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“Mark has done his due diligence with this book providing information and resources for your use in your home based business. A Beginner’s Guide to Network Marketing Online –The $10k per Month Secret Everyone Knows but You, is an easy read and walks the reader through, step by step, practical applications and procedures to help anyone succeed online in network marketing. The book has something for everyone. It is jam packed with resources for you to go back to and use over and over again.

I have been in the industry since 1997. I have built very successful network marketing teams and wish I would have had this simple, easy to follow E-book when I started years ago.

I know I have benefitted and can apply some new techniques to growing my business. I will use this book as a tool with my team. They will be able to use many of the resources provided to excel their business to the next level.

As an added bonus, this is a generic book, geared for any individual in ANY MLM company, thus making it very useful.”



-Shelley Kimberly Professional Network Marketer, Author, Relationship Builder Twitter: shelleytalk “Mark,

I just finished reading your eBook :)

I have to say, at the beginning you set a very strong posture. It was short, fast, and to the point. It gave me the impression that you are a very intense person, and you're not looking for tire kickers or whiners. I can appreciate the fact that you cut all the bull, and went right into the details.

I've never spoken to you over the phone, but I get a sense of your personality, you come across as someone who has been through the MLM jungle, and came out on the other side victorious. You definitely know what you're talking about, and it shows that you implement everything that you mention in the eBook.

It's insane how much information you jammed into a 55 page eBook! Anyone who gets half way through this eBook will be able to set realistic expectations on what they will be able to achieve online based on their level of skills.

I really liked how you closed the eBook. Your call to action was really good. I'm not a newbie to this industry or the online marketing game, but I have never had a real coach or mentor. You clearly paint a portrait of the importance of having one from the start.

Keep the good stuff coming buddy”
--Octavio Tomas

“A Beginner's Guide to Network Marketing Online has got it spot on. He has, with LASER PRECISION, dissected the common problems beginning network marketers encounter and has provided the TRIED and PROVEN solutions to their problems. This takes YEARS off of your learning curve. Read it, Take Action!”

-Tristan Azcona

“Personal Branding in our profession isn't just for the elite as Mark Gubuan proves that in his new book. Mark gives common sense practical advice for anyone wanting to help others, make a difference, earn more money and go after the unlimited opportunities available to those willing to put in the work.”

-Kendall Peterson

“Mark gives a complete step by step guide that walks you through the money making process. Take immediate action on the

information and become one of the few leaders in the know”
-Femi Lawani



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Going online used to be a daunting task. Well, you’re in luck! Because I’ve successfully navigated the ocean of the internet and I’m here to bring you back the bounty of my adventure. All for free. Get ready to learn how to generate leads online, how to make money up front even if you never sponsor a single person and finally learn how to recruit and sign people up on autopilot.

This guide will teach you what you need to know and exactly what tools you need to get to make money network marketing online.


Who is Mark Gubuan?


First of all I want to congratulate you for taking the time to educate yourself. This is the first step in your journey of 1,000 miles. I’m just a regular person. I’m married. I have a new son. And I have a 9 to 5 job.


You’re probably asking yourself, “ Why should I listen to what you have to say? What do you know that I don’t already?”

Well, you should listen to me because over the last two years I’ve been working NON-STOP working not one, but TWO jobs. The first job is accounting working 40 hours per week. The other was building my online network marketing business for at least 40 hours per week. I’ve worked pretty damn hard to get to this point and if you don’t take heed of my advice than you may be just as well be a fool.

I’ve been educating myself, connecting with millionaires and multiple 6 figure earners, marketing and training others to learn how to make a fortune with the least amount of pain possible.


Quite frankly, I’ve been working my ass off because I don’t take my life for granted. I know that I will achieve whatever level of success I desire. And I’ll tell you right now I dream big.


You want to take a shortcut?


Read this guide.


Implement this knowledge and never stop learning.


For more about me:


Go to and connect with me on Facebook


My Results

I’ve seen so many people online doing things half assed. Do things half assed and you get half ass results.
Do things intense with 110% effort and guess what kind of results you’ll get? You’ll get 110% back in return.

Speaking of results, here’s what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last two years.

1. I’ve created an online network marketing presence for myself. Creating a brand that I use to recruit into my primary network marketing opportunity.
2. I’ve created lead abundance for my MLM and I never have to worry about generating leads ever again.
3. I’ve connected with MLM TOP EARNERS and Millionaire Internet Marketers/Network Marketers.
4. I’ve recruited prospects into two different MLM’s using nothing but the internet and the telephone.
5. I’ve been able to create multiple income streams for my business using the internet.
6. I’ve created multiple marketing funnels to help promote affiliate products and services to help generate cash for my network marketing business.
7. I’ve been able to figure out the delicate balance in my life to ensure that all of this happens without sacrificing the time I spend with my family, so I can do the things that I love doing.

How to Use This Guide
: This guide was written so that you could read it in step by step format. All you have to do is take each step and what your success grow! It’s so simple.

RESOURCE BOX and ACTION STEPS : At the end of each step you’ll see a resource box and an action step. Use the resources, some are paid, some are free. The action step is for you to get your ass in gear and start moving forward. TAKE ACTION!

VIDEO TRAINING : Make sure you watch the accompanying videos within the book and download any supplemental material as this will SAVE YOU TIME in learning and implementing. I’ve done the work, so you can focus on recruiting and selling. PERIOD.

BONUS SECTION : By the end of this guide you’ll find a bonus section. This bonus section is to be used only after you’ve read the whole guide and understand the components necessary to achieve online marketing success.

FREE GIFT : Don’t forget to claim your 100% FREE GIFT at the end of this book. This is previously unreleased network marketing training that you NEED TO HAVE. I stole the BEST IDEAS and CONCEPTS from INDUSTRY TOP EARNERS and I’m going to SHARE WITH YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW.

If you have questions, connect with me on Facebook (look for the link above) and hit up my wall. I’ll answer the question there.



There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.
Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

There is no such thing as a perfect network marketing company, but there is such thing as the right fit.


Evaluating A Network Marketing Company


Here are the major pieces of the network marketing company that you’ll want to evaluate:


1. Leadership – Do these guys have any scandals surrounding them? Do they have a success track record? What relevant experience do they have that will help them run the company?

Lots of leaders have a lot of dirt surrounding them. And some can move past it, while others can’t. It’s important that you don’t believe everything you read on the internet and go to the most reliable sources as this is where the truth lies.

The success habits and history of a leader is important. VERY VERY important. This will show you what habits they have when building businesses.

For example, if the leaders have built businesses in the past it is important to see how large the businesses grew. But also, of the businesses that failed, understanding WHY they failed gives you the right perspective.

Really take a look at the “leader of the leaders”. In other words, the CEO is an important factor in your decision. Are they company first or rep/distributor first?


If they are company first, they may cut you down when you least expect it. However if they are distributor first, they could really make the situation the best it can ever be!

Make sure that the leaders have built network marketing companies before or have been in the industry for a while. OR if not, they need to have an EXCELLENT SALES RESUME. This will ensure that the marketing training you get is top notch.

2. Compensation Plan – What kind of behavior does their compensation plan promote? How many people do you personally have to enroll to make $1,000 per month in residuals?


I cannot go into each individual compensation plan here, but what I will talk about is how the type of compensation plan drives behavior.


A compensation plan that pays you on as many different levels as humanly possible is the most ideal. But a compensation plan that pays you on INFINITE LEVELS is the holy grail of comp plans.

You know why? Because it promotes teamwork down to the depths of your downline. If someone 10 levels up makes money when YOU make money, they’ll want to do everything they can to help you. It’s a WIN-WIN.

Know your income goals and figure out how many people you have to recruit to get to your income goals. This will help you understand HOW HARD YOU HAVE TO WORK to make your dreams come true.

3. Sponsorship – Who’s your sponsor? Do they have any experience? If not, will your upline help you?

This is like the dreaded question for a lot of network marketers starting out because they always ask the question, “but Mark, what if I’m brand new and I don’t have experience?” The answer is simple. Read on.
When you’re joining a newbie or someone that hasn’t recruited a bunch of people yet, you want to look at their overall support system.

Ask them about the company’s marketing training, their downline’s marketing training, their partners within the MLM and also, who their direct sponsor is.


Ultimately, you will be responsible for your own success, but having the right kind of resources around you gives you the absolute BEST chance for success.


So what you can say if people ask the dreaded question is to tell them about the items above. It’s a cycle you say that to your prospects and your prospects say that to others.


4. Marketing Training – What kind of marketing training does the company have? Does it facilitate making sales and signing reps up?


Most marketing training is actually laughable in network marketing companies because their training is focused on how to get their distributors to sell more for the benefit of the company.


It is not focused on how to get the distributors to sell more for the benefit of themselves.


REAL marketing training will teach you about target markets, demographics, advertising, branding and the difference between marketing the product and yourself.

Frankly, most network marketing companies don’t train you on that because it’s irrelevant to selling the product. However, you need to know this to sell yourself to recruit (which is where the money is).

But let’s not focus what they don’t have let’s focus on what they do have. Look for the start up guide, read through that and make sure it has clear defined action steps or a road map to the highest rank. Make sure that if the product is unique that the explanations on the product are clear and easy to understand.

Are you going to know how to start and what to do once you’ve started?


There should be good video training, offline training and training from the leaders in the organization.


QUICK TIP: Want to become a leader in your MLM right away? Create marketing training specific for your MLM and give it to your downline.


5. Timing – Are you getting in during the ground floor (pre-launch)? Growth stage? Or mature stage?


The HYPE. Oh the hype. GET IN NOW GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. LOL. Check out the diagram below. This particular diagram shows the different stages.

Ground Floor (Pre-Launch) – This is normally the best time to join an MLM, however this can be VERY RISKY because the company is not established and could fail. With high-risk comes highreward.

The risk of joining however is mitigated with the right factors from above. But joining at the ground level allows you to experience the growth phase.


Growth Stage – Notice how the graph shows a very steep curve. That is where teams will grow exponentially and with the least amount of effort. And all the money is made here.

You definitely can join at this stage and still make a ton of money, but it really depends on how hard you work. Obviously if you join at the end of the growth stage you will have to work even harder to experience the leverage you deserve in MLM.

Don’t confuse the growth stage with business growth. Business growth is where a business continues to make more and more money. This should never stop. The growth “stage” is where a business experiences exponential growth due to ramping up of marketing ands sales.

Maturity – This stage is where companies like Amway or Herbalife are. They’ve been around for decades and are fairly entrenched in their market position. Plus they’re not going anywhere and are very stable.
If you are just looking to retain and not to recruit, pick a company that’s in the maturity stage because it won’t matter if the company is in the growth stage or not.

00009.jpgIn the end, I suggest going with your gut instinct or you can speak with other people in the industry. My recommendation is to speak directly to the competitors of the network marketing company.


These people will give you unbiased, honest, critical opinions and if there’s any dirt on the company that you’re evaluating, they’ll most likely know all about it.



: Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy (Note: My buddy James Allaire gave me this copy, so his info is in it I’m sure he won’t mind if you want to work with him =) This eBook will help you choose the right MLM Company. Pay close attention to STEP 9.

00011.jpg: Download Success in 10 Steps and READ STEP 9.



"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."

I’m gonna be real right now. This is a beginner’s guide remember? As a beginner, you have every right to know the truth.


This is the part that totally sucks about going online with network marketing.




Because this is where you learn how hard not only the network marketing industry is, but you’ll realize that internet marketing isn’t a walk in the park either.


And guess what; before you make any money online, you’re gonna have to do offline marketing till your online business starts to see some results.


But don’t worry because there are short cuts to this and I’ll reveal every single one of them throughout this eBook.


Here’s what you do next.


What you need to do offline is burn through your warm market like it’s going out of style. Seriously. You need to make sure that everyone, including your mother, knows what your business is.


Plus, this will give you some practice telling people about the opportunity and the compensation plan.

Remember that guide that I told you to look for in your network marketing company? USE IT!! I’m not gonna go into anything more here because EVERY network marketing company trains you on offline methods to sell product.

Make no mistake selling product is how you make money. You MUST MASTER this SKILL to make money in network marketing. If you’re upline told you that you didn’t have to sell anything, that you just needed to tell people about it. They’re not giving you the truth.

You’re a salesman. PERIOD. Sorry if I just broke your heart, but I’m not here to make friends with you. I’m here to educate you and tell you the truth.


00010.jpg: Check out First Class MLM Tools by Tim Sales for some of the best offline training for MLM’s available. There’s tons of FREE and paid training for you here.


Here’s the link:


Better Networker Largest social media website for network marketers and the home based business industry. Get a profile and start connecting with leaders.


Connect with Me Here’s the link:


00016.jpg: Get to WORK!!

So basically, you need to get on the phone, email, Facebook, go to bars, supermarkets, the mall, the gym and really anywhere where people are. You need to invite them to take a look at your opportunity. Invite 1-3 people to look at your opportunity every day.


"The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed "
Henry Ford

The online network marketing business model is really simple. You find leads via a capture page, add them to a list, build a relationship with that list and then invite them to sign up to your MLM.


Check out this blog post where I go a little more in depth here.


Basically, the online network marketing business model is centered around YOU. You are the product not your company. Why? Because if your company fails, you don’t have to go down with the ship.

How this works is that you will create ads, articles, videos, etc promoting yourself via FREE network marketing training. When people online find this training, they’ll see your name, your pictures and most importantly, they’ll see your websites.

Your websites, will be your lead capture pages. The lead capture page is a place where people will trade their name and email address for something of value, like an eBook, video training series, etc.


Once you have their contact information, you’ll be able to successfully send emails to them on a periodic basis and you’ll have total control regarding your marketing message.


Your marketing message will be that YOU are a LEADER and can take them to the PROMISELAND.


The diagram below shows you graphically, how this works.




Online network marketing will only work if you understand the following two concepts. And by understanding these concepts you will actually make money throughout the entire process!


Adding Value to The Community – You must first give people value in the form of FREE network marketing training. Exactly like what you’re reading right now!


By adding value to the community you do a couple of things.

1. You position yourself as a leader
2. You build awareness for your brand and business
3. You train the people you want in your business
4. You attract only the people who you want

Follow Up and Building Relationships – This is the one and only piece that matters with online network marketing. In my opinion, this is where the online network marketing business model creates all of the residual income.
You do want residual income right? This is the income that you do the work once and get paid over and over again. (In case you were wondering)

You will most of the time, follow up with your list using an email autoresponder. However, since you’re in network marketing, you will need to get on the phone for the most part.


Here’s what will happen when you follow up and build relationships the right way:

1. You will build trust
2. You will be more likable
3. You will convert more sales and sign ups

This is just UNDERSTANDING the business model; the next steps are all action steps. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION TO SEE ANY RESULTS IN YOU ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS

STEP 1 - Add Contacts


STEP 2 - Invite Contacts to Presentations


STEP 3 - Hold Presentations


STEP 4 - Enroll The Superstars

00025.jpgThese steps are imperative and basic. Get with your upline or your upline’s upline or the top recruiter in your company and listen in to their presentations.

Start doing your own presentations as soon as possible. “He who holds the pen, makes all the money”. That means that the person doing the presentation is the person that is usually earning the most. BE THAT PERSON!



Having a Follow up System is Critical


So let’s skip the offline stuff and jump right into the online stuff because that‘s what this eBook’s about.

To have the right kind of follow up system it needs to have a couple important components. First, you need to have software that will track your leads for you. Second, it needs to be customizable and allow you to set autoresponder emails. Third, it needs to be easy to use.
But having software with features is different than having a system!! A system is a strategic series of steps that you can repeat to get desired results.

The online network marketing follow up system works like this:


After You Capture


00026.jpgFollow Up via Email



Lead Autoresponder


Allow Sequential Emails to Request Only Interested Buyers to Take a Look

00030.jpg00031.jpgFollow Up


00032.jpgPERSONALLY with


00033.jpgSend to Presentation


00034.jpgFollow Up INTERESTED BUYERS


00035.jpg00036.jpg00037.jpgSign Up to Primary


00038.jpgThis is the basic idea of the online follow up using a system. It is very different if you focus solely on social media or other techniques that do not utilize internet marketing.

IMPORTANT : If you do not use a follow up system, as in email auto responder, lead tracking and phone calls or direct messages, you need to make sure that you are generating leads and calling them every day.

A good “system” that I recommend is to take a sheet of paper out or a spreadsheet. And write the following on it:
1. Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email Address
4. 1st Contact – You’ll enter the date here
5. 2nd Contact – You’ll enter the date here
6. Follow Up Type – Email, Voicemail, Presentation, Website, DVD, CD, Tape, etc.
7. Yes/No/Maybe – If maybe, enter next follow up date

If you’re going to do it this way, you should definitely use paper because you can just go down the line as you get leads and just start crossing people off. And when a sheet is fully crossed off, just toss it. Think lead abundance here people.
In the following resource box, I can only recommend GetResponse and Aweber because they are the only two that I am familiar with. Make sure you check them both out and decide which one you like better.

00039.jpg: GetResponse CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT





: Set up your email autoresponder. Write 15-25 follow up emails that provide value to your new email subscribers. Or prepare your lead tracking sheet if you’re gonna do it manually.


"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change "
Carl Rogers

Before you read this section I want to just say that your education is only as good as your ability to implement the knowledge that you gain from educating yourself.


You’ll notice quickly if you search for online network marketing or network marketing leads, that people are definitely looking for help. Right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.


I can honestly vouch only for one online marketing education system that is focused in on the network marketing industry and that is MLMLeadSystemPro.


This system helps give you the short cut that you need to start making money online ASAP. The system does this by cutting down on most of the noise you’ll run into when learning about online marketing.


Online marketing is very daunting and they simplify the process by handling the bulk of the technical stuff for you. The technical stuff being, programming, testing, debugging, etc.


Basically, all the crap that would take you 4 or more years of school learning how to do.


You can just “plug and play”. Customize, tweak and market.


This online system is by far the easiest way for someone new internet marketing to come online and learn the basics.


In all honesty, the basics are pretty complicated and only those people who work hard and implement the things they learn and take the advice of the successful, will make money online.


The following list will give you an idea of what you’ll have to learn and here are literally the most important things to learn AS A BEGINNER

Search Engine Optimization

•How to Do Keyword Research




•How to Get Found On Search Engines



Social Media •How to Leverage the Facebook Fan Page



•How to Build a Responsive Twitter Following




•How to Shoot VIRAL YouTube Videos
•How to Create an Open Loop



Content •Having a Personal Blog



•Writing Articles The Spur Action




•Anything and everything. Knowing mobile marketing will give you an insane edge


•Quck Response (QR) Barcode (funny pixalated box)

Learning this stuff is going to be a lot of work. More than you’re probably doing right now. Which is exactly why you’re in the position that you’re in. Am I right?


Everything is the same in your life because you continue to do the same things. If you want things to change, you’ve got to do things differently. Like work harder than you’ve ever worked before.

For example, I wake up around 4am or 5am. I work out, and drive to work. On my drive to work I listen to personal development. At 7am, I work on my marketing for an hour. At 10am, I take a 15 min break and read a book on marketing. At 12 pm, I work on my marketing and connect with people for an hour. At 3pm, I take a 15 min break and read a book on personal development. At 5pm I go home and listen to more personal development. I spend time with my family from when I get home till around 8pm or 9pm. Then I work on my marketing and connecting again until I get tired, which is usually 10 or 11 at night. Sometimes I work till 12am. The weekends are my weekends. I spend time with my family, but I MAKE TIME for my business. I get up early and stay up late. I do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

What did that have to do with education? Well, I’m on a SRICT schedule and I’m always learning everyday. Want to take the first step? It’s in the resource box. That’s what I did.


00010.jpg: MLMLeadSystemPro(World’s #1 Attraction Marketing System) – Check it out here (Only $29.95 for 30 day Trial)



: Start educating yourself on internet marketing and affiliate marketing. I recommend using MLMLeadSystemPro because it is great for beginners and the support and community is phenomenal. If you haven’t yet noticed, I am a member and it is an affiliate program. So if you join my personal team through any of the links in this eBook, I will be your sponsor YOUR success is MY BUSINESS. I will not answer tech support questions, but I will answer ALL of your marketing questions. I am committed to helping you succeed.


"It is not that you do wrong by design, but that you should never do right by mistake"

Nuts and Bolts


This is where most newbies screw up, waste time, energy and money. I’m going to simplify the process with a simple exercise; all you have to do is fill in the blanks by answering the questions.

Think in terms of the lead going through the process like going to a car dealership to buy a car. You need a car, you browse for ads, you see an ad you like you go into the dealership, you look at the car, you test drive it, you get your questions answered, you make a decision to buy, you get financing, you sign for it and you drive off.

Same thing here. You have someone who has a need, they go online and do research on Google and YouTube, they go to Facebook and look for social validation, they look for reviews and testimonials, and they make a decision to buy and then make a purchase.

•Headline - What will draw me to this page?


Lead Capture •Body - What problem are you trying to solve?






•What is the incentive for giving you my name and email address? Free Bonus •What exactly am I going to get? (# of pages, # of tips, etc.)



•What is the sequence of emails going to accomplish? (Sales, sign ups, build relationship, etc.)


•Why should I take action and click through or buy from you?

Email Follow Up


00060.jpgSales Page




•Now that I'm on the sales page, what do you want me to do? (Buy, sign up, etc.)


00062.jpg00063.jpg00064.jpg00065.jpg00066.jpg00067.jpgThe Marketing Message within the Design


An important part of the marketing funnel design is that everything has to have a linear flow. This means that you have the same “message” throughout the marketing piece.


Not just having the same fonts, pictures and colors. I’m talking about the message that you’re trying to portray and the campaign itself.

You’re overall message should be that you are a leader and you have value. You communicate this by professionalism and by sharing intense value with the community. If you are inconsistent, you give off the subconscious message that you are unreliable.



However, it takes 9 to 15 exposures (or something like that) of your message before people “get it”. So keep on it.


For example, my marketing message is professionalism and a business approach to network marketing. Your message is important when you begin to design your marketing funnel.



: Follow any of the big internet marketers and network marketers like Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss, Tim Atkinson, Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, Ty Tribble and many others.


: Google them and find an opt in form on their web pages. Follow their marketing message. Take note of what they sell, when they sell, who they sell, how much free stuff they give you, etc. Then start designing your funnel.


"The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail"
Napoleon Hill

How to Create a Marketing Funnel

Customizing your funnel to your needs is hard as a newbie because you don’t have any idea where to begin. Let’s just cover the basics for now and if you need help with some advanced techniques you can find out more in the bonus section.

Let me begin this section by saying that customization isn’t about colors, fonts or branding.


Customization is about pushing your lead through your funnel by creating compelling reasons for taking action.


If you can “sell the next click”, then you will push your leads through your funnel and convert more people into sales and sign ups.


The following four steps are from personal coaching sessions I had with my millionaire internet marketing mentor. Don’t take these steps lightly.


1. Brainstorm and create the bonuses that you’ll give people for buying your product or service.


The bonuses you give away should always ADD VALUE to your consumer and complement the product or service you’re selling.


For example, think about the latest and greatest slicer. They always give something like a cutting board or another kitchen utensil as a bonus.


The follow is a formula for creating a fool proof bonus. Trust me it works and I’m sure you’ve bought something because of this formula.


· Start with the product in mind and think about what will create an irresistible offer.

· The idea here is to add bonuses that will basically quadruple the value of what people are getting.
· For example, take a simple infomercial product that sells for $9.99.
· They’ll price condition you to think that it’s an amazing product at $9.99, and then they add in a FREE bonus.
· And the bonus itself is worth $10 alone. So that’s $20 worth of product for $9.99.
· Still following? Then they double it.
· Give you two products (9.99 x 2) and two bonuses (9.99 x2). So if you’re doing the math, that’s approximately $40 worth of products for $9.99.
· That’s 4 times the value of the initial product. Do you feel me?

2. Choose your product that you’ll sell for your funded proposal (More on the Funded Proposal in Step 8)

a. The funded proposal will be a generic network marketing tool, product or service that you can sell up front for cheap. Resource box below for the #1 MLM funded proposal product ever created.

b. The funded proposal will be built into the funnel right at the beginning after capturing the lead.
c. This is a critical piece because this is where you make money on EACH lead.

3. Choose what you’ll give away as a lead magnet to complement the product for sale.


Your lead magnet is your bread and butter. It should be so valuable that people will actually pay for it. How do you know if your lead magnet is worth money? You decide.


Here’s a quick exercise to help you create a lead magnet. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

1. What is your favorite part about network marketing? Write down what you’ve learned and how you’ve learned them.
2. What is the most difficult part about network marketing? Write down the solutions
3. What part about internet marketing do you want to learn about? Write down how you’ll learn this and who you’ll learn this from

Ok, now you’ll take those pieces of information and create a lead magnet. It can be a video training series, boot camp, eBook, podcast, etc.


00071.jpg00072.jpg00067.jpg4. Decide what the most effective conversion method will be. (I.e. Webinar, phone call, in home meeting, etc.)

Webinar – Your webinar needs to be a VALUE PACKED webinar. Only after you’ve given people what they’ve come on to the webinar to learn, you can actually pitch them. Oh yeah, don’t forget the bonus for showing up to the webinar!
Phone Call – “oh no, but he said you didn’t have to use the phone!” I’ll admit it; some of the capture pages do in fact say that you can sponsor people without picking up the phone. Which is true, but this is only after you’ve perfected the internet marketing funnel and sales process.

Home Meeting – If you’re in a health and wellness MLM, this is pretty much the only way you’re going to get consistent conversions. People need to see and feel the results. They want to taste the product. They want to try the lotions and vitamins. Going online with health and wellness is an uphill battle. BUT IT CAN BE WON!!! You just have to be smarter than the other 95% of network marketers out there.

00010.jpg: Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers, Boost Your Sales


00073.jpg: Read Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales Letter – This book is pretty much the worst kept secret in marketing. (Hint: This is one of the reasons why I wrote this eBook). 00074.jpg00075.jpg

"There is more similarity in the marketing challenge of selling a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible"
A. Alfred Taubmen

Ok so at this point you should have your entire marketing funnel set up. Now you can begin marketing. You know that part where you go out and get people to notice you and see that you have something to offer.

Understanding WHO Your Target Market is


No it is not EVERYONE. That’s stupid. Do all men want “Quilting monthly”? No I didn’t think so. If you want success you need laser focus.


A very HIGH PROFILE online network marketer told me that he gets the best return on investment (ROI) from Company Names, Leaders, and Products.


What this means is that if you were to put out ads online, the best keywords to target are the ones that give you the most money back in the form of leads and sales.


Your target market is going to be specific individuals that have an immediate need for what you’re offering. The best way to figure this out is to answer this question:


“What problem does my product/service solve?”


The people that you visualize as the people who have this problem is your target market.

For example, if you’re selling mops, you’re solving the problem of spills and messes. Who makes a lot of messes? Kids, pets, etc. So why not market to the people that have kids and pets? They’re the one’s who’d buy the product.

Driving Traffic to Your Websites

This is the holy grail of internet marketing. If you understand how to do this, you will be able to make a lot of money online. Most importantly, you need to know how to drive “targeted” traffic to your website.

Check out the resource box to find out in more detail how to drive traffic to your website. (But don’t read this book until you’re done with this one first ok? ;P)


The people you want to drive to your websites are other network marketers. So I would go to the largest hang out of online network marketers ever created.


Connect with me:


This website is where all who’s who of online network marketing hang out. If you want to attract some real leaders this is where I suggest you spend most of your time promoting your websites.

Do this and forever you will look like a total newbie and people will tag you as someone who isn’t worth joining. Ok, so how do you drive traffic?

You can do a number of things.

1. Write Articles
2. Shoot Video Trainings
3. Answer objections
4. Create eBooks, audio training series

Create these items and include a call to action to have people click on your links. It’s very simple.


“but Mark where is the substance here?”


Keep reading because in the BONUS CHAPTER I’ll let you STEAL MY EXACT STRATEGIES!!
Your Advantage over Others Will Be a Marketing Schedule

I’ve included a template that contains LITERALLY my daily method of operations. You have FAIR WARNING HERE this is a template that REQUIRES 40+ HOURS PER WEEK of work to accomplish EVERYTHING in this template.

Taking massive action is a virtue only afforded to the best of the best.


00076.jpg: Traffic Mayhem by Tim Atkinson– Download it Here for FREE ($47 Value)


Daily Method of Operation Template– Download it Here for FREE ($997 Value) (This is my personal template)


00016.jpg: Read Traffic Mayhem and Implement Your Own Daily Method of Operations 00077.jpg00078.jpg

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale "
Zig Ziglar

What is the Funded Proposal?

The concept is simple. You prequalify your leads by selling them a product relating to network marketing. By doing this, you are allowing them to say, “hey I’m a network marketer and I need help going online.”

Prequalifying your leads means that you’re eliminating the people who you don’t want to talk to, like get rich quick people, or skeptics and tire kickers. No more recruiting Mom and Dad here people.


Basically, if you’ve defined your target market properly, then you will only speak with people that meet your criteria.


In general, they will be struggling network marketers looking to go online and need help about where to begin.


This almost ELIMINATES REJECTION because you no longer a trying to explain why MLM isn’t a pyramid and what a binary matrix is or the difference between a unilevel comp plan and so on.


Not only do you not have to worry so much about rejection, you can actually make a profit when people say no to your opportunity. Which so happens to be about 95% of the time.


So why waste the interaction with that 95% when you can make it worth BOTH of your time.


The funded proposal also solves two major problems:



Let’s take a look at the funded proposal as a diagram. Make note of the third step, this is where the lead is converted into a customer. This is the most important person in your list. A buyers list is the most valuable list you have.



Capture Lead
Land at a SalesThey Purchase

Page the Product You Follow Up with Them Invite them to View Your

00079.jpg00080.jpgFROM YOU


00081.jpgOpportunity 00082.jpg00083.jpg

•They give you their Name, Email
Address and Phone Number
•They are then, sold on a product at a low cost
•This purchase is UP FRONT CASH FLOW for your business
•They did not join your primary

opportunity (So you're making
money even when they say no)
•Contact the Lead
•Thank them for

purchasing the

•They are now
qualified because they bought a

product that is
DIRECTLY RELATED TO MLM, so you KNOW they are in the industry and open minded
•Send them to a

Presentation Website

•Send them to a

•Send them to a
Home Meeting


: The best industry example of the funded proposal is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring (When you opt in you’ll get 7 free videos). This book changed the game for network marketing online. This book is NOT OPTIONAL and is a REQUIREMENT for network marketing. But, you know what,it’s your business you decide what kind of results you want.

00085.jpg00086.jpg: Research your favorite funded proposal system. Choose one and start marketing.



"Better understated than overstated. Let people be surprised that it was more than you promised and easier than you said."
Jim Rohn

Answering Objections and Closing

So at this point you should be contacting your HOT leads (one’s who’ve bought from you) by email or telephone. This is more personal and real. Network marketing is a people business whether you like it or not.

Some common objections you are probably used to getting like, “is this a pyramid? Or is this a scam? or is this Amway?” should pretty much be nonexistent.


The objections you should get are, “I don’t think this is right for me” or “I need to ask my wife” or “I’m just not sure”.

I know as a beginner you’re absolutely ITCHING to get the answers to objections. Check out step 10 Little Black Book of scripts and my free bonus at the end, if you want the answers. In this eBook, I’m going to tell you something that I wished I figured out sooner.

I wish people would have just told me to be myself and answer the objections based on what you believe. For instance, when someone tells me, “Mark, I just don’t think I can afford it.” I say, “Jim, you’re probably right, but how does that make you feel?”

Just feel the conversation out. Don’t think about selling. LISTEN. Here’s some advice from the great Dan Kennedy (The Millionaire Maker).


L. I. S. T. E. N.

L – Like – You have to find a genuine interest in someone a connection where you and your prospect can say, “hey, we’re like the same person”.
I – Interest – You need to show genuine interest in someone and really get to know them and what makes them tick.
S – See – Try to visualize things from their perspective. If I were you, what would I do? That’s the question you need to ask.
T – Touch – Get emotionally involved. Not in a romantic way, GEEZ. It’s the feeling you get when you tell someone a story about a person that died. The tears the well up. THAT is emotion. You need to elicit that from them.
E – Engage - This is posture. How you actively move is important. Like nodding, leaning in, eye contact and SMILING! This is critical.
N – Need – Change your mindset into one where you NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Not in a creepy stalker kind of way. But in more of a long time no see childhood best friend kind of way.

But what does any of this have to do with closing?


Understanding who you’re talking to gives you the ability to close them. You will know exactly what their hot buttons are. (Family, Friends, Time, Job, Cash, etc.).


A Simple Close Technique to Get you Started


A simple exercise to go through with a prospect is as the following sequence of questions. This is with the assumption that they’ve already seen a business presentation and you’re following up with them.

1. Let’s get you started today. Is this the name that you want to have printed on your checks or do you have a business entity that you want to use?
2. What’s the address you want to use to send your product to?
3. If you don’t have a Tax ID number, we’ll have to use your social security number. What is that?
4. Great, so what we’ll need now is to sign you up at the (HIGHEST PACKAGE). What’s your credit card number.

Notice in this sequence that I NEVER ask a yes or no question. And that I assume that they’re ready to buy.

You see, if they’ve reached this part of the sales process. It’s do or die time. They either sign up or walk away. The beauty about an online network marketing funnel is that if you’ve built the relationship throughout the marketing process, if they get to this stage, they’re more likely than not ready to work directly with you.

Sweet huh?


00010.jpg: Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts ( I actually bought a $300 product because of this $47 bonus, yeah it’s that good.)



: Assume the close every time. Tell people what to do. Sign your name. Write your address. Take out your credit card. If you are really, really new, get Todd’s book. If a young beach bum surfer dude, can turn himself into a MLM powerhouse, you can too!!


"It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price"
Warren Buffett

Congratulations You’ve Made Your First Sale!


Don’t go blowing your money on stuff you don’t need. Like tools you’ll never use and courses you’ll never complete.


If you’re treating your business seriously you’ll do the following:


1. Put away a set percentage for taxes 2. Reinvest the cash into the business


So what is the best use of your money?

Well, it’s what ever is going to give you the greatest return on your investment (ROI). These things are sometimes tough to figure out, that’s why I’m writing this guide. I’ll be the first to admit that I made some mistakes with my money, but that’s to your benefit.

Spending money on tools is a necessity in business. You are trading money for time. The basic tenant here is that if the tool will save you time, then it is worth your money if the time saved is spent on things that are of VALUE TO YOU.

Only YOU can decide this. Not me, not your parents, not your friends, no one. Unless of course you have business partners, then you all need to decide TOGETHER.


If I Had to Start All Over Again


If I had to start all over again, I would buy the following tools in the tool box section. ( I personally own all of these and can vouch for every single one)

A quick side note : These are affiliate links, which means if you buy anything from these links, you will be entitled to a FREE 10 min consultation with me. To claim this you must email me a copy of your receipt to with RE: Beginner’s Guide – FREE 10min Consultation in the subject line.

00091.jpgBest Keyword Research Tool
Market Samurai


Best Content Distribution Tool
Traffic Geyser


Best Ad Leverage Available
Wicked Traffic


Best Article Submission Tool
Automatic Article Submitter


Best Article Spinner
Content Boss


The Best MLM Script Available
The Little Black Book


The #1 Attraction Marketing System


The best eBook on the Funded Proposal


Magnetic Sponsoringè

So those are the tools but what about advertising, outsourcing, domain names and the other business stuff?
Well, there’s no easy answer and quite frankly I can write another 30 pages on my thoughts about reinvestment.

The bottom line here is that if you’re going to start advertising, you have to be smart about it. Educate yourself on the medium in which you want to advertise online and become an expert in it before adding other pieces.

This will limit your losses dramatically. The facts are that without the right kind of guidance you may actually spend A LOT more money than you make when you’re learning how to advertise effectively.


My recommendation right now for any beginner is to invest in education and mentorship. There is no substitute for this.

Investing in your sales and marketing education will increase your chances of success. Investing in coaching will only multiply this effect many times over. Everyone that I’ve met who’s very, very successful always had or has a mentor. A mentor will guide you down the right avenues and help you achieve your goals.


: My blog I talk a lot about the business side of network marketing and I always offer tips on where to spend your money. If you feel lost please don’t hesitate to contact me at


: Clear your head and take a step back from your business. Evaluate where you spend the most time and think about ways where you can actually save time by using tools or paying someone else. And then go out and spend your profits on NEEDS that will give you the BEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.


Article Distribution to Build Backlinks

Tools: Automatic Article Submitter and Content Boss (Check My Tool Box in The Last Chapter)

This article submission technique is only as good as your consistency writing the articles. The technique I teach you here literally will save you a TON of TIME. This is how you leverage technology to your advantage. In this video I explain why you’d need backlinks. This is a backlinking strategy and if you are looking to build awareness, you only need to submit HIGH QUALITY articles to eZines, GO Articles and BetterNetworker, in my opinion.

Here’s How You Do It
Step 1
: Buy Automatic Article Submitter (AAS)


Step 2: Step Up Your Pen Name and Profiles


Step 3: Buy Content Boss


Step 4: Spin the Article with Content Boss


Step 5: Submit the Article to Directories



Traffic Geyser to Distribute Video and Audio for MORE Backlinks

Tools: Traffic Geyser


Step 1: Buy Traffic Geyser


Step 2: Set Up Pen Names and Profiles


Step 3: Create Content – Video, Articles, Podcasts


Step 4: Distribute the Content Via Traffic Geyser


It’s important to note that Traffic Geyser has very comprehensive training on how to use the tool. This video is merely to show you how quick and easy it is to submit content over the entire internet.


The actually strategy here is simple. Create content and distribute it using Traffic Geyser every single day.



Social Media – Facebook Fan Page to Show People You’re a REAL PERSON

Tools: Facebook


Here’s a great set up guide from Social Media Examiner =>


Step 1: Create Facebook Fan Page


5 Elements of a Successful Fan Page =>


I’m not going into the nuts and bolts here because Facebook is so insanely customizable that you can really create any page that you imagine.


The main thing to note here is that the Fan Page you design is going to be a place where you can interact with your market. AKA, you’re leads and downline.


You need to take care of them with cool free stuff.


That being said go on to Step 2.


Step 2: Create Lead Magnet


Use the same strategies as mentioned in the eBook. This lead magnet will allow you to create MORE LEADS for your MLM business.


EVERY SUCCESSFUL fan page has a FREE giveaway of some kind, whether it be an embedded video or a full on eBook course. The important piece you need to know is to be unique in your offer.


Having a re-hashed uninspired lead magnet will get you ZERO leads. You’ve got to be creative. Interview people if you have to!


Step 3: Create Marketing Funnel


Remember, this is online network marketing. You’ve got to go above and beyond if you want to be noticed.

Creating a linear message is important on Facebook as well. Make sure that people that “like” your fan page know what they’re gonna get. And the people that opt in via your landing page from Facebook don’t feel like they’ve been scammed.

Refer to the eBook step to jog your memory on creating a marketing funnel.


Step 4: Start Connecting Pickup the phone!! Private message people!! Email people!!!

Blogging to Create a Place for People to Go to Get to Know The Professional You (And to Build YOUR LIST aka. Leads)

Tools: GoDaddy, WordPress, WordPress Plugins, Thesis WordPress Theme


Blogging is going to be the place where all of your leads and potential prospects go to learn more about you. They’ll go to your blog to see if you’re a scam or if you really know what you’re talking about.

A blog is considered your central nervous system of your entire online network marketing presence. As an online network marketer, you need to “show off” your leadership. The best way to do this is through actions.

The best way to “show” people what you’re doing is to get a blog.


Step 1: Buy Domain Name

Get “”. It’s important because you need to protect You, Inc. and your name is the first step. If you can’t get, then try or or some variation of that.
Step 2: Set Up Hosting

Having a self-hosted WordPress blog allows you to control the content you provide to the public. If you don’t have control over your site, WordPress or whatever blog service you use could say, “this content violates our policy”. And you WILL GET SHUT DOWN.

And all your work is for naught.


Step 3: Set Up Blog


I use the Thesis WordPress theme because of the freedom it gives me. You can hire a designer to fully customize the website for you and you will immediately look like a pro!


Nothing says leader more than a professional blog design.


Step 4: Set Up WordPress Plugins


The top WordPress Plugins you need to have are the following:

· What Would Seth Godin Do
· XML Site Map
· Another WordPress Plugin Meta · Akismet
· Popularity Contest
· Subscribe to Comments
· FeedBurner Feed Replacement Plugin · Smart Update Pinger
· Ad Rotator
· All in One SEO Pack
· My Gravatars
· Pop Up Domination
· Sharebar
· Facebook Simple Share
· Tweet Meme
· OnlyWire

Step 5: Create Content Daily


As a beginner, you have no choice but to put up content daily. Don’t bitch and moan here because if you want to be successful, you’ll do things that unsuccessful people don’t do or don’t want to do.


This is important because the search engines don’t know you. You’re a new site with no authority.


Get content up daily, the search engines will notice. Your Facebook fans will notice and you’ll start to see more comments and traffic.


Use the Daily Method of Operations!!


Step 6: Promote Content Use any of the strategies I’ve listed in this bonus section and don’t forget about Traffic Mayhem!

Press Releases More Exposure More LEADS

This is a super secret ninja strategy that NO ONE really even uses because they don’t know which PR sites are the best. All you have to do is write a “news story” with a link and submit it to the 25 sites. Yeah, it sucks to submit to the sites, but it’s worth it.

Pay someone to do it.


The backlinks and syndication you’ll receive from constant application of this strategy will help you immensely. You’ll look like a freakin’ genius.


25 Killer Press Release Sites:


Site #1: (PR 4)


Site #2: (PR 5)


Site #3: (PR 5)


Site #4: (PR 5)


Site #5: (PR 4)


Site #6: (PR 4)


Site #7: (PR 4)


Site #8: (PR 4)


Site #9: (PR 4)


Site #10: (PR 3)


Site #11: (PR 3)


Site #12: (PR 3)


Site #13: (PR 3)


Site #14: (PR 3)


Site #15: (PR 3) Site #16: (PR 3)


Site #17: (PR 2)


Site #18: (PR 2)


Site #19: (PR 2)


Site #20: (PR 2)


Site #21: (PR 2)


Site #22: (PR 2)


Site #23: (PR 2)


Site #24: (PR 0)


Site #25: (PR 0)


00105.jpgI tried for many months and spent a lot of money before I realized I needed a mentor in this industry. I came to this realization because I was just so confused and lost about what to do.


Everything made sense, but I didn’t know where I was going wrong. I needed a friend and a leader who’d already been through what I was going through and someone who could help me.


Like REALLY help me.


Before I met my mentor and coach, I thought I knew a lot. Boy was I wrong! There was so much to learn and my mindset wasn’t good enough.


My mindset wasn’t truly in the place it needed to be. Which is an amazing thing because I totally believed that I had what it takes and I didn’t.


You know how I knew? I was in the same position that I was in the year before .


When you work alone, you’re left to spin your wheels and navigate without knowing if you’re right or you’re wrong. And guess what, you’re wrong if you haven’t made any money yet.


However, if you work with a mentor, can achieve a common goal and that goal is your success!




How to Choose The Right Mentor


Choosing the right mentor is very important. And if you hadn’t figured this out already, you need more than one. You might be asking yourself, “what are the characteristics of a great mentor?” Well I’ll tell ya!


• Network
Marketing Expert
• Internet


• Large Circle of

• They Have


• Servant's Heart
• Positive
• Motivator


• Takes Action
• Leads by

Marketing Mentors




• Influences Expert




00108.jpg00109.jpgThese are just some of the characteristics to look for. You also want to make sure you both are the right fit.


Here’ are some questions to ask yourself:

· Can you get along?
· Do you clash?
· Will you be working together?
· Or are you just partners on the periphery?
· Do you know the same people?
· What kinds of activities do you see them doing?
· What kinds of promises do they make? Do they follow through?

This is like a partnership and you need to think long-term about this. You want someone who’s already achieved the level of success that you want. But not only that, you want someone who is continuing to achieve and grow.

Because if they’re not interested in going to the next level, how are they going to show you how to take yourself to the next level?


Ask them straight up, what it is that makes them successful and see if that resonates with you.


Mentoring with Me

As you reach the end of this eBook I’d like to extend an exclusive invitation for you to mentor with me. SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED and THE PRICE WILL GO UP. You have been warned. So I recommend you read the following requirements before you apply to be a one on one student of mine.

Application Requirements

1. Complete and Implement the eBook – NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Buy Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring – NO EXCEPTIONS
3. Commit to Success in 90 days

So why the application? Why is space so limited?

Because of time. Time is the most precious thing in life. I’m not going to waste my time with people who don’t want to succeed. My program is designed only for people who take action. If you can’t demonstrate to me that you’ve taken action by implementing the strategies I’ve outlined, then you WILL NOT GET IN to this elite coaching program.

Get the full details of the mentorship program hereè



Well, this is the end of the eBook. I just wanted to let you know that only a few people reach the end of really anything in life that they set out to do. The fact that you read this whole eBook demonstrates how bad you want to succeed in this industry and by all means, you will succeed with this attitude.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with the following statement. Not too long ago, I didn’t know anything about network marketing or online network marketing for that matter. Heck, doing this because just an expensive hobby. But then I started to take myself VERY, VERY seriously. I had a life changing event in my life and I knew that I had to make a change.



All you need to do is make a conscious decision to be successful and you will be. That’s it. There’s no other secret. It’s been inside you this whole time.


Knowledge is useless unless you act on it. THOUGHTS = ACTIONS = RESULTS 00110.jpg00111.jpg00112.jpg00113.jpg00114.jpg00115.jpg00116.jpg00117.jpg00118.jpg00119.jpg00120.jpg00121.jpg