send your advertisement to their list of “opportunity seekers”. Prices can start from $3 for a hundred e-mails. Anyone who reads your advertisement can respond to it by clicking on the link to your affiliate website.

PAID TO READ E-EMAIL: Some companies offer their members a small payment for reading adverts. Members can even build a downline team and earn more money. The member will get paid for viewing your website for a number of seconds.

BANNER ADVERTISING: A banner is a small rectangular bar which displays a small graphic and a one or two line advert. Some companies will display the banner on their websites and charge you for either the number of times displayed or for the number of times someone clicks on it.

TRAFFIC EXCHANGES: Traffic Exchanges display your site to its members in return for you viewing other member’s sites. Each time you view a site you earn credits which are used to display your website. You can purchase credits as well.
Advertising Companies are not guaranteed to get you members; they are only guaranteed to get people to view your website. People will only join your business if they are interested in what you have to offer. Not all advertising companies will give you a good service. It is a case of trial and error finding the good companies and separating them from the bad.

When you advertise, it is recommended to give yourself a budget. Many people make the mistake of spending a fortune on their credit cards buying advertising and end up building huge debts. Decide what you can afford to spend on your business each week/month and stick with that until you start to make money. You can then increase your budget if you wish.

FINAL WORD: Starting your own Internet Business and working from home is a real pleasure because it offers so many benefits. However it does take time to build and there will be times when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Don’t let this put you off because many millionaires who have made their fortune with Network Marketing have run into bad times where they don’t seem to be earning any money. They became successful because they stuck with it. Remember, be a winner, not a whiner.

If you are looking for further information regarding working from home then please visit my website Home Business World.
Dean Sharples –


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