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Making Money With Affiliate Programs

Copyright 2002 David McKenzie

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Table of Contents

ABOUT THE AUTHOR············································································ 3

ABOUT THIS BOOK ················································································ 4


Affiliate Programs ··················································································· 5

Affiliate Marketing·················································································· 5


Tips For Joining Affiliate Programs······················································ 6

Commissions - The Higher the Better ··················································· 8


Spend 75% of Your Time Marketing Programs··································10

Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Get Results·······························12

Be an Affiliate Site AND a Sales Site·····················································13

Fewer Links = More Profits···································································15

Scatter Gun or Targeted Approach? ····················································18

Take Affiliate Links off your Home Page ·············································20

The Secrets of a higher "Conversion Ratio"········································21


Does A High Traffic Site Convert Into Sales?······································25

Are you in Auto-responder Heaven? ····················································27

Web Design Tips for Affiliate Web Sites ··············································30

A Thousand Words.. Worth More Than One Picture! ·······················31

Are You Using Classified Ads in Ezines? ·············································34

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Does Your Headline "Grab" Their Attention?····································36

A Guide to Creating Your Own Affiliate Newsletter ··························38

Put Your “Resource Box” on Autopilot················································40


Tips for Writing Articles To Promote Yourself ···································42

How to Market Your Free Articles with No Money ····························44

How To Sell Through Other People’s Articles·····································46

How to Create Redirect Pages for Affiliate Links ·······························48

Secrets of Using Popup Pages ································································50

"Don't just Get Sales. Get Affiliates in the 2nd Tier!"························52

But, what about the 2nd Tier? ·······························································52

Honesty is Lucrative ···············································································53

CONCLUSION ··························································································56

Glossary Of terms ····················································································56

LEGAL STATEMENT ·············································································59

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d



Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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David McKenzie is the founding

editor/webmaster of, which is a

site dedicated to helping people make

money on the Internet. Its main focus

is affiliate programs and writing free


David is also the founding editor/

webmaster of

David has written 2 e-books "How to Write Free Articles and Market Them With a $0

Marketing Budget" and "The Facts You Should Know About Affiliate Programs".

David has been operating since 1999 and since 2001. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a qualified CPA. He also is a regular investor in the stock market with a keen interest in both fundamental and technical analysis.

David can be contacted at:

Web Site


©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Making Money With Affiliate Programs is written by a successful affiliate. It’s a book for anybody wanting to learn how to be successful with affiliate programs.

David McKenzie takes the reader, step by step, through the necessary processes to work successfully with affiliate programs. He also shows the reader a number of novel techniques/strategies that will maximize any affiliate’s income.

These affiliate success processes are universal. David knows the pitfalls, as well as the joys and rewards of working with affiliate programs.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Chapter 1 – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For those who don’t know what an Affiliate Program is please read this chapter.

However, if you do know what Affiliate Programs are then skip this chapter and move straight onto the next chapter.

Affiliate Programs

There are many ways to make money on the web. However, one of the quickest and easiest ways to start a web business is by working what are called Affiliate or Reseller Programs.

An Affiliate is essentially a commissioned agent for a product or service. What happens is that as a commissioned agent, you (the Affiliate) get a percentage of sales after you (the Affiliate) have made those sales.

Affiliates are also called Resellers, so you may come across this term as well.

You can easily find Affiliate programs by going to the numerous Affiliate Directories that are on the web. You’ll find these directories by going to any Search Engine and typing in the phrase “Affiliate Directory.” Alternatively, if you’re surfing the web and come across a site that you like with a product or service you believe is valuable or useful then take a closer look at the site for links to their “Affiliate or Reseller Program.”

Affiliate programs are usually free to join, and good affiliate programs will always have all the necessary tools for you to sell the site’s products or services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way that you market the affiliate programs in which you’re involved. It is the main subject of this book.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Chapter 2 - Choosing Your Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate programs available to you on the net. However, to improve your profitability as an affiliate you need to choose the programs you market wisely, as not all affiliate programs are created equal.

Tips For Joining Affiliate Programs

Before you merrily join any affiliate program it pays to consider which affiliate programs are the best to join.

These are the crucial program features that I consider necessary inclusions in any affiliate program.

The affiliate program must have a generous payment structure. For me, this means a high commission payment, which is a high percentage of the purchase price - nothing under a 25% commission.

Make sure the affiliate program you’re about to join has a professional looking site. You don’t want to send visitors to a site that looks unprofessional.

Make sure that the affiliate program has a comprehensive affiliate statistics page, which lists the number of click-throughs, the number of sales, and the amount you’ve earned to date. This should be broken down by month.

Make sure that these affiliate statistics are “real time”. This means statistics which are updated automatically and immediately. You do not want to find out today about a sale you made a week ago.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Ensure that the affiliate program provides you with a wide variety of text links, banners and graphics to put on your web page. Personally I prefer to use text links. However, certain other types of banners and graphics still work well.

Know how often you are going to be paid. If you’re tossing up between 2

programs and one pays monthly and the other pays quarterly, the one which pays monthly is a better arrangement. You don’t want to wait months before you get paid for your hard work.

See if the affiliate program gives $ examples of how their top affiliates are doing. This can be a great indicator as to whether or not it is a good affiliate program. If some affiliates are earning many thousands per month, then it is a good affiliate program.

If the affiliate program has examples of which marketing methods these successful affiliates are using to get their results, then this information is also most beneficial.

An affiliate program, which offers a special monthly newsletter just for its affiliates is also great. Here, you’ll also get extra tips and information on techniques that are working well.

See if the program notifies you by email when you make a sale, or you have an affiliate sign up under you (if it is a 2-tier program). It motivates you when you see ‘You’ve made another sale, or another Affiliate has signed up’ in your email inbox.

Ensure that the program provides top-level support for its affiliates. If they cannot answer your query immediately make sure they respond within 48 hours.

Good, timely support is critical to your success.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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There is a huge selection of Affiliate Programs available to you on the web. Choosing the right one for you to market is never an easy task. However these features (described above) are necessary components of a professionally managed affiliate program.

Remember Affiliate Programs are a “buyers market.” So choose programs which have these preferred features, and a product or service you believe in.

Make sure you do plenty of research before joining any affiliate program.

Commissions - The Higher the Better

A good way to identify if the management of an affiliate program you’re thinking of joining is serious about their affiliate program is by the commissions (percentage of sales) they’re willing to pay you for your effort.

If someone is offering you 10% commission and they are keeping the rest, then you need to ask yourself this… "Should I really be in this affiliate program?”

An affiliate program I recently joined called ‘E-Book Marketing Explained’ pays out 45% commission to their affiliates and another 10% on the 2nd tier.

That’s 55% of the sale price!

The owners of the program only keep 45% of the sale price, and it’s from this percentage that they also take out their costs. Now, either they’ve gone completely mad, or they are very smart.

I suspect they’re very smart.


©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Well, by paying out such high commissions they’re attracting many serious affiliates into their program. This means that they’ll sell in much higher volumes. With these higher volumes of sales they can afford to give away such a high commission.

AND… because they give so much away to their affiliates with their high commission rate it shows that they’re supremely confident about the worth of their own product or service, and its ability to sell itself. Their product or service is that good, and this is why they offer these high percentages to their affiliates.

Affiliates do all the pre-selling and all the hard work to get the prospect to view the program’s web sites pages. Therefore, they want to be paid well for their effort. So, as an affiliate, do not accept miserly 10% commission rate payments. Set yourself a standard of nothing less than 25% and make sure that this 25% represents more than just a few dollars in payment.

It is with the bigger percentage payers that you’ll make decent commissions, the 40%-

plus hitters. These BIG affiliate program commissions are the ones that will create an income burst to your bank account balance each and every month. Focus on these to get a better return for your effort.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Chapter 3 - Affiliate Marketing Principles

Spend 75% of Your Time Marketing Programs

How important do you think it is to market your Affiliate

programs? Well, most people would probably say that it’s quite important.

I would say that this is the main difference between success and failure for anybody marketing Affiliate programs. The more time you spend marketing your affiliate programs the more successful you’ll be… and the more money you’ll make.

‘Super Affiliates’’ spend 75% of their time marketing their affiliate programs. This means that they only spend 25% of their time working on their affiliate programs. The bulk of their time is spent in promoting them.

Now, compare this with most affiliates who spend about 10% to 20% of their time marketing their affiliate programs, and the rest of their time “fiddling.”

You may have read the statistics that indicate that between 80% and 90% of all affiliates make little or no money each month from their affiliate programs.

A big reason for their lack of success is…


©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Just because it’s an affiliate program does not mean that you do not have to spend time marketing it.

Treat each affiliate program you belong to as if it were your own product. This will force you to concentrate more of your efforts on marketing. By thinking like the

“owner” rather than the “affiliate” you’ll automatically focus on what is important to make those sales.

In fact, you could say that you have to spend MORE TIME marketing your affiliate programs than if you were the owner of the product, because not only are you trying to get people to buy a product, you are also competing with other affiliates marketing the same product.

Spend more time marketing your programs than your fellow affiliates and you’ll earn more money. If others spend more time than you marketing their programs who do you think is going to succeed?

However, when I talk about marketing affiliate programs this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and spend a whole lot of money doing this.

There are numerous, effective, low cost and free marketing methods that work very well.

Try the following free marketing methods to improve your affiliate program results.

Write your own articles

Use ezine ad swaps

Use sig files in your emails

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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To be successful with affiliate programs you need to be disciplined and consistent with your marketing. Set aside a couple of hours each day for the marketing of your affiliate programs, and I guarantee you that your monthly affiliate check will begin to increase.

You may even become a Super Affiliate one day!

Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Get Results

These are techniques that (when used consistently) bring good results.

Spend time trying to get a higher ranking in the various search engines for your web sites. Learn as much as you can about search engines and make it a weekly task to try to improve your rankings in them.

The word "free" and especially when written "FREE" is over used. Use it only occasionally on your site. For example you could use it to give away a free EBook or free article you have written.

Spend 75% of your time marketing your web site and affiliate programs and 25% of your time working on them. Most people spend about 10% to 20%

marketing their web site and affiliate programs. Then again, most people online do not make any money.

Use text links rather than banners for your affiliate programs. Text links have a much higher click through ratio. People have trained themselves to ignore banners.

Write you own articles and post them on a separate page on your site. Then submit them to the following article resource sites:

Check your clicks and sales regularly at your affiliate web site. If you see a slowdown in clicks and/or sales then alter your marketing tactics. Try

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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something different. Do not continue using the same techniques if they’re are not working.

Use Newsgroups, but do this in a clever way. Stand out from the crowd. Use Newsgroups to announce new articles that you’ve written. However, make sure that you read the rules of each newsgroup before you post to it, and never, ever spam.

Do not use graphics that will slow down the loading of your web page. If your selling or pre-selling information is predominantly text, your site will load much faster. My site has one graphic on it. That’s right, just ONE.

Subscribe to a number of newsletters, which are related to the theme of your web site. You can always get a lot of valuable affiliate tips from good newsletters.

Post articles that other webmasters have written on your site, but ask them first.

You can even do your own review of other people’s articles.

Find out whether any affiliate programs you belong to have articles on their site, and find out if you can post them on your site. Then include your affiliate link back to the affiliate site at the end of the each article.

Be an Affiliate Site AND a Sales Site

Are you just a sales site reselling affiliate products and services?

You’ve probably seen sites that sell a product or service and noticed that they also have an affiliate program, which you can join. There is often a link at the top left or at the bottom of the site, which says “Affiliate Program”.

Not only can you buy the product or service, but you can also sell it and earn a commission.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Well, how about using this very same concept for the affiliate programs you’re promoting. How about setting up your site like this but not actually developing the product or service yourself.

You can use this technique with 2 tier programs!

Not only will you directly earn commissions through the sale of products or services at your site, you can also sign up second tier affiliates to earn commissions for you as well.

Many of the best affiliate programs are ‘Two Tier’ systems. In fact, it is advised that you join affiliate programs that have two tiers.

So, how should you design your site to accommodate sales and promote affiliate sign-ups? There are 2 ways to do this:

If you have a number of products or services that you are selling at your site, then underneath the “To Buy” affiliate link place a “To join affiliate program” link. Most likely your affiliate program will provide you with 2 different affiliate links, a “Buy”

link and a “join program” link..

Chances are, people you sign up on the 2nd tier via your affiliate program link will also end up buying the product themselves. So, not only do you get a direct commission from the sale to this person you’ll also get 2nd tier commissions from any sales they make in the future.

Affiliate mini-sites

Set up a mini-site for each one of your main affiliate programs, so that you’re only reselling this one product or service on that site.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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This would be a site with only two pages. On the first page place the link to the product itself. On the second page include a description of the affiliate program, and place the link to the affiliate program sign up page.

Your main goal is to actually direct visitors to the second page where they can sign up for the affiliate program.


You’ll get more commissions from signing up affiliates in your 2nd tier than from visitors directly buying the product through your affiliate link. This is because more people will be interested in the affiliate program rather than the product. However, when they join the affiliate program, many of them will actually buy the product or service.

In summary, think about using your site as an affiliate program site AND a sales site.

It gives you two bites at the cherry, and having 2nd tier affiliates means you can be earning commissions for many years to come.

Fewer Links = More Profits

Have you got too many links on your site?

I saw a site today that had only four visible links on its home page. Three of those links were text links and linked to other pages within the same web site. Therefore there was actually only one link to a different site.

Is this site operating profitably?

I’m really not sure but the information on the site was very good, and this got me thinking.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Everyone is talking these days about link popularity and

getting as many people to link to your site. Often this means you have to give reciprocal links back to them. The theory goes that the better your link popularity the better you’ll rank with the search engines.

Well some people appear to be taking this idea to extremes. Suddenly you’ve got 473

links to other sites all sprayed across your web pages. Your visitors are bombarded with banners and text links on totally different subjects.

So, visitors do not know what to click on next… Arrrrggggghhhh !

Sure, you might jump up a couple of places in the search engine results but is it really worth it?

Also, there is a real possibility that the Search Engines will actually dump your site.

It’s theme-focused links which actually improve rankings with the Search Engines, not random, unrelated links from Link farms and link exchanges.

With so many links these sites are not focused.

So, what’s the answer here?

Fewer links might mean more profits.

When your visitors come to your site and see only a few links there will only be a few places for them to click on. This means that they’ll spend more time reading the actual content on your site.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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This will mean they’ll actually stay longer at your site.

The ‘stickiness’ of your site will improve. They may even come back because they’ve learnt a bit more about you and your web site.

They may even bookmark your site for future reference.

Now, this is what you’re really trying to do … get the visitor to come back, because people rarely buy on their first visit.

Now, compare this with a site that has lots of links. The visitor sees dozens of links to dozens of different sites. They quickly scan the home page and see a link that takes their interest and click on that link.

Now, they’re on someone else’s web site, and they’ve completely forgotten the name of your web site, the one they were just on. You’ve not only lost a visitor, but you’ve also lost a potential customer.

These people are less likely to come back to your site, because they cannot even remember its name.

Here’s a method to focus your web site.

Use fewer links on your home page.

Put some of the links that were on your home page on your other pages. This will make people click from your home page to one of the other pages of your web site.

Then make sure each link is related to what you are discussing on that particular page.

Be more focused.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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People will stay longer at your site. They will not be inclined to click off your site on the first link they see. Get them interested in what YOU are offering, not what someone else is offering.

Less links means more profits.

Scatter Gun or Targeted Approach?

Here’s an affiliate marketing question. Should you join every affiliate program you can find, or just a few?

There are many thousands of affiliate programs on the net that you can join. Every man and his dog have one. But how do you decide which programs to join?

There are two schools of thought here. First you can take the scatter gun approach, which is quite popular on the net, and join as many programs as possible. This ensures that at least SOME of them will pay off. Well, that’s the theory at least.

The alternative is to take the targeted approach. Join some leading affiliate programs in just a few areas and put more effort into promoting each one. First, do some affiliate marketing research by reading as many articles as possible. This way you’ll narrow down the options.

There are pros and cons to both the scatter gun and targeted approaches, but why not do what everyone else is not doing. It seems to me most sites are taking the scatter gun approach. For example: We have 3,000 affiliate programs listed on our site. We have the largest selection of affiliate programs.

Focus? Find your own niche. Find a particular area that you’re interested in. If (for example) your interest is in selling rare papyrus from Egypt and you find that there is only one affiliate program dedicated to this, join it. Focus your affiliate marketing

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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strategies on this one product. You’re not thinking about selling papyrus from Egypt one minute and then how to sell long distance phone calls the next.

With fewer products and services you are able to focus more energy and effort on the products and services

that you have a genuine interest in. You may even become regarded as an expert in this particular area because of your specialist knowledge.

There are many webmasters doing fine promoting their hundreds or even thousands of affiliate programs, but the market for the scattergun approach now appears to be very cluttered.

This is where the specialists enter - the new breed of Webmaster who focuses only on particular products or services.

Alternatively, your focus may be on one area, and you select only the best-selling, highest-paying commissions for that field. Then you target customers with your high-level affiliate marketing techniques.

There is room for the specialist to succeed.

Target your affiliate programs. Pick just a few.

Concentrate all of your time on marketing these programs, and because you’re so passionate about the product or service that you’re selling, you will drive more targeted traffic to your affiliate program.

It’s called focusing.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Take Affiliate Links off your Home Page

Do not put your affiliate program links on your home page.


Well you’ve slaved hard to get your home page ranked at spot number 5 on one of the major search engines for a popular term.

Your visitor arrives at your site, which loads quickly, only taking a few seconds.

And whammo!

They see a nice little affiliate link right at the top of the

page and click on it. If the link interests them they soon forget which site they came from.

You may make a commission on a sale from this person but you’ve also have just missed an even bigger opportunity.

You’ve just made a big mistake.

By not letting your visitor get to know you first, you did not develop any type of relationship with them. It is unlikely that they will ever come back to your site. Why should they? They found what they wanted on your site, so there’s no need for them to come back.

In fact they do not even remember who you are.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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A way around this problem is to take the links to the affiliate programs OFF your home page. Put them on your subsidiary pages instead.

This way a visitor has to click through a few pages on your site to get to these affiliate links. And, while they’re doing this they’re getting to know you better.

They might find out that you offer a newsletter at your site, or that you have some great articles that you or others have written.

They may like what they see, and when they do they’re more likely to return to your site again at a later date. You see what’s happened here by making this small change?

Your visitor got to learn a bit more about you and your web site, and they’re much more likely to return again.

Now, they’ll still end up getting to the affiliate link that they wanted to get to. It just took them a little bit more time. And in the meantime, you’ve left some sort of positive impression on your visitor in the process

There are just so many web sites out there and so many people promoting affiliate links. You have just one opportunity to develop a relationship with your visitor. By placing affiliate links on your sites’ subsidiary pages you’ll have a better chance of doing this.

The Secrets of a higher "Conversion Ratio"

As an affiliate promoting programs, you need to know the conversion ratio of each program to which you belong.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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It is something you have control over.

But… what exactly is a conversion ratio?

For affiliate programs, the conversion ratio (or CR) is the number of visitors who click through on your affiliate link compared to the number of sales you make.

For instance if you had 100 visitors to one of your affiliate programs you were promoting and got 1 sale from these visits then your CR would be 1%.

One sale for every 50 visitors would be a CR of 2% and one sale for every 200

visitors would be a CR of 0.5%.

So what would be a good conversion ratio for an affiliate program?

Well after much research I’ve found that a 1% CR is quite acceptable. A CR of 0.5%

would be a little low, and if you have a CR of 3% then you’ve got a winning affiliate program.

Depending on what you’re promoting your goal should be to achieve a CR of 1% -


But how do you do this?

To get a higher CR you need to concentrate on the following things: Join quality affiliate programs that have products or services that are proven sellers on the Internet.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Become an affiliate of HOT selling products or services (including marketing, travel, health & fitness and ebooks.)

The more focused your web site is the better your conversion ratio. If you’re promoting 100 different products or services your CR’s will be low. If you promote one product or service at your site your CR will be MUCH higher.

How often do you promote your affiliate programs?

The more often you promote each program the higher your CR will be.

How many links on your site?

Remember, “less is more.” However the more affiliate links you have for the same program then the higher your CR will be. Do not get carried away here. Don’t let your web site look like a flea market, because your CR will drop dramatically. Monitor your CR stats to see what’s working and what’s not. When a program is a poor performer, experiment with your marketing and placement on the page strategies until you get an improvement. If the program still doesn’t perform, drop it and find a program that does.

By concentrating on these factors you should be able to achieve a CR of 1%. By doing these things even better you may be able to increase it to 2%, or better.

Do not expect the CR to rise overnight.

A visitor to your site today may only turn into a sale in 6 months time. So make sure that you have 12 months of data before properly assessing the conversion ratio.

©2002 David McKenzie, A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d

Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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The most important thing is marketing your affiliate programs. More marketing means a higher CR, which means more money for you. So monitor your conversion ratio and make it your goal to continually improve it.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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Does A High Traffic Site Convert Into Sales?

If you are already an affiliate, or are thinking of becoming an affiliate of a program, you’ve probably seen some statistics like these included with the affiliate sign-up information:

Low traffic sites can earn $500 - $1,000 per month,

Medium traffic sites can earn $1,000 to $2,000 per month

High traffic sites can earn $3,000 + per month.”

Wow!! Sounds pretty good.

From one affiliate program it seems you could be making over $3,000 a month just because you’re a high traffic site.

Are you a high, medium or low traffic site?

Who knows? Different people have different views on what constitutes high, medium or low traffic.

You’re probably a medium traffic site, or a low traffic site at the absolute worst.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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So, the theory is that just by joining this fantastic affiliate program you’ll be earning at least $500 a month, and more likely somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 a month.

Gee, (you think to yourself) if I can find another couple of affiliate programs like this I’ll be banking in excess of $100,000 a year.

Yippee!! Man, lets go for it. Let’s sign up NOW!

But what they didn’t tell you (and it's not their

obligation to tell you this either) is that these statistics only apply to those affiliates who are marketing their affiliate programs every day.

This is the standard promotional procedure for the average performing affiliate.

Stick a couple of banners on their site.

Wait a few weeks.

No sales come.

Join another affiliate program.

Stick these banners on their site.

Wait a few more weeks.

No sales!

Then they sit back and think affiliate programs are a joke.

But it’s not the affiliate program that’s the problem. It’s the affiliate.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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If you use the right marketing methods that bring results, and spend many hours a week marketing your affiliate programs, then you too can also be part of the affiliate success ‘statistics’.

But, if you expect things to just magically happen with a couple of flashing banners on your site then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Do not assume that these enticing statistics apply to all

Affiliates. Sadly, they do not. Affiliate programs are not the Holy Grail, however they can be an excellent way to obtain a decent monthly check.

The most amazing statistic is that it is estimated that 90% of all affiliates earn little or no money at all from affiliate programs.

Now this is a statistic you do not want to be part of. Change the way you do things and you too can become a success statistic.

Are you in Auto-responder Heaven?

If not, then you should be. Auto-responders can save you time and put your web site on automatic pilot.

Do you have original content on your site?

Have you written articles or bits of information that are interesting to your visitors?

As well as listing your information and/or articles on your site you can let your visitors have their OWN copy of this information sent to them by auto-responder.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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An auto-responder is an automated email delivery system. It that sends requested information directly to the person whose asked for it.

For instance, the articles I have written at my site each have a separate auto-responder at the bottom of the article. If you want a copy of these articles for yourself you just send an email to the auto-responder address.


The requested article is sent to you immediately by email.

Your own copy of my article is now on your computer, and you’ll have it there for future reference.

But why would your visitors want copies of your articles?

Well, there are many reasons. Here are just a few.

First they can re-read the article at any time in the future. They do not have to re-visit the web site to read the article again if they forgot some of the information in it.

They may like the article or information so much that they want to include it in their newsletter or on their web site. If they have a copy, then this is simple to do. They do not have to go back to the web site and copy, paste, and re-format the article. It’s already done for them.

Another reason to give your information to people by auto-responder is that they now have your email address so that they can easily contact you in the future.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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They may want to do business with you down the road, and instead of forgetting about you in the maze of web sites they now have your details on file.

They may just want to compliment you on a well-written article.

Whatever the reason, they can easily contact you.

Of course you can also use auto-responders to deliver information on a particular affiliate program with which you’re involved. This is a powerful way to promote to people when they visit your site. Also, it’s all automatic.

So join the revolution and come up to auto-responder heaven. You’ll be glad you did.

To find an auto-responder for your purposes just go to one of the search engines and type in ‘autoresponder’.

However, be aware that different auto-responders have different features and capabilities. Examine these very closely before you choose a system.

If you choose to use a free auto-responder (which is not recommended) then you’ll end up promoting that auto-responder on every message that’s sent out on “your”


If you’re serious about marketing your affiliate programs what’s the point of promoting someone else’s site or system, unless there’s the potential for you to earn affiliate income by doing so?

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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I strongly recommend that you only use a professional auto-responder system.

Different auto-responder systems have different features, and prices. Compare their features before choose the system that’s right for you.

As there are so many auto-responder systems available on the web, any list I could provide here would not be comprehensive, so I choose not to do this. However, as a starting point choose a system that doesn’t limit the number of messages that you send. You’ll be able to get a robust auto-responder system for under $25.00 a month.

Web Design Tips for Affiliate Web Sites

For affiliates running their own web site, or those thinking of starting their own web site, the following web design tips should help convert more visitors into sales.

1. Your main goal as an affiliate is to get people to click

your affiliate links, so make it very easy for visitors to do so. You have to actually tell them to click the link. Have a ‘click here’ for every affiliate link on your site.

2. Content. Content. Content. Give visitors what they want. They want good quality content and lots of it. Articles, tips, newsletter archives and details of each product or service on your site.

3. The fewer pictures the better. Lots of graphics slow sites down, and as you are an affiliate you want the visitor to click your affiliate link. If your web site takes a long time to load your visitor may just leave and not even get a chance to click the affiliate link.

4. Use a simple layout with a prominent, easy to find link to each major page on your site. Complicated sites with lots of graphics and the latest design features are great in theory, but the keep-it-simple strategy works best for affiliates.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs


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5. If you offer a newsletter, make it very easy for people to sign up by having your subscribe details on every page of your site. Also, include a newsletter archive section on your site.

6. For lots of great content use other people’s articles on your site. Ensure these articles fit the theme of your site and include your affiliate links at the bottom of the page that these articles appear on.

7. Make sure you have a ‘Contact Us’ page. When you tell people who you are and how to contact you they will instantly be more likely to trust you. If they trust you they will be more likely to click on your affiliate links!

8. Be constantly looking for ways to improve the design of your affiliate web site.

Your design should be focused on getting visitors to click your affiliate links. A clean, no fuss, style of web design usually gets better results for affiliate web sites.

A Thousand Words… Worth More Than One Picture!

In fact 10 words are better than one picture on the Internet.

In the offline world pictures often sell much better than